WWF RAW 10/8/2001

WWF Raw Results
October 8, 2001
Live from: Indianapolis, IN
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Raw starts with hightlights of last week’s Smackdown. They recap the Angle vs Rob Van Dam match and how RVD won with the help of Shane McMahon, which allows Austin to have title shot against Kurt Angle tonight on Raw. All members of the Alliance are banned from ring side tonight.

Match #1
6-Man Tag Team
Tazz & Dudley Boyz w/Stacy vs Big Show, Spike & Tajiri w/Torrie

The match starts with all six men fighting. Then it’s Tazz against Spike. Suplex by Tazz on Spike. Tazz makes the tag to Devon. Body slam by Devon on Spike. Devon goes on the second rope, jumps, but Spike moves. Tazz and Big Show get tagged in. Big Show was about to chokeslam the Dudleyz, but Tazz delivered a low blow and Big Show was clotheslined by the Dudleyz to the outside. Tajiri went in and delivered a kick on Tazz and got the win, while the others were on the outside. After the match, Bubba attacks Tajiri and then Torrie and Staacy go at it. Tazz goes in and applies the tazzmission on Tajiri and Stacy knocks down Torrie. The Dudleyz got a table and Bubba powerbombed Torrie Wilson through the table. (TSN censored that part)

Winners: Big Show, Spike & Tajiri


Paramedics had Torrie on a stretcher backstage.

Stephanie McMahon Segment

Stephanie McMahon comes out. She tells the fans to stop applauding her. She says that after witnessing what happened to Torrie Wilson, BIG DEAL! She only went through a table. She said she got pulverized by Jericho. Torrie got what she had coming to her. Stephanie asks the WWF crew to roll the footage of when Jericho attacked on Smackdown a couple of weeks back. She said that she has suffered a mild concussion. She says that now she’s back! And she feels so great and she can do anything. She wants to watch Stone Cold defeat Kurt Angle and become the WWF champion.

Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. Crowd chants Y2J. Jericho says that he’s happy she’s ok. Jericho says that she feels she can do any body? You’re happy to be on your back? or happy to be back? He basically insults her.

Shane McMahon comes out to the ring too. Shane said that for years he has been making fun of his sister. He said he has done nothing about it, do you know why? He thinks he’s hilarious. Shane says the words Jericho says trash bag, bottom feeding, ho. He’s a lyrical genius. Shane told him to focus on his matches, instead of wasting time by making fun of Stephanie. Shane says that he’s a choke artist. Jericho tells them that they should be a tag team tonight against Y2J. That was, he can get his hands on each of their necks and to show them how it feels like to choke.

Stephanie says that she knows Jericho wants to get his hands on her body, but she’s not stupid like the fans. She says it will be Shane and Rob Van Dam against him. Jericho says he will team up with a man that has something, they both don’t have and that’s the WCW title. Tonight it’s Chris Jericho and The Rock vs Shane McMahon and RVD. He says “Choke on that Ass clowns”.

Booker T/Test/RVD segment backstage

Booker T congratulates RVD backstage about the stuff he has done. Booker T mentions that he’s a five time WCW champion and RVD says “Five times?” and Booker T says “yea five times”. RVD says that he can’t believe he lost the WCW titles five times and Booker T tells Test “Tell me he didn’t say that”.


DDP Segment

TSN censored this part, meaning the Canadian viewers did not see that. A friend of mine passed this along.

DDP segment started with a chick….saying 12 weeks ago she was fat and her husband wouldn’t even touch her…..then she like turned around and bent over showing her panties….then DDP’s head poked up and he did his usual stuff and said he wanted to touch her.

Match #2
wCw Tag Team Titles
Booker T & Test vs Hardy Boyz w/Lita

Booker T and Test attack the Hardyz, then the Hardyz fight back and suplex Test. Jeff ran and jumped on test, but Test caught him in id air and slammed him on the mat. Booker T starts it off against Matt Hardy. A few seconds later, Test gets the tag. Test hammers away on Matt in the corner. Matt fights back and does a tornado DDT. Jeff and Booker T get the tag. Jeff takes down Booker T. Test gets in and so does Matt. Both men end up fighting on the outside. Lita goes on the top rope and does the hurricanrana on Booker T. Twist if Fate by Matt. Double clothesline by Booker T and Jeff. Test went after Lita on the outside and through her in the crowd. In the ring, Booker T got up and Undertaker came out and delivered the last ride and Jeff Hardy did the Senton bomb and got the win.

Winners: New wCw Tag Team champions, The Hardy Boyz


Booker T and Test were upset backstage. Boker t said that ever since he got there, he got disrespected and wants to take out the most respected guy in the WWF.

Lita was on the outside of the Hardyz locker room. She turned around and Molly and Helms were there. They said that they got illegal help from the Undertaker and Helms calls Lita’s team “cheaters”. Molly challenges Lita and Lita accepts.


Match #3
U.S. Title
Edge vs Rhyno

Christian came out and handed his glasses to a little kid, then Christian decided to take the glasses back and went to the announcing table and said he wanted to give the glasses, but he realized how ugly the kid was.

The match starts with Edge delivering a few punches on Rhyno. Rhyno fights back and knocks down Edge. Edge fights back with a spinning kick, then both men exchange fists. Rhyno kicks Edge in the mid section. Christian tried to trip Edge, but Edge knocks Christian down. Spine buster by Rhyno. Rhyno tried to go for the powerbomb, but Edge got out and delivered the DDT, 1,2 but Christian pulled Edge to the outside. The referee calls for the bell. Christian throws Edge in the ring and Rhyno went for the gore, but Edge moved out of the way. Then Christian went in with the chair and got speered by Edge.

Winner: by Disqualification, Edge


Match #4
Shane McMahon & RVD vs Chris Jericho & The Rock

The match starts with Rock and RVD. They lock up and he pressures RVD to the corner. RVD delivers an elbow shot. Rock then clotheslined RVD. RVD kicked the Rock and he tagged Shane. Rock fires on Shane McMahon. Jericho gets the tag and beats on Shane in the corner. Clothesline by Jericho. Jericho delivers a few right hands, followed by chops to the chest of Shane. Jericho was going for the Lionsault, but RVD kicked him. Shane tags RVD. Rolling thunder by RVD, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. RVD puts Jericho in the corner and beats on him, then Shane gets the tag and he continues the punishment. Shane knocks down Jericho. Jericho fights back with a kick in the back of the head of Shane. Rock gets the tag and so does RVD. Rock takes down RVD and goes for the sharpshooter, then Shane nails Rock from behind. Shane sends the Rock to the outside. Jericho knocks down Shane and then knocks him to the outside. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on RVD, on the outside. Shane does the bulldog on Jericho on the steel steps. Rock runs after Shane and they meet up in the ring, but RVD was waiting there and nails Rock with a kick. RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Rock moved out of the way. Rock hammers away on RVD. Shane comes in and Rock delivers a spine buster. Rock was going for the People’s Elbow, but RVD clotheslined the Rock. RVD was going to send the Rock to the ropes, but Rock reverses it and sends RVD and RVD knocks down Shane off the apron. Jericho got a chair and was going for Shane but Shane ducks and accidently nails The Rock with the chair, which allowed RVD to get the pinfall on the Rock.

Winners: Shane McMahon & RVD


RVD and Shane were shown celebrating backstage. Then the Alliance came to congratulate them and they started to chant RVD in front of Steve Austin’s locker room.

They show a small highlight of Chris Benoit on Heat last night.

Lance Storm and Ivory were shown at WWF New York. Lance Storm says that Steve Austin will be victorious tonight.

Backstage, Jericho was busted open because of Shane’s bulldog on the steel steps and doctors were seeing if he was okay. Rock came in and told him “what were you thinking?” referring to when Jericho accidently hit him with the chair. Jericho said he was going for Shane McMahon, it was an accident. Rock turned around and Jericho said that he was trying to win the match and the Rock came back and then Rock told him what did he say? and Jericho said that he was trying to win the match, then said that he maybe should have knocked off the People’s eyebrow off the People’s face and Jericho attacked the Rock and both men were going at it. WWF officials had to break it up.


Michael Cole was standing outside of Austin’s locker room and Cole said that immediately following the next match, Steve Austin will talk about his match tonight against Kurt Angle.

Match #5
Light Heavyweight Title
X-Pac vs Scotty 2 Hotty

The match starts with both men locking up. X-Pac does a side head lock, but Scotty escapes. X-Pac takes down Scotty. They lock up again, this time Scotty does a head lock and knocks down X-Pac. X-Pac tries to throw Scotty to the outside, but he held on the ropes and climbed back in and threw X-Pac to the outside. On the outside, X-Pac did a spinning kick and threw him back in the ring. X-Pac was going for the Bronco buster, but Scotty moved out of the way. Clothesline by Scotty. Scotty takes down X-Pac and does the WORM, 1,2 but X-Pac had his foot on the bottom rope. Scotty started to punch X-Pac on the second rope, then X-Pac threw him off and delivered the X-Factor for the win.

Winner: Still Light Heavyweight champion, X-Pac

Debra comes out and Cole says that he was expecting Stone Cold. Debra says that he would love to see the next WWF champion, but Austin does not want to talk to him, he changed his mind. Debra asks Cole where to find Regal’s office and Cole gives her the directions.


Match #6
Lita vs Mighty Molly

The match starts with Molly kicking Lita. Molly takes down Lita. Molly chokes Lita on the ropes. Swinging neck breaker by Molly, 1,2 but Lita kicked out. Clothesline by Molly, followed by a blackjack. Lita fights back by taking down Molly with the head scissors. Molly gets up and offers her hand, but Lita just hits her and continues the match. Molly fights back and rolls up Lita and gets the 1,2,3. (Yes, a clean match) Hurricane Helms comes and shakes her hand and leaves with Molly.

Winner: Mighty Molly

Helms and Mighty Molly get on the Molly Mobile and they left.

Debra walks into Regal’s office. Debra says she loves his office and the Queen…. Debra cuts to the chase and says that she knows Regal has banned The Alliance from ring side tonight, but she says does that include her? Regal asks her if she baked cookies and she says no. Regal told her to occupy herself by baking cookies, because she will NOT be at ring side.


Cole interviews Kurt Angle and asks him if he’s worried… then Kurt said that he wants to set the record straight. Austin learned that at SummerSlam he couldn’t beat Kurt Angle and at Unforgiven, he learned that he can beat Austin. Will Austin win back the title? Oh Hell No (Kurt said).

Match #7
WWF Title
Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle

Austin came out. Debra then came out on her own and sat at ring side.


William regal comes out and tells Debra to go backstage and she doesn’t want to go. Regal grabs her by the ear and tells her to leave. Regal takes Debra’s place at ring side.

Kurt comes out and the match starts on the outside. Then they go in the ring and both men exchange right hands. Angle knocks down Austin. Austin gets back up and jumps on Angle. Austin sends Angle on the ropes and Angle fires back and jumps on Austin and delivers a few punches. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Austin got the ropes. Austin grabbed Angle’s feet and dragged him to the ring post and slammed his feet on it. The fight then goes on the outside. Angle bounces Austin’s head on the announcing table. Angle throws Austin over the announcing table. Angle removes the padding exposing the concrete floor. Austin clotheslines Angle and hits Angle’s head on the steel steps. Austin delivers a chop to the chest of Angle and throws him in the ring. Austin puts Kurt Angle in the corner and delivers a couple of hits, but Angle tries to fight back, but Austin knocks him down and gets back working on Kurts knee. Sleeper hold by Austin. U.S.A chants. Angle breaks the hold, but Austin knocks him back down. Austin chokes him on the bottom rope. Suplex by Austin. Austin applies the sleeper again. Angle fights back and knocks down Austin. Back slide by Kurt Angle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Angle applies the sleeper hold on Austin, but Austin counters it into a jaw breaker. Both men exchange a few moves, then Austin applies the sleeper hold again. Angle pushed Austin into the corner. Cross body by Angle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Inside cradle by Angle, 1,2 but Austin kicked out. Austin does a sunset flip, but Angle keeps his balance and delivers a few punches on Stone Cold. Austin throws Angle to the outside. Austin grabs a chair, but Regal takes it away. Austin clotheslines Kurt Angle. Austin takes Kurt to the exposed concrete and tries to piledriver, but Angle replies back with a back body drop. Angle sends Austin back in the ring. Angle delivers a few hits in the corner, then Austin does a spine buster. Austin does the Boston crab but Angle gets the ropes. Austin drags him back and Kurt gets the ropes. Austin gets into a small argument with the referee. Angle gets up and takes control of the match. Belly to belly over head suplex by Angle. German suplex by Angle, followed by another, then Austin grabbed the ropes and low blowed Kurt Angle. Austin was going for the stunner, but Angle gets out of the way, then Austin pushes Angle on the referee. The referee is knocked out on the outside. Austin gets the WWF title and Regal gets in the ring and takes it away from him, then regal turns around and nails Kurt Angle with the WWF title. Austin covers, 1,2 but Angle kicked out. Austin does the stunner and gets the win.

Winner: New WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin

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