NWA-TNA Impact 3/4/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 3/4/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The show opens with highlights from last week’s show where DDP, Jarrett, Nash, and Gunn brawled throughout ringside and the stands.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios.

-Dusty Rhodes comes out along with Traci and Trinity. Rhodes talks about how TNA has an open door policy, and he brings out Apollo from Puerto Rico, whom he proclaims to be one of that country’s biggest stars. Apollo will make his debut next week. Rhodes then sends a message to Jeff Jarrett. Rhodes says that Jarrett needs to get his friends together and to meet him in the ring in 30 minutes, otherwise Jarrett will be stripped of the NWA World title.

Chris Sabin vs. Michael (Shane)

Michael Shane is now just “Michael.” Sabin takes Michael down with a side headlock to start things off. Sabin with an arm drag on Michael. Michael fights back and nails a running knee to the stomach of Sabin. Michael with some punches to the head. Michael with a big dropkick, and he follows that up with a headlock. Sabin fights out, and both men end up hitting a clothesline and they both go down. Sabin with a kick to the back of the head. Sabin picks up Michael and executes a modified shoulder breaker. Sabin with the near fall. Sabin mounts Michael on the top rope and goes up top. Michael blocks the move and hits a swinging neck breaker from the top rope on Sabin. Michael gets a near fall. Michael goes for a superkick but misses. He turns around and receives a kick to the stomach followed by the Cradle Shock. Sabin gets the pin. Good opening match.
Winner: Chris Sabin

-Highlights are shown of Jeff Jarrett on Blue Collar TV.

-Shane Douglas interviews Monty Brown backstage about his match at the PPV with Trytan. Brown just talks about how he is going to win at the PPV and makes fun of Trytan alot, immitating him and calling him a “little head person” from another planet.

The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) & Chris Candido vs. Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore, Elix Skipper, & Mikey Batts

Skipper and Douglas start things off. Douglas with a knee to the gut, and a punch. Douglas with another punch. Skipper with a back body drop on Douglas. Skipper with an overhead release suplex. Skipper with a near fall. Skipper tags in Williams. Douglas with a high knee to Williams after Williams was whipped into the ropes and Candido got in a knee to the back from the outside. Candido is tagged in by Douglas. Candido goes for an elbow drop but Williams moves. Candido is whipped into the ropes and Williams goes for a cross body, but Candido reverses that into a powerslam. Candido with a delayed vertical suplex. Candido goes to the second rope and nails a leg drop off the rope. Williams reverses an irish whip and Candido is sent into the corner, where he flips into the turnbuckle and gets stuck upside down. Williams goes over and applies some pressure to Candido’s knee before Candido slumps to the mat. Candido gets in a punch to the stomach, and then hits a body slam. Stevens is tagged in. WIlliams pokes him in the eye and tags in Batts. Batts with some punches. Batts with a jumping kick to the face. Batts goes to the cover, but Douglas makes the save. Skipper comes in and he and Douglas fight to the outside. D’Amore goes to the top rope and distracts the ref. Williams then comes in the ring and goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Douglas runs in to make the save. Douglas sends Williams to the outside. Batts reverses a flapjack attempt into a botched Stunner. Batts with a heel kick. Batts goes for the cover, but Candido comes in with a diving headbutt off the top rope as Douglas is distracting the ref, and Candido nails Batts with it. He then rolls Stevens on top of Batts and he gets the pinfall. Another pretty solid match except for the botched Stunner which wasn’t really all that bad looking.
Winners: The Naturals and Chris Candido

-Backstage, Dusty talks from his truckbed with Trinity and Traci by his side. I seriously couldn’t understand much of what he said other than he’s excited to see Team Traci vs. Team Trinity at the PPV. David Young comes in to the scene. He says he wants another chance to prove himself in TNA. Traci makes fun of him for losing to a NASCAR driver (well, he’s actually just a NASCAR announcer these days) while Trinity makes fun of him. Dusty says he will give him another shot next week.

Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Dustin Rhodes

Young jumps Rhodes from behind at the start of the match. Rhodes reverses an irish whip and he nails a big right hand. Young with some punches to the face after dodging some offensive moves from Rhodes. D’Amore chokes at Rhodes. Young with some punches on the mat to Rhodes. Young drives Dustin face first into the turnbuckle. Young with some more punches in the corner, and he then chokes Rhodes with his boot in the corner. Rhodes reverses an irish whip, and sends Young into the turnbuckle where he flips and goes right up over it and to the outside and then climbs the turnbuckle on the other end of the ring. Rhodes catches him as he comes off the top rope and hits a messed up looking atomic drop. Dustin with a clotheseline. Dustin crotches him on the middle rope backwards, and he then comes in with the shattered dreams. Young is now positioned up top on the top turnbuckle. Rhodes nails a superplex and goes for the cover, but Team Canada distracts the refs. AMW comes out and attacks Team Canada. Rhodes with a bulldog on D’Amore follwed by a powerslam on a running Eric Young. Rhodes makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Sloppy match, nothing too good here. You could tell Young was trying, but Dustin’s string of bad matches continues.
Winner: Dustin Rhodes

-Dusty Rhodes comes out to the middle of the ring. Rhodes says he need to clarify something. Rhodes says at Destination X there will be stipulations, there will be police surrounding the ring. These “police” will be guys that have been wronged by Jeff Jarrett in the past or taken guitar shots. There is going to be a fairshake at the PPV. He says 3 Live Kru will be among the “police” on the outside, and they come out. He then calls out the man that will get the chance to win the NWA World Title, DDP. Rhodes tells DDP if he’s going to be champion it needs to come from his inside, he’s done everything he can for DDP by surrounding the ring with police. DDP says he is ready to be champion again. Jarrett comes out with Billy Gunn, now known just as “The Outlaw”, as well as Candido and The Naturals. Jarrett he says he’s sick of Dusty’s games trying to get the title off him. He says in December Dusty brought in Randy Savage, in January he had the 3 way dance, and in February he had one of his own, Kevin Nash, turn his back on him and that didn’t work either. Jarrett says this plan won’t work either. Jarrett knocks Dusty’s hat off of his head, and Dusty pushes Jarrett and tells to never put his hands on him. Jarrett goes to pick up his guitar, but DDP attacks Jarrett. Gunn jumps in, and he and Jarrett work over DDP. Nash comes out to even the odds. Nash must have drank his Red Bull for him to run that fast to get to the ring before 3 Life Kru, whom were already at ringside. I have no clue what took 3 Live Kru so long to get in the ring. Eventually everyone spills into the ring and it’s a big brawl all over the ring and ringside.

-Christopher Daniels joins Tenay and West ringside for the main event.

X Division Title Match
Kid Kash w/ Lance Hoyt vs. (C) AJ Styles

They lock up. Kash with an armbar. Styles fights out and reverses it into an armbar of his own. Kash gets to the ropes to break the hold. They lock up, Styles goes behind, and Kash takes Styles down with a dop toe hold. Kash then with front facelock, that Styles reveres quickly into an armbar. Kash quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold again. Kash takes Styles down from behind. Kash with a side headlock. Styles sends Kash into the ropes. Styles drops his head, and Kash comes in and kicks Styles. Kash comes off the ropes, Styles with a leapfrog, and then goes down to the mat to dodge Kash, before nailing a high drop kick on the running Kash. Commercial break. Back from the commercial break, Styles is chasing Kash inside the ring and out. Eventually Kash gets back in the ring with a sunset flip attempt, that Styles turns into a pin attempt of his own. They roll around the mat exchanging pin attempts Styles with a kick to the gut, and goes for a powerbomb, but Kash reverses it into an armdrag. Styles gets up and hits a running modified arm drag. Styles with 2 more arm drags, the second one he hangs on to executing an armbar submission. Kash stands up, but he’s still in the armbar. Kash with a low blow mule kick, while the ref was looking at Hoyt on the outside. Kash throws Styles to the outside. Kash slingshots over the top rope, and lands on Styles’ shoulders to go right into a hurricanrana. Great move. They exchange chops before Kash pokes Styles in the eyes. Styles sends Kash into the ring apron. Kash reverses an irish whip attempt from Styles, and sends Styles towards the guard rail. Styles jumps over the guard rail into the stands to dodge the impact. Styles ducks a punch from Kash, and hits a kick to the back of the head on Kash. Styles goes to suplex Kash over the rail into the fans, but Kash blocks it. Kash tries to suplex Styles, but Styles reverses out of it landing on his feet. Kash drops Styles across the rail. Kash looks to bring in a chair, which distracts the ref, and Hoyt works over Styles. Another commercial break. Back from the commercial, they show highlights of what happened during the commercial when Kash had a surfboard stretch on Styles in midring while cranking back on Styles’ neck at the same time. Back to live action, Kash goes for a vertical suplex, but he stays standing and just drops Styles on his back. Kash goes up top, but Styles manages to dive and hit the top rope to crotch Kash on the top turnbuckle. Styles climbs up top. Styles goes for a superplex, but Kash fights it off. Kash sets up a poewrbomb off the top rope, but AJ lifts his head and back body drops Kash off the top rope. Both men fall to the mat. They both get to their feet at the same time. Styles with some punches. Styles with an irish whip and a big back body drop on Kash. Styles with a firemens carry position into a backbreaker. Styles goes for a front suplex, but Kash blocks it, Kash goes for one and Styles blocks it, Styles then hits a brainbuster. Styles with the nearfall. Styles lifts up Kash, but Kash nails a jawbreaker. Kash then runs and jumps and sprinboards off the top rope and hits a hurricanrana on Styles. Kash with a running swinging tornado DDT. Kash gets a nearfall. Kash puts Styles into the double underhook position to go for his Money Maker, but Styles gets out of it and ends up hitting a kick to the back of the head on Kash. Styles moonsaults off the second rope and lands right on top of Kash, literally. I think Kash’s head got in a low blow to Styles in the process. Kash is down, and Styles clutches the family jewels. Styles with a cradle attempt for a pin and gets a near fall. Both men up, Hoyt slides a steal chair into the ring and then distracts the ref. Styles springboards off the top rope to hit a big right hand on Hoyt. Kash swings the chair at Styles, but Styles ducks. Styles then gets in a kick to the stomach, and goes for the Styles Clash. The ref goes to toss the chair out of the ring, and Daniels runs to the ring and grabs Styles from behind while in the Styles Clash setup position, and he drops Styles’ head across the top rope. Kash with a kick to the stomach. Kash grabs Styles in the double underhook to go for the Money Maker. AJ lifts his head and back body drops Kash overhead while Kash still holds on to Styles. Styles is laying on top now of Kash on the mat in a pinning position with Kash still holding the double underhook, and Styles gets the pinfall. Great match.
Winner: AJ Styles

-Backstage, Abyss is angry looking for Jeff Hardy. He’s hitting random things and throwing things. Hardy is perched on top of a little structure watching.

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