PWG Horror Business 10/21/2006

Written by: Jim

Horror Business
October 21, 2006

Davey Richards opens up the show talking about how his BOLA win is nice and all, but he cares more about winning the PWG Tag Team titles again. Since Super Dragon decided to not wait for him (Dragon won the tag team titles with B-Boy at the last show), he’s found a new partner in Roderick Strong. Davey and Roddy will challenge the tag champions at the next show, regardless of who wins in the main event tonight.

Rocky Romero vs TJ Perkins

Nice, I’ve been wanting to see early Perkins in a singles match against someone half way decent. This is mostly just an exhibition match, with neither guy having any issues with the other. The match borders on MMA as both men are taking their time looking for spots to lock in holds. Perkins comes close to pulling off the upset a few times, but Romero turns all Kurt Angle-like with refusing to let Perkins out of the Ankle Lock. Perkins is forced to tap out. Nothing great here, but just a fun showcase of what both men can do in a match without hatred. Good way to open up the show. 2 3/4 Stars.

Ronin vs SHINGO
I’m starting to think that Steve and Capone are right about Ronin. While he isn’t horrible, he isn’t very good. SHINGO is still rocking out the mustache and mullet, making it seem as if Japan is only just now getting access to 80’s American pop culture. It’s your basic power vs power wrestler. There’s not really anything in the match that was memorable up until the end. Ronin picks up the win with two DVD’s. Personally, the result was pretty shocking. I figured SHINGO would be the obvious winner. 2 Stars.

Human Tornado vs Chris Bosh
The show picks up as I get to get my Candice fix. Before the match, Chris Bosh cuts a promo eluding to the fact that Tornado will end up like Kerry Von Erich if he doesn’t walk away – dead by a gunshot. That’s kind of…inappropriate. Back and forth match with Bosh making it entertaining with his random antics. Bosh hits a short arm closeline and mumbles to himself “Jake the Snake move.” Bosh tries to hit his punch to the balls move, but it doesn’t have any effect on Tornado. Tornado bitch slaps him for it. Candice finds a moment to hit a dropkick while Bosh is sitting in the corner. Bosh gets revenge on her by suplexing her on some chairs on the outside. Damn, Candice really takes some of the bigger bumps each show I see her on. Candice doesn’t stay down for long as she hits a nice missile dropkick to Bosh. Tornado hits the DND, but Joey Ryan comes out and pulls Rick Knox out of the ring. The distraction allows Bosh to connect with the the Perfect Plex to beat Tornado. It’s a fun match, but more importantly, it continues the feud between Ryan and Tornado. Plus Candice is wearing a black g-string, how can you not love this? 3 Stars.

Scorpio Sky vs Matt Sydal
A good mix of comedy and serious wrestling. Hanging around with Bosh in the Dynasty seems to have helped Scorpio learn to become a master of random funny comments. It’s nothing to go out of your way to watch though. Sydal looks a bit off tonight or maybe he’s used to wrestling better opponents. Jade Chung shines in her role of always trying to help out her man, whether by interference or just yelling at the ref to do his job better. The finish comes with Jade hitting Sydal with her boot and a hurt Scorpio reversing a cover to get the win. Perhaps if there was less comedy, the overall quality of the match would have been better. It’s about on par with what we’ve seen so far though. 2 3/4 Stars.

Davey Richards vs Scott Lost
The fans love Richards in his fight against the Dynasty. I’ve really been having a difficult time knowing who’s a face and who’s a heel in most matches. Sometimes it seems as if it changes every show. Richards is on tonight, getting in a ton of stiff kicks. There’s a few comedy moments early on, but they’re smart enough to know that we’ve already seen enough, so they keep it pretty serious. Lost has one of the best top rope elbows I’ve ever seen. It’s even prettier than Savage’s. They tease Lost winning with an arm bar, but Lost surprisingly gets out of it. Lost hits all of his big moves, but nothing can put away Davey. Davey wins with the Kimura. The Dynasty earns their first loss of the night. Pretty good match, easily the best thus far. 3 1/4 Stars.

B-Boy and Super Dragon (c) vs Kings of Wrestling – PWG Tag Team Titles
Just like they were at ASW 4 Night 2, B-Boy and Dragon are the ones with the least amount of gold. Claudio and Hero are the reigning CHIKARA, ROH and CZW tag team champions. This was originally supposed to be a triple threat with the Briscoes, but the Briscoes no showed. I’m glad they did because this match was awesome. B-Boy and Dragon were heeling it up while Hero was entertaining by almost acting like a coach by giving Claudio encouragement and tips of how to get out of moves. Despite going thirty minutes, the time flew by fast. As much as I hate Super Dragon, I found myself really liking his role in this match. As average as B-Boy has been, even he looked good in this. A lot of great creative spots by the Kings of Wrestling, but B-Boy is still able to get the pin on Hero with some sort of roll-up. One of the better tag matches I’ve seen in PWG. 4 Stars.

Joey Ryan (c) vs El Generico – PWG World Title
We go from one great title defense to a lackluster one. I’ve come to the conclusion that Joey’s title defenses are only good when he’s wrestling good wrestlers in brawls. Sadly, this is not one of those. Like most Ryan title defenses I’ve seen, not much happens besides Joey’s stalling. Generico has a fun moment where he allows some of the fans to slap Joey. He tried to get a little girl who Ryan yelled at earlier in the match to do it, but she ran away. One moron guy in a Generico mask tried to work a slap several times. Like fuck dude, they wouldn’t do this spot if they knew Ryan couldn’t handle slaps. If you’re going to slap him, SLAP him. You’re not a part of the act, don’t try to work the slap. I know Ryan’s work went a lot softer after his concussion from Super Dragon, but he takes a lot worse moves than a slap. In typical Joey fashion, the ending is overloaded with hi-jinx so he can retain the title. First you have Rick Knox getting hit with the Olé Kick. This brings out Scorpio Sky and Jade Chung. Generico easily takes care of Sky though. Chung passes Ryan some sort of spray bottle to which he sprays in the eyes of Generico. Generico disappears (I assume pushed under the ring by Scorpio Sky?) and Bosherico comes out wearing an old Generico mask. Ryan pins Bosherico to retain the title. Ah, so the Bosh wearing different wrestler’s looks to help Ryan wasn’t just an one time deal. For an undercard match, it’s good enough. However, for a World Title and main event? It fails to deliver, especially when all but one match on this show was better. I guess even Generico can’t work wonders. It truly amazes me how much Joey Ryan entertains me these days when he was so bad as champion. 2 1/2 Stars.

Not one of the better PWG shows. However, it’s understandable why this show isn’t big. They just got done with BOLA a couple of shows ago, All Star Weekend 4 weekend is the next couple of shows. That means two of the biggest weekends of the year in within three months of each other. You still get a damn good tag title match and a couple of other good matches. Nothing is too horrible though.

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