NWA-TNA Impact 3/18/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 3/18/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Still photos are shown recapping the DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett match from the PPV.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

-Video footage is shown of a post match celebration in Jarrett’s locker room last Sunday. Monty Brown, the Naturals, Chris Candido, and Jarrett’s lawyer, Dirk Daggert are all there. Brown and Jarrett shake hands, and Brown says that Jarrett owes him one now. Jarrett assures Brown he’ll take care of his favor.

Christopher Daniels vs. Jerrelle Clark

Daniels goes after Clark before the bell rings, pounding away at him. Daniels with the irish whip, but Clark reverses it and executes a hurricanrana and gets a 2 count. Daniels comes back with a form of an STO. Daniels with more punches to the head. Daniels with a big overhead suplex. Daniels with the body slam, followed by a springboard off the top rope into a moonsault. Daniels goes for another suplex, but Clark slips out and nails a clothesline and then a drop kick. Clark with a DDT. Clark goes to the top rope, but Daniels recovers and throws him off. Daniels nails his Angel’s Wings and scores the pinfall. Good match.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-After the match, Daniels gets on the mic and brags about winning the X Title at Destination X. Daniels says he proved he is the heart and soul of the X Division, as well as proving he should be the flagship for the company. Daniels calls himself Mr. TNA now. Prime Time Elix Skipper’s music comes on, and out comes Elix Skipper. Skipper mockingly claps for Daniels. Skipper says he knows him and has heard this speech a thousand times. Skipper says Daniels knows him, and he knows what he’ll do to him. Skipper laughed and left with Daniels confused.

Kid Kash w/ Lance Hoyt vs. Mikey Batts
They stare each other down before the match. Kash takes down Batts and works on the arm. Kash with a shoulder block. Batts gets in a kick to the face. Kash recovers and takes Batts down with a press slam. Kash with a double foot kick to the chest that takes down Batts. Kash with a chop, but Batts retaliates with an irish whip and a clothesline sending Kash to the outside. Batts tries to jump over the top rope onto Kash, but Kash moves out of the way and Hoyt catches Batts. Hoyt drives Batts into the ringpost and then throws him back in the ring. Kash goes to the top rope and delivers a flying clothesline to Batts. Kash goes up top again and nails a cross body block on Batts that ended with a near fall. Kash whips Batts into the ropes, but Batts connects with a flying fist. Batts nails an overhead suplex. Batts teases some other move before going for a roll up and getting a 2 count. Batts with a DDT. Hoyt gets involved and distracts Batts. The ref gets distracted and Hoyt punches Batts in the face which positions Batts on his butt against the ropes. Kash gets up on the top rope on the opposite side of the ring, and jumps with a missile drop kick that connects to Batts’ back. Kash jumped a heckuva long way to deliver that move. Kash then nails his signature move, the Moneymaker, and gets the pinfall. Another good match.
Winner: Kid Kash

-Backstage, Konnan is along next to a table. James and Killings enter the scene. Konnan greets Killings, but kinda ignores James. Konnan brings up the accidental guitar shot James delivered at the PPV. He says accidents happen and it’s ok but he wants to know what he and Outlaw were talking about last week. James and Killings can’t believe Konnan is still upset. James gets mad, saying he can’t believe Konnan is letting Outlaw get in his head. Killings tries to say everything is good within the Kru. Konnan still doesn’t totally believe nothign is going on between Outlaw and James. Konnan ends the conversation saying, “I’m going to end this thing tonight a lot quicker than you think.”

Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) & Chris Candido
The match starts off with all 6 men fighting all over the place, spilling out to ringside. Rhodes and Candido end up fighting in the ring. Rhodes misses a cross body block and falls to the outside. The Naturals and Candido work over Rhodes outside before sending him back in the ring. Candido with a big right hand. Candido with a suplex followed by a near fall. Candido with an irish whip, and he goes for a drop kick but Dustin holds the ropes to stop himself and Candido misses. Rhodes with a clothesline, and he then falls to the mat tired. Douglas and Harris are eventually tagged in. Harris with some punches followed by a back body drop. Harris punches Candido, knocking him off the ring, and then gives Stevens a clothesline. Storm is tagged in. They pick up Stevens and use him as a battering ram on Andy Douglas. They then pick up Candido and hand him to Rhodes who delivers a powerbomb. Harris with a bulldog on Douglas. Storm with a great superkick. Storm holds Douglas in position, as Harris climbed to the top rope and came off with a top rope legdrop on to Douglas, the Death Sentence. Storm goes for the cover and gets the pinfall. Good tag match.
Winners: Dustin Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted

-Tenay is now in midring and introduces the NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett comes out along with the Outlaw, Billy Gunn. The fans chanted “Drop the Title” at Jarrett, who then literally dropped the title belt to the mat. That was pretty funny. Tenay asked Jarrett how he convinced Monty Brown to join him. Jarrett simply says oppurtunities, and that he could give Brown oppurtunities that Dusty Rhodes wouldn’t give him. Jarrett says Nash and DDP got title shots, but Monty Brown didn’t (What about that great match Jarrett and Brown had for the title on Impact a few months ago?). Jarrett says it wasn’t hard to convince Brown, and that he and Brown were the only two who knew the plan. Jarrett then introduces Monty Brown who comes down to the ring. Jarrett and Brown shake hands. The fans were chanting “you sold out” at Brown, who said he will continue to sell out. Brown says it’s time for he, Jarrett, and Outlaw to take over the world. Brown says he will do whatever he wants and nobody can stop him.

-We go backstage with Dusty Rhodes and Trinity and Traci. Traci is happy about her team, the Disciples of Destruction, being victorious at Destination X over Trinity’s team, Phi Delta Slam. Dusty talks about the two 6 sides of steel matches coming up at the Lockdown PPV, and he says his new secretary will go to work on those right away. Dusty says both girls’ tag teams have been signed to TNA, even though Trinity’s team lost. Dusty says Traci will now be his personal secretary, as were the stipulations. Dusty then said she will share the duties with his other personal secretary, Trinity. Yeah, that made a lot of sense.

The Shocker vs. David Young

The Shocker makes his TNA debut here. Shocker is the masked wrestler from those McDonald’s commercials you may have seen. Shocker starts the match with a waist lock on Young. Young with an arm drag. Shocker trips Young and gets a near fall. Young trips Shocker and gets a near fall. Young with a shoulder block. Shocker counters tripping Young and drop kicking him. Shocker goes up top and executes a turnaround missile drop kick. Young falls to the outside. Shocker comes over the top rope to the outside with a somersault splash on to Young. Young enters the ring, after Shocker had been in the ring playing to the crowd, and he nails a axehandle smash on Shocker. Young goes for a powerbomb on Shocker, but Shocker nails a hurricanrana instead. Shocker gives Young a big boot to the head. Shocker gets a near fall. Young gets up and kicks Shocker in the head. Shocker blocks a clothesline and quickly executes a leg roll up (the Shockwave) and gets the pinfall. Another good match.
Winner: The Shocker

-Kevin Nash joins Tenay and West for guest commentary on the main event.

Sean Waltman w/ Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett
Waltman and Lex start things off. They lock up. Waltman takes Lex down with a leg trip. The camera shows the crowd for around 5 seconds or so, suggesting there was probably a blown spot here. Waltman attemps a hip toss, that didn’t work too well. Waltman with a kick. DDP and Buck are tagged in. DDP with a shoulder block. DDP drives his shoulder in to Buck’s shoulder before tagging in Waltman. Waltman with a kick, before being punched by Buck. Buck works on Waltman’s back with some forearms. Waltman comes back with an arm drag on Buck. DDP is tagged in. Buck goes to the outside to recover. We then go to a commercial break. Back from the break, DDP and Buck are in the ring. DDP with a shoulder block and a clothesline. DDP with a body slam, and he then goes for an elbow drop but misses. Buck tags in Lex. Waltman is tagged in by DDP. Waltman with some chps. Lex chops back, but Waltman gets in a spin kick to the head of Lex. Waltman with another kick, sending Lex down to the mat in the corner. Waltman goes for his Bronco Buster, but Lex moves. Buck is tagged in and they double team on Waltman. Buck gets a near fall. Buck delivers a side belly to belly suplex on Waltman. Buck drops an elbow on Waltman. Very visible talking between the two here, with things going wrong obviously. Buck with a front facelock on Waltman. Waltman fights out of it and tags in DDP. The ref missed the tag and won’t allow it. Lex is tagged in and covers Waltman for a 2 count. Lex positions Waltman on the bottom rope and connects with a slingshot leg drop across the back of Waltman’s neck. Lex gets a near fall. Lex slams Waltman’s head against the corner turnbuckle and then tags in Buck. Buck misses a clothesline and DDP is tagged in by Waltman. DDp gives Buck a right hand, and then gives Lex one as well. DDP goes to clothesline Buck, but they mess up. DDP sends Buck and Lex each to a corner, with both seated on the mat. Waltman delivers his Bronco Buster on Buck and then on Lex. DDP gives Buck the Diamond Cutter. DDP covers Buck and gets the pinfall. A decent match, but sloppy at times with blown spots making it the least smooth match on the show.
Winners: Sean Waltman & Diamond Dallas Page

-Waltman looked upset after the match, and Nash consoled him. Nash called out Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes came out with Traci and Trinity. Nash says he wants a match with he, Waltman, and DDP taking on Jarrett, Brown, and the Outlaw in one of the cage matches at Lockdown. Rhodes says its up to the people, but he will let Nash know next week on Impact.

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