PWG Seven 7/30/2010

Written by: Jim

July 30, 2010

Peter Avalon, Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor vs. Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime & Candice LeRae
Peter Avalon makes Excalibur look like Batista in size. Avalon is pretty awesome though. While Joey Ryan was all about the sleaze, Avalon will hump anything that moves. Avalon vs Candice is going to be an awesome comedy match. Ryan Taylor continues to impress, Candice is always a joy to see and even managed to look pretty decent. Fun opener with a lot of comedy. 2 1/2 Stars.

Brandon Bonham vs. Brian Cage
It’s no wonder the WWE signed Cage, he has such the perfect WWE look. Hopefully he’ll be about the same height as the average WWE guy, otherwise he’d just end up looking like the third member of the Dicks. Anyone remember that fun tag team? Great muscular body, but so freaking short. Hands down my favorite Bonham match so far. It was so aggressive that the crowd was loving it starting midway through. It’s a shame Cage’s time in PWG is limited, the guy could have been a major star for PWG in 2011. 3 1/2 Stars.

Chris Sabin vs. Akira Tozawa
To be honest, I dig Tozawa. The guy is just tons of fun. Pretty low key match without much to offer. While it was technically better than the opener, it was the match that did the least for me. Still, Sabin managed to wrestle a match that didn’t make me want to go to sleep. Just a show of how great this show is when this is the least entertaining. 3 Stars.

Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky
The first half was fairly slow and didn’t do much for me. However, they turned it up for the second half with tons of kick outs and big spots. I loved all of the different nods to their past including Scorpio hitting Lost with one of Quicksilver’s old classics. The emotion is what really made this match something special. Lost was putting in a ton of effort and the crowd was easily more into this than any Lost match in a long time. I’d compare this to Michaels vs Flair at Wrestlemania 24 (Yeah, some will roll their eyes at that). The ring work wasn’t always there, but the emotion made it a classic. Hands down, one of the more emotionally driven matches in PWG history. 4 Stars.

Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong
I gotta admit, I think Jake underrated this one. If you went into this expecting one of Danielson’s great classic MOTY’s, you were going to be disappointed. Instead, this was just a quality match that you’d expect from a match that is the third from last match on the card. With Lost’s retirement, I’d even say this was the fourth most important match on the card. Danielson went out there and worked a smart match. Instead of killing himself, he just gave the fans what they wanted to see. Winning with the LeBell Lock was a good way of getting the move over with indy fans before using it as a finisher for his WWE return. 3 1/2 Stars.

Davey Richards (c) vs Chris Hero – PWG World Title
Since I just watched this match a few days ago, I decided to hold off watching it for a second time until a little more time passes. Great match though, it’s yet another clear MOTYC for Davey in PWG. The crowd helped create a feel that has so rarely been done in PWG. It almost felt like Super Dragon vs Samoa Joe. The finishing stretch started up too soon, but it was still damn entertaining. I know Capone thinks I’m crazy, but I’d rate this as the second best PWG match of the year so far behind Davey vs Omega. 4 1/4 Stars.

¡Peligro Abejas! (c) vs. The Cutler Brothers vs. The Young Bucks – PWG Tag Titles – Guerrilla Warfare
Holy fuck. So many awesome spots. Just go into this with the objective to have fun instead of worrying about things like selling and you’ll have plenty of it. This felt a lot like the TLC matches of the early 2000’s when you’re just shown one insane spot after another. Unlike some of their other matches together, this one was more violent which was appreciated. Huge credit to Paul London for breaking up as many falls as he did. I hate how many kick outs of big moves PWG does, but thanks to Paul, you didn’t need to worry about that. This is currently my favorite tag match of 2010. Nonstop fun that really continues to put tag team wrestling at the forefront of PWG. Guerrilla Warfare once again equals greatness. 4 Stars.

While PWG hasn’t been bad in 2010, they haven’t been great either. Their two biggest shows of the year (Kurt Russellmania and DDT4 2010) both fell flat from the lack of great matches. Seven finally turns PWG’s luck around and they end up adding three more matches to PWG’s MOTYC’s and creates a show of the year candidate as well. This rivals some of the best shows in PWG history.

Worth Checking Out

Davey Richards vs Chris Hero
Cutlers vs ¡Peligro Abejas! vs Young Bucks
Scott Lost vs Scorpio Sky
Bryan Danielson vs Roderick Strong
Brian Cage vs Brandon Bonham



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