WWF RAW 10/22/2001

WWF Raw Results
October 22, 2001
Live from: Kansas City
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Raw started with highlights of last night’s main event.

Opening Segment

No chance music hits, Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon come out holding hands. Vince says that in the past two months, he has been busy with therapy and stuff. He sat back and watched their children trying to break down the WWF. Tonight, he will take care of some business. But before he does, he was about to kiss Linda, and Shane McMahon along with Stephanie came out.

Shane says that watching two old people kiss make him sick. Stephanie tells them to dry up and blow away. They survived long enough and they should move down to Florida and retire. Vince McMahon said that right now it’s not the time. Vince said that everything Linda and him have, they earned it the old fashioned way, they didn’t have it handed to them on a silver platter like Shane and Stephanie. Vince said he has had it with the Alliance crap. He suggests that at the Survivor Series, there will be one match that will decides it all. Winner takes it all, WWF vs wCw

Shane agrees to it. Vince said that tonight should be the beginning of the end for them. Vince was going to start with Austin, but Shane said that Austin had 12 staples in his head because of Vince and will not be able to compete tonight.

Vince says Jericho will team up with the Rock tonight to face the Dudley Boyz. Shane says what’s going to stop him from walking into that ring and kicking Vince’s ass. William Regal comes out and tries to calm Shane down. Shane said he will not fight Vince “not in front of mom”. Linda says that Stephanie has become a man eater and Shane is a wooss.


Match #1
Lita & Trish Stratus vs Mighty Molly & Ivory

Lita starts off against Molly. Flying head scissors by Lita. Ivory gets the tag, take down by Ivory. Lita fights back and tags Trish. Trish knocks Ivory with a kick. Ivory tried to go for a powerbomb, but Trish got out. Trish went on the third rope and choked Ivory while she was sitting on the ropes. Ivory pulls Trish off the third rope. Molly gets the tag and stomps on Trish. She chokes her on the ropes. Elbow drop by Molly, followed by a suplex. Molly goes on the top rope and Trish trips her and goes up, hurricanrana by Trish. Trish makes the tag and so does Molly. Lita knocks down Ivory. All four women are fighting at the same time. Double clothesline by Lita. Lita drop kicks Molly to the outside. Twist of Fate by Lita on Ivory. Trish did the bulldog on Molly. Lita did the moonsault and got the win.

Winners: Lita & Trish Stratus

Vince and Linda were talking backstage and RVD comes in. Vince introduces him to Linda and tells him he wants to talk business. Vince offers him a spot in the WWF. Vince said, just like Austin told him, he’s either with him or against him. Rob Van Dam says he is just fine being RVD. Vince McMahon tells RVD that he will defend his Hardcore title against the Big Show.


Matt Hardy knocked on Lita’s locker room and opened the door and Trish was there with a towel covering her top. Matt said he was just looking for Lita and congratulated her their victory. Trish went in the shower and Matt was leaving, then Lita comes in and Matt congratulated her on the win and she said she was going to take a shower, but Matt told her to go with him and find somewhere private and they can take a shower together. (Matt escapes out of another one tonight).

Regal was in his office and Mick Foley walks in and throws some stuff off his desk so he can put his stuff. Foley told him that since they are both commissioners, they should sit together for the night and watch matches. Foley made two matches: Bradshaw vs The Hurricane and Tajiri vs Billy Kidman. Foley had a “Connect Four” game with him.

Kurt Angle congratulates Edge on his victory last night. Angle said he never like Christian. While they were talking, Rhyno out of nowhere gores Edge and Angle was about to attack him, but the referee held him back.


Foley asks Regal if he liked what Rhyno did? and Regal was happy. Foley suggested a match between Rhyno and Kurt Angle and William regal agreed.

Match #2
Cruiserweight Title
Billy Kidman vs Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson

Kidman twists Tajiri’s arm, then they exchange a few moves. Tajiri knocks Kidman out of the ring. Tajiri goes to the outside and sends him back in. Kidman drop kicked Tajiri and applied the sleeper hold. Powerbomb by Kidman, 1,2 but Tajiri kicked out. Kidman slams Tajiri and does a leg drop, 1,2 but Tajiri kicks out again. Kidman puts him in the corner and delivers a chop to the chest of Tajiri. Tajiri fights back with a kick and knocks down Kidman. Spinning kick by Tajiri, 1,2 but Kidman kicked out. Kidman fights back and does the DDT, 1,2 but Tajiri kicked out. Kidman was going for the suplex, but Tajiri reverses it into a body slam. They were fighting in the corner and Tajiri applies the tarantula. Referee makes him let go of the hold. Then Kidman delivers a sit down powerbomb, 1,2 but Tajiri kicked out again. Tajiri does a couple of kicks and covers Kidman and gets the win.

Winner: New Cruiserweight champion, Tajiri


Diamond Dallas Page Segment

DDP comes out to the ring and does his smile. He had a head set on, meaning no microphone in his hand. He makes fun of the Kansas City Chiefs. Then he talks about the losers of WWF No Mercy. If you lost at No Mercy, that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. Because you learn. Then Kane Music hits and he comes out and gets into DDP’s face. DDP smiles and says “It’s Kane!”. DDP says that Kane coming out and interrupting him was not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Last night at No Mercy, he lost. He’s been losing all his life. For example, he took his face. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. Why? DDP said because Kane gets to wear a mask and Halloween is right around the corner. Women cannot see how he looks like or else they would vomit. Kane grabs DDP and choke slams him and leaves.


Match #3
U.S. Title
Rhyno vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with both men staring at each other. Then they lock up and the referee breaks it up. Take down by Angle. Suplex by Angle. Rhyno gets up and clotheslines Angle. Belly to Belly over head suplex by Kurt Angle. Angle delivers a few punches and then delivers a few slaps to the chest of Rhyno. Cross body by Angle, 1,2 but Rhyno kicked out. Rhyno fights back and and delivers a modified neck breaker. Rhyno puts Angle in the corner and beats on him. Rhyno gores Angle against the turnbuckles. Spine buster by Rhyno, 1,2 but Angle kicked out. Angle fights back and clotheslines Rhyno to the outside. Angle beats on him on the outside. Rhyno fought back and sent Angle into the security rails and sent him back in the ring. Swinging neck breaker by Rhyno, 1,2, but Angle kicked out again. Sleeper by Rhyno. Angle got out and out of nowhere applied the ankle lock, but Rhyno got the rope. Rhyno applied the sleeper again. Angle fights back and delivers a few shots. Cross body by Angle, 1,2 but Rhyno was able to kick out. Belly to belly over head suplex by Kurt Angle. Kurt delivered three German suplexes on Rhyno. Rhyno fights back again and knocked Angle down with a clothesline. Angle fought back too and tried to do the Angle slam but it ended up like a suplex. Angle went on the top rope and did the moonsault, but Rhyno moved out of the way. Rhyno went for the gore and both men fell to the outside. Rhyno got up and sent him back in the ring, 1,2 but Angle kicked out. Kurt Angle takes down Rhyno and out of nowhere, applies the ankle lock and Rhyno tapped out.

Winner: New U.S. champion, Kurt Angle


Match #4
European Title
Bradshaw vs Hurricane Helms w/Mighty Molly

They lock up and Bradshaw pushes Helms down. Helms tried to take him down but Bradshaw sent him to the outside. Bradshaw through him back in the ring. Helms does the superkick and takes down Bradshaw. Helms tried to go for a suplex, but Bradshaw reversed it. Neck breaker by Bradshaw. Molly goes on the top rope and jumps, but Bradshaw caught her and does the fall away slam. Helms tries to clothesline Bradshaw but was not successful, then Bradshaw delivers the clothesline from hell and gets the win.

Winner: New European champion, Bradshaw

Foley was happy backstage, saying that the WWF has three title victories and the Alliance have zero. Regal says that the WWF might be on a roll but RVD will beat the Big Show and the Dudleyz will beat Rock and Jericho. Then Foley beat Regal in the connect four game.


Match #5
Undertaker & Kane vs Booker T & Test

Undertaker squares off against Test. Elbow shot by Test. Undertaker grabs him and throws him on the corner and stomps on him. Undertaker knocks Booker T off the apron. Test knocks Undertaker down and tags Booker T. Side kick by Booker, which knocked down the Undertaker. Booker T drives his knee in the face of Taker. Booker delivered a few right hands, then Undertaker clotheslined him. Kane gets the tag and knocks down Booker T. Kane went for the leg drop, but Booker T moved out of the way. Booker T kicks Kane and tags Test. Test delivers a couple of shots and tags Booker T back in. Kane sends Booker T in the turnbuckle. Undertaker gets the tag and clotheslines Booker T and nails Test off the apron. Undertaker picks up Booker T, then Test gets the self tag and comes in and delivered the boot to the face of Undertaker, 1,2 but Kane made the save. Booker T got the tag back and continued the punishment on Taker. Test gets the tag and hammers away on the Undertaker in the corner. Booker T gets the take again and was going for the axe kick, but Undertaker does a side walk slam. Both men are down. Booker T gets the tag and so does Taker. Kane knocks Test down. Side walk slam by Kane, followed by a boot to the face. Kane does a gorilla plex slam on Test. Booker T kicks Kane out of nowhere. Test clotheslined the Undertaker to the outside. On the outside, Booker T sent Undertaker into the steel steps. In the ring, Kane does a neck breaker on Test, 1,2 but Booker T makes the save. Choke slam by Kane on Booker T. Kane was going to choke slam Test, but Test picks Kane up on his shoulder, then Undertaker delivers a boot to the face of Test and Kane just flips Test into the tombstone and gets the win.

Winners: Undertaker & Kane


Match #6
Hardcore title
Rob Van Dam vs Big Show

RVD starts off by punching the Big Show, but Show took him down. Show took control of the match. Show threw RVD to the outside. RVD goes on the apron, jumps and kicks Show. RVD gets a garbage can, chairs, and a fire extinguisher. Show knocks down RVD on the outside. Show picked him up and dropped him on the security rail. Show picks him over his head and tosses him back in the ring. Show was entering the ring and RVD hits him with the garbage can, but that did not have an impact on Show. Show picked up the fire extinguisher and RVD did the Van Daminator followed by the five star frog splash for the win.

Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam


They recap Maven’s win over Tazz from last week’s Smackdown. Jim Ross interviews Maven at WWF New York. Maven said that he beat Tazz by luck and he said he will have to train more… Tazz sneaks up from behind and applies the tazzmission.

Foley suggests a match between Tazz and Al Snow at Smackdown and Regal agrees to it. Foley recaps the title changes from earlier in the night. Regal said there will be no more WWF after the Survivor Series.

Chris Jericho and The Rock are in the locker room. Rock congratulates him on his match and winning the big one. Rock asks Jericho is he is WWF and Jericho said he will always be WWF, for ever. Jericho says he has a present for the Rock. He hands him the small plate that was on the wCw title that says “The Rock” and it was replaced by Jericho’s name. The Rock said he has a present of his own. Rock hands Jericho a chair and tells Jericho that when they will have a rematch, Jericho will need a chair so he can take on the great one.


Match #7
WWF Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho & The Rock

Jericho squares off against Devon. Jericho takes down Devon. Elbow shot by Jericho. Jericho goes on the top rope and does a missle drop kick. The Rock gets the tag and delivers the DDT on Devon, 1,2 but Devon kicked out. Bubba gets the tag and beats on the Rock in the corner. Side walk slam by Bubba. Samoan drop by the Rock, 1,2 but Bubba kicked out. Jericho gets the tag and they double team Bubba. Bubba makes the tag to Devon. Jericho took him down and tagged the Rock. Rock delivers a few hits and tags back Jericho. Jericho puts Devon on the apron, but Bubba comes in and puts Jericho on his shoulders and Devon clotheslined him. Suplex by Bubba on Jericho. Devon gets the tag back and applies the sleeper on Jericho. Jericho gets out of it, but Devon fought back and delivered a running power slam. Bubba got the tag back and knocked down Jericho again. Jericho fights back and kicks Bubba in the back of the head. Jericho tags The Rock and Bubba tags Devon. Clothesline by Rock on Devon. Spine buster by Rock. People’s elbow by Rock, 1,2 but Bubba interrupts the count. Jericho took down Bubba Ray. Jericho sends Bubba into the announcing table. Jericho was going for the Missle drop kick on Devon, but Devon pushed Rock in the way. Dudleyz were about to do with the 3D but Jericho gets in the way and prevents the 3D from happening. Rock does the Rock bottom on Devon and gets the 1,2,3. After the match. Rock hands Chris Jericho one of the tag team titles. Stephanie and Shane were in disbelief backstage, while Vince and Linda were hugging and happy.

Winners: New WWF Tag Team champions, The Rock and Chris Jericho

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