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NWA-TNA Impact 2/11/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 2/11/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights are shown of what went down between Nash and Jarrett last week on Impact.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Sound Stage 21 at Universal Studios where Tenay and West hype up today’s card.

-Dusty Rhodes is shown backstage near his “office” (pickup truck) where he says that if Jeff Jarrett uses his guitar at Against All Odds, he will be DQed and lose the NWA Title.

-Tenay informs the audience that Nash and Jarrett have been banned from the Impact zone today, but we will still get a chance to hear from each.

Johnny Devine w/ Scott D’Amore and Eric Young vs. Sonny Siaki

Devine goes right after Siaki at the beginning, but Siaki ends up getting the better of him with some right hands. Siaki with a suplex on Devine. Siaki now positions Devine in the corner and goes for the ten punches in the corner. D’Amore distracts the ref, and Young pulls Siaki down off of Devine. Young chokes Siaki still interfering as D’Amore still distracts the ref. Devine with a leg drop on Siaki’s neck, that was positioned over the bottom rope. Devine continues to work over Siaki. Devine with a suplex into a neckbreaker type move. Devine goes up top, and goes for a springboard moonsault, but Siaki gets his knees up and blocks the move. Siaki with a swinging neck breaker. Siaki with a power slam. Siaki attacks the other Team Canada members and sends them off the ring apron. Siaki sets up Devine for a suplex, but Devine flips out countering the move and gets a quick rollup for the pinfall, using the ropes in the process.
Winner: Johnny Devine

-A video package is shown from TNA’s Super Bowl party. DDP, Montry Brown, and Jarrett are all featured in the video with different celebrities. Some of the celebs included Terrell Owens, Adam Sandler, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and the Eagles cheerleaders. Rice told everyone Nash would win the NWA title.

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews Monty Brown. Brown talks about barely losing the match with Jarrett the past two times where he could have become NWA Champ, and says he will win the title in the future. Brown addresses Scott Hall, and talks about the tag match at the PPV. Brown says either Hall or Roode will get the Pounce. (Scott Hall has been pulled from this match since this interview was taped, and it will be Brown/DDP vs. Roode/Young)

DDP vs. Chris Candido

They lock up to start the match. Candido goes for a quick rollup and gets a 2 count. Candido nails a mule kick to DDP. Candido with a vertical suplex on DDP. Candido goes up top, but DDP recovers and shakes the ropes, crotching Candido on the top turnbuckle. DDP grabs Candido and nails a Diamond Cutter from the top rope on Candido and gets the pinfall.
Winner: DDP

-After the match, D’Amore and Roode come out. D’Amore says Team Canada doesn’t have to wait until Against All Odds, because his “enforcer” would be happy to fight anytime, anywhere. DDP tells them to bring it. Roode and D’amore walk towards the ring. The rest of Team Canada emerges. Monty Brown runs out from the opposite entranceway, and gets in the ring with DDP to help out. Team Canada retreats and they stare down.

-A video package recapping the feud between Hardy/Abyss is shown.

Jeff Hammond w/ 3 Live Kru vs. David Young w/ Kazarian & Michael Shane

The match starts out with Young “kicking” Hammond in the head, even though the kicks were nowhere near his head. Hammond spears Young. Kazarian and Shane distracted the ref, and Kazarian kicks Hammond in the head. Konnan and Killings then distract the ref, and BG James hits a Pump Handle Slam on Young. Hammond then with an elbow drop on Young, prior to which he “revved up his engine” and “drove around the ring”. Hammond makes the cover and gets the pinfall. This one wasn’t pretty.
Winner: Jeff Hammond

-After the match, Shane and Kazarian jumped Hammond until 3LK made the save.

-Backstage, Dusty Rhodes is shown getting out of the backseat of his pickup. Traci asks Dusty where he’d been. Dustry tries to say he was taking care of some PPV business, when from the same door out comes Trinity adjusting her top. Trinity tells Traci not to worry, then kisses Dusty on the cheek and tells him he’s pretty good for an old man. When Trinity leaves, Traci tells Dusty to wipe off his face.

-Styles joins the announce crew for the Triple Threat X Match. Styles starts to talk about his Iron Man match with Daniels, when Daniels comes out to interupt. Daniels doesn’t like Styles doing commentary, as that’s been his gig the past few weeks. Daniels slapped Styles. Styles jumps over the table and attacks Daniels. Security comes out to break it up.

Prime Time vs. Chris Sabin vs. Shark Boy

Before the match, Tenay told everyone that the winner of this match might be in the Ultimate X Match at the March PPV. Sabin gives SHark Boy a back body drop over the ropes to the floor. Prime Time superkicks Sabin. Prime Time nails a superplex on Sabin, with Shark Boy also executing a sunset flip on Prime Time. Shark Boy sends Sabin to the outside. Shark Boy and Prime time exchange fists, but Sabin comes off the top rope with a drop kick. Sabin with some clotheslines and then a swinging DDT on Shark Boy as well as a drop kick on Prime Time at the same time. Sabin goes up top. Prime Time pushes Sabin and crotches him. Prime Time walks the top rope and nails his hurricanrana. Shark Boy then picks up Sabin an nails his Dead Sea Drop (a flip over stunner from the rope rope). Prime Time shoves Shark Boy out of the ring and makes the cover himself for the 3 count.
Winner: Prime Time

-A video package recapping the Styles/Daniels feud airs.

-Tenay sits in the middle of an empty ring and brings in Kevin Nash via satellite from Hollywood and Jeff Jarrett via satellite from Nashville. Nash says he’s going to do “15 to 20 minutes” of cardio to be ready for the match. Nash says he’s not paid by the hour so he’s going to try to finish the match early with his power and strength. Tenay asks Jarrett about the fact that if he uses the guitar he will be DQed and lose the title. Jarrett says it doesn’t change his strategy because he beat Monty Brown with the Stroke, not a guitar. Jarrett says he will retain the belt by any means necessary. Tenay asks Nash what lit the fire in him to be so ready for this match. Nash says it’s always been about the money, but the NWA Title is also something that would be a great prize. Nash says he understands Jarrett’s strengths and weaknesses. Nash says he’s going to bring his wife home a nice Valentine’s Day Present, the NWA World Title belt. Jarrett talks about living and breathing the NWA Title. Jarrett says there is a long list of champs to live up to. He is not just going to follow in their footsteps, but he’s going to advance past them. Jarrett says Nash has disrespected lots of title in his career. Tenay asks Jarrett about his strategy, where it will be the knees since Nash has had so many surgeries. Jarrett won’t give away his gameplan and says he’s the smartest person to ever step foot in the ring. Jarrett says you don’t win championships by giving away your game plan. Nash says the title is coming home this Sunday, and Jarrett respond with “We’ll see.”

Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt & Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)

Storm and Kash start things off. They exchange arm bars before Kash takes down Storm with a shoulder block. Storm comes back with a hip toss and it’s time for a commercial. Back from the commercial, Hoyt gives Storm a side slam. Kash is tagged in and stomps on Storm. Raven is tagged in and kicks at Storm. Kash tags back in. Kash with a kick and then a moonsault splash off the top rope. Kash gives Storm a back elbow, and then goes up top. Storm crotches Kash and climbs up top. Storm gets thrown off. Kash goes for a Frog Splash but Storm moves. Storm tries to go for a tag, but Raven is tagged in and pulls him away. Storm gives Raven a clothesline. Rhodes is tagged in by Storm. Rhodes takes down all 3 members of the opposite team. Storm superkicks Hoyt to the outside. Raven goes for the Raven Effect DDT on Rhodes, but Rhodes blocks and executes a bulldog on Raven. Rhodes goes for the cover and gets the win.
Winners: Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted

-Show closes with 2 video package highlighting the Daniels vs. Styles match and the Jarrett vs. Nash match at Against All Odds.

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