WWF RAW 10/1/2001

WWF Raw Results
October 1st, 2001
Live from: Baton Rouge, LA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Raw starts with highlights of Smackdown’s main event between the Dudley Boyz vs Rock and Kurt Angle. They show how Test, Booker T and Shane McMahon got involved.

Opening Segment

The World Wrestling Federation champion, Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt says he has some unfinished business with the Dudleyz. But first, he has some sad news. Word on the street is that Stone Cold will not be showing up tonight. Or Austin might want it to be a surprise and show up out of nowhere. Kurt says that Austin hasn’t been seen on TV since he beat him for the WWF title. Austin, are you embarrassed? Ashamed? Hung over? What? Kurt says that there is no shame in losing against an Olympic Gold medalist. He said there is no shame in tapping out. Kurt says he doesn’t want to embarrass him, so if he is back there, he should stop playing games and come out to the ring, right here right now. Austin didn’t come out. The Rock’s music hits and The Rock comes out.

The Rock says he doesn’t know where Austin is tonight and quite frankly, he doesn’t care. But what the Rock cares about are the Dudley Boyz. The same Dudleyz that put Kurt through tables, the same Dudleyz that are here tonight. Kurt says “Oh Testify Rock, testify”. Rock makes fun of the Dudleyz, but the bottom line is this, tonight Kurt and Rock can whip their candy asses. Shane McMahon comes out.

Shane says that he’s so excited that he wants to take on the Dudleyz tonight, and since he owns wCw, he will force the Rock to compete in that very ring, in a special handicap table match against the Dudleyz and he is forcing the Rock to put up the wCw title. If Rock is able to put Devon or Bubba through a table, he wins. But if Bubba or Devon put him through a table, he loses his title. Shane says that if Kurt Angle interferes in the match, he will strip the Rock from the wCw title.

The Rock thinks that Shane, with all the money he has and everything, he is without a doubt the biggest asshole walking god’s green earth. Kurt Angle says that he knows what he means when he says “strudle”. He says Austin is one giant strudle. As for Shane McMahon, he doesn’t think he has a strudle. Shane says not only he has a strudle, he has the whole damn bakery down there. Shane McMahon challenges Kurt Angle for the WWF title tonight. Kurt accepts his challenge and says he’ll see if he has a strudle or a twinky.

Shane walks towards the ring. Shane was on the apron, then the Dudleyz sneak up from behind and they attack Rock and Kurt. Devon throws Rock to the outside. Shane and Devon hammer away on Kurt Angle. Devon brings in a table. Bubba powerbombs Kurt Angle through the table. The Rock comes in and tries to fight back, but the Dudleyz Boyz out-numbered him and delivered the 3D on him.


Paul Heyman had a fax machine on the announcing table. It rings and it’s a letter from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heyman reads the letter. Austin is not embarrassed or ashamed because he lost his WWF title…. Nothing important at all. Just explains that he’s not scared, embarrassed or ashamed.

Match #1
WWF European Title
Spike Dudley vs Hurricane Helms

Helms attacks Spike first, then Spike clotheslines him. Helms fights back and delivers a swinging neck breaker. Helms beats on Spike in the corner, then Spike fights back and slams Helms. Mike Awesome came to ring side and Spike went on the top rope and jumped on him. He got back in the ring and Helms does the super kick. Helms went on the top rope and jumped, but Spike had his foot up. Spike was going for the Dudley Dog, but Mike Awesome grabbed him leg and hits it against the ropes, which allowed Helms to do the Nightmare on Helms Street from the second rope and to get the win.

Winner: Hurricane Helms

Helms went in the parking lot and showed his new and improved “Heracycle”. Molly Holly was dressed like Hurricane Helms and she left with him. Spike was watching it on the tron and couldn’t believe it. Big Show was shown at WWF New York and tried to cheer up Spike and told him that he will take Spike out on Thursday for a night he’ll never forget. He said that Spike will not be a one woman man anymore.


Match #2
6-Man Tag Team
Booker T, Test & RVD vs Undertaker, Kane & Chris Jericho

Heyman gets another fax. Paul Heyman interrupts the introductions to the match. He said he has received another fax from Austin. Austin recognizes that he’s the greatest superstar in the WWF. He recognizes Test and Booker T as the new tag team champions. Austin writes that there is only one leader of the Alliance and that’s, (Heyman asks Howard Finkel to hold the microphone) then Heyman does his hands like RVD and says “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.


Chris Jericho came out, followed by Undertaker and Kane.

The match is underway.

Booker T and Jericho square off. Booker T takes down Jericho. Jericho gets up and fights back. Couple of chops by Jericho. Jericho takes down Booker T and puts him in the corner and they all take shots at him. Booker T fought back and knocked Jericho down. Test gets the tag. Jericho takes him down and tags the Undertaker. Undertaker works on the left shoulder of Test, only to set him up for Old School. 1,2 but Test kicked out. Kane gets the tag. Kane delivers a few right hands. Test fights back with a Russian leg sweep. Side walk slam by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Test. All three men came in and took care of Kane. RVD if the legal man now. RVD stomps on Kane, then tags Booker T. A few second later, Booker T tags back Test. Test hammers on Kane in the corner. Test was going for a full Nelson slam, but Kane counters and delivers a back suplex. RVD gets the tag and so does the Undertaker. Undertaker delivers a boot to the face of RVD. All three men came in and Undertaker took them down. Undertaker was going for the last ride on Booker T, but RVD hits the Undertaker. Jericho comes in and clotheslines RVD to the outside. In the ring, Test delivered the boot to the face of Kane. Undertaker gets Test and does the last ride. Booker T came in and through Undertaker to the outside. Jericho sneaks up and does the Walls of Jericho on Booker T. RVD goes on the top rope and kicks Jericho and covers him for the win.

Winners: Booker T, Test & RVD

They show the small fight between Torrie and Stacy from Heat.


Paul Heyman updates us on Stephanie’s so called “injury” that occurred on Smackdown. Paul Heyman said people would take months to recover from that, but Stephanie might be back next week.

Mike Awesome was talking to RVD and was happy about the advice he gave him.

Shane McMahon came to talk to RVD. Shane talks about Austin’s faxes. .. (Nothing there at all.)

Lillian Garcia was about to interview Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Keibler attacked her.


Match #3
Handicap Table Match
wCw Title
Rock vs Dudley Boyz

Dudleyz attack the Rock, but he fought back right away and through them to the outside. Rock beats on them on the outside. Rock got a table and through it in the ring. Devon attacked the Rock from behind. Rock clothesline Devon and kicked the table on Bubba. Rock turned around, and Devon clotheslined him. Duleyz take control of the match. Devon goes on the top rope and does the wassup. Referee, Nick Patrick orders Bubba to stand on the apron and to wait for the tag. The table has been placed in the ring and Devon is in control Shortly after, Bubba gets the tag and suplexes the Rock. Devon gets the tag back. Rock was about to get control of the match, but Bubba does a self tag and knocks down the Rock. The Dudleyz double team the Rock. Bubba legally tags in Devon and Devon places the Rock on the table, while Bubba was on the top rope. Rock fought back and went to throw Bubba on the table, but Devon moved the table out of the way. The Dudleyz started to double team the Rock again. Once again, Rock fights back and throws Devon to the outside. Samoan drop on Bubba. Rock delivers a few right hands on Bubba, followed by a DDT. Devon comes back in and Rock knocks him down too. Rock went for the Rock bottom, but Bubba moved the table. Shane McMahon came in while Rock was about to do the Rock bottom on the referee. Shane pushed the Rock and the referee fell too. Shane puts Rock through the table. Another wCw referee came out and was about to award the match to the Dudleyz, but a WWF referee came out and knocked him down. Rock got up and Rock bottomed Bubba on the table and got the win.

Winner: Still wCw champion, The Rock


DDP was shown talking. He does his weird speeches. Saying he wants us to feel great. He said he had surgery on his knee and that’s a good thing because his knee is getting stronger than ever. He said he loves yoga and started doing some weird stretches. He likes him, we like him an dhe will make us, like us. (The usual speech)

Match #4
Tajiri & Torrie Wilson vs Tazz & Stacy Keibler

Tazz starts off against Tajiri. Elbow shot by Tajiri, followed by a couple of kicks. Tazz suplexes him and makes the tag to Stacy. Stacy was dancing and Tajiri kicked her and made the tag to Torrie. The cat fight is on. Torrie puts Stacy in the corner and she beats on her. Stacy rolled her up, 1,2 but Torrie kicked out. Jaw breaker by Stacy Keibler. Tazz gets the tag and so does Tajiri. Tarantula by Tajiri. While Tajiri was fighting with Tazz, Torrie was in control and Ivory came out and did the DDT on Torrie and Stacy got the win.

Winners: Tazz & Stacy Keibler

Paul Heyman got another annoying fax by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said he didn’t like the comments that Jim Ross made about him tonight. Austin said he has not lost his self respect and has gained more self respect because of who he is. He said he’s not a bully and he hates bullies. Because of Jim Ross’ comments, it will result in Austin stomping a mud hole in Jim Ross’ ass. Jim Ross says he knows Austin is there somewhere.


Ivory came in Regal’s office. Regal yells at her about her actions. Ivory said that the more they see of her, the more they like it. She tries to hit on Regal and Regal disses her, then Lance Storm comes in and tells him instead of him doing what’s good for the WWF he is flirting with Ivory. He says that’s sexual harassment. Regal makes a match between him and Storm tonight.

Christian came out. He said that after he won the intercontinental title, he thought he would get respect. Last week, he successfully defended his title against Chris Jericho and Bradshaw. He insults the fans about trying to be French. These people have the audacity to chant Christian sucks. He said do they have any idea what it’s like to have everyone hate him?

X-Pac’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. X-Pac says that he feels his pain and knows what it’s like. He said he was at the top of the world at one point. He was a member of one of the most popular stables. He said he went on his own and they turned on him. Christian says “Shame on you people!”. X-Pac told him to let them have their fan. X-Pac calls the fans losers and X-Pac says they are the winners.

Edge’s music hits and he comes out. Edge says that hanging out with cool people does not mean he’s cool. Edge says that at one point he was in a goth gimmick, but he developed a new character, maybe X-Pac should try that. Edge asks the fans if they hate Christian because he’s annoying? Because he sucks? And they all cheer. Albert attacks Edge from behind and brings him to the ring. All three men beat on Edge. Christian was about to do the one man conchairto, but the APA came out for the rescue and they ran away.


Match #5
Lance Storm w/ Ivory vs William Regal

Storm attacks Regal and drop kicks him. Sends him into the turnbuckle. Storm drops the leg, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Regal fights back and throws him to the outside. Regal beats on him and throws him back in the ring. Elbow drop by Regal, 1,2, but Storm kicked out. Regal knocks down Storm again and goes for the STF submission move and gets the win.

Winner: William Regal

Paul Heyman receives another fax from Steve Austin. Austin believes that Regal attempts to do the right thing for the WWF. Heyman says that Austin wants Regal to strip Kurt Angle from the WWF title. If he can’t do that, he wants to be number one the contender, or else… Heyman screams in Regal’s face. Regal thanks him for the message, and asks him to give the following message to Steve Austin, and he knocks down Paul Heyman.


They show highlights of last Thursday, when they announced the winners of Tough Enough.

Tazz interviews Maven. Tazz notifies him that he has a match on Smackdown and the opponent is going to walk through that door. Then Tazz puts the Tazzmission on him and tells him that he’s the opponent.

RVD talks to Shane again. Shane says he wants RVD at ring side tonight to witness him become WWF champion. Shane told him that he wants no favors from him.

Match #6
WWF Title
Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon w/RVD

Kurt Angle hammers away on Shane. Angle chases Shane on the outside and then RVD was standing there, so Angle knocked him down. Back in the ring, Angle does a belly to belly over head suplex. Angle suplexed Shane to the outside. Shane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Angle. European upper cut by Shane. Shane does another upper cut, this time, in the back of the head. Neck breaker by Shane, 1,2 but Angle kicks out. Angle fights back, but Shane DDT’s him. Shane goes on the top rope and drives the elbow, 1,2 but Angle kicks out again. Kurt Angle fights back and pressures Shane in the corner and hammers away. Kurt Angle does three German suplexes on Shane. Angle clotheslines Shane to the outside. Belly to belly over head suplex by Angle on the outside. Kurt throws him back in the ring. RVD distracts Kurt, which allowed Shane to throw Angle off the apron. RVD goes up and does a frog splash right off the apron, onto Kurt Angle. Shane covers Kurt in the ring but Kurt kicked out. RVD gets a chair and was about to go in the ring, but Angle kicks RVD. Shane tries to go for the piledriver, but Angle does a back body drop, followed by the ankle lock and Shane tapped out.

Winner: Still WWF champion, Kurt Angle

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