PWG Straight to DVD 10/14/2005

Written by: Jim

Straight to DVD
October 14, 2005

Dino Winwood opens the show by trying to talk about Arrogance and Joey Ryan, however; he’s interrupted by the PWG referees. They’ve had enough of the future Dynasty’s cheating ways and being attacked. The refs threaten to leave if things don’t change. Dino closes out the segment with a great Mr. McMahon impression (Complete with the strut), but also promises to take care of things.

Quicksilver vs Disco Machine

Before the match, Winwood sings a remixed version of Qucksilver’s theme song. Quicksilver dedicates the match to his girlfriend of six years. I know he’s married these days, so I wonder if that’s his future wife. Disco interrupts the lovely moment with a baseball slide to Quicksilver’s back. This creates a little story where Disco’s turned his back on love since his wife left him and he has to pay child support. The story runs thin for the rest of the match though. Quicksilver counters out of a couple of Chokebreaker attempts while Disco kicks out of Silver Splash. Quicksilver gets the surprise victory after sunset flipping out of Disco’s Chokebreaker attempt. For an opener, it’s fine, but I’ve come to expect more from Quicksilver. Both guys had some weak shots. With this now being seven shows since Quicksilver worked a tag match, I’m ready for him to get back to his natural environment. 2 Stars.

Joey Ryan vs El Generico
The debut of the ‘stache. Joey’s still referred to as the Technical Wizard, but he’s wrestling like he would with his sleaze gimmick of 2006. The early going isn’t anything spectacular other than Joey trying to get cheap heat by calling for big spots, but then headlocking Generico. At the time, those heel tactics were awesome. The other memorable part of the match was Ryan renaming the Duff Drop to the Mustache Ride. It only gets him a two count though. That begs the question “Why not introduce the move if you’re not winning with it?” Joey gets the win in typical fashion by faking an injury and surprising Generico with a small package. This turned out a lot better than their PWG Title match from Horror Business. Ironically, that match would occur a week past the one year anniversary of this.2 3/4 Stars.

Frankie Kazarian vs Ronin vs TJ Perkins vs Hook Bomberry w/Top Gun Talwar
Logic? Who needs logic in laying out a match? This is an elimination match. Before the match, Kazarian gets on the mic and signals Ronin out for the one guy he has a problem with wrestling. Of course, that means Kazarian and Ronin barely even touches in the match since the real heat is between Bomberry and Ronin. This comes to a head when both guys are too busy fighting each other on the outside that they both get counted out. The logic continues with Perkins controlling most of the second fall. Kazarian only gets in a few moves, but easily pins TJ with the Wave of the Future. How does it help Perkins at all to basically lose after one move? Gah. As I’m typing this up, my hate for this match has went from a minor annoyance to full on hatred. The one good thing that came from this is that I’m interested in seeing Ronin vs Bomberry thanks to the hatred shown. However, I know those feelings will be crushed the single second the match begins. However, that match would be too logical for PWG as they would NEVER book it. 2 Stars.

Chris Hero vs Scott Lost
They sure do love their kick outs. It feels like there’s about a million different kick outs in this. Sometimes less is more. If you have too many kick outs, your fans are no longer expecting a three count when it actually does happen. The result is a finish met with apathy. Getting that out of the way, this ended up being a really fun match. Scott Lost brought his A-Game with his creative moves and Hero’s a nice compliment by having a large collection of unique moves as well. Late in the match, Joey Ryan attempts to cause a distraction, but Scorpio Sky runs him to the back. Soon afterward, Hero gets the win with the Hero’s Welcome. Dump some of the kick outs and you’d have a forgotten gem. 3 1/4 Stars.

Christopher Daniels vs Scorpio Sky
Before the match, Scorpio makes fun of Daniels for losing the TNA X-Division title. He then goes on a long spiel mocking Daniels for being bald. This goes on for far too long and is especially lame since Scorpio’s bald too. The match itself wasn’t too bad though. Daniels played to the crowd a lot, which made BG James’ claim that Daniels didn’t make it in TNA because he couldn’t connect with the crowd lubricious. Near the end Scott Lost comes out to distract Scorpio so that Daniels can roll him up. Scorpio kicks out, causing Daniels to spear Lost off of the apron. Scorpio rolls him up for the easy win. The finish came off very weak. It wasn’t necessary and only took away from a good match. Like most of Daniels’ PWG matches, this is good, but isn’t anything too special to go out of your way to see. 3 Stars.

Joey Ryan and Scott Lost hit the ring to attack Sky. This brings out Dino Winwood and Quicksilver to clear the ring. Dino gets on the mic to fire Lost and Ryan. Once Scorpio is able to get up, Dino offers him one match of his choice to make up for all of the beat downs. Scorpio demands that Lost and Ryan are rehired and that Arrogance and Joey Ryan must face AXP and DIno Winwood at the next show. Dino agrees and the first match for the 2nd All Star Weekend is booked.

Super Dragon and Davey Richards (c) vs Petey Williams and Chris Sabin – PWG Tag Team Titles

Even though this match was five minutes longer than SDDR vs 2 Skinny Black Guys, it feels at least half as long. The near thirty minutes flies by unlike a lot of Dragon’s long matches. Dragon and Richards is still trying to get used to each other, but the chemistry is there. Both are perfectly fine with cheating and they love kicking some ass. Petey plays a decent face-in-peril for most of the first half. The match could have used a little more structure and the finish of Dragon picking up the win with one of the Psycho Drivers didn’t felt like the ending. I’m thinking it would have been better had SDDR won the match with their power bomb/lung blower combo. It’s a good match though, Davey sells his injured knee really well at the end. The big thing though is that PWG is building up SDDR as their top team. If nothing else, by time they book SDDR vs Arrogance, it’s going to be the biggest PWG tag title match in history (At this point). 3 1/4 Stars.

After the match, Sabin attacks Super Dragon. He goes to throw him into Petey for the Canadian Destroyer, but it ends up just low blowing Petey. Williams gets pissed at Sabin and turns on him with a Stunner. Petey isn’t selling the effects of the match at all before leaving. Sabin, who now isn’t selling the match nor the stunner gets on the mic to verbally abuse Williams for turning on him (Yes, he said turn). Meanwhile, Super Dragon and Davey Richards of all people sell the effects of the match the most. This “Turn” was weak as hell. The turn didn’t make sense and Sabin’s promo was embarrassingly bad.

Kevin Steen (c) vs AJ Styles vs Chris Bosh – PWG World Title

Pretty simple story going into this. Bosh hates Steen and wants his title. Styles is still pissed at Steen for taking his belt and at Bosh for beating him at BOLA. And Steen just hates everyone. Plenty of double team spots even if they come off a little choreographed since one wrestler has to wait for another to get into position. The final few minutes is really good though. Styles delivers a sick looking brainbuster on the apron to Bosh. To follow it up, Styles nails a Styles Clash off of the apron to the floor to Steen. Steen legitimately looks out of it. Steen counters a Steiner Screwdriver attempt by Bosh and gets in a surprise roll up with plenty of leverage to win the match. I would have preferred Styles take the fall since Bosh is getting several more title shots, but at least Steen didn’t decisively defeat Bosh. PWG tends to be really good with these triple threat title matches. They’re never great, but you can always count on it being good. 3 1/4 Stars.

Straight to DVD was far from perfect, but it was a step up from After School Special. Both title matches succeed in being two of the best matches of the night. You have some importance with Joey Ryan debuting his sleaze gimmick. There isn’t anything horrible, even if the booking could have been better. This was plain and simply a filler show. That’s okay though. There’s only four shows left in the year and each one has to be big. I wouldn’t recommend paying full price for this, but it’s more than worth the Highspots sale price of five dollars.

Worth Checking Out

Scott Lost vs Chris Hero
Kevin Steen vs AJ Styles vs Chris Bosh
Super Dragon and Davey Richards vs Petey Williams and Chris Sabin


TJ Perkins vs Frankie Kazarian vs Ronin vs Hook Bomberry (Just for the stupid booking)

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