NWA-TNA Impact 2/18/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 2/18/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Still photos are shown of what transpired at Against All Odds on PPV this past Sunday.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios.

-Tenay and West talk at ringside about Against All Odds being a success and they push the replay (I suggest you order it if you didn’t see the PPV). Footage is then shown from when Nash, Brown, Jarrett, and DDP were on the Best Damn Sports Show at the Super Bowl. They specifically show when Jarrett smashed his guitar over the head of DDP.

Michael Shane w/ Kazarian vs. Ron Killings w/ 3 Live Kru

They lock up. Shane takes advantage with an armbar. Killings reverses it. Shane pushes Killings into the corner and follows that up with a kick and some punches. Killings punches back. SHane gains the advantage and stomps away at Killings. Killings goes up top and nails a missle drop kick on Shane when Shane was showboating to the crowd. Killings with his flying, spinning running forearm. Killings walks over to Shane, whom elevates Killings over him and on to the outside of the ring on the other side of the ropes. They exchange fists before Kazarian pulls Killings down to the arena floor. Kazarian with a big punch to Killings and then rolls him back into the ring. Shane with a forearm, and he goes for a cover and gets a near fall. Killings fights back with some right hands. Shane with a modified overhead release suplex on a charging Killings coming off the ropes. Shane with a near fall. Shane with a body slam. Shane goes up top. Killings shakes the ropes and crotches Shane on the top. Killings lifts Shane off the top rope, and holds him upside down on his shoulders, with Shane’s neck bent across Killing’s right shoulder. Killings then drops down to his knees to execute a modified neckbreaker. Both men are down and the ref starts the 10 count. They are to their feet. Killings with a right hand. Killings flips out of a move attempt from Shane in the corner, ducks a clothesline attempt from Shane, and Killings hits a Spinning back-kick. Both men to their feet. Shane distracts the referee, and Kazarian interferes dropping Killing’s neck across the top rope. Shane with a kick to the gut. Shane goes for a suplex, but Killings reverses out of it and lands on his feet. Killings pushes Shane into Kazarian, whom was standing on the ring apron. Killings with a kick to the gut of Shane, and he then comes off the ropes with an axe kick. Killings gets the pinfall. Pretty solid opening match.
Winner: Ron Killings

-A promo airs for the Ultimate X Match, which will be featured at the next PPV “Destination X”

-Shane Douglas interviews Christopher Daniels backstage. Daniels says the only thing Phenomenal about Styles is his luck. He says that he had Styles beat when time expired, before the sudden death period. WrestleMania XII flashbacks, anyone? Daniels wants to know why DOA Dusty Rhodes has said he has to earn a spot in the Ultimate X match at Destination X. He says if he has to go through the whole X Division to earn a spot, he will.

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) w/ Chris Candido vs. Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett

Stevens and Lovett start things off. They exchange advantage at the beginning. Lovett flips out of a hip toss attempt from Stevens, and lands on his feet. Stevens ducks a clotheline and nails one of his own. Stevens sends Lovett into the corner and tags in Douglas. Both men work over Lovett with kicks in the corner. Douglas with a running high knee to Lovett coming off the ropes after an irish whip. Douglas tags in Stevens. Douglas with a facebuster into the planted knee of Stevens for a nice double team move. Stevens goes for the cover, and gets a near fall. Stevens with some punches. Stevens sends him into the corner. Stevens works over him with some punches, and Douglas joins in choking him. Douglas is tagged in. Lovett tries to fight back, but Douglas chokes Lovett’s neck across the top rope. Douglas then chokes Lovett across the middle rope. Douglas rakes Lovett’s eyes across the top rope. Douglas chokes at Lovett in the corner now, and then nails a low kick. Douglas with a kick and the irish whip, and Lovett nails a Blockbuster style neckbreaker. Buck is tagged in by Lovett. Douglas rakes the eyes of Buck, but it’s not enough as Buck sends Douglas outside the ring. Stevens and Lovett fight in the ring. Buck suplexes Douglas into the ring. Lovett goes for the pin on Stevens, even though neither man is the legal man. Buck goes outside the ring to fight with Candido. The Naturals nail their Natural Disaster on Lovett to get the pinfall, even though Buck Quartermain was the legal man last I saw. Pretty average match, with a screwy finish added in.
Winners: The Naturals

-After the match, they give Buck Quartermain the Natural Disaster.

-Backstage, AMW and Dustin Rhodes are scavaging through Dusty’s “office.” They find a bullrope in the truckbed. Dustin hands Traci a contract, and tells her to give it to the DOA, Dusty Rhodes. It’s a contract for a bullrope match against Raven at the PPV. He’s signed it and he knows Raven will. AMW and Dustin Rhodes leave. Abyss approaches Traci from behind. He stuffs a contract into the front of her jeans and makes a weird noise, and leaves. It looked as cheesy as it sounds.

Mikey Batts & Romeo vs. Phi Delta Slam w/ Trinity

Romeo and “Big Bruno” start things off. “Big Til” is the other member of Phi Delta Slam. Bruno fights with Romeo in the corner. Romeo is sent off the ropes, and he makes a blind tag in the process. Bruno with a shoulder block on Romeo. Batts comes into the ring, but Bruno catches him and he nails a side suplex. Til is tagged in. It’s now Til and Batts as the legal men. Batts punches away at Til to no effect. Til lifts up Batts and just throws him down. Bruno is tagged back in. They execute a double suplex on Batts. Bruno with a back elbow on Batts. Bruno tags in Til. Bruno with a clothesline on Batts after a boot from Til. Bruno is tagged back in. Batts with an enziguiri and he tags in Romeo. Romeo fights off both men. Bruno hits a sit out powerbomb on Romeo, and Til follows that up with his “Tsunami Splash” (sloppy frog splash) off the top rope onto Romeo followed by the pinfall. That finish is about all these two big guys have to offer, and I’m having 3 Minute Warning flashbacks. That’s not good.
Winners: Phi Delta Slam

-Dusty Rhodes comes out with Trinity and Traci to make a major announcement about Destination-X, the next PPV. Rhodes announces Hardy vs. Abyss in a falls count anywhere match at the PPV. Rhodes addresses Jarrett, and says he will defend the NWA World Title at the PPV. He says it will be against DDP, and DDP comes out. DDP talks about he is the guy that was never supposes to be a wrestler, never supposed to be a champion, and it’s funny how it worked out. He says timing is everything, and the time has never been better for him to become NWA World Champion. DDP says the only reason he came out of retirement and to TNA was to become NWA World Champion. Jarrett comes out. Jarrett says DDP has one thing right, it’s time, it’s time for DDP to get out of his ring. Jarrett says there’s time set aside on Impact every week after a PPV for him to celebrate and his fans to bow down to him. Jarrett says DDP has a decision to make. He can either leave Planet Jarrett the easy way, or leave flat on his back like he did on the Best Damn Sports Show. DDP says he’s right here if he wants to take him out. They fight in the ring. DDP gets the better of Jarrett at the beginning, but Jarrett comes back for a split second. Jarrett goes for a guitar shot, but DDP ducks it. DDP gets the guitar, and he gets ready to hit Jarrett with it. Billy Gunn runs out, AKA now the New Age Outlaw, to make the save for Jarrett. Nash then comes out. Nash and DDP clean house. DDP gives Jarrett the Diamond Cutter after Nash sent Gunn to the outside.

-AJ Styles joins the announce crew. Styles gives his insights into the match he had with Christopher Daniels at Against All Odds.

Shark Boy vs. Chris Candido vs. Chris Sabin

Candido pokes both men in the eyes at the beginning and then gives them both right hands. Sabin and Shark Boy comes back and take turns giving Candido right hands. They nail a double back drop and then a double drop kick on Candido sending him to the outside. Shark Boy and Sabin lock up. Sabin nails 2 armdrags followed by a hurricanrana. Candido comes in and throws Sabin to the outside. Sabin with a springboard drop kick off the top rope on Candido. Shark Boy drops an elbow on Candido. Sabin then drops an elbow on Candido. Shark Boy with a reverse neckbreaker on Sabin. Candido with a snap suplex on Shark Boy. Sabin with a vertical suplex attempt on Sabin, but Shark Boy drop kicks him sending Sabin down on top of Candido. Candido with a sleeper hold on Sabin. Shark Boy comes in and puts a sleeper on Candido at the same time. Sabin with a jawbreaker on Candido, effecting both Candido and Shark Boy. Shark Boy with a kick to the gut of Candido, followed by some punches in the corner. Sabin comes in and goes for what looks to be a running Razor’s Edge, but Shark Boy slips out and Sabin runs into the corner. Shark Boy with a kick to the gut of Candido. Shark Boy sends Candido into the ropes, where Sabin back body drops him to the outside. Sabin goes for the tornado ddt, but Shark Boy blocks it. Sabin with a knee braker on Shark Boy. Sabin then with a drop toe hold. Sabin puts on a reverse figure four. With Sabin on his stomach holding on to the move, Candido comes in the ring and lays across Shark Boy and uses his feet for leverage on the ropes to get the pinfall pretty much behind Sabin’s back as he had Shark Boy in the hold. Although short, the best match of the show, closely followed by the opener.
Winner: Chris Candido

-More still photos showed from the PPV.

Lance Hoyt w/ Kid Kash vs. Monty Brown

Tenay announces during the entrances that Kevin Nash will face “The New Age Outlaw” at the PPV in a No DQ match. They lock up and Brown gains advantage in the corner before the ref breaks it up. Hoyt then gets in a cheap shot. Hoyt whips Brown into the corner, but he then quickly receives 2 clotheslines from Brown, but he doesn’t go down. Brown clotheslines Hoyt over the top rope to the outside. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, Hoyt is on the offense. Hoyt works over the fallen Brown on the mat. Hoyt chokes Brown across the top rope. Hoyt with a big clothesline on Brown. Hoyt with a near fall. Hoyt chokes at Brown on the mat. Kash chokes at Brown from the outside with the ref distracted. Hoyt gives Brown some kicks on the ground in the corner. Brown tries to come back, but he receives a side slam from Hoyt. Brown ducks a clothesline, and he hits a side suplex. Brown with 2 clotheslines. Brown with the fall away slam. Kash gets up on the apron, and Brown punches him off. When Brown turns around, he receives a big boot from Hoyt. Hoyt goes for an arrogant cover for a 2 count. Hoyt gets Brown up on his shoulder in a running powerslam position, but Brown slides out and throws Hoyt into the ropes nailing The Pounce in the process. The lights then go out. When they come back on, theres blue spotlights and smoke on the debuting Triton at the top of the entranceway. The smoke rises and he vanishes, and out comes Glacier through the blue spotlight and smoke. Just kidding.
Winner: No Contest

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