PWG Based on a True Story 1/13/2007

Written by: Jim

Based on a True Story
January 13, 2007

Scorpio Sky w/Jade Chung vs Frankie Kazarian – Loser Leaves PWG Match
This feud had been going on since May 2006. Major moments include Scorpio Sky cutting the hair of Kazarian, beating him in a First Blood match and help cost Kazarian a PWG Title match against Joey Ryan. The one thing that bugs me about these sort of blood feuds is when they wrestle early on. If you’re Kazarian, you’re fighting the guy who has cost you everything, now he wants to end your PWG career. Why would you lock up? To their credit, they get things right after the first couple of minutes by brawling in the crowd and mostly only doing high impact moves to each other. As expected, Jade Chung and Arrogance interferes, but it still can’t put Kazarian away. After nearly twenty minutes (The last four or so just having Kazarian kick out of everything), Kazarian wins with the top rope Flux Capacitor. In the end, I dug the idea of the match, but the execution could have been better. Kazarian just isn’t a good enough babyface to pull off this role. There’s times when he’s out right noselling with a blank expression and his kick outs weren’t as impactful as they could have been. Still, it’s a really good bout, just not the MOTYC that I’ve heard from some PWG fans. 3 3/4 Stars.

After the match, Jade Chung turns on Scorpio by attacking him. Scorpio’s old buddy, Dino Winwood, runs out to chase her away. After several moments, Scorpio holds out his hand, but Dino goes in for the hug. Yes, they actually recreated the post-match event of Warrior/Savage from Wrestlemania 7 with Dino playing Miss Elizabeth’s role. Awesome moment, although it’s impossible for it to be as emotional as Wrestlemania.

Colt Cabana vs Rocky Romero

Cabana begins the match by remarking how little and cute Romero is. Rocky responds by kicking Cabana hard in the ass, making him pay for the comment. Those early moments sums up the match nicely. Colt’s in fun mode while Romero takes turns between not knowing what to do and then just kicking the shit out of Cabana. As far as workrate goes, it sucks, but I was thoroughly entertained during the entire match. You can’t really go wrong with Cabana in a comedy match. For Romero, he did a fine enough job making Cabana regret some of his antics. Romero wins with a simple roll-up after ten minutes. 3 Stars.

Scott Lost, Karl Anderson and Bino Gambino vs Disco Machine, Nemesis and TJ Perkins
Does Karl Anderson not realize he’s a big guy? Granted, he’s only “Indy big”, but he doesn’t wrestle like one at all. He reminds me greatly of The Hardkore Kidd. If you have a major advantage to make you stand out from the average small indy worker, use it. Disco Machine gets to showcase his face-in-peril skills again. The guy may generally suck in singles matches, but the guy is pretty perfect for tag matches. Most of the match relies heavily on Scott Lost and him entertaining me with his spots. To TJ Perkins’ credit, he delivered his reliable adequate performance he seems incapable of not giving. At nearly twenty minutes, the match lasts far too long with as little story as it had. Disco Machine nails his Chokebreaker to pin Bino. While it’s not a great match, it was fine enough. The big development was this being the first of three matches that sums up the major story of the night. 2 1/2 Stars.

Kevin Steen vs Chris Bosh – Number 1 Contender’s Match
Before the match, Bosh spices things up by challenging Steen to a “Suck My Cock Match”. The loser has to suck the winner’s cock. Steen agrees and after trading sexual explicit promos back and forth, he apologizes to a couple of kids in the front row. I’m not sure what it is about Steen and Bosh, but they don’t seem to have much chemistry together. It could just be that they’re so similar (Cool type of heel that the fans love to hear what nonsense comes out of their mouth) that they need someone completely different for it to work. They have a hard hitting match that begins with a little humor. Steen unleashes the power bomb to the apron before finishing Steen off with the Steenalizer that sent Bosh head first into the middle turnbuckle. It’s an okay match, but something just feels missing. 3 1/4 Stars.

Super Dragon vs Ronin
I love you, PWG, but you’re fucking stupid for booking this. Who in their right mind would want to see Ronin in a 20+ minute singles match, especially against someone of declining health like Super Dragon? The match is billed as a “Teacher vs. Student” match, which is fine except for the fact that Ronin is in it. The only time the guy gets a reaction is when the crowd makes fun of him for looking like a Power Ranger. The only saving grace to this was Dragon’s stiff shots at Ronin. Still, Ronin was on offense for too long with most of it not going anywhere (I’m looking at you side headlocks). Ronin finally picks up the win following three Death Valley Drivers. And with that, I weep. Congrats PWG, you made a grown man cry because Super Dragon lost. 1 1/2 Stars.

Cape Fear (c) vs Los Luchas – PWG Tag Team Titles
Speaking of masked men that sucked in PWG. Luckily, Cape Fear is there to balance out Lucha’s suckitude. While the first half didn’t do much for me, once they cut out any sort of storytelling and went with a spotfest, I started to get really into the match. Highlights into a running senton from in the ring to outside on top of Generico who was in a Mexican Surfboard. Luchas came close to winning the match several times, even convincing me that they had a chance. I suppose in kayfabe, Los Luchas knew that their best chance to winning would be to hit all of the big spots they could think of. That could be a story in itself. The finishing stretch is a little sloppy thanks to them, but I still really dug the match. Generico picks up the win for Cape Fear’s first successful title defense after the Brainbuster on Zokre. While it’s better than their title win at Passive Hostility, it can’t compare to their last match against Strong/Richards at the next show. 3 1/2 Stars.

Joey Ryan (c) vs Human Tornado w/Candice LaRae – PWG World Title – Guerrilla Warfare Match
The culmination of a feud several months in the making. Tornado seemingly won the title back at Self-Titled, but Joey found a loophole to get the belt back. This is also the first Guerrilla Warfare Match without Super Dragon. Watching this match for a second time, the one thing that really stands out is how unsafe most of the bumps looked. Human Tornado in particular looked like he got his ass kicked. For some, that may be a turn off, but for me (And this isn’t always the case for unsafe bumps in other matches) I find that those realness only adds to the drama. It’s next to impossible to not sell well when you’re actually in pain. The bumps themselves were just awesome, it really got over how much they both hate each other. The booking is well thought out as well. Since this feud was never just about Tornado and Ryan, they made sure to include all of the major parties. Arrogance tries to interfere, but are blocked by Cape Fear and Kevin Steen. Jade Chung tries to help Joey, but Candice LaRae stops her. Candice nearly stole the show with her performance. There was one point when Joey Ryan actually shoved tacks down her top and then drop kicked her chest! She gets her revenge by climbing a ladder all the way up and diving off to Joey, who was on the outside. Candice is just a fearless girl. Everything builds up to a bloody Tornado hitting the DND on thumbtacks to become the NEW PWG WORLD CHAMPION. Ryan’s title reign that stretched over the course of three different year finally comes to an end. Regardless of how lame some of Joey’s title defenses were, he at least ended it in style. The one great thing about Joey’s title reign being so hated was that whenever he’d lose the belt, it would be an insanely huge moment. Little did anyone realize that Tornado’s title win was really the set-up to his eventual heel turn. As far as I’m concerned, this is PWG’s MOTY for 2007. 4 1/4 Stars.

Thanks to PWG having to cancel their second December 2006 show, it lined two major feuds to come to an end on the first show of 2007. Both Ryan/Tornado and Scorpio/Kazarian were the highlights of the show, just as they should have been. The matches in the middle tends to be good, but not something you should go out of your way to watch. The only real dud of the night was Super Dragon vs Ronin. Years later, I don’t understand the logic in having Ronin go over. I suppose the show has a little bit of everything. Fun spotty wrestling with Cape Fear vs Los Luchas. A comedy match to bring the lulz thanks to Colt Cabana vs Rocky Romero. A blood feud coming to an end with Scorpio Sky vs Frankie Kazarian. There’s some hard hitting action from Super Dragon. A garbage wrestling match with Tornado vs Ryan. Finally, there’s the story that plays out all throughout the night. This is easily the darkest hour for the Dynasty since they came together. In four matches, they lost all four. Scorpio Sky is forced to leave PWG. Joey Ryan loses his PWG title, but Chris Bosh in unable to become the number 1 contender so that the Dynasty can bring the belt back at the next show. Their reign of terror is officially over. The new ultimate evil will be coming from an unlikely source. Hands down, one of the essential PWG DVD’s you should pick up.

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Ronin vs Super Dragon

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