WCW Nitro 2/7/2000

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Monday Nitro
Tulsa, Oklahoma
February 7, 2000

The Nature Boy was stylin’ and profilin’ again as he and WCW strutted their way into Tulsa, Oklahoma for another big edition of Monday Nitro. As Terry Funk prepared to rekindle a fire he and Flair set 11 years ago, on this night, David Flair was at the plate to face The Funker. It was “I Quit” rules, and in the end, as The Nature Boy let his son take a beating meant for him, Terry Funk spared David, but vowed that middle aged and crazy would overcome the dirtiest player in the game.

Show Results

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett told the nWo that he had a big surprise for Sid Vicious later in the show.

“Screamin” Norman Smiley d. Evan Karagias

In the ring, 3 Count started the night off with the announcement of a fan contest to win a date with them. As they began to dance, their music began to slow down and speed up. Norman Smiley was shown in the production truck, telling the producer to mess it up. Finally, Norman’s music started and he hit the arena to the delight of the Tulsa crowd. Evan attempted to suplex Smiley to the outside, but the maneuver was reversed. Shannon Moore and Shane Helms tried to interfere, but it backfired, and Smiley got the pinfall victory. Legendary pro wrestler Danny Hodge was at ringside cheering Smiley on.

Backstage, J Biggs and some of Tulsa’s finest entered the dressing room, with Biggs claiming there was illegal contraband in one of the bags. Biggs, sporting a neck brace and a sling on his arm, said Booker had his coming later on.

Backstage, the nWo made their way down the hallway to the ring.

Outside, the Nature Boy Ric Flair came out of a black limousine, escorted by a bevy of beauties. Flair said he was looking for Arn Anderson.

Interview: The nWo
Hall took the mic, but forgot the words to his famous speech again. The Harris Boys said that whoever got in their way would get hurt. Scott Steiner, dressed in lavender from head to toe (including a cowboy hat), said he heard Ric Flair out last week saying he was the man. He said that Flair stole his act from the legendary Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, and Flair is nothing but a butt kisser in WCW. Jarrett told Sid that the nWo’s new buddy, referee Mark Johnson would be the ref for their match at SuperBrawl. He then went on to book Sid against Scott Hall for the main event of the night. When Hall told Jarrett he was still hurt, The Chosen One said not to worry, Hall was clearing him to work for the night.

Backstage, Booker told Midnight that he may have lost his music and colors, but he would never lose his dignity.

Interview: David Flair with Crowbar and Daffney
After Gene told Flair he would be facing Terry Funk in an “I Quit” Match later, Flair said tonight he puts everything aside and fights one for his father.

The Wall d. Booker with Midnight

Booker made his way to the ring with Midnight, dressed in plain black trunks and boots, as cartoon music played over the sound system. The two men battled out to the ringside floor. The Wall powered the former Harlem Heat member inside, but Booker came back with the Harlem Sidekick. As he went to the top rope, J Biggs called his name from the stage, distracting him and allowing The Wall to score the win. After the match, Biggs had Booker arrested for assault and battery and attempted murder, referring to the attack on Biggs last week.

Backstage, Brian Knobs busted in on the nWo, saying he was set up last week suffering a broken arm because of it. Jarrett told Knobs he should have given more money, but would put him in the ring again with Fit Finlay.

Backstage, Terry Funk asked Arn where he stood in his situation with Ric Flair. Anderson told Funk that he would see how the match with David Flair was handled.

Tank Abbot d. The Barbarian

Abbot went to work on The Barbarian, punching him into the corner. Barbarian fought back, but was soon caught with Tank’s patented KO punch, giving the former UFC grappler another win.

Backstage, Crowbar approached The Demon’s casket and was soon air guitaring in front of it, before Daffney “screamed” him away.

Backstage, Billy Kidman filmed Torrie Wilson with a camcorder as she was getting ready for her appearance later in the night.

Interview: Oklahoma
Returning home, Oklahoma thanked the Tulsa crowd for the warm reaction as the fans booed in their disapproval. He announced himself as the General Manager of the WCW Women’s division. OK stated that he would be present at all physical exams required in the new division. He called out a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeter, who stated that he had done work on Madusa’s eyes, lips, nose, ass and chest. Madusa made her way to the ring and proceeded to slap and kick the hell out of Dr. Jeter and Oklahoma.

Backstage, Ric Flair and his ladies watched on the monitor, awaiting the upcoming match between Terry Funk and his son, David.

Interview: Terry Taylor
Mean Gene asked when Jeff Jarrett’s power trip would end. Taylor said right then as Mark Johnson was taken out of the referee spot, and Sid’s match against Hall later on would now be a title match.

Backstage, Lane and Idol said that they would challenge The Mamalukes for the titles to get on Thunder.

I Quit Match
David Flair with Crowbar and Daffney Unger d. Terry Funk

Funk came out brandishing a chair. Flair came to the ring with a Crowbar … and a Daffney as well. Funk gave Flair a chance to give up before the match, but David said he would go to hell first. As The Funker challenged Ric Flair to come to the ring, David attacked from behind with a chair. After repeatedly refusing to quit, Funk rolled to the floor, where he exposed the concrete under the pads and delivered a piledriver on the hard floor to David. Still challenging Ric to the ring, Terry piledrove David through a table at ringside. The crowd erupted in a “we want Flair” chant as Funk set up another table and placed the youngster on it. Funk said the Nature Boy had five seconds to come to the ring before he ended David’s career for good. Flair didn’t come, but Funk quit the match, saying he wouldn’t beat on David anymore because it wasn’t his fight.

Backstage, Arn Anderson told Mike Tenay to get a camera crew ready and everyone would get their answer.

Interview: Arn Anderson
As Mike Tenay granted Anderson his time, Arn said what he just saw made him sick to his stomach. He said that Flair should have been out there for his son, and not hanging out with the ladies in the back. Anderson said from that point on, he was bowing out, taking himself out of the picture.

Stevie Ray with Big T and J Biggs d. Disco Inferno with The Mamalukes

Ray powered Disco around the ring early, as Big T and The Mamalukes had words outside the ring, prompting the referee crew to come out for the save. Stevie pulled out the slapjack, but Inferno kicked it out of his hand. As Disco went to retrieve it, referee Charles Robinson took it from him. This slight distraction allowed Stevie Ray to apply the slapjack, the wrestling move, for the victory.

Backstage, Ric Flair and his beautiful entourage exited the building. Flair turned to the camera, telling Arn Anderson he was in over his head.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Bam Bam Bigelow d. Brian Knobs

Fit Finlay was the special referee for the bout. Bigelow drilled a trashcan into Knobs’ head to start the match. Bam Bam took the broken arm over the steel ring steps, sending Knobs reeling in pain. Nasty Brian reversed a corner whip, sending Bigelow into a metal ladder. After doing some damage with the ladder, Knobs was dropped with a chair, courtesy of Finlay. Bigelow went for the cover and three seconds later, was the new Hardcore Champion.

Backstage, a fight broke out between The Mamalukes and Lane and Idol, which was quickly broken up by the WCW officials.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid told Mean Gene that he didn’t care if his title was on the line because, later in the night, Scott Hall would be put back out of wrestling.

Interview: Ernest “The Cat” Miller
Miller told Mean Gene that he had been touring around with James Brown. When Gene said he didn’t believe him, The Cat said that the Godfather of Soul would be on Thunder Wednesday night.

Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson d. The Demon

As The Demon made his way to the ring, Crowbar was shown watching the monitor in the dressing room, air guitaring to the entrance. This battle between two of WCW’s stars of the future made it’s way to the floor early as Demon threw Kidman into the guardrail. Back inside, The Demon climbed to the top, but was caught by Billy, who brought him down with a huracanrana for the win. After the match, Crowbar attacked Kidman and bowed to The Demon, who walked away.

Backstage, Sid was shown laughing hysterically.

Backstage, Scott Hall and the nWo were shown getting ready for the night’s main event.

Interview: The Total Package
Package and Elizabeth entered the ring with a chair bearing the Hulkster and Sting symbols. TTP said Hogan was the man years ago, but Package would break his bones at SuperBrawl. He then called out Jimmy Hart, Hogan’s best friend, to deliver a message. Hart told Package he was a Hogan wanna be and would never draw crowds and sell merchandise like The Hulkster did. Package then placed Hart in the Torture Rack and put Jimmy’s hand in a chair, stomping on it to break the hand, and send the message.

WCW World Title Match
Sid Vicious d. Scott Hall

Hall threw his toothpick into the face of the champion, but was dropped to the mat for his lack of manners. After punching Hall in the corner, Sid delivered a chokeslam, but didn’t go for the cover. Hall came back and attempted a fallaway slam, with Sid’s feet catching the referee Nick Patrick in the process. The nWo hit the ring to attack, throwing Sid into the announcer’s table. As Jarrett made his way to the back, Hall gave Sid the Outsider’s Edge, covering the champion. As Jarrett saw Hall trying to take the title meant for him, he ran to the ring and blasted his nWo companion, placing Vicious on top of him, saving his own title shot for SuperBrawl.

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