NWA-TNA Impact 3/25/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 3/25/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

(Note: This week I have decided to start officially rating the matches, giving my opinion based on a 5-Star scale. I will do this in my weekly reviews from now on.)

-Traci and Trinity are shown backstage “moments ago” with paper in their hands in the back of Dusty’s truck. Abyss comes into the pickup bed and the scene cuts away.

-The Impact opening airs and we’re taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

-Tenay and West talk about the video footage that just aired. West talks about Abyss wanting a shot at the World title, having earned it in the match with Jeff Hardy.

-Part 2 of the video footage airs. Trinity tells Abyss he has no appointment, but says she’ll let Traci handle the situation. Traci says she knows what he wants and she’ll get it for him. Abyss gets mad when Traci can’t find it, and he looks like he’s going to attack the girls. AJ Styles comes into the scene, AJ says he’s not scared of Abyss, and they fight for a brief second before security breaks it up.

Buck Quartermain vs. Trytan

They lock up. Trytan throws Buck down. Buck with a couple punches before Trytan throws him into the corner. Trytan then throws him across the ring. Trytan with some standing shoulder blocks in the corner to Buck, followed by an elbow. Trtan with an irish whip throwing Buck to the corner, followed by a boot to the face when Buck rebounded out. Trytan with some punches in the corner repeatedly to Buck. Trytan chokes Buck with his foot in the corner. Buck tries to come back with some kicks. Trytan overpowers him with a spinebuster. Trytan then gives him the F-5, or as Trytan calls it for his finisher the T-3, and he gets the pinfall. A lot of punching and throwing around. Not a whole lot more than that. Match Rating: 3/4*
Winner: Trytan

-Backstage, Konnan is seen looking frustrated shaking his head. Outlaw walks into the scene. Konnan confronts him asking him what he’s up to. OUtlaw says he has no time for this. James and Killings come in. Outlaw says he’ll take care of Konnan later, but tells James they have business to take care of. James says they have no business and won’t go with Outlaw but Konnan is still suspicious.

Lex Lovett & David Young vs. Shocker & Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Young start it off. Hardy with an armbar, Young reverses it. Hardy with a kick, but Young pokes him in the eye. Hardy takes down Young, followed by a double leg drop across the midsection. Shocker is tagged in. Hardy catapults off Shockers back for the flying leg in the corner, and then Shocker does the same off Hardy’s back. Shocker gets a near fall. Lex is tagged in. Shocker goes up top and comes off with a flying clothesline/elbow. Near fall. Hardy gets tagged back in. Hardy whips Lex to the outside. Hardy chases Lex around the outside, and Young throws Hardy into the safety rail. Back in the ring, Young is tagged back in. Young with a big drop kick. Lex tagged back in . Lex with a rolling suplex followed by a front headlock. Lex with a big forearm to the back. Lex throws Hardy into Young’s boot before tagging Young back in. Young with the irish whip followed by a clothesline to Hardy. Near fall. Hardy fights back with some right hands. Hardy goes for an irish whip, but Young reverses it and executes a back body drop. Lex is tagged back in. Hardy gets whipped into the corner, but he jumps up to the top turnbuckle and comes off with a spinning plancha onto both men. Shocker is tagged in and comes off the top with a double drop kick on both of his opponents. Shocker cradles Young for a near fall. Shocker with his Shockwave finisher for the pinfall. Pretty good match, nothing overly spectacular but some good action from all the men involved. Match Rating: **1/4
Winners: Shocker & Jeff Hardy

-Nash is backstage looking for DDP.

-Tenay announces next year there will be an X Division “Shoot Out” next week to determine who will face Christopher Daniels at Lockdown for the X TItle.

Shark Boy & Cassidy Riley vs. Disciples of Destruction (Heavy D & Big R) w/ Traci

Riley with a handspring back elbow followed by a dropkick from Shark Boy on Big R (I think). Riley goes for a crossbody but is just caught by Big R, but Shark Boy dropkicks them over. Shark Boy is tagged in. Shark Boy goes to the outside and fights with Heavy D. Back in the ring now, Big R and Shark Boy. Sharky Boy gets a big side slam from Big R. Big R with a powerslam on Shark Boy. Big D is tagged in. Big D with the irish whip and a big right hand for Shark Boy. Heavy D with elbows drops on Shark Boy. Heavy D with a huge boot to the face of Shark Boy. Big R is tagged in. Shark Boy slips out of a powerslam attempt for a roll up and a near fall. Another roll up attempt by Shark Boy before getting a boot to the face. Heavy D comes back in. Shark Boy with a kick followed by a drop kick. Shark Boy with another kick. Traci helps Heavy D on the apron, but Shark Boy then comes up from behind and bites her in the ass (imagine Shark Boy in the back before the match coming up with that spot, “OK Traci, I’ll bite your ass, how about that?”). Big R comes in with a big kick. Riley is tagged in, but gets beat up by both members of DOD. Riley receives a powerslam from both men, the H Bomb, and they get the pinfall. Not much of a match, DOD are just two big guys that I don’t think Shark Boy and Riley could get much out of. Match Rating: *1/4
Winners: Disciples of Destruction

-DDP comes out for an interview. DDP talks about the 6-Sides of Steel match that was proposed last week. DDP talks about how Dusty Rhodes says he’d give an answer this week. So DDP calls out Rhodes. Rhodes comes out with Traci and Trinity at his side. Rhodes talks about how they’ll make history at Lockdown with 2 6-Sides of Steel matches. Rhodes confirms that in one of the cage matches it will be Outlaw, Jeff Jarrett, & Monty Brown vs. DDP, Sean Waltman, & Kevin Nash. DDP demanded the 3rd member of the opposing team be Monty Brown. DDP talks about Brown is a true fool for alligning himself with Jarrett. The big screen comes on, and Jarrett is saying the first shot has been fired. Kevin Nash has been layed out by Jarrett and his boys. DDP goes through the crowd to the back as we go to commercial.

-Raven approaches Jeff Hardy backstage. Raven says they should join up to have both of their following of fans together. Hardy says he wrestles for his fans and nobody else. Raven acts like it’s alright, but when Hardy leaves he’s obviously a bit mad.

Sonny Siaki vs. Apolo
They lock up, and break. Apolo plays to the crowd. They lock up again, Apolo with a standing headlock. Siaki fires him into the ropes, and receives a shoulder block from Apolo. Apolo with a couple big slaps. Siaki ducks a clothesline and smacks Apolo in the face. Apolo gets in a big boot followed by a spear. Siaki with a leg lariat. Siaki with the flip over neckbreaker. Near fall. Siaki with another shot the face. Apolo throws up Siaki in the face and takes him down with a modified sit down powerbomb. They exchange right hands. They exchange chops. Apolo with a huge superkick on Siaki as he came running in off the ropes. Apolo goes for another superkick, this time almost in slow motion, as Siaki ducks and hits a move of his own. Siaki looked to go for a roll up, but Apolo ends up rolling him up and gets the pinfall. Sloppy finish. Very short match. Match rating: *
Winner: Apolo

-After the match, Siaki holds out his hand for a handshake and they shake hands. Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt come out. Kash wants to know why they shook hands. Kash talks about how this is no place for a love fest. Kash talks about there’s the door if this is what they are here for. Siaki calls them Dumb and Dumber. Siaki calls the two out for a tag match right now. Kash says Siaki only wants the match so he can get his hands on him, and Kash says he’s not “like that.” Siaki says they will come up there to the top of the ramp if Kash and Hoyt won’t come down to the ring, and Siaki charges up the ramp at the two but they disappear to the back.

-Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes talks about his match with Bobby Roode at Lockdown. Rhodes says he doesn’t think there’s ever been a Canadian that has whooped a Texan (Bret Hart over Shawn Michaels, Hart over Austin, Chris Jericho over Steve Austin are a couple big matches that come to mind). D’Amore and Team Canada come in and talk about the match being Canada vs. Texas.

Phi Delta Slam (Bruno and Big Till) w/ Trinity vs. America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)

Harris starts things off with Bruno. They lock up but it doesn’t go anwhere. Harris ducks a right hand, and hits a right hand of his own sending Bruno to the outside. He then hits Big Till with a right hand. Storm comes in and sends Till to the outside. Commercial break. Back from the commercial. Storm makes a tag to Harris. Harris works over Bruno in the corner. Bruno reverses an irish whip, Harris floats over out of the corner and Bruno gets in a low blow. Bruno with an elbow followed by a tag to Big Till. Till with an elbow drop. Till with some right hands and tags Bruno back in. Double suplex-slam to Harris. Bruno stomps on Harris and tags in Till again. Bruno punches Storm on the apron, who then comes in to fight Bruno before getting restrained by the ref. Bruno continues to work over Harris on the mat with some punches. Till is tagged back in. Till with some punches and he goes for a powerslam, but Harris slips out and pushes Till into Bruno before coming with a running lariat. Harris tags in Storm. Storm with a enziguiri kick to Till. Storm with a superkick to Bruno. AMW signals the end is near. They go to deliver the death sentence, but Roode comes out and interferes and the bell rings for a DQ finish. Not much of a match considering Phi Delta Slam got most of the offense, which consisted of 90% punches over and over and over again. I would have liked to have seen more offense out of AMW to see if they could pull off a miracle and get a decent match out of these two big guys. Match Rating: *1/4
Winners: America’s Most Wanted via DQ

-After the match it’s a big brawl. Dustin Rhodes comes out to join in on the brawl.

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