FIP Unfinished Business 1/8/2005

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

Scoot Andrews found himself yet another tag team partner to take on the team of Sean & Phil Davis, collectively known as the Heartbreak Express. Andrews had scored two victories over the HBExpress with other partners, and he had the same fortunate success this time with Kahagas as his partner. Steve Madison pinned Sal Rinauro in a decent match. Dave Prazak introduced the newest member of DP Associates, the bizarre LaDuke Jakes, an out-of-shame Papa Shango wanna-be. This guy didn’t impress me in previous outings and he didn’t help matters in this match when he sliced his forehead open with a blade right in front of the camera and did a piss-poor job of it too. Blood literally poured out of his head onto the mat and all over his unfortunate opponents. He obviously thought he did a good job because he continued wrestling and got the win. The blood ran over his face and into his mouth so he did the Triple H spit-take thing sending a cloud of red mist into the air that made me want to throw up. Azriael then took on James Gibson but that ended in a No Contest and set up a main event tag team match between Azriael & C.M. Punk taking on James Gibson & FIP World Champion Homicide in an ANYTHING GOES match.

Antonio Banks vs Mike Shane — two guys that I have been raving about in previous FIP DVD reviews. This was a great battle between two big dudes with bright futures [Don’t believe me? Well they both worked for WWE by 2006]. Erick Stevens beat Seth Delay in a boring match — Delay need to bulk up and get a tag team partner and he will do better. Jerrelle Clark continued his feud with DP Associates by taking on Fast Eddie Vegas in a 1-on-1 match that I really enjoyed. Ironically, my opinions of both of these men have been negatively effected by their limited facial extressions — but my judgements have been leaning in the opposite direction since I started watching them in FIP.

Roderick Strong got his win back by defeating Samoa Joe in a rematch from 24 hours earlier; This match was equally stiff and entertaining as their previous encounter. I only feel bad that they worked this style in front of only 20-30 fans, thank God for DVD! The main event was a action-packed tag team match between the New Dawn’s C.M. Punk & Azriael taking on fan favorites James Gibson & FIP Champion Homicide. It was everything that could be expected and very satisfying — another great effort by FIP!

Final Thoughts: DVD Rating: 6.5/10

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