NWA-TNA Impact 1/4/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 1/4/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off with a video package of last week where Dusty Rhodes announced that there would be a Triple Threat match at Final Resolution for the NWA title match to be held later on the PPV.

-Backstage, Dusty Rhodes is shown talking with secretary Traci. Rhodes gave Traci a bunch of papers to be delivered. Trinity came up to Traci backstage and told Traci she’s the #1 female in the business. Trinity stole the papers away from Traci and started to walk off but Traci then gave Triniti the rasperry and left.

AJ Styles & Johnny B. Badd & Sonny Siaki vs. The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) & Prime Time
Siaki and Douglas started things off. Stevens ran in to interfere but received a kick sending him out of the ring for his troubles. Styles got tagged in. Douglas gained the advantage after a punch to Styles. Douglas tagged in Stevens. The Naturals got in a double team move on Styles. Douglas was then tagged in. Douglas took Styles into the corner where he gave him a knee to the stomach. Douglas then sent Styles head first into the corner turnbuckle. Soon later, Douglas connected with a high knee to Styles. Prime Time is eager to get into the match and angered that he has not been tagged in. Stevens executed a backbreaker. The Naturals double teamed Styles again as the ref was distracted. Douglas put styles on the top turnbuckle and climbed up to execute a move. Styles fought the Naturals off but Prime Time shoved Styles to the outside. Prime Time came in the ring and nailied Siaki and Badd. The Naturals worked over Styles on the outside and then moved out of the way as Prime Time jumped executed an awesome corkscrew plancha over the top rope to the outside on Styles. Prime Time then shoved his teammates for leaving him out of the match. Siaki clotheslined Prime Time to the ground. Siaki lifted Styles back into the ring. Badd got tagged in and worked over Douglas and Stevens. Badd sent Prime Time to the outside. Styles executed a somersault over the top rope onto Prime Time on the outside. Siaki threw Douglas to the outside. Badd executed his “Bad Mood” top rope moonsault onto Stevens for the pinfall.
Winners: AJ Styles, Johnny B. Badd & Sonny Siaki

-An interview segment is up next with Tenay sitting down with Roddy Piper earlier in the day. Piper said he and Dusty Rhodes have a common goal, taking “TNA NWA” (as he said it) to the top. Tenay informs us that Rhodes has fired Terry Funk from the Championship Committee and replaced him with Piper. Piper was surprised. Tenay also says that Piper is now a special enforcer to be used when Rhodes needs some extra help. Piper was excited about the whole thing.

Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Shane w/ Kazarian & Traci

Shane took the early advantage driving Daniels into the ropes. Shane hiptosses Daniels. Both men now exchange fists. Daniels comes off the ropes but Kazarian tripped him from the outside. The ref sent Kazarian to the back. Daniels sent Shane to the outside. Daniels executed a big drop kick on Shane back in the ring. Daniels now with Shane in the corner where he executes some hard right hands and then stomps on him. Daniels soon after goes for the Angles Wings, but Shane turned it into a back body drop. Shane executes a running clothesline followed by a flying double axe handle. Shane executes a belly to belly suplex. Shane then executes a body slam and goes up top. Daniels rises and sends Shane off the top to the mat in a nice looking flip over seated body slam type move. Daniels soon after nails a moonsault from the top. Daniels goes for a pin but Traci distracts the ref. Shane reverses the pin, but the ref can’t count because Traci is still distracting the ref. Shane now gets mad at Traci and slaps her hat off, sending Traci to the ground. Daniels schoolboys Shane from behind for the pinfall.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-After the match, Kazarian runs back to the ring as Traci is wondering what is up with what Shane just did.

-Hector Garza is shown arriving to the arena. Garza walks past two people dressed up in Mexican outfits complete with sombreros. They turn out to be Scott Hall and Kevin Nash after Garza walks past.

Marco Cordova w/ Kid Kash vs. Dustin Rhodes

Kash tripped Rhodes early on, giving Cordova the early offense. Rhodes back body dropped Cordova. Rhodes nails a clothesline. Rhodes gives Cordova 9 right hands in the corner followed by a father like Bionic Elbow. Rhodes nails an atomic drop followed by an uppercut. Rhodes nails the “Lone Star State of Mind” for the win.
Winner: Dustin Rhodes

-After the match, Kid Kash attacked Rhodes. Rhodes whips Kash into the ropes, but Kash slid outside. Kash ran away with Rhodes chasing him off.

-A clip is shown from last week with DDP and Erik Watts. DDP reminded Watts he’s never had a title shot. Raven told Watts that DDP was treating him like a piece of scum.

-DDP came out to the ring for a promo. DDP said he’s come back to wrestling to get the NWA World Title and to have fun. DDP says he loves hanging out with Erik Watts. DDP calls out Watts so they can settle their current differences. Watts music played, but instead 2 druids came out and attacked DDP. DDP gained the advantage and unmasked one of the druids to reveal Erik Watts. The other druid turned out to be Raven. DDP sent Raven to the outside and then nailed the Diamond Cutter on Watts. Raven got on the mic and told DDP he was some friend for telling Watts he’s his friend and then Diamond Cutting him. Raven said DDP ruined Watts’ personal life and he’s going to pay for it.

-The Kings of Wrestling enter the Impact Zone. Jarrett had the mic first and addressed Dusty Rhodes. Jarrett says Rhodes has come up with a master plan to de-throne him. Jarrett says he always beats the odds. Jarrett said DDP is going to feel the bang when he bangs him right back into retirement (he must have seen One Night in China). Jarrett then addressed Montry Brown, saying, and I quote, “didn’t I just eat you on Planet Jarrett?” Montry Brown came to the ring. Brown told Jarrett to shut up. Brown says he will become World Champion. Brown addressed his foes in the three way match, saying DDP and Nash’s reigns are in the past and he’s now. The fans chant “Next World Champ” and Brown says soon they’ll be chanting “The World Champ.” Brown says he’ll get it done with the Pounce.

-A clip is shown of Hector Garza breaking a guitar over Hall’s head and dropping Nash with a knee.

Scott Hall vs. Hector Garza

Both men exchange chops and fists at the beginning. Garza drives Hall into the corner. Hall then took advantage, taking Garza to the mat with an armbar. Garza comes back with a forearm to the head. Garza nails a drop kick. Nash interferes with a right hand to Garza. Garza shoves Nash off the apron, sending him to the floor. Hall nailed a right hand on Garza while he was distracted. Hall nails his trademark fall away slam. Hall then put on an abdominal stretch with Hall getting the usual advantages by grabbing Nash’s hand behind the ref’s back. Garza broke up the hold with a hip toss. Hall gained the advantage and set Garza up on the top turnbuckle. Hall then gave Garza a belly to back side suplex from the top. Hall went to set up The Edge, but Garza countered with a back body drop. Garza executes a body slam and then baseball slide on Nash on the outside. Garza went up top to go for a moonsault, but Hall crotched him. Hall gave Garza The Edge from the top turnbuckle and then made the cover for the pin.
Winner: Scott Hall

-Nash came into the ring after the match to celebrate with Hall. Piper came out and pointed at Hall and Nash as Impact ended.

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