WWF RAW 10/29/2001

WWF Raw Results
October 29, 2001
Live from: Louisville, KY
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon along with the WWF wrestlers come out. The wrestlers surround the ring, while Vince McMahon went in the ring. Vince said that he’s happy to report that the WWF will wipe the Alliance off the face of this earth. Vince McMahon said that last week on Smackdown, Shane held his mom while Stephanie slapped her. That act will not go unpunished. Vince says Shane should not only be worried about surviving Survivor Series, but surviving tonight’s ass kicking. Vince introduces the five wrestlers of the WWF, that will compete at the Survivor Series against the Alliance in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. The Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and The Rock.

Stephanie McMahon comes out. She says hi to the WWF wrestlers. She says that she’s sorry to interrupt their little announcement, but she has a little announcement of her own. She says, Shane and her are successful and clever. She said that their plan on Smackdown was successful. They show on the Titon Tron when Linda was slapped by Stephanie. Stephanie says that if Shane and her were capable of doing that to their mom, then they can imagine what they will do to him and the WWF. Stephanie would like to dedicate the main event match tonight to her mom Stephanie. Stephanie McMahon introduces Shane.

Shane McMahon comes out. Shane said that nothing will give him more pleasure then to kick Vince’s ass tonight. Then again, there is something that will give him more pleasure tonight… Shane said that a member of the WWF team will join the Alliance TONIGHT!


Shane and Stephanie knock and enter Stone Cold’s locker room. Austin said that there is no way the WWF will figure out who is joining the Alliance. Stephanie said that not even Regal knows. Then, Shane and Stephanie left and Debra asked Austin who it was and Austin said “What? What?”.

Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Edge vs Rob Van Dam

RVD applies a head lock, and sends Edge to the ropes, take down by RVD. Edge fights back and delivers a slap jack. Spinning kick by RVD. RVD knocks Edge off the ring apron. RVD does a frog splash off the apron. Back in the ring… Spinning kick by RVD off the top rope on Edge, 1,2 but Edge kicked out. Edge fights back and kicks RVD in the face and takes him down. Back body drop by Edge, followed by a spinning heal kick. RVD fights back and does a spinning kick of his own. Roll up by Edge, 1,2 RVD rolls up Edge, 1,2 but Edge kicked out. Both men exchanged a few moves, then Edge did the spear out of nowhere, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. RVD fought back and went for the five star frog splash, but Edge moved out of the way. Edge does the executionerr and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Edge

Austin is talking to Debra backstage and is laughing about RVD’s loss. Tazz comes in and asks Austin to tell him who’s joining the Alliance. Austin tells him, do you know what my watch is saying? Tazz said yes, it’s time for Austin to tell Tazz who’s joining the Alliance. Austin then listens to Tazz’s watch and says he doesn’t know what it’s saying because it speaks Spanish. Austin goes back to his watch and says the watch is saying that a nosy individual should leave Austin alone (referring to Tazz). Tazz says that it’s cool, he knows Austin will tell him later. Tazz leaves and Debra asks Austin to tell her who it is and Austin said “What? What?”.


The APA were playing poker with Saturn. Bradshaw talks about the WWF wrestler that is joining the Alliance. Bradshaw reminds Faarooq that Faarooq was a former WCW champion and Faarooq told him not to joke like that. Referee, Teddy Long comes in and tells them there is a WWF meeting and they want everyone there. Bradshaw asks who arranged the meeting and Teddy said it was Chris Jericho.

Match #2
Tajiri & Torrie Wilson vs Hurricane Helms & Mighty Molly

They lock up, then Helms knocks down Tajiri. Tajiri kicks Helms. Molly comes in and Tajiri just throws her off. Super kick by Helms on Tajiri. Helms beats on Tajiri in the corner. Swinging neck breaker by Helms. Helms was going for a suplex, but Tajiri escaped. Super kick by Tajiri. Molly gets the tag and so does Torrie. Torrie throws Molly. Helms comes in and Torrie slaps him. Helms clotheslines Torrie and Tajiri goes crazy on him and applies the tarantula. While he had the tarantula, Mighty Molly came in and rolled up Torrie and pulled the tights and got the 1,2,3.

Winners: Hurricane Helms & Mighty Molly

Chris Jericho was talking to the WWF wrestlers. He said working for WCW and ECW were the worst experiences in his career. he said he loves the WWF and he doesn’t want to stand around just because some coward wants to join the Alliance. Jericho calls up the wrestler that will join the Alliance, to show his face. Rock comes in and tells him, since when does Jericho gets to call the meetings? Jericho said he became in charge since he beat the Rock for the title. Rock said he was winning the big one for years, while Jericho was in WCW on Nitro getting his ass kicked by a guy called Juventud Guerrera. Rock said that there isn’t people from the WWF that will join the Alliance, unless their stupid and he said that while looking at Jericho in the eye.


They show highlights of Kurt Angle and Bradshaw at the Smackdown Your Vote campaign.

Austin is talking to Debra and telling her that the meeting Jericho held was stupid. Regal comes in and asks Austin if he can tell him who’s the new wrestler joining. Austin said he can’t tell him because he’s the commissioner. Besides, Regal has a match against Kurt Angle tonight and he should get ready. Austin says that he wants to speak to Kurt Angle before his match against regal.

Undertaker and Kane were talking. Jericho comes into their locker room screaming at them for not attending the WWF meeting. Undertaker yells at him and tells him who he thinks he is. Jericho said he is not accusing him to be the one joining the Alliance, then Jericho looks at Kane and so does the Undertaker.


DDP Segment

DDP comes out to the ring wearing the headset like last week. “It’s me, DDP, and do I have a surprise for all of you”. DDP says he knows who’s leaving the WWF and coming to the Alliance. DDP said that Shane said the wrestler was big and huge. DDP said that the superstar surprise is the Big Show. He said the WWF superstars think that the Big Show is over weight and out of shape. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. Because now Big Show knows that he’s friends are in the Alliance.

Big Show’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. DDP says “It’s the Big Show!”. DDP tells Show that he likes him and he knows that Big Show likes DDP and he will help him like himself. DDP offers Big Show to shake his hand, and Show replies back with a chokeslam.


Kurt Angle walks into Vince’s locker room. Kurt said he has something really important to discuss with him. He tells Vince that Austin wants to have a meeting with him tonight. Vince said that he doesn’t trust that son of a bitch and McMahon had that ugly look on his face and Angle tells him not to give him that look. Vince tells him to go ahead and to have his meeting with Stone Cold. Vince gives Kurt a 2 by 4 in case he will need it at the meeting and Kurt wishes Vince luck in his match against Shane.


Match #3
WWF Tag Team Titles
Booker T & Test vs The Rock & Chris Jericho

Rock starts off by delivering a few punches on Booker T. Clothesline by the Rock. Jericho gets the tag and he takes down Booker T. Jericho hammers away on Booker T in the corner. Jericho goes on the second rope, mistle drop kick, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Jericho delivers a few chops to the chest of Booker T. Booker T fights back with a devastating spine buster. Test gets the tag and delivers a few punches on Jericho. Test stomps on Jericho in the corner. Vertical suplex by Test, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Sleeper hold by Test. Roll up by Jericho, 1,2 but Test got out and got right back up and delivered a full Nelson slam. Booker T gets the tag and he knocks down Jericho. Test gets the tag and so does the Rock. Rock takes down Booker T and takes down test. Rock hammers away on Test and was going for his third punch, but Test ducked and he accidently hit Jericho. Rock does the spine buster on Test and was going for the people’s elbow, but Jericho got in and does a modified bulldog on the Rock. Test covers, 1,2 but Jericho broke up the count and knocks Test down. Rock got up and Jericho asked for the tag, and Rock throws him in and Rock bottom’s him and leaves. Test covers, 1,2 but Rock runs in and breaks up the count. Booker T accidently kicked Test and Jericho got Test in the Walls of Jericho, while Rock does the Rock bottom on Booker T. Test tapped out.

Winners: Still WWF Tag Team champions, Chris Jericho and The Rock

Kurt Angle walks into Austin’s locker room with the 2 by 4. Austin tells him to put down the 2 by 4. Austin asks him to join the Alliance. Kurt Angle says, say he joins the Alliance, who is the one joining the Alliance. Is it The Rock? Austin says that he can’t tell him and he wishes him luck in his match against William Regal and Kurt Angle tells him to go to hell.


Michael Cole tries to get a word with The Rock about the comments Kurt Angle made about him. Rock wanted to know where Angle’s locker room was and Cole told him.

Match #4
Lita vs Stacy Keibler

Stacy tries to get the early advantage, but Lita clotheslined her. Stacy kicks Lita in the face and stomps on her in the corner. Lita grabs Stacy and puts her in the corner and she beats on her. Suplex by Lita, 1,2 but Stacy kicked out. Jaw breaker by Stacy. Lita throws her to the outside. Lita jumped to the outside, but Stacy moved out of the way and Lita landed on the security rails. Matt came out and picked up Lita and put her in the ring and tried to see if she was ok. Stacy slapped Matt, then Matt was about to hit her, but he accidently elbows Lita. Stacy runs in the ring and covers, 1,2 but Lita kicked out. Lita gets up and does the twist of fate and gets the win.

Winner: Lita


Rock went in Angle’s locker room. Rock tells Angle that he was told that he went to Austin’s locker room talking about him. Kurt Angle told him that he got permission from Vince McMahon to go in Austin’s locker room and he was ready to kick Austin’s ass. Rock told him that he will not turn against the WWF, then only thing that’s going to be turning is his boot and going up his punk ass. Rock told him that it might be Angle himself turning his back, and Kurt says “I don’t think so!”

Mick Foley was shown at WWF New York. Jim Ross asked Foley about what prompted him into making a tag team match with Jericho and Rock against Booker T and Test. Foley said, they came to him after Smackdown and they told him that they wanted Booker T and Test.


Match #5
U.S. Title
Kurt Angle vs William Regal

Regal attacks Angle and delivers a couple of punches. Angle fights back and takes down Regal. The fight goes to the outside. They exchange a couple of hits and then Regal throws Angle back in the ring. Back body drop by Angle, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Regal knocks Angle down with a few punches. Regal applies a submission hold on Angle (kinda like a choke hold). Angle escapes the hold. Angle went for the cross body, but Regal catches him and throws him on the ropes. Angle fights back and hammers way on Regal. Angle does a couple of German suplexes. Regal got up, then Angle grabbed his leg and did the ankle lock.

Winner: Still U.S. champion, Kurt Angle

Vince was in the Undertaker’s locker room. Undertaker asks him what he wants… Vince McMahon tells him he came here to wish him luck. Undertaker says that’s BS and he should tell him what he really wants. Undertaker says he knows Vince is nervous and afraid that Undertaker will screw him over. Undertaker says that he doesn’t need any luck, but he knows Vince will.


Match #6
wCw Tag Team titles
Dudley Boyz vs Kane & Undertaker

Kane squares off against Devon. Side walk slam by Kane. Undertaker gets the tag. Undertaker puts Devon in the corner and delivers a few hits. Bubba pulled Undertaker to the outside and he threw him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, they double team Taker, but then Undertaker does a double clothesline. They get up and deliver a suplex on Undertaker. Kane gets the tag and he knocks Devon and Bubba down. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Devon, 1,2 but Bubba makes the save. Undertaker comes in and hits Bubba. Kane choke slams Devon. Stacy hands Bubba the tag title and he knocks down Kane. Devon covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Undertaker gets in and while he was doing his old school move, he was pushed off by one of the Dudleyz. Then the Dudleyz do the 3D on Kane and get the win.

Winners: Still wCw Tag Team champions, The Dudley Boyz


Match #7
Street Fight
Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon

The match starts on the outside. Vince is on top of Shane and throwing punches. Vince hits Shane with a sign. Vince sends Shane into the steel post. Vince chokes Shane with some wires. Vince throws Shane in the ring, and Vince throws several objects in the ring, like a garbage can and its lid, a kendo stick… Shane low blowed Vince and nails him with a trash can lid. Shane droves the elbow on Vince like three times. Shane hits Vince with the trash can on his chest. Shane goes on the top rope and went for a shooting star press, but Vince got out of the way and he landed on the trash can. Vince grabs the kendo stick and hits Shane several times with it. Vince clotheslined Shane to the outside. Vince takes off the small monitors on the announcing table, then Shane got up and hits Vince and grabs the monitor and nails him with it. He puts Vince on the table and Shane goes on the top rope and drives the elbow on Vince. Shane tossed Vince back in the ring and covered him, 1,2 but Vince kicked out. Shane grabs the trash can and nails Vince on the head with it. Shane puts Vince in the corner and puts the trash can on him and Shane goes on the other side of the ring and goes up on the ropes attempting to do the Van Terminator, but Vince got up and put the trash can in the way. Booker T and Test came out, but then Undertaker and Kane came out and cleaned house. Undertaker does the last ride on Booker T. Regal came out, then Rock came out and Rock did the Rock bottom. Austin comes out and does the stunner on the Rock. Kurt Angle comes out and Jericho comes out, but Angle nails Jericho with the chair, then he hits Undertaker, and the rest of the WWF wrestlers. Austin does the stunner on Vince and Shane covers for the win. There you have it. Kurt Angle has joined the Alliance.

Winner: Shane McMahon

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer

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