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220 ROH Insanity Unleashed 3/14/2009

ROH 220 – Insanity Unleashed – 14th March 2009

Traditionally the second night of a weekend double shot is supposed to be the stronger night. But given that last night we had a World Title match, Danielson vs Bison for the first time, Delirious finally breaking free from Age Of The Fall and the first ever Ring Of Honor appearance of one of the finest professional wrestlers North America has ever produced in Ric Flair…and the show STILL wasn’t that hot, I’m slightly concerned by tonight’s line-up. Obviously it’s the debut in a new market so you’d think they’d want to produce a swashbuckling night of ROH action. But a rundown of the card produces a filler tag team main event, an obvious ‘champions retain’ Tag Title match, Bryan Danielson stuck on the second match of the night and the supposed feature bout being Delirious fighting Jimmy Jacobs the night after his “escape” from Age Of The Fall got less than even half the reaction that Bobby freakin’ Dempsey got when he did similar just weeks earlier. During his ‘Book of ROH Secrets’ DVD Gabe Sapolsky spoke about tough weekends to book like this, where you’re supposed to make money and draw fans without actually giving any major developments away. It’s a tough tightrope to walk and, after doing it for years now, thus far 2009 has felt like Ring Of Honor has hit a wall. My hope is that with TV coming in and significantly changing the focus of the entire promotion, coupled with the idea to avoid saturating markets and reduce the number of live shows, means we stop running weekends like this. I love ROH as much as the next person, and I really enjoy watching their shows. But this year, more so than I ever felt under Sapolsky’s stewardship, I’ve felt like ROH has creatively plateau’d and lost it’s ability to make their DVD’s feel like must-see ‘EVENTS’. The wrestling has been solid, decent etc etc. But I think we’d all much rather see a few less DVD’s and more emphasis placed on creating GREAT nights of must-see wrestling. Having finished that mini-rant which sounds like a hugely negative way to start a review, I am hoping this show may surprise me. As I said, we’re debuting in a new market and traditionally ROH always tries to produce something a little bit special when that happens. And on the horizon is next weekend, when KENTA returns, we officially celebrate the 7th Anniversary, and ROH on HDNet debuts…before moving on to WrestleMania weekend in Texas. Lets see if the stars of Ring Of Honor can lift my spirits after what has been quite a downbeat intro. We’re in Indianapolis, IN with Dave Prazak and Larry Zbysko who, in fairness to him, wasn’t a total disaster last night. He wasn’t always entertaining for the right reasons, was distracting as hell sometimes, and annoyed the sh*t out of me at others. But for a first time, ROH has seen far worse.

ROH VIDEO WIRE – See Stylin’ & Profilin’ (ROH 219) review for details

You’d think they’d find a quiet place for Bryan Danielson to cut a promo. He is not satisfied with his count-out victory over Bison Smith, and is going to go to same dark places he went in the feuds with Takeshi Morishima and Homicide to do serious damage next time they meet.

Flash Flanagan vs Nate Webb

It’s not a debut for either man, but it is the first time either have made a main show since 2006. Nate made a few cameos in Ring Of Honor during the feud with CZW, whilst Flanagan cropped up in a few multi-man matches at around the same time and, I believe, debuted all the way back at Glory By Honor 3 competing as Slash Venom.

Webb is allowed to come out to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, a major part of his enduring popularity and therefore something he was NOT permitted to do during the ROH/CZW wars. He looks f*cking awful though. He doesn’t get a handshake from Flash either. Flanagan misses a springboard crossbody and Nate surprisingly opts to control things with headlocks. TURNBUCKLE GERMAN HEAD DROP SUPLEX BY FLANAGAN! That was a legit frightening spot, and is followed up with a high impact clothesline for 2. Backpack stunner gets Flash another nearfall before Spyder hits, very probably, the most unfeasible lariat ever as he knocks the far larger man off his feet with ease. Hideous spinning enzi kick (the Arachnid Kick) wins it for Nate at 04:53

Rating – DUD –
Am I being harsh by really hating that? Truth be told I thought it was lousy. I’ve never been Nate’s biggest fan and thought he looked horrible out there in this one. He has enduring popularity on the independent scene and makes a decent underdog so it’s very feasible he could be brought back in the future, but he had a brutally off night tonight. Flash looked, basically the same as he did last time he got some ROH bookings. Sizeable, moves pretty well for a big guy, but so cookie cutter and bland that you’ve forgotten him almost by the time the match is over.

Hilariously strange promo from Kenny Omega, who somehow manages to connect his match tonight to Elton John. Weird dude…

Claudio Castagnoli vs Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson

Why Webb/Flash wasn’t cut to make this the opening match is anyone’s guess. There’s a surprising amount of issues between these three. Danielson and Claudio had a small feud in 2008, ending with their violent No DQ match in Nashville. We saw Omega get the better of Double C in the Hammerstein Ballroom at Final Battle 2008, a defeat from which Claudio is still trying to fully recover. And last time Bryan and Kenny were in the same ring was in Toronto at Bound By Hate when Dragon bloodied Omega on his way to victory in a triple threat which also included Tyler Black.

Danielson and Omega start whilst Claudio opts to stand on the apron and observe. Kenny threatens to throw a fireball at Danielson until they both get distracted by Double C retreating up the aisle. They then decide they’d rather lead the crowd in a marathon ‘HEY’ chant. More tidy chaining from Danielson and Omega. It won’t surprise any long term viewers of his work but Omega does a great job hanging with the ‘best in the world’. Apparently this is a ‘tags are necessary’ triple threat apparently, as Claudio finally blind tags himself in to batter Danielson with Europeans. Knee double stomp into the Mexican surfboard from the former World Champion. Omega tags in to fly all over the ring, eventually connecting with a hurricanrana and a reverse heel kick on Claudio for 2. Castagnoli takes him down with a bicycle kick. Les Artess Lift gets 2. Dragon gets a blind tag and lands a running elbow then a running knee strike for 2. Castagnoli flees…Danielson follows…OMEGA WITH A TOPE SUICIDA ON BOTH OF THEM! Kenny and Danielson to opposing turnbuckles. STEREO MISSILE DROPKICKS! STEREO NIP UPS! But they get into argument about who the legal man is to pin Claudio. Stop Sign Enzi lands on Claudio, followed by an inadvertent double team leap frog bulldog. ‘That was kinda cool’ – Omega. Castagnoli blocks the Dragon Suplex and scores with the POP UP EUROPEAN! Cobra Clutch locked in and Omega taps at 12:54

Rating – *** –
I’ll repeat – why wasn’t Nate/Flash cut to allow this to open the show? Really fun encounter (much like everything Omega match thus far in ROH, he needs to be on every show possible) striking the right balance between comedy and hard hitting wrestling.

The reason Danielson couldn’t get into the ring to break that hold was that Bison Smith had come to ringside, and is now laying waste to him. Hoards of jobbers arrive to separate them…

Jay Briscoe tells Dave Prazak that he’ll ‘probably’ knock Chris Hero out tonight.

Chris Hero vs Jay Briscoe

Briscoe comes into this one with a double focus. Obviously he’s opposing a member of Sweet’n’Sour Inc – the faction responsible for the American Wolves, who were responsible for putting Mark on the shelf with a knee injury. But he’s also looking to use this weekend to prove he’s a top singles wrestler in his own right and can hang with the best ROH has to offer. Last night he came up short in a very competitive match with Roderick Strong and will look to do better this evening.

Hero wrestling in vest and trunks makes him look like a fat guy at a water park. Or the kid that forgot his kit for gym class. Plenty of right hands and forearms from Briscoe in the early going. He runs through Hero with a shoulder tackle then pulls him out of the ring for a hard whip into the guardrails. Finally Larry Sweeney interjects, grabbing Jay’s boot and holding him still to allow Hero to boot him off the apron. Big running senton nailed by Hero whilst Briscoe is captured in the floor mats. Briscoe manages to withstand a barrage of elbow smashes to knock Hero off his feet with a wild mafia kick. Flatliner into the turnbuckles nailed, and he whips Hero down to the canvas with a big clothesline. Jay Driller blocked, but so is the Rolling Elbow. Sliding Kick by Hero, into a Ligerbomb for 2. Elbow strike flurry scores but Jay tosses him away with a spinebuster. Hero still blocks the Jay Driller, NAILS the Rolling Elbow. Hero picks up the win in 11:25

Rating – ** –
On a basic level it ticked all the prerequisite boxes, but I found it a little to slow and predictable for my liking. Briscoe’s match with Roddy yesterday was so vibrant and energetic, whilst this one felt like it was plodding along in slow motion for significant portions. I’m not sure these guys make great opponents for each other in a singles match since Hero’s ‘knock out kid’ gimmick he’s working now doesn’t really mesh so well with Jay’s brawl-centric offence. It was definitely solid, but I don’t think it ever crossed the line into ‘exciting’ at any point.

Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Kenny King/Rhett Titus – ROH Tag Title Match

Given that the Wolves are already set up as prime contenders for the Tag Titles, and have their rematch set as a marquee match for the Hammerstein Ballroom during the 7YA celebrations, it’s hard to give the All Night Express much of a chance in this match. That said, having racked up a few wins recently, they deserve the opportunity and after looking decent in a few enhancement matches, this is a real chance for them to shine and impress the ROH audience in a major bout for the first time.

Steen is still selling the knee injury exacerbated by the S’n’S Inc. last night and limps all the way to the ring. Armdrags then a somersault leg drop from him though, demonstrating that the injury isn’t going to slow him down too much. Generico and Rhett in next, engaging in some comedic one upsmanship in the crowd interaction stakes. Titus demonstrates that the thrust is indeed a ‘must’ by gyrating against Generico’s back. They trade chops, leading to the mounted Hispanic punches in the corner. King in again and he quickly falls victim to the double team backpack senton for 2. Generico and Titus slug it out again…but Rhettski opts out of that and starts skipping out of the ring to avoid his Mexican foe. Generico is then so determined to get his hands on Titus that he doesn’t see Kenny ambush him and give him an ugly trip into the guardrails. Sexy Suplex from Rhett gets the challengers their first nearfall, and they get another one moments later with the leapfrog lariat double team. Steen in to hit a big powerbomb on King. That leaves him in position for the Steen-ton…but Titus shoves Kevin off the top and watches as he lands hard on the bad knee. Moments later he drives the injured leg into the railing to do yet more damage. Double crossbody by El Generico to help his partner. SOMERSAULT SENTON TO THE FLOOR! He takes to the air again for the flying splash, which gets a 2. Steen in again, but as he lines up the Sharpshooter King hits the SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER. Sexy Frankensteiner blocked by Mr Wrestling, and he hits a tree of woe cannonball. SOMERSAULT VAN TERMINATOR BY GENERICO! King saves at a CLOSE two count. Yakuza Kick misses and allows Kenny to hit a spinning enzi. VERTICAL LEAP ENZI! CORONATION! FROG SPLASH BY TITUS! But he’s not the legal man and the time they lose costs them the match. They line up the Doomsday Blockbuster but Steen drags King to the floor. YAKUZA KICK! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! BRAINBUSTER! Champions retain in 17:28

Rating – **** –
I’m being MEGA generous there since, maybe in better times for ROH, this wouldn’t have been a 4* encounter. But lets face it, we’re in a bit of a slump, so terrific little matches like this need to be acknowledged. There were some moments where the inexperience of Titus and King as a team was exposed. However, by and large they looked really good out there. King has real potential and letting him develop as part of a team like this is a great way to nurture him and progress his career without exposing him alone to the often savage ROH crowd – in a similar manner to Erick Stevens for instance. And Titus has well and truly shed the tag as ‘ROH student’. He is a deserving member of the roster now, increasingly competent and very much able to ally his charisma and grasp on the core concepts of his character to his burgeoning skill as a wrestler. Both were superb in the comedic early moments, and they certainly looked capable of carrying the match as a heel unit, particularly when working over Steen’s knee – a portion of the match I’d like to have seen go on for a little longer. They also showed they have what it takes to time and pace their offence to deliver a real offensive blitzkrieg down the stretch. The first real test of the ANX experiment should be branded a success, so I’ve given a generous rating as a result. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

The American Wolves charge to the ring almost as the bell rings to attack Kevin Steen’s knee again. Jay Briscoe comes to the rescue, but more damage has already been done. Mr Wrestling is helped to the back with major question marks over his health going into the big Tag Title match in Manhattan.

Silas Young vs Bison Smith

I feel a little bad for Silas actually. He looked terrific in an undercard four way match at Stylin’ & Profilin’ last night – and rewarding him by being fed to Bison seems a little harsh. Smith lost to Danielson last night, but only via count-out and very much still has a score to settle with the American Dragon. He’ll look for a resounding victory tonight to get some momentum going…

Fans get under Bison’s skin by chanting for Danielson. Young tries to avoid the obviously agitated Smith, but is eventually cornered and clobbered. Swinging backbreaker floors Silas before the match moves to the outside. The match becomes a simple case of Young trying to stagger away from Bison, occasionally being caught and absolutely pasted. Colossal biel scores before Young flips out of the corner and hits a series of clotheslines. Sliding bulldog scores, only for Smith to pop right back up into a mammoth lariat. Claw Slam nailed, then a big powerbomb for the win at 05:45

Rating – * –
Bad weekend for Bison. His match with Bryan Danielson was a real disappointment, and this squash really lacked the energy of some of his earlier squash matches (particularly the one against Sal Rinauro which I thought was very good). Of course this won’t be it for his ROH career, but I think we’ll be looking to see more from him next time out…

American Wolves vs Roderick Strong/Brent Albright

Since Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are building towards their title shot in seven days time at the 7th Anniversary Show, the pressure is on them here to secure a high profile win. They have history with both opponents. Davey was once an ally of Roderick before turning his back on him to end the No Remorse Corps and join Sweet’n’Sour Inc. And there’s also Brent Albright who has had problems with Sweeney’s group ever since the Hangman 3 buy-out over a year ago. The Wolves will be looking for some retribution following their defeat in Steel Cage Warfare at Caged Collision too.

Strong and Richards make a beeline for each other and get right down to business with kicks and chops. Edwards dumps Albright into the guardrails then jumps on Strong from behind. Roddy tees off on Eddie’s chest with some powerful chops, so Davey tags in and pulls the ref aside to allow Edwards to introduce Strong to the guardrails. The Wolves start to alienate Roderick but don’t cut the ring in half effectively enough and watch as Albright gets the tag. Richards blocks the Half Nelson Suplex, shoving him into the distracting influence of Larry Sweeney, then a flying double stomp to the arm from Edwards. The Wolves go right after that arm, an injury that may not be fully recovered from the assault mounted upon it during last night’s World Title match which Brent was involved in. Albright catches one of Davey’s legs as he goes for a kick so Richards shows amazing technical prowess and rolls him straight into a cross armbreaker. Diving headbutt to the shoulder next (with Eddie in position to add extra momentum to it as Davey sails past him) and that gets 2. Albright manages to back drop Eddie into Richards and makes the hot tag to Roddy. He scores 2 with a slingshot falcon arrow. But the Wolves hit back with a kick combo on the former FIP Champion, then a Lionsault from Eddie. 61-Knee from Albright, into a trademark Roderick Strong backbreaker for 2. Exploder suplex followed by the SICK KICK! Richards saves at the last then gets into another intense strike-off with Strong. DOUBLE TEAM ALARM CLOCK! SUPERKICK GERMAN SUPLEX! Albright breaks the fall. Edwards floors him with the Standing Wizard, then turns around into another big boot from Roderick to leave all four down. Strong blocks the backpack Stunner to nail the half nelson backbreaker, but the referee is on the floor monitoring the Richards/Albright fight. GENERICO SNEAKS IN TO HIT THE YAKUZA KICK! DEATH BY RODERICK! GIBSON DRIVER! Wolves lose at 13:22

Rating – *** –
Action packed and physical tag team encounter there. I don’t think this one had the pacing and fascinating progression that Steen-erico/ANX had earlier tonight, but you can’t deny this was highly watchable. The intensity between Richards and Strong was superb and made you realise we need another match between those two. In this instance the run in finish was logical too as we’ve seen the Wolves make numerous run-in assaults on Steen and Generico thus far. It was only natural that El Generico would want to extract some revenge in a similar vein.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Delirious – No DQ Match

If you saw Stylin’ & Profilin’ you’ll know why this one is going down. After months of questionable treatment and verbal putdowns from Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious finally broke free of his demented leadership, left Age Of The Fall and rekindled his friendship with Daizee Haze. Tonight he’ll be looking for revenge on Jacobs for the months that he’s been blamed for all the AOTF’s problems, berated for defeats and generally demeaned at every turn.

Delirious is back in black (and green) tonight. Jimmy gets on the microphone and tries to patch things up with him again. But it’s all a rouse to lure him in and get a free shot in with the mic. Delirious no sells it to hit a flurry of sentons and force Jacobs to run for cover. They fight into the crowd and all the way back towards the merch stand. Jacobs hits a snap suplex on the concrete floor as Dave Prazak reels off a list of people who have LEFT Age Of The Fall in recent months – and it’s an amazing list of talent. Guardrail Panic Attack MISSES! Jimmy starts to attack the cut Delirious sustained in Collinsville the previous evening, slamming his head into a steel chair to do yet more damage. Drop toehold into the chair next (and not executed in the traditional ‘Raven’ style) for 2. He grabs the chair and places it over Delirious’ chest for extra impact on the double stomp trampoline. Contra Code blocked before the lizard man darts Jimmy into a steel chair in the corner. FISHERMAN BUSTER THROUGH A CHAIR FOR 2! But he take too long going for a follow up chair shot and gets booted in the groin region by the Age Of The Fall leader. Jacobs goes for a chair-enforced senton bomb but Delirious gets the knees up. COBRA CLUTCH SUPLEX! REPEATED PANIC ATTACKS! Delirious has the match won but decides not to cover and goes to the outside for more weaponry. He erects a table in the ring. Jacobs is bent over it (not in that way!)…Shadows Over Hell BLOCKED with a chair to the head. END TIME SUPERPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! END TIME LOCKED IN! DELIRIOUS IS OUT! It’s over at 15:25

Rating – **** – As a match I though that was better than the whole Delirious/Age Of The Fall angle actually was in the end. It had a lot of potential when it started. Black Delirious was a fresh take on the stale comedy goof we’d seen for years. But his character development has sort of been pushed to the side as Jacobs has focused first on the Austin Aries feud, then the new issue with Tyler Black. In the end Delirious has really served as nothing more than a lackey for Jacobs. Not that it’s been unentertaining, but coming out of the strong Haze/Delirious/Titus programme, it would have been nice if we could have further explored the psychotic depths of Delirious’ character rather than turning him into a generic sidekick. But having said that, he showed great angry emotions here. He reintroduced subtle aspects of his character he’d ditched to be a heel, but cleverly kept enough about him to seem angry. This FELT like a grudge match, which I always find so important. When you start introducing weapons it can sometimes feel like garbage spots for the sake of garbage spots (Necro vs Brodie from a couple of weeks ago is an example of that). Even if I’m not a fan of the Delirious/AOTF angle, wasn’t overly fussed if he did or didn’t breakout and leave the group, I definitely enjoyed the pay-off of this match. And I liked that Jacobs scored the win. He spent the whole Aries feud losing to him. Seeing him actually pick up the win in a big hardcore battle like this was much needed. This won’t go down in history of one of ROH’s most famous hardcore/No DQ bouts (although, I never felt the Aries/Jacobs matches reached that standard either) but on a ‘lesser’ show this definitely surpassed my expectations.

Daizee Haze comes out to revive Delirious and help him to the back.

Tyler Black/Jerry Lynn vs Nigel McGuinness/Austin Aries

One thing I’ve liked about the Pearce regime is that he’s not afraid to throw big names together in main event level tag team matches to headline the smaller shows like this. We saw a great example of this at Wrestling At The Gateway with the terrific Danielson/Lynn vs Nigel/Claudio tag. I’d like to see more of the same between these four. In theory we’ve got Jerry in pursuit of Nigel McGuinness and the ROH Championship, whilst Black and Aries are embroiled in a feud that sprung as an offshoot from the Jacobs/Aries rivalry and took a turn for the vicious at Final Battle 2008 when Aries assaulted Tyler in a jealous rage after the fans sided with him during their match that night. But we’ve also got Tyler and Nigel in the ring together again, just months removed from their controversial time limit draw and Tyler defeating Nigel in a non-title bout in Manassas. And Austin Aries can still theoretically lay claim to being #1 Contender having won the right to challenge for the belt at Final Battle 2008 by beating Black…then refusing his designated title match in Edison and subsequently being stripped of it. 2009 ladies and gentlemen, the year when legitimate #1 contenders actively refused their title shots, leaving room for people who have do nothing to earn them like Brent Albright, El Generico and D-Lo Brown. Not that Gabe was right and maybe Tyler should probably have taken the belt from Nigel by now to keep things fresh or anything…

Rather worryingly, Aries gets more heat than the heel World Champion, and Jerry Lynn gets more babyface support than the supposed future of the promotion Tyler Black. It’s Tyler and Aries that start, and they trade some basics before McGuinness jumps in to attack Black from behind. The fight spills to the ringside area where Nigel hits a Tower Of London off the apron on Lynn. Moments later Aries drills Black into the railings with a Russian legsweep and within seconds the heel duo are in total control. London Dungeon on Black as Nigel continues busting out the big guns early in the match. Super McLariat is ducked and Black gets a vital tag to Jerry. He hits a version of the IED on Aries for 2. But Nigel is right on his game tonight, grabbing Lynn’s leg as he goes for the guillotine leg drop in the ropes on A-Double. He drags the veteran to the floor and flings him into the crash barriers. Wristlock throw scores as the World Champion and his partner for the evening start to pick apart his arm. Hammerlock legsweep scores after Nigel bails Aries out when he misses the Power Drive Elbow. A-Starr f*cks up again and elbows Lynn into the hot tag to Tyler who hits the springboard clothesline. McGuinness is in from behind again to stop him hitting the Superkick. Lynn hits the guillotine leg drop in the ropes to block the Heat Seeking Missile which is a SWEET counter. Moments later he swings off the railings to hit a tornado DDT to the floor on Nigel. Aries takes the Pele Kick then the CRADLE PILEDRIVER! Nigel breaks the fall and saves his bungling partner again. He levels Tyler with the belt out of sight of the referee…but STILL Tyler gets a shoulder up when Austin pins. IED/TOWER OF LONDON COMBO! LYNN SAVES! Ligerbomb on McGuinness gets 2, then Jerry reacts fast to block the Jawbreaker Lariat. SUPERKICK BY TYLER! Now Aries makes the save. Jawbreaker Lariat is COUNTERED TO THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER! Jerry pins Nigel!! Huge victory for him at 15:42

Rating – *** –
This was far from an all time classic, but it was a really fun main event. In a time when Ring Of Honor has just graduated to a weekly national TV format, this is a match that would have made for a wonderful TV main event. Fun wrestling, great characterisations, all culminating in the huge development of Lynn moving right back into title contention with a victory over Nigel. Once again I have to question why Tyler Black, who 2 months ago was absolutely primed to be the man who dethroned Nigel, is being sidelined in favour of Lynn…and the opening minutes were Lynn was more popular than the supposed babyface hero, and Aries was more UNPOPULAR than the supposed heel World Champion were a real indictment on how conflicted and unsatisfactory Adam Pearce’s booking of the main event scene has been thus far this year. However, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it, giving Jerry a victory here makes a clear statement of intent that HE is the man for us to get behind at this time – thus giving a clear direction to the main event scene once again. Throw in KENTA coming in next weekend and all of a sudden the World Title picture takes a lot more serious a turn after a few months of ridiculous challengers like D-Lo and Albright.

Jerry and Tyler celebrate their victory by raising the World Title belt together as Aries drags a fallen Nigel to the back.

Tape Rating – *** –
Despite my seemingly cynical overtones at several points during this review, this was actually a big improvement. Sure the undercard was patchy, the main event wasn’t exactly legendary, and, as with everything else this year (except maybe Danielson/Jacobs at Full Circle, Nigel/Tyler at Injustice 2 and Lynn/Tyler at Motor City Madness ’09), anything that did make it into 4* territory was definitely right at the lower threshold of that category. But there were positive signs here at last. King and Titus, Steen and Generico and the American Wolves showed that there is real depth to the tag team division, Kenny Omega is still awesome, Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious drew a line under the latter’s tenure in Age Of The Fall in far more memorable fashion than anything else Delirious did whilst under Jimmy’s tutelage, and after months of indecision and misdirection, direction and purpose was restored to the World Title picture in the main event. The low points were still obvious (another HORRIBLE opening match for instance) but it was nice to see things moving in a positive direction once again. The 7th Anniversary weekend is up next (along with ROH’s debut TV broadcast on HDNet), and it’d be great to see ROH take a step up in-ring quality. They’re still yet to deliver a real MUST SEE match and the year is nearly a quarter done.

Top 3 Matches

3) Tyler Black/Jerry Lynn vs Nigel McGuinness/Austin Aries (***)

2) Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Kenny King/Rhett Titus (****)

1) Jimmy Jacobs vs Delirious (****)

Top 5 Stylin’ & Profilin’/Insanity Unleashed Weekend Matches

5) Austin Aries vs Kenny Omega vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Silas Young (*** – Stylin’ & Profilin’)

4) Tyler Black/Jerry Lynn vs Nigel McGuinness/Austin Aries (*** – Insanity Unleashed)

3) Sweet’n’Sour Inc. vs Kevin Steen/El Generico/Bobby Dempsey (*** – Stylin’ & Profilin’)

2) Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Kenny King/Rhett Titus (**** – Insanity Unleashed)

1) Jimmy Jacobs vs Delirious (**** – Insanity Unleashed)

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