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PWG From Parts Well Known 6/24/2006

Written by: Jim

From Parts Well Known
June 24, 2006

Joey Ryan opens the show talking about his opponent tonight, Davey Richards. Davey eventually comes down and talks about how he and Super Dragon made the PWG tag titles mean something. Since he can’t hold the tag titles, he wants the other title in PWG. The two fight before Chris Bosh and Scott Lost runs in and a 3-on-1 beat down on Davey follows. Ryan gives Richards a piledriver on a steel chair.

TJ Perkins vs Disco Machine

TJ looks so young in this. The best way to describe Disco Machine in this match is that he saw one too many Hardy Boyz (Or Rockers, depending on when he started watching wrestling) matches and decided that “Hey, I can do that!” So he goes out and buys himself some tights and is now a professional wrestler after just watching some high flying matches. The problem is that is all he did was attempt flippy spots that were badly botched. He didn’t really tell a story and really just showed how little he actually watched the Hardy Boyz. Spots isn’t what makes a high flying match exciting, it’s the drama behind setting those spots up. Then there’s his selling. At one point he attempts an Asya Whisper in the Wind type move, but he somehow misses Perkins completely, despite the fact that he wasn’t supposed to. He decides to sell it, which is fine. However, it’s as if he counted to five in his head and then he jumped up and acted as if he wasn’t hurt at all. What’s the point of even selling if you’re going to forget about it? I like Perkins, but he wasn’t able to do much in the match, despite getting the surprise win with a la magistral cradle. They got through the match without completely stinking up the joint. So there’s one thing that was done right. 1 3/4 Stars.

The Havana Pitbulls vs Ronin and Alex Koslov
I believe this is my first time seeing Ronin. He looks like such a shitty wrestler, somehow out doing the “Fat kid in a cheap Halloween costume” that Super Dragon perfected. However, early on he proves that he’s a fairly decent wrestler selling some of the holds by the Pitbulls, making me believe that they really hurt. The Pitbulls strategy in this match appears to be “Kick, repeat if necessarily”. With my lack of knowledge of PWG from around this time, I’m not really sure who’s a face and who’s a heel. I’m under the impression that the Pitbulls are tweeners who’s willing to kick anyone. Meanwhile, Ronin is the lovable big lug while Koslov is the asshole heel. If I’m right, Ronin and Koslov tells a pretty good story in this. Koslov is just a dick to Ronin in the entire match. At one point, Ronin is in Reyes’ Dragon Clutch for a long time. Koslov’s solution to help his partner is to splash on top of him. Sure, it hurts Reyes, but Ronin takes the punishment as well. A miscommunication results in Koslov super kicking Ronin. Pitbulls get the pin fall after the Demolition Knee Drop. After the match, Ronin closelines Koslov for super kicking him.This was surprisingly fairly good. I love the Pitbulls and Koslov, so there was a lot to offer from the start. However, what really made this match good was the story Ronin and Koslov was telling. It makes me want to see a Koslov vs Ronin match up. Anyways, a good match and it’s always a treat to see Koslov in action. 3 Stars.

Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Bosh w/Jade Chung
Before the match, Bosh offers Kazarian to just walk out of the ring and the two can enjoy some cocktails in the back. Kazarian isn’t into the idea of sharing cocks with Bosh. Since I started to watch PWG, Bosh has been one of my favorites. His comedy can make me interested in even his bad matches. Kazarian is fairly decent in the match, but he still manages to botch a little to remind me that it’s still Kazarian. Frankie hits a nice springboard hurricanrana from one side of the apron, over the ring post to Bosh who was standing on the other apron. In one of the big moments at the end of the match, Bosh is upside down in a tree of woe. Kazarian climbs up on the top rope on the opposite side (Longer side) to hit a RVD inspired drop kick. Kazarian comes up short…real short. Any drama they built up to that point is lost with Bosh still hanging upside down and Kazarian missing him by feet. They improvise with Bosh winning with a roll up. Luckily, the match they had before the huge botch was good and saves it some. However, the botch kept the match from being anything more than just good. Bosh was great though. 3 Stars.

B-Boy vs Scott Lost w/Jade Chung – Special Guest Ref: Human Tornado
If B-Boy wins, he gets a title shot against Joey Ryan at the next show (Threemendous). Human Tornado is the guest referee to try and keep the Dynasty from interfering. They work in the angle of Tornado being the face referee and being bias against the heel. However, Lost maintains the advantage over most of the match. Sure, Jade Chung interferes a little, but B-Boy just looks like a much weaker wrestler. Jade interferes one too many times, so Tornado calls out Candice LaRae (Looking pretty damn hot in black) to run her off. Oddly, at the start of the match, Tornado counts fast for B-Boy covers and slow for Lost’s covers. However, as the match goes on, he counts normally. It seems rather strange and that it should be the opposite way. Scott Lost continues to slowly turn me into a fan with his unique move set. He eventually gets defeated with the GTS. Even if a match has good action, bad booking and structure can really hurt it a lot. If you’re going to have a face guest referee be bias, you really need to have the face wrestler in the match be an underdog while the heel is a much better wrestler. Something like Funaki vs The Big Show. To try and book B-Boy as a believable threat to Joey Ryan, yet make him have such huge problems with Scott Lost, despite the unfair refereeing by Tornado, doesn’t accomplish your goal. Sadly, the more I watch of B-Boy, the less impressed I am. Even though his booking is unusual, Human Tornado was very entertaining with all of his comedy early on. 2 3/4 Stars.

Kevin Steen and Chris Sabin vs Cape Fear
Before the match, Steen talks about how he and Sabin both hates the Dynasty. So while they’re trying to score a title shot against Arrogance, they need to work on their team skills. One thing they need is a team name. Steen used to call Sabin Tweak (From South Park) and since people call Steen Cartman due to his being big bone and a bit racist, their team name should be Tweak and Cartman. The fans love it, as do I. Sabin has another idea – Laser Bomb Thunder Driver Team Air Force One. Sabin tries to get a chant going, but even he forgets the name. It doesn’t really matter as the fans love Tweak and Cartman. Great match follows with Steen stealing the spotlight with always trying to keep the fans interested in the match. The final five or so minutes is nonstop action with a lot of great spots. Steen picks up the win for his team after the 450 splash on Quicksilver. Easily the match of the night. The only thing that the match was really lacking was some spotlight time for El Generico and Quicksilver. Despite being colorful and memorable wrestlers, they were almost interchangeable with any other tag team. Sadly, this would be the first and only time Tweak and Cartman would team up. It’s a damn shame because they were very entertaining and Sabin looked like a star out there. 3 1/2 Stars.

Davey Richards vs Joey Ryan (c) w/Jade Chung – PWG World Title – Special Guest Ref: Human Tornado
Richards destroys Ryan with a suicide dive. Richards beats him up all over the building before finally coming back to the ring. A lot of mindless fighting back and forth for most of the match. When Scott Lost and Chris Bosh comes out to lend a hand, Human Tornado dives on them, but appears to injury his shoulder despite landing on his feet. It seems as if he’s hurt enough that he calls out Rick Knox so he can finish the match. Very odd. Richards comes close to winning the match a few times before Arrogance comes out again. With Knox distracted, they try to interfere, but Richards easily stops them. All of the chaos allows Ryan to use the belt and deliver a butterfly piledriver to finally put Richards away. After the match, The Dynasty beats down on Richards some more for good measure. I’ve come to a conclusion on Joey Ryan’s title matches. They’re not “Bad” necessarily. His reign is 100% character driven. Each title defense is to further put the character of a sleazeball who needs all the help he can get to keep his belt. It reminds a bit of Austin Aries’ second ROH title reign. The workrate suffers since they’re putting all effort into the character. The match wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t very good. IT did, however; further the feud between The Dynasty vs Ryan’s rivals (Tornado, Richards, Dragon, Kazarian and B-Boy). I imagine if they wrestled against for Davey’s PWG title, the match would be a lot better though. 2 1/4 Stars.

After the match, Kazarian and B-Boy runs in to run off the Dynasty. With B-Boy now being the number 1 contender, he decides what he wants his title shot stipulation to be. Since Ryan loves chairs, ladders and tables, they’ll all be involved. However, to keep the Dynasty out of the match, a steel cage will be set up. It’s a TLC Steel Cage Match only at Threemendous~! Already seeing it, it’s a lot like the Davey match. Not bad, but it left a lot to be desired.


Well, I bought it exclusively for Davey Richards vs Joey Ryan. If I knew it was going to be a disappointment, I probably would have bought a different show. However, the two tag matches made up for it with Sabin/Steen vs Cape Fear being a really good forgotten match. For two hours, the show goes by quickly and the only horrible match is Perkins/Disco Machine. The overall theme of the night was the Dynasty trying to hold back their rivals. If you’re a fan of the Dynasty, it’s worth checking out.

Worth Checking Out

Chris Sabin and Kevin Steen vs Cape Fear
The Havana Pitbulls vs Ronin and Alex Koslov
Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Bosh (If only to see the horrible botch)


TJ Perkins vs Disco Machine

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