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NWA-TNA Impact 2/25/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 2/25/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights are shown of Trytan’s debut last week.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

-Footage is shown that was shot earlier of Jeff Hardy and Abyss fighting backstage. Abyss jumped him from behind. They fight amongst a bunch of chairs and tables in what one would assume is the “catering area” (it looks like a garage).

Team Canada w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)

Storm and Williams start things off. They lock up, Storm takes advantage, but Williams gets in some punches. Williams comes off the ropes and runs into a double drop kick from Rhodees and Storm. Rhodes is tagged in. Rhodes with a couple atomic drops followed by a punch. Harris is tagged in, as is Roode. Harris with a big jumping clothesline. Harris goes for a back body drop but Roode blocks it with a kick to the stomach.Rhodes then counters a move with a spinebuster. Mayhem breaks loose and everyone is fighting. It’s now Rhodes and Roode as the legal men. D’Amore goes to swing a flag at Rhodes but misses, and Rhodes gives him a back body drop. Devine attacks Rhodes from behind with a hockey stick. Harris takes the stick away and clears house while the ref checks on D’Amore. Roode clotheslines Harris from behind, and then covers him to get the win. Not much of a match, very short.
Winners: Team Canada

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews Raven. Douglas talks about how it’s Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes at Destination X in a bullrope match. Raven says a bullrope match doesn’t frighten him. Raven talks about the matches he’s invented in the past, making a bullrope match look like a girl scout meeting. Raven runs downs Rhodes’ family for passing down hate, and says he is going to give him the punishment he should have got long ago. He says by destroying Dustin, he will set him free.

Cassidy Riley vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin with a shoulder block. Sabin with a drop kick. Riley runs outside. Sabin with a running flip over the top rope to the outside on to Riley. Awesome move. Back in the ring, Riley answers with a drop kick. Riley with a moonsault off the middle rope and gets a near fall. Riley with a rocking horse submission move, banging Sabin’s head in to the mat in the process. Riley with another near fall. Riley with some punches. Riley with an irish whip into the turnbuckle. Riley does some flips coming in to the corner, but Sabin gets his knees up. Sabin with some punches and forearms. Sabin goes for a hurricanrana or head scissors, but Riley reacts to it like a drop kick. Botched move. Sabin gets Riley into a DDT position, and he then jumps from the mat up to the turnbuckles, and then down again with the DDT giving extra momentum. Sabin with a near fall. Sabin then goes for the Cradle Shock but Riley counters and gets out. Riley with a sit out body slam for a near fall. Riley with the irish whip attempt, but Sabin counters it into a kick. Sabin then hits the Cradle Shock and gets the pinfall. Decent match other than the botched head scissors attempt.
Winner: Chris Sabin

-Monty Brown comes out to join Tenay and West. Tenay asks Brown about Trytan coming out last week and pointing at him. Brown isn’t scared, and says the bigger they are the harder they get Pounced. That’s Tom Arnold’s motto anyways.

Buck Quartermain vs. Kid Kash w/ Lance Hoyt

They start off trading chops. Kash gets the advantage with some punches. Buck then lifts up Kash, and drops him flat on his face. Buck with a big clothesline. Buck stomps away at Kash. Buck with some punches. Buck nails a back body drop on Kash. Buck with a knee drop, and a near fall. Kash charges against Buck whom is laying on the ropes after an irish whip reversal, but Buck moves and Kash goes through the ropes to the outside. Buck with a big kick on the outside. Buck continues to punch Kash on the outside. Hoyt gives Buck a big boot and punches at him as Kash rolls into the ring. Hoyt sends Buck into the ring. Buck with a couple punches to the gut of Kash. Kash with a chop. Kash with some punches in the corner. Kash with the irish whip, and then Buck with a sunset flip. Kash with a drop kick. Kash nails the Money Maker (double underhook into a piledriver) and gets the pinfall. Another pretty average match.
Winner: Kid Kash

-After the match, the lights go out. Trytan appears at the top of the ramp. Brown points back at Trytan. Brown yells at Trytan, and he vanishes.

-Backstage, Konnan and BG James are talking. Billy Gunn comes into the scene. Gunn says he’s been looking for James. He says he has business to discuss with him, and only him. He says it’s for James’ ears only. James and Gunn walk off, and James tells Konnan it’s cool.

Chris Candido w/ The Naturals vs. “Prime Time” Elix Skipper
They lock up. Candido with a pke to the eyes. Candido with some right hands. Skipper reverses and irish whip and hits a drop kick. Candido reverses and irish whip, and the Naturals trip Skipper. Candido follows that up with a leg drop. Candido with a chop in the corner to Skipper. Candido with his big, delayed vertical suplex. Candido with a leg drop off the middle rope. Candido gets a near fall. Candido with an irish whip followed by a kick to the stomach, and then a swinging neck breaker. Candido with the near fall. Skipper gets in a spin kick to Candido. Skipper with a couple clotheslines. Skipper with a big back body drop on Candido. Skipper goes up top, but Andy Douglas trips him and crotches him on the top rope. Candido then quickly delivers a hurricanrana to Skipper off the top rope. Candido gets a near fall. Candido misses a right hand, and Skipper crotches Candido in the middle of the top rope between turnbuckles. Skipper then walks the top rope and nails the hurricanrana, just barely before slipping. Skipper goes for the cover, but the Naturals distract the ref. Skipper goes to attack the Naturals. Candido then comes up from behind and nails a forearm to Skipper’s back. Candido then goes for a body slam, but Skipper floats over to get out of it. Skipper goes to roll up Candido, but Candido rolls through and gets a near fall. Candido goes for a clothesline but Skipper blocks it. Skipper then executes his Sudden Death maneuver and gets the pinfall. Best match of the show so far.
Winner: Elix Skipper

-An interview taped earlier between Mike Tenay and DDP airs. DDP talks about coming back from his injury, and says he has developed his own Yogo program to work out. DDP says he’s a man on a mission, and that’s why he’s in TNA. DDP talks about winning the World title from Jarrett in the past in WCW, and he says Jarrett also has beat him for the World title. DDP says he wants the NWA World Title, and when he wants something he goes after it. He’s there to become World champion.

Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane & Kazarian vs. Sonny Siaki, Ron Killings & AJ Styles
Styles and Daniels start things off. Kazarian attacks Styles from behind to give Daniles the early advantage. They give AJ a double back elbow. Daniels tags in Shane. Styles with a head scissors take over, followed by a body slam and then a big knee drop. Styles tags in Killings. They executes a double hip toss to Shane. Killings with a big right hand. Killings with some more right hands in the corner and then a kick. Killings irish whips Shane into another corner, and then charges at Shane, but Shane gets a foot up. Shane then charges at Killings, but Killings lifts him up and power slams him. Killings sets up Shane up top. Killings goes for a superplex, but Kazarian holds on to Shane, sending Killings to the mat by himself. Then Shane jumps off the top rope to nail a drop kick. Shane tags in Daniels. Daniels with some right forearms. Daniels with a big kick to the back of the head on Killings. Kazarian is tagged in. Kazarian with a body slam. Kazarian then goes to the outside, and slingshots over the top rope to executes a leg drop on Killings. Kazarian tags Shane back in. Shane with a chop. Killings fights back as they exchange right hands. Shane gets in a knee to the gut. Shane with a backbreaker and holds Killings in position, and Kazarian slingshots over the top rope to give Killings a leg drop across the neck sending him to the mat. Kazarian with a near fall. Kazarian sends Killings to the corner with an irish whip, and Killings falls to the mat after hitting the turnbuckle. Kazarian with a sit down drop kick to Killings on the mat in the corner. Kazarian with a near fall. Kazarian tags in Shane, who stomps away at Killings repeatedly. Shane with a front facelock on the mat. Killings fights his way to the corner and tags Siaki, but the ref didn’t see it as Kazarian had him distracted. All 3 members of the other team work over Killings as the ref argues with Siaki and Styles. Kazarian and Killings now. Kazarian with some forearms. Killings ducks a clothesline attempt from Kazarian, and then both men go for a crossbody, crashing into each other in mid air and both falling to the mat. Both men make tags, and it’s Siaki and Shane. Siaki cleanrs house on all 3 members of the other team. Shane gets in a forearm to Shane. Styles then comes in and fights with Shane. Styles springboards off the top rope and nails a shoulder block on Shane. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Daniels clotheslines Styles. Daniels goes for the Wings, but Killings runs in and hits his flying, spinning shoulder block. Killings runs and collides with Kazarian on the ropes, and both men fall to the outside. Siaki and Shane fight in the ring. Siaki goes for a back body drop, but Shane kicks him. Shane comes off the ropes, and Siaki lifts him up and drops him on his face. Siaki runs off the ropes, but Kazarian grabs his leg from the outside. Siaki turns around and punches him. Shane then nails a super kick just like his uncle and gets the pinfall. On paper, you’d guess this would be the best match of the show, and it was.
Winners: Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane & Kazarian

-Jeff Jarrett comes out before the main event to join the announce crew for guest commentary.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. The New Age Outlaw (Billy Gunn)
DDP and Jarrett brawl right after DDP makes his entrance. Jarrett and DDP fight through the crowd. Billy Gunn comes out and atacks DDP from behind to help Jarrett. Nash comes out to even the odds. Nash and Gunn fight as Jarrett and DDP fight. Security tries to break up things, but they continue to brawl as Impact goes off the air.

Winner: No match

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