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NWA-TNA Impact 3/11/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 3/11/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights are shown of the end of last week’s show with the giant brawl.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

Abyss & Raven vs. Cassidy Riley & Mikey Batts

Abyss and Batts start things off. Abyss with a chop to Batts. Abyss attemps to lift up Batts coming off the ropes for a slam but can barely lift him. Raven tags in. Batts rolls Raven up from behind for a near fall. Raven with a clothesline. Raven throws Batts to the outside and then follows him out. Raven with a side Russian legsweep on Batts into the guard rail. They go back into the ring. Raven with another Russian side legsweep, this time into the turnbuckle, on Batts. Abyss and Riley tag in. Riley fights off Abyss and Raven with right hands. Raven gets in a drop kick to the back of Riley’s head. Raven and Riley go to the outside. Batts comes off the top rope onto Abyss for a cross body block, but Abyss catches him. Abyss throws Batts over the top rope to the outside. Raven throws Riley into the ring. Abyss goes for a Torture Rack slam maneuver, but Riley slips out. Riley goes off the ropes, but Abyss nails the Black Hole Slam when he comes at him. Abyss makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Pretty average match.
Winners: Abyss & Raven

-The video screen comes in with Jeff Hardy in the back on top of a trailor. He taunts Abyss and tells him to come find him. Abyss runs off to find him.

-Mike Tenay is in the center of the ring for an interview with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Out comes Jarrett. Tenay mentions that Jarrett is the longest reigning NWA World Champion in the history of TNA. Jarrett talks about Dusty Rhodes having a personal vendetta against him. Jarrett says Dusty is mad because he will never wear the NWA Title (Oh great, we better not get Jarrett vs. Dusty “Social Security” Rhodes next month. Jarrett talks about how DDP can’t beat him and he won’t beat him, even with the “police” ringside. DDP’s music hits and he comes out through the fans. He stands up among the fans. DDP tells Jarrett to shut up and he says it’s his time. DDP said the only reason he came to TNA was to kick Jarrett’s ass. He says he wants to take from him what means the most to him. DDP brings up the guitar shots that Jarrett gave him in the past that he says injured his neck and cost him millions of dollars. DDP says it’s time and Jarrett will feel the bang Sunday.

-AJ Styles joins Tenay and West at ringside for commentary on the next match. They talk about the Ultimate X match Sunday. Tenay announces that Killings and Skipper are two of the other 3 members in the Ultimate X Match, and the 3rd contestant will be determined by the winner of our next match. They cut away to backstage where something is going on. It’s Dusty Rhodes’ pickup, where Trinity and Traci are sitting talking when Michael (Shane) comes in. He says he wants to talk to Dusty, but Trinity informs him he needs an appointment. Michael looks to Traci instead, saying he has business to discuss with Dusty. Michael says he is the reason TNA is on the map, it’s not because of the guys Dusty brought in from “his era.” Michael told Trinity to write his name down because he needs to see Dusty for an appointment. The name he gives now is Matt Bentley. Michael Shane AKA Michael AKA Matt Bentley AKA Matt left. Trinity says she’ll make a mental note of it, and then tells Traci to go take care of it.

Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin

They lock up. Daniels takes Sabin down. Daniels with a bunch of punches to the head of Sabin. Daniels body slams Sabin down to the mat. Daniels with an elbow to the head of Sabin, followed by a near fall. Daniels goes for a tilt a whirl slam, but misses, and Sabin gets in a kick to the stomach. Sabin comes off the ropes, but receives a clothesline. Daniels stomps at Sabin, then drops Sabin with a drop toe hold. Near falls. Daniels puts on a reverse chin lock. Daniels irish whips Sabin into the ropes, and delivers an atomic drop. Daniels with the near fall. Daniels comes off the ropes, Daniels goes for a springboard cross body block but Sabin gets in a drop kick. Sabin sends Daniels into the ropes and nails a hurricanrana. Sabin with an enzirguiri kick to Daniels’ head. Sabin gets a near fall. Sabin takes Daniels to the corner. Sabin goes for a Tornado DDT, but Daniels slips out and hits an STO. Daniels goes for a moonsault, but Sabin moves. Sabin rolls up Daniels for a near fall. Sabin with a kick and he then sets up Daniels for the Cradle Shock. Daniels grabs the ref and slips out of the CCradle Shock. Daniels then hits the Angel’s Wings on Sabin and gets the pinfall. Good match. Afterwards, Daniels points at Styles.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-Backstage, Konnan confronts The Outlaw. Outlaw tells Konnan to speak English, because he doesn’t understand that language. Konnan says he didn’t like him before he even met him. Outlaw says he didn’t like him either, because he didn’t know who he was. Konnan says he will eat him up for lunch. BG James and Killings come in and seperate the men. Outlaw grabs James’ arm to try to take him away, but James tells him to not touch him and to leave this alone. James’ tries to explain why Outlaw was acting like this, but Konnan wants to know why James was talkign to Outlaw. James says “old times” and Konnan doesn’t like it.

-Tenay informs us that not only will 3 Life Kru be surrounding the ring during the main event at Destination X, but Chris Candido and the Naturals will be as well.

The Outlaw vs. Sonny Siaki

They lock up. Outlaw with a punch to the face, but he then misses a clothesline attempt as well as a back elbow. Siaki with a drop toehold followed by an arm drag. Outlaw with a thumb to the eye of Siaki. Outlaw with a right hand. Outlaw chokes Siaki across the top rope. Siaki with a punch, Outlaw counteres with a knee to the stomach. Outlaw with a delayed vertical suplex. Outlaw taunts the crowd, and walks into a back plant from Siaki across his knees. Both men are down. When they get up, Saiki nails a series of clotheslines. Siaki goes for an irish whip, but Outlaw blocks it and hits the Fameasser and gets the pinfall. Nothing special here, but not bad either.
Winner: The Outlaw

-Backstage, Dustin Rhodes and AMW are with Traci and Trinity in Dusty’s truck. Dustin tries to get Traci to sit on his, quote, “ducky ducky quack quack.” Yeah. Trinity acts drunk and dances around the pickup. Team Canada and Scott D’Amore interupt the get together. Trinity told D’Amore he needed an appointment. D’Amore challenges them to a fight.

The Disciples of Destruction (Ron Harris & Don Harris) w/ Traci vs. Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett

All the men brawl at the start. Ron gives Lex a swinging neck breaker in the ring. Ron is tagged in. Ron gives Lex a side walk slam and follows that up with a snap suplex. Ron with another snap suplex. Ron gives Lex a t-bone suplex, and then tags in Don. Phi Delta Slam (Whom will face the Harris Brothers at the PPV) come out to watch. Ron and Don deliver an H-Bomb Slam on Lex and get the pinfall. Nothing special here.
Winners: The Disciples of Destruction

-The Disciples and Phi Delta Slam brawl after the match. Personally, I doubt you care who came out on top. Big Til went for his splash from the top but Ron Harris moved. Not much else happened.

-Dusty Rhodes is backstage talking with Kevin Nash near his “office”, as Trinity and Traci listen in. Nash asks Dusty about the history of taped fist matches, and Dusty tells him about them ending bloody. Nash says the blood part interests him, and Dusty gets Nash to admit he’s talking about First Blood. Jeff Jarrett’s laywer, Dirk Diggler, and The Outlaw along with security interupt. Dirk says Dusty is being sued for damages and he wants Dusty to leave the premises. Dirk told Nash he’s neck. Dirk said he’s going to get Traci and Trinity arrested for lewd behavior. Dusty says he’s not going anywhere. Rhodes announces Nash vs. The Outlaw will now be a First Blood, Taped Fist match at Destination-X. Outlaw wasn’t happy, but Dirk assured him he’d handle it. Nash and Outlaw stare each other down and exchange words.

David Young w/ The Naturals & Chris Candido vs. Shark Boy

Young starts off the match with right hands to Shark Boy’s head. Shark Boy gets in a drop kick. They go to the corner, where Shark Boy goes for some punches to the head, but Young nails an atomic drop. Young with a neck breaker followed by a near fall. The Naturals distract the ref, and Chris Candido holds Shark Boy. Young goes for a clothesline, but Shark Boy ducks, and Candido receives the clothesline. Shark Boy with a reverse neck breaker. Shark Boy has him pinned, but the ref is still being distracted. Shark Boy delivers a baseball slide to Andy Douglas, between the refs legs. Shark Boy bites Young’s ass. Shark Boy with a bulldog off the ropes for a near fall. Shark Boy sends Young into the turnbuckle and then goes for the Dead Sea Drop. Candido grabs Shark Boy’s leg in the process, and the Naturals distract the ref again. Young hits a spinebuster off the top turnbuckle on Shark Boy. Young gets the pinfall and actually wins a match. The Naturals hold Young up on their shoulders. Decent match.
Winner: David Young

-Monty Brown joins Tenay and West for commentary and to talk about his match with Trytan at the PPV.

Apollo vs. Lance Hoyt w/ Kid Kash

They lock up but nobody gains the advantage. Apollo flexes. They each give each other a shoulder block, but that leads nowhere. Apollo knocks down Hoyt with a clothesline. Apollo slaps Hoyt across the face. Apollo comes off the ropes, but Kash grabs his feet. This distracts Apollo, allowing Hoyt to nail a clothesline. Hoyt gets a near fall. Hoyt with a sidewalk slam and another near fall. Hoyt with a back elbow. Hoyt with another near fall. Hoyt whips Apollo into the corner and hits a big boot to Apollo’s neck. Hoyt with a forearm to the check. Hoyt whips Apollo to opposite turnbuckle and runs in with a clothesline. Hoyt with a kick to the chest and another near fall. Hoyt with a chop to the chest, but it doesn’t faze Apollo. Hoyt chops him twice more, yet again not fazing Apollo. Apollo with some chops of his own, and then a few clotheslines. Apollo takes down Hoyt with a single arm take down and gets a near fall. Apollo comes off the ropes, but receives a forearm to the back from Kash. Apollo turns around and knocks Kash off the apron. Apollo ducks a clothesline attempt from Hoyt and nails what appears to be his finisher, a combination of a Stunner and Diamond Cutter / RKO, and gets the pinfall. Apollo did pretty good in his debut, but Lance Hoyt was bad as usual. For some odd reason, this match was given more time than any of the other matches on the show.
Winner: Apollo

-After the match, the lights go out. Orange light and smoke fills the arena. Monty Brown leaves the announce position to go confront Trytan. He goes up to the entrance where Trytan usually appears. He turns around, and Trytan is in the ring. Trytan holds his hand out at Brown, who storms towards the ring as the show ends.

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