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WWF RAW 10/15/2001

WWF RAW Results
October 15, 2001
LIVE From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman
Report by: Adam Martin of

The WWF opening promo hits.

Highlights are shown from last week on SmackDown with Linda McMahon making Mick Foley the NEW WWF Commissioner. They then show Foley making the Main Event at No Mercy with Stone Cold defending the WWF Championship against Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match.

The RAW promo hits followed by the pyro hitting in Ottawa starting off the show!

The NEW WWF Commissioners music hits as he makes his way to the ring and his Halloween book in hand. Said he knows the fans are happy about him becoming the WWF commissioner but his WWF friends asked him if he remembers what happened to him in December of last year of Vince McMahon firing him. Said he didn’t come back for Vince McMahon and he doesn’t frankly care. Said he didn’t come back for the money. Said he didn’t come back to plug his book, which is Halloween Hijinx which got a pop from the crowd. He said he came back for the WWF fans. He said he wanted to be the voice of reason for the fans and one example was making the main event for No Mercy with Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, and R-V-D. He said why would he want to stay at home scratching his butt when he could be scratching his butt right here, in Ottawa! Trish’s music hits and then she makes her way down to the ring. Foley asked why did she come out here. She said he knows Mick came back and wanted her Stratus-faction. She complemented about the Lingerie match at No Mercy with Torrie Wilson and Stacey Keibler but she says she looks much better in Lingerie and takes off her jacket revealing herself! Mick proposed that they put a cage around the ring and Trish could show herself to the fans all night! He then proposes that she come to the back with him in his Commissioner office. He then says that as the new Commissioner he will give the fans what they want from now on. His music hits and he Foley leaves with Trish.

Alliance is shown in the back with Stone Cold Steve Austin standing above all of them. He gets their attention and said it concerns RVD as well. He said he appreciates them and he knows they all appreciate him. He says he is cool with the Main Event at No Mercy. He then says lefts forget about Sunday lets talk about tonight. He talks about the Main Event tonight with him teaming up with a partner from the Alliance. Debra then passes out paper and pencils and Stone Cold asked all members of the Alliance to vote on who they think deserves to team with him tonight. Booker T then says that it will be an honor to team with him tonight. The rest of the Alliance give Booker a weird look and then Stone Cold tells them all to vote.


A commercial is shown of the new WWF Magazine with a special section about Stephanie.

APA is shown backstage with Jacky and Nidia from Tough Enough! He says you should come with us to the ring tonight in there Tag Team Match tonight. Hurricane Helms is shown looking on with wires attached to his motorcycle. He drives off and pulls apart the APA’s office. Bradshaw then says, “Stand back, theres an ass kicking coming through!”

Handicap Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Big Show

Match starts off with Dudleyz going after Big Show but he takes both down with a big clothesline and throws them to the outside. The Dudleyz then start to leave walking up the ramp but Big Show takes them down. He leads them both back to the ring. D-Von gets in first and Big Show whips him into the corner. Bubba Ray gets in and Big Show whips him into the corner. Big Show charges but both men move out of the way. Back body drop on Big Show by Dudleyz. D-Von climbs the top rope and hits the head butt drop to the groin on Big Show. Dudleyz pick up Big Show and try to suplex him but Big Show reverses and suplexs the Dudleyz! Big Show takes both men down a few times. He whips D-Von into the ropes and hits a big overhead drop. He takes Bubba Ray down and then Chokeslams D-Von! Big Show screams that he is getting a table! Big Show gets a table out from under the ring and puts it in the ring. Big Show gets in as the crowd chants TABLES! Big Show sets the table up and Bubba Ray tries to get in but Big Show knocks him out. Big Show takes D-Von and sets him up for a powerbomb. Then Bubba Ray comes in and hits Big Show with a WWF Tag Team Title. D-Von covers and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winners – Dudley Boyz

After the match, the Dudley Boyz continue to beat on Big Show. Tajiri then runs down but the Dudley Boyz try to 3-D him through the table but Tajiri holds onto the ropes, kicks D-Von, then sprays the green mist in Bubba Ray’s eyes allowing the Big Show to Chokeslam Bubba Ray Dudley through the table!

In the back, Shane puts in his vote which is the last one with Stephanie and William Regal looking on. Stone Cold then says they will go outside to the ring and reveal the winner. Before they leave, Debra says she almost forgot to give hers. Stone Cold looks at it as they walk on, gets a mad look on his face and crumbles it and throws it on the ground.


Stacker 2 of the Week – Shows Linda McMahon firing William Regal

The glass shatters as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down the ramp with the WWF Championship in hand and the entire Alliance behind him. Stephanie grabs a mic and says how gullible you people are. She said last week my mother came out and cheered her like she is the nicest lady in the world. She said that nice lady ended someone’s career when she fired William Regal and she took pleasure in it. She said her family may take pleasure in firing other people but the Alliance is about love, care, and compassion. Shane grabs the mic and says tonight we are gathered not to see a firing but rather see a hiring. He then announces William Regal as the first-ever Alliance Commissioner. William Regal says he is proud and privileged to be the new Alliance Commissioner. He said he joined this organization because it was the rising force in sports entertainment. He also he is glad he can be apart of a man named Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin gets on the mic and says we are all here tonight to see who will team with him tonight. Austin says Tommy Dreamer voted for Booker T. Chris Kanyon voted for RVD. Chuck Palumbo voted for Booker T. Test voted for Booker T. Mike Awesome voted for Booker T. Raven voted for Booker T. Billy Kidman voted for RVD. He then says he voted for Booker T instead giving RVD one vote. Austin then says it will be Booker T who stands with Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight. Booker T gets on the mic and says, “You guys didn’t just do that”. Booker T thanks Austin and the Alliance because finally he is getting some respect. Austin walks in front of RVD and asks him why is the long face. He asks if he thinks he deserves to be in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin says he got one stupid vote. The crowd then starts to chant RVD as Austin says WHAT, WHAT. Austin then tells RVD that he deserves to be a champion. Austin says RVD deserves a shot against The Rock for the WCW Title. He then says RVD can walk into the Main Event at No Mercy as a champion instead of a contender. William Regal makes is official that RVD will face The Rock for the WCW Title tonight on RAW. Austin says the Alliance is behind RVD as the fans chant.


A shot is shown outside in Ottawa, Canada.

Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm, & Mighty Molly w/ Ivory vs. APA, Jacky w/ Nidia

APA starts off on Lance Storm and Helms. Faarooq gets taken down by Lance Storm. Bradshaw takes down Lance Storm and Faarooq continues with a spinebuster on Storm going for the pin but gets broken up by Mighty Molly. Faarooq tags in Jacky. Jacky spears Molly and takes her down with a few hard punches. Jacky hits a off the rope bulldog maneuver on Molly and only gets a 2 count when Ivory interferes. Hurricane gets in with Jacky who takes him down with a kick to the head. Bradshaw takes down Hurricane with a knee to the face and APA take Lance Storm down with a double spinebuster. Hurricane goes to the top, jumps, but Bradshaw catches him and gives a fall away slam. Hurricane goes for a clothesline on Bradshaw but when Hurricane hits Bradshaw he bounces off and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hell. Both APA members roll Hurricane out of the ring.

Winners – APA, Jacky w/ Nidia


RAW comes back with Billy Kidman talking with Rob Van Dam about his match with The Rock tonight for the WCW Title. Billy Kidman said he didn’t know what happened out there but Stone Cold was lying because he knows no one voted for Booker T. Tazz then confronts Kidman and says he should learn respect for Stone Cold and watch his mouth. Tazz then challenges Billy Kidman to a match tonight.

The Coach is the back talking with Kurt Angle and if he picked his partner yet. Kurt Angle said no and then The Undertaker walks up and says you just found your partner.

Michael Cole is in the back with Chris Jericho asking if it mattered if RVD beats The Rock for the WCW Title tonight. He said he doesn’t care but would like to see The Rock win and face him at No Mercy for the WCW Title. Jericho says he might not have funny catchphrases, he might not be able to raise his eyebrow…then The Rock walks up. Rock says you might think you can beat The Rock but he knows he can beat Chris Jericho. The Rock says he has no idea about what will happen this Sunday and he tells Jericho to stay out of The Rock’s way. The Rock hits Chris Jericho’s shoulder as he walks away. Jericho then says that it is going to be good.


Lugz Boot of the Week – RVD losing his match against Chris Jericho when Austin hit him over the head on SmackDown this past week.

Chris Jericho joins Jim Ross and Paul Heyman at ringside.

WCW Championship
The Rock © vs. Rob Van Dam

The Rock stares down RVD as his music cuts and the bell rings. The fans chant RVD loudly. Both men circle the ring. Both men lock up and Rock gets a headlock on RVD. RVD sends Rock into the ropes and Rock takes him down. Rock goes off the ropes again and RVD jumps, Rock goes off the ropes and hits a spinebuster on RVD. Rock puts RVD in the corner. RVD then sends Rock into the other corner. RVD runs up and takes Rock down and goes for a missile drop kick from the top and connects. He throws Rock to the outside. RVD drapes Rock over the guard railing and goes for his kick to the back but Rock moves and RVD hits his leg on the guard railing. RVD hits Rocks head eventually off the announcer’s table and then throws Rock into the ring. RVD hits another missile drop kick and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. RVD kicks Rock on the ground who is draped over the ropes. Rock gets up and hits some hard rights and RVD sends him into the ropes and takes him down with dropkick and then RVD hits a leg drop for another 2 count. RVD gives Rock a few kicks to the back. RVD picks up Rock and punches him in the corner. Rock then takes RVD and throws him into the corner and hits some hard rights. Rock tries to whip RVD into the corner but RVD does. RVD runs up and takes Rock down. Rock gets up and hits a few slaps to the face. RVD takes Rock down and RVD hits a quick slam on the ground for another 2 count. RVD sends Rock into the corner and takes him down with a back breaker. RVD jumps up and hits a short moonsault with both legs but Rock rolls out of the way and misses. Rock gets up before RVD and hits a few hard punches to the face. Rock tries to send RVD into the ropes but RVD counters however Rock takes RVD down with a big clothesline. RVD gets up and goes for the behind kick to the face but Rock ducks, kicks RVD in the gut and hits a DDT. Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but RVD gets out of it, goes off the ropes, but Rock takes RVD down with a big spinebuster. Rock goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Both men get up slowly. Rock tries to pick up RVD but RVD sweeps him off both feet. RVD goes off the ropes and tries for a flip-slam onto Rock but Rock throws RVD to the outside. Rock and RVD are on the outside and Rock takes RVD by the head and nails it off the announcer’s table three times. RVD turns around and Rock hits RVD with a big punch throwing him onto the announcer’s table. RVD gets back and chops Rock in the gut hard. RVD throws Rock back into the ring and gets a steel chair. As Rock gets up in the ring, Rhyno runs in and GORE’s Rock. RVD jumps to the top rope and tries to go for the Five Star Splash for the win but Jericho gets up and pushes RVD off the top rope allowing the bell to be rung.

Winner by DQ – Rob Van Dam
Winner and STILL WCW Champion – The Rock

After that match, RVD and Rhyno beat up on the Rock as WWF and WCW officials break it up.


Rhyno is shown in the back with Stephanie mad about how RVD got screwed out of winning the WCW Title thanks to Chris Jericho. Stephanie says she is angry as well as Stone Cold. She tells Rhyno to end Chris Jericho’s career tonight in there match. Rhyno says he will make sure Chris Jericho doesn’t even make it to No Mercy!

Tazz vs. Billy Kidman

Match starts with Tazz beating on Kidman. Tazz throws Kidman into the ropes but Tazz ducks when Kidman came off the ropes but Kidman hits a dropkick to the face. Kidman takes down Tazz and goes to the top rope to take Tazz down but Tazz moves out of the way. Tazz takes down Kidman with a few big suplex’s. Tazz throws Kidman into the corner and hits a few slaps. Tazz tries to throw Kidman into the other corner but Kidman reverses and throws Tazz into the corner while hitting his head knocking both men off. Kidman climbs the top rope hits a flying elbow to only get a two count. Both men exchange punches after the pin. Kidman hits a modified X-Factor quickly on Tazz and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win!

Winner – Billy Kidman

Chris Jericho is shown making his way to the arena in the back.

A promo is shown for No Mercy this Sunday on Pay Per View.


RAW returns with Rhyno’s music hitting. WWF reminds that you can watch No Mercy at WWF New York this Sunday!

Rhyno vs. “Y2J” Chris Jericho

Both men lock up and Rhyno breaks it up with a headlock. Rhyno goes off the ropes and takes Jericho down with a clothesline. Both men go off the ropes at different times but Rhyno takes down Jericho with a clothesline. Rhyno puts Jericho in the corner and hits some punches and kicks. He sends Jericho into the other corner but Jericho hits a kick then a missile drop kick from the second rope for a 2 count. Jericho slaps Rhyno on the ropes but Rhyno sends Jericho into the ropes, Jericho kicks Rhyno in the face and Jericho charges at Rhyno but Rhyno takes down Jericho with a HUGE spinebuster. Rhyno picks up Jericho and sends him into the corner. Rhyno gives Jericho a spear in the corner. Rhyno snapmares Jericho and gets a 2 count. Rhyno punches Jericho and then hits another snapmare into a sleeper hold. Jericho gets up out of the sleeper hold and slaps Rhyno across the chest. Jericho charges but Rhyno lifts Jericho onto his shoulders and does an airplane spin type move then hits a modified neckbreaker for a 2 count. Rhyno gets up on the turnbuckle, jumps, and tries for a body splash but misses. The ref begins to count both men out but both men get up at 8. Jericho slaps Rhyno, sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Jericho misses a clothesline on Rhyno, Rhyno charges at Jericho but Jericho hits a hip toss. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Rhyno moves, Jericho flips onto both feet, and Rhyno takes Jericho down with a overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Jericho then hits a school boy pin on Rhyno but turns it into the Walls of Jericho. Then Raven and Mike Awesome come down and break up the match.

Winner by DQ – Chris Jericho

Raven, Mike Awesome, and Rhyno all beat on Jericho when Rock comes down and takes out Rhyno with a spinebuster. Jericho gets up and takes out Mike Awesome. Rock clotheslines Raven to the outside. As Jericho gets done beating on Mike Awesome, Jericho turns around and gets a Rock Bottom from The Rock! The Rock’s music hits as he looks down on Jericho and leaves.


DDP is shown at WWF New York smiling. He said tonight D-D-P is in N-Y-C. He said he would rather be in NYC then be stuck in Ottawa, Canada. He said he cannot find anything positive about the Canadian audience. He says the audience in WWF New York is bad also. He said that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. He said he is not going to let there negative energy effect his positivity! Why you ask? Because he is D-D-P!

Edge vs. X-Pac

Both men lock up but X-Pac takes Edge down and taunts to the fans. Both men lock up again but this time Edge gets a headlock. X-Pac sends Edge into the ropes but Edge takes him down. X-Pac tries for a hip toss but flips behind Edge, Edge goes off the ropes and catches X-Pac in a side suplex except face first. Edge hits a dropkick to the face on X-Pac when X-Pac charges him. Edge gets up and charges at X-Pac but X-Pac throws him over the top rope. Edge gets up on the outside but baseball slides into Edge’s face. X-Pac goes to the outside and give a few slaps to the chest. X-Pac throws Edge back into the ring. X-Pac climbs the top rope and goes for a body splash but Edge reverses into a roll up for a 2 count. X-Pac takes Edge with a lateral press only for a 2 count. Edge gets up and goes off the ropes but gets taken down by a heel kick by X-Pac. X-Pac goes for the pin and only gets a 2 count. X-Pac puts Edge in the corner and kicks him until Edge goes all the way down and chokes him with his boot. X-Pac looks to hit the Bronco Buster but as he turns around Edge spears him. X-Pac goes for a clothesline but Edge takes him down. X-Pac throws Edge into the corner but Edge jumps and takes X-Pac down with the Edge-O-Matic but only gets a 2 count. X-Pac threw Edge into the corner and went for a schoolboy pin but only got a 2 count. Edge goes for the clothesline on X-Pac but X-Pac ducks, goes off the ropes, but Edge lifts X-Pac into the air and X-Pac connects with the ring. X-Pac gets up but gets a kick to the gut and a DDT from Edge. Edge goes for the pin and gets the 1, 2, 3 for the win.

Winner – Edge

After the match while Edge was celebrating on the turnbuckle, Jim Ross gets up and taps him on the foot. Edge gets down and Jim Ross tells Edge something with prompts Edge to leave the ring and run up the ramp quickly leaving the arena.


RAW comes back with Edge leaving his dressing room and telling Christian that there mom has been in a crash. Hugh Morrus, Kanyon, and Chuck Palumbo stop Edge and ask him where he is going. Edge pushes them out of the way but Christian comes from behind and nails Edge over the back. Christian said there was no accident, the only accident was when his mom gave birth to Edge 27 years ago!

Paul Heyman then gets on the mic and says that he may be a mere Canadian, but there is a new member in the Alliance and his name is CHRISTIAN!

Undertaker is shown standing by Kurt Angle’s dressing room telling him to come out. Kurt Angle comes out with a American Flag bandana on and sunglasses on. This gets laughs from the crowd in Ottawa as The Undertaker asks what he thinks he is dong. Kurt Angle says that the Undertaker might be an American Badass but he is an American Olympic-ass and he said that Booker T and Stone Cold together make a horse’s ass. The Undertaker says there is no problem and they leave for there match.


Stone Cold Steve Austin & Booker T vs. The Undertaker & Kurt Angle

Undertaker starts on Austin on the outside as Kurt Angle goes after Booker T. Angle throws Booker into the ring. Booker beats on Angle and kicks him. Booker picks up Angle and goes for a clothesline off the ropes but Angle ducks and takes Booker T down. Angle throws Booker into the corner and gives Booker many slaps to the chest. Angle sends Booker into the other corner but Booker blocks it and takes Angle down. Angle gets back up and takes Booker T down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle tags in Undertaker and takes down Booker T and punches him in the corner. Booker T tags in Austin. Austin and Undertaker exchange right and lefts. Austin sends Undertaker into the ropes and takes him down with the Lou Thez Press. Austin goes off the ropes twice and tries to hit the elbow drop but Undertaker grabs Austin around the neck. Austin counters out of it and throws Undertaker into the corner. Austin tags in Booker T. Booker T takes down Undertaker and looks to hit the Spinearooni. Booker T does it but when he gets up he gets a HUGE clothesline from the Undertaker! Undertaker lifts Booker T up over his head and then hits a quick suplex but only gets a 2 count out of the pin. He tags in Angle who gives Booker some hard rights. Angle takes Booker down with an elbow to the chest off the ropes. Angle hits a suplex only for the 2 count. Angle sends Booker into the ropes but Booker takes Angle and sends him over the top rope to the outside. Austin beats on Angle on the outside and nails his head off the steel steps. Austin throws Angle back into the ring. Booker T takes Angle down with a heel kick. Booker goes for the pin but Undertaker breaks it up. Booker T tags in Austin. He beats on Angle in the corner with slaps to the chest. Austin sends Angle into the ropes but Angle counters and puts Austin in a sleeper hold. Austin counters by doing a modified Stunner on Kurt Angle breaking it up. Austin tags in Booker T. Booker slaps Angle across the chest three times. Angle fights back and sends Booker into the ropes but Booker misses the clothesline and takes Booker down with a flying body press to the chest of Booker T. Angle gets a 2 count but Booker rolls over and tags in Austin. Austin chokes Angle with his boot in the corner. Austin sends Angle into the ropes and hits an elbow to the chest and goes for the pin but only gets 2 count. Austin then puts Angle in a sleeper hold on the ground. Angle gets up and fights back with elbows to the gut. Angle hits some hard rights, goes off the ropes, ducks twice and hits another flying body press on Austin for the 2 count. Austin tries to kick Angle in the gut but Angle takes Austin down with the ankle lock but Booker breaks it up. Austin picks up Angle and goes for the Stunner but Angle pushes Austin into Undertaker who punches Austin and Angle punches Austin. Angle and Austin charge each other but hit a double clothesline taking both of them down. Austin grabs Angle by the leg but Angle jumps and tags in Undertaker. Undertaker takes down Austin and Booker T who comes in. He puts both Austin and Booker in both corners and charges both easily. Undertaker tries to send Booker T into the corner but Booker knocks the ref out. Booker goes off the other corner and Undertaker tries for a chokeslam but Austin breaks it up. Undertaker charges Austin and hits a flying clothesline. Undertaker then picks up Booker T and attempts the Last Ride but Test gets in and takes Undertakers leg out. Angle comes in and takes out Booker T but Test takes Angle down with a Boot to the Face. Test takes Undertaker to the outside and beats on him. Kane then comes down and takes out Test on the outside. They brawl into the crowd. Booker T and The Undertaker follow joining the brawl. Angle is in the ring and Austin grabs the WWF Championship and hits Angle over the head with it. Austin tells the ref to get into the ring. A WCW ref runs down as Austin pins Angle, 1, 2, Angle kicks out! Austin takes out the WCW referee. Angle tries for a back suplex with a low blow with his foot. Angle got up and then gave Austin a low blow allowing both men to be down. RVD then runs down and sees both men in the ring. He jumps up onto the turnbuckle and is thinking who he should hit with the move. RVD jumps and hits Kurt Angle with the Five Star Splash and not Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin pins Angle, 1, 2, 3 for the win!

Winners – Stone Cold Steve Austin & Booker T

After the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin is looking on at Rob Van Dam as RAW goes off the air.


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