WCW Nitro 1/3/2000

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Monday Nitro
Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, South Carolina
January 3, 2000

Dozens of names circulated concerning the identity of WCW’s new commissioner, but Greenville, South Carolina fans were completely stunned when Terry Funk walked toward the ring.

Accompanied by Arn Anderson, Funk confronted the nWo and set down a new set of rules. The nWo immediately struck back, in the most personal way they could devise…

PLUS: WCW crowns new Tag Team Champions, another sign from Sting and Sid gets revenge.
Show Results

At the airport, a leer jet containing the new commissioner coasts down the runway.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan discussed the new commissioner and announced that new team champions would be crowned through Nitro’s Lethal Lottery.

The Harris Boys d. Buzzkill and Mike Rotunda with Kevin Sullivan and Leia Meow
Lethal Lottery Semifinal Match

Pre-match, Meow performed on a trampoline and Rotunda insulted Greenville fans. Sullivan joined the announcing team and claimed that Rick Steiner had been put on a week’s probation for egging the Dean’s house. While Buzzkill was dominated by the Harris Boys, Standards and Practices (along with their assistant, Ms. Hancock) covered Meow and escorted her from the ring. Sullivan and Rotunda rushed to their cheerleader’s aid, leaving Buzzkill at the mercy of Ron and Don.

Post-match, the Varsity Club members tossed the Harris Boys from the ring.

Announcers told fans that Sid was resting after injuries received last week. The Vicious One hoped to be healthy for his Souled Out championship match.

At the airport, a motorcade left for Nitro. Back at the arena, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett wondered about the commissioner’s identity.

As Bret Hart entered the arena, Sid attacked the World Champion and beat him viciously.

Returning from the commercial break, the nWo cared for Hart and attacked several paramedics to let off steam.

The motorcade approached the arena.

Gene Okerlund Interview: DDP
Okerlund informed Page that he would have to wait until Souled Out for his chance at Buff Bagwell. DDP attempted to leave, but Curt Hennig told the former two-time champion that he would have to wrestle that evening. Frustrated, Page headed toward the ring immediately.

Diamond Dallas Page d. PG-13

Pre-match, Wolfie D and JC Ice rapped like only white boys can… Page interrupted this Lethal Lottery match and Diamond Cut both member of PG-13.

Kevin Nash and Big Poppa Pump d. PG-13
Lethal Lottery Match

Some mornings, it’s just better to stay in bed. After being destroyed by Page, PG-13 was treated to a friendly beating from their neighborhood nWo. After Nash took the pin, Steiner spray-painted the WCW newcomers. As the commissioner’s motorcade approached, the nWo came to the ring.

Bret promised to avenge Sid’s attack earlier in the broadcast and demanded fans show him some respect. Hart then passed the stick to Jarrett, who promised to treat Benoit to a three-time tush kicking at Souled Out (Benoit was in Japan, working for New Japan). Addressing the new commissioner, Nash welcomed the opportunity to break a new set of rules.

Finally, Big Poppa Pump explained his heinous actions last week. The Blond Bruiser told Greenville fans that he had no desire to appeal to the white trash fans currently occupying the arena. “Goldberg” chants broke out several times throughout the segment.

Lash and Midnight d. Crow Bar and David Flair with Daphe Unger
Lethal Lottery Match

Pre-match, Stevie Ray joined the announcing position and bashed Midnight. Y2Cajun battled both David and Crow Bar on the outside, delivering a wicked pescado to the psychotic tag team. Stevie Ray demanded that Lash make the tag. The Ragin’ Cajun complied and Midnight dominated the competition.

Here’s where the scene gets a bit complicated. Stevie Ray pulled Midnight from the ring, while Booker T, Disco Inferno, Johnny the Bull and Big Vito came to the ring. As Lash battled both his opponents, Stevie Ray ended up attacking both his brother and Midnight. In the ring, LeRoux prepared to deliver the Whiplash to Crow Bar, but was rushed by The Familia. To add to the lunacy, David and Crow Bar began wrestling in the corner (the referee, as you might have guessed, has fallen to injury).

In the end, LeRoux suffered a DDT from Big Vito and lost the match.

Backstage, The Total Package (dressed as Sting) approached the ring with Elizabeth.

The commissioner’s motorcade arrived at the arena.

Backstage, LeRoux confronted Disco, but was attacked by Tony Maranara and the goons before the Mighty DI could explain his actions.

In the ring, Package mocked his former friend and then called out his opponent. When Tank Abbott arrived, Package tried to run, but was cornered by the UFC fighter. Liz saved her charge with some mace, and the duo ran for the back.

As Jerry Flynn ran to the ring to take advantage of his Souled Out opponent, The Total Package was confronted by a crow.

Outside and armed with bats, the nWo surrounded the commissioner’s limousine.

In the ring, executive Rob Garner explained that The Powers (That Be) and the WCW office have been in constant turmoil. Due to the fact that Sting and Goldberg were home nursing injuries, Garner told fans that Bill Busch needed to find a no-DQ solution to the problem: The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk.

Flanked by security, Funk criticized The Powers (That Be) and the nWo before announcing his new enforcer, Arn Anderson. The former Horsemen great talked about the sacrifices of wrestlers in the past, and how the nWo’s very existence mocked the history of the sport.

Enter the nWo. Hart mocked Funk’s age, but then invited the new commissioner to join the black-and-silver. Instead, Funk treated the fringe group the first new rules of his regime.

1. At Souled Out, Hart will lose the belt if the nWo interferes. The match will also have a special guest referee: Arn Anderson.

2. Later in the program, Jarrett will put the US Title up against Sid Vicious in a Power Bomb Match.

3. Later in the program, Kevin Nash and BPP will have to fight another Lethal Lottery for the Tag Team Title.

Big Sexy took the microphone and accused both Anderson and Funk of being dead – when they proved otherwise, Nash promised to correct the problem within a few weeks. Before heading to the dressing room, the nWo threatened to send a message to WCW’s new sheriffs by attacking David Flair.

Buff Bagwell and Chris “Champagne” Kanyon d. Norman Smiley and Asya
Lethal Lottery Semifinal Match

Pre-match, Kanyon called Bagwell a mediocre actor, but commended his wrestling skills. Thanking Buff Daddy for helping him advance in the Lethal Lottery, Kanyon gave his partner a bottle of champagne. Angered by Mr. Hollywood’s comments about Greenville, Bagwell shattered the bottle over his partner’s head.

Once again, Bagwell battled this tag match solo and dominated his opponent’s. Dressed as a mascot, Smiley couldn’t fend off Buff Daddy or his Blockbuster finisher. Post-match, Perry Saturn cleared the ring and continued his arguments with Asya. The Revolution soon followed, trying to stop a confrontation between members.

Seeing an opportunity to defend America, Hacksaw Jim Duggan rushed the ring, but was soon overwhelmed by The Revolution. Breaking the new millennium record for the amount of run-ins, Konnan and Kidman saved the honorary Filthy Animal.

Backstage, both nWo and WCW’s new commissioner both looked for David. Funk found Daphne in the bowels of the building.

Kevin Nash and BPP d. The Harris Boys
Lethal Lottery Semifinal Match

Due to BPP’s injuries, Steiner joined the announcing position and Nash prepared to fight both Ron and Don – but an assist from The Varsity Club ended the match prematurely. After Sullivan and Rotunda hit The Harris Boys with steel chairs, BPP alluded that the Varsity Club (and brother Rick) might be associated with the black-and-silver.

Backstage, Funk tried to reason with Daphne, but David’s dizzy dame ran away. When she entered the hallway, she was abducted by Jarrett.

Buff Bagwell vs. David and Crowbar

Pre-match, Kanyon attempted a sneak attack on Bagwell, but was stopped by Bam Bam Bigelow. Before the handicap contest could begin, Vampiro came to the ring and asked to be Bagwell’s partner.

David and Crowbar d. Buff Bagwell and Vampiro

Buff Daddy reluctantly agreed to work with Vampiro, and the duo was surprisingly cohesive. During the match, Funk and Anderson informed David of Daphne’s abduction, leaving Crow Bar to fend for himself. Vampiro soundly defeated Crow Bar, but wanted to fight David. Leaving the ring, Vamp yelled at Funk and Anderson for interfering in the match.

Funk decked Vampiro and Buff treated his partner to a Blockbuster. A dazed Crow Bar made the cover. Despite WCW’s efforts, David would be forced to face the nWo in the main event.

At the dressing room entrance, the nWo showed David that they had indeed kidnaped Daphne. David and Crow Bar chased the group into the back.

Sid Vicious d. Jeff Jarrett
Power Bomb Match for the US Title

Sid controlled the match with power moves and choke slams. Referee Mark Johnson was injured, however, before Sid’s Power Bomb. Sensing the end of Jarrett, Hart ran to the ring and struck Sid with a bat. When paramedics arrived, they received their own introduction to Louie V. Slugger.

During the match, the members of the Power Plant were shown in the front row.

David and Crowbar d. Kevin Nash with Big Poppa Pump
Lethal Lottery Final

The Insane Connection rushed the ring with weapons, but were immediately dropped by Steiner and Nash. BPP took his spot in the announcing position, while Nash wrecked David and Crow Bar. Dressed in a referee’s shirt, Anderson came to the ring with a dozen security members. Anderson struck Nash with the golden crow bar and handed David the victory.

Post-match, Jarrett came to the ring with Daphne, prompting David to use his crow bar and strike his own Godfather (did we mention that David is crazy?). While Funk tried to fight the nWo, Anderson was stuffed into the trunk of a car.

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