NWA-TNA Impact 1/7/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 1/7/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show opens with a clip from earlier in the day when Jeff Hammond was in the ring with 3 Live Kru learning some moves. Michael Shane and Kazarian showed up and taunted Hammond.

-Tenay announced that next week on Impact, Christopher Daniels will wrestle Chris Sabin. The winner will go on to face Petey Williams in the Ultimate X Match for the X Title at Final Resolution.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Candido

Styles takes the early advantage after a slap from Candido. Styles executes some arm drags and leg whips. Candido went to the outside to regroup, but Styles came crashing down on him with a springboard splash. They went back inside the ring. Candido goes up to for a high risk move, but Styles climbs up top as well. Candido countered a hurricanrana attempt with a gut buster across his knee to Styles. Candido with a snap suplex. Candido chops Styles in the corner, but Styles fights back with some chops of his own. Candido gives a knee to Styles for his efforts. Candido executes a nice delayed standing suplex to Styles. Candido gives Styles a body slam and then goes up top and comes down with a leg drop to Styles. Candido goes to body slam Styles again, but this time Styles gets out of it and executes a back body drop to Candido. Styles clotheslines Candido and then nails a drop kick. Candido comes back with a big powerslam. Candid went up top, but Styles got up and press slammed Candido off the top turnbuckle. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Candido blocks it. Candido goes for a powerbomb, but Styles reverses that and executes the Styles Clash and then goes for the cover to get the pinfall. Awesome match.
Winner: AJ Styles

-Backstage Trinity and Jonny Fairplay approached Dusty Rhodes’ “office” (the bed of a pickup) where Traci was. Traci told them she had a note from Dusty that says if they wish to stay with TNA, they must learn how to play. Traci went to look for another note and Fairplay and Trinity stole the first note.

-Shane Douglas interviews Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore backstage about the upcoming Ultimate X match at Final Resolution. Williams thinks it’s a good oppurtunity to showcase his abilities, since he’s one of the longest reigning X Division Champions.

Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Andy Douglas w/ Chase Stevens

Douglas starts things off with a standing headlock. Petey reverses it. Douglas fights out of it and hits a knee to the gut. Douglas with a big right hand. After an irish whip to the corner that goes nowhere, both men poke each other in the eye. Williams with a takeover followed by a sit down drop kick and then a back elbow. D’Amore gets involved slapping Douglas accross the face. Douglas with a big atomic drop followed by a big clothesline. Douglas chokes Williams across the ropes and then Stevens gets involved with a right hand to Williams. Douglas reverses an irish whip and then nails a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Douglas with some kicks to the fallen Williams. Williams reveres another tilt a whirl backbreaker into a russian side legsweep. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Douglas reverses it, throwing Williams to the outside. Back in the ring, Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer again but Stevens gets up on the apron and distracts him. D’Amore comes over and pulls Stevens down. Back in the ring, Williams misses a spinning heel kick but then rolls Douglas up for the pinfall. Another good match.
Winner: Petey Williams

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews America’s Most Wanted about facing Team Canada at Final Resolution. They say Team Canada is at the top of their Top 10 Most Wanted List since they have the gold. They are confident they will become the 6 time NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Chris Sabin vs. Bobby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore
Sabin starts off on the offensive with a hurricanrana. Lots of fast paced action back and forth at the beginning. Sabin nails a nice spring board drop kick off the ropes. Roode counters a move and drops Sabin across the top rope. Roode with a neckbreaker. Roode throws Sabin into the corner and stomps him. Sabin fights back but receives a back elbow. Roode with a neck wringer on Sabin. Sabin fights back and the men exchange right hands. Sabin goes for a tilt a whirl head scissors but slips and rolls Roode up for a near fall instead. Sabin with a big kick to the back of Roode’s head. Sabin with a big kick to the gut and then sets up Roode for the Cradle Shock. At this point, Christopher Daniels whom was doing guest commentary goes ringside and throws a chair in the ring and distracts Sabin. D’Amore distracts the ref, and Roode hits his big signature clothesline from behind on Sabin, sending Sabin down on to the chair. Roode makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Yet another darn good match making three in a row for the show so far.
Winner: Bobby Roode

David Young vs. Konnan w/ BG James & Ron Killings

At the beginning of the match, Young attacked Konnan after Konnan got done doing his nearly decade old prematch spiel. Young punches and kicks Konnan. Young goes up top but Konnan gets his foot up. Konnan with some big rights hands followed by the rolling thunder clothesline. Konnan sends Young to the corner, but Konnan receives a back elbow followed by a clothesline from Young. James distracts Young from the outside and punches Young, after which Konnan nails a DDT. James then distracts the ref as Killings comes off the top rope with a legdrop to the groin of Young. Konnan then gets Young up, only to kick him in the stomach and send him down with a facebuster (K Thunder?). Konnan makes the cover for the win. Not much of a match after 3 solid contests to open the show.
Winner: Konnan

-Backstage DDP and Raven argue about Erik Watts. Raven accuses DDP of being a bad friend, and he says he won’t get Watts fired like DDP did. Raven says he has Watts wrapped around his finger. Raven finds out Watts is standing right behind him. Watts gives Raven a shoulder to the face, and then takes Raven out to the arena and the ring. Watts hits Raven with a garbage can in the ring. Watts then gives a drop toe hold to Raven, dropping Raven face first into the trash can. Watts then gives Raven a chokeslam. Watts and DDP celebrate in the ring.

-Tenay is in the ring now hyping up the three-way match at Final Resolution for the title shot at Jeff Jarrett later in the PPV. Tenay then calls out Jeff Jarrett for an interview. Tenay says Dusty Rhodes has stacked the deck against Jarrett at the PPV, since he has 3 possible opponents. Tenay says he wants to see Jarrett end up facing his teammate Kevin Nash (I don’t, I’d rather not see a finger poke World Title match finish). Jarrett says everyone thinks they have it figured out, but he’s proven they don’t since he’s still World Champion after going through everyone from Sting to Jeff Hardy. Jarrett says DDP is too caught up with Watts and Raven for him to be worried about. Jarrett says when Brown stepped on Planet Jarrett, he was eaten alive. Now Jarrett addresses Nash, saying their will be no divide and conquer and the Kings of Wrestling will not fall to Dusty Rhodes game plan. Jarrett says in TNA there is only one way, his way, and he’s telling Kevin to get his head straight. DDP interupts the interview. Brown then comes out as well and the three fight in the ring. Nash then comes out with Scott Hall. Nash fights with Brown, as Jarrett fights with DDP. Jarrett accidently clotheslines Scott Hall. Nash doesn’t like this and he yells at Jarrett. Brown clotheslines Jarrett from behind and then clotheslines Nash, as DDP sends Jarrett out of the ring and Nash follows by rolling outside. Security then comes out and breaks everything up.

Kid Kash & Dallas vs. Dustin Rhodes & Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Kash start things off. They exchange offense. Kash with a DDT followed by a dropkick. Kash gets distracted with Rhodes, and this allows Hardy to get some kicks in and tag in Rhodes. Rhodes with a big back body drop on Kash. Rhodes with some big right hands. Kash somehow gets a tag in to Dallas. Rhodes nails 9 punches to Dallas in the corner and then a big bionic elbow. Rhodes then gets distracted by Kash allowing Dallas to nail a big boot to Rhodes and tag in Kash. Rhodes misses a shoulder in the corner and goes crashing into the ringpost. Kash with an armbar on Rhodes laying on the mat. Kash tags in Dallas. Dallas with a clothesline on Rhodes and then tags in Kash again. Kash and Dallas double team Rhodes, ending up with Kash executing a clothesline. Dallas sits on the top rope, and Kash goes up and jumps off his shoulders executing a moonsault but Rhodes moves. Kash misses a dropkick. Rhodes executes a Rock Bottom. Both men tag in their partners. Hardy with the sitdown legdrop to the lower abdomen of Dallas. Hardy then atomic drops Kash. Kash breaks up a Hardy pin attempt, which brings Rhodes into the mix to take care of Kash. Rhodes sends Kash to the corner, and then Hardy springboards off Rhodes’ back to nail a high leg to the face of Kash in the corner. Dallas then gets up and fights with Rhodes. Rhodes nails a bulldog, and then Hardy comes off the top rope with the Swanton on the fallen Dallas. Hardy makes the cover and gets the pin. Decent match but a bit sloppy. Better than the last match, but not as good as the opening three.
Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Jeff Hardy

-Backstage, Jarrett and Nash argue with security seperating them. Jarrett tells Nash to get his head in the game. Jarrett tells Nash that he did it to Hunter and Shawn 10 years ago, he screwed everyone in WCW, but TNA is Jarrett’s world. Jarrett tells Hall to get Nash’s head in the game. Nash tells Jarrett there isn’t room for both of them here.

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