WCW Nitro 2/14/2000

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Monday Nitro
Nassau Colisseum, Uniondale, New York
February 14, 2000

In one of the most anticipated Monday Nitros in recent history, WCW delivered huge in their promise to take over the big apple. Tank Abbot ran over four more victims; David Flair, Crowbar, and Daffney destroyed a wedding reception; and The Total Package broke the arm of Hulk Hogan, sending a message to the Hulkster as the two head on a collision course to this Sunday’s SuperBrawl Pay Per View.

Interview: The nWo
Jeff Jarrett, The Harris Boys, and the nWo girls made their way to the ring. Jarrett got down to business right away, sending the ladies back to the dressing room. He stated that even after all the obstacles that have been thrown in his way; he would still take down Sid at SuperBrawl. Kevin Nash appeared on the screen, but the Harris Boys lifted ring announcer David Penzer in the air, threatening to break his neck if Nash wasn’t taken off the screen. It was taken off, but the Wolfpac music played, and Nash came down the aisle in a wheelchair with two nurses. The commissioner told Jarrett that since no one won last week’s match between Jarrett and Hall, that Hall and Jarrett would go to the PPV to face Sid in a Three Way Dance. He then told the Chosen One he would face Sid later in the night, in a non-title match.

Backstage, Ric Flair, The Total Package, and Elizabeth arrive to the arena.

Backstage, 3 Count rehearse their routine before going to the ring.

Backstage, Norman Smiley, Lane, and Idol talk about their match coming up later in the night.

Backstage, Miss Handcock makes her way down the back hallway.

Backstage, Tank Abbot shadowboxes, preparing for his contest.

“Screamin” Norman Smiley and Lane d. 3 Count

3 Count began their performance of the world wide smash, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Heart,” but were interrupted by the entrance music of Screamin Norman. Lane came out to team with Smiley, but Idol was nowhere to be found. Shannon Moore delivered a moonsault onto Norman to the outside. Not to be outdone, Helms and Karagias followed up with dives of their own. Miss Handcock came down the aisle and made her way to the broadcast table. She said Idol and Lane didn’t know what they’re missing by getting rid of her. As the fight waged on in the ring, Miss Handcock let her hair down and danced upon the WCW commentating table. Catching the attention of not only the entire crowd, she had the eye of everyone in the ring as well. As she jumped down and headed to the back, Smiley captured Karagias in the Norman Conquest for the submission win. After the bout, 3 Count, not wanting to disappoint their fans, performed their top 40, with a bullet, hit again. They danced through the commercial until Tank Abbot made his way to the ring, clearing it of the three budding musicians.

Backstage, Meng is taking exception to the hullabaloo that is made over Tank Abbot.

Tank Abbot d. Rick Fuller by TKO

Fuller attacked Abbot as Tank was scrapping with his former ally, Big Al, who sat at ringside. Once in the ring however, Abbot struck, and Fuller was staring at the ring lights as Tank walked away from the ring with another knockout.

Interview: Tank Abbot
In a sit down interview held earlier in the day, Tank told Mike Tenay that he would be facing his former friend, Big Al, in a Skins Match at SuperBrawl. Tank’s jacket would be on a pole and the first man to get to it would win.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is on his cell phone, trying to get his match against Sid later in the night to be a title bout.

The Nitro Girls made their return to Monday Nitro, dancing for the New York crowd.

Interview: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea with Paisley
Mean Gene spoke with Paisley, as TAFKA Prince Iaukea talked about his Cruiserweight Title Tournament match against Psychosis, scheduled for Wednesday’s edition of TBS Thunder.

TAFKA Prince Iaukea with Paisley and La Parka d. Vampiro and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson

Kidman started off the match, going to work on The Artist. Both men tagged out and in a face off custom made for Halloween, Vampiro locked up with La Parka. The masked luchador laid in a series of stinging chops to Vampiro’s back and chest. Kidman broke up a catfight between Paisley and Torrie Wilson as Vamp got double-teamed in the ring. With Billy back in the ring, Vampiro walked to the back, leaving his partner to fall in defeat to their opponents.

Backstage, Kevin Nash makes the Jarrett and Vicious bout a title match.

Backstage, Disco Inferno surprises The Mamalukes with a wedding reception in the back area of the Nassau Coliseum. Big Vito gives his sister a wad of money to put down on a new house.

Rhonda “Monster Ripper” Singh d. Mona – Madusa special referee

The head of the woman’s division, Oklahoma made his way to the ring, telling the Long Island crowd that Madusa would be the guest referee. Singh, taking back the nickname that she bore for years, powered Mona around the ring, as Oklahoma joined Mark and Tony at the table. Mona went for a sunset flip from the apron to the inside, but Oklahoma held onto Singh’s arms. Madusa kicked their arms apart, sending OK to the floor. Singh clobbered Madusa in the back of the head and sat down on Mona, as Oklahoma slid into the ring and counted Monster Ripper to victory.

Backstage, Big Vito’s grandmother tells him not to spit anymore when he is in the ring because it gets all over the front row.

Interview: Ric Flair
The Nature Boy told Mean Gene that Hogan was just an obstacle on his way to getting at Terry Funk, stylin’ and profilin’ all the way as usual.

Terry Funk d. The Total Package by DQ

Package and Elizabeth walked to the ring with steel chair and black bat in hand. As TTP went through his usual routine, Funk snuck in from behind and the fight was on. With the brawl carrying to the floor, the two men fought tooth and nail, with Funk taking a press slam through a table. Back in the ring, Package worked on the back of Funk, softening him up for the Torture Rack. As he went for the move, The Funker kicked him low, followed by a DDT. Terry went up for a moonsault, but came down onto a steel chair that Liz slid into the ring. As the referee called for the DQ, Package placed Funk’s hand in the chair to break it, but Arn Anderson broke up the attack as security restored order.

Backstage, Mean Gene announces that Jeff Jarrett’s match will be for a title … The Chosen One’s US Title.

Backstage, the nWo is livid, destroying their dressing room after receiving the news.

Backstage, Kevin Nash gets a dose of medicine … whipped cream, from his personal nurses.

Backstage, WCW Champion Sid Vicious laughs uncontrollably at the news of his US Title shot.

Backstage, David Flair, Crowbar, and Daffney crash the wedding reception, thumping the Mamalukes and destroying the cake and gifts. Daffney leaves with the bouquet.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Three Way Dance
The Mamalukes d. David Flair and Crowbar with Daffney Unger and The New Harlem Heat with J Biggs

J Biggs, bound in a neck brace, escorted the New Harlem Heat to the ring. As Flair and Crowbar made their way out, The Mamalukes attacked in the aisle. Inside, the tag team champions took over on Big T. The match soon turned into a three way brawl, with Flair hitting T with his crowbar, allowing Vito to score the pin to retain the belts. After the match, Flair and Crowbar laid out The Mamalukes and Disco with the crowbar and lead pipe. The paramedics stretchered the champions and their manager from the ring.

Backstage, the family from the reception cried as they watched The Mamalukes carried from the ring.

Interview: Chris “Champagne” Kanyon
Kanyon told Mean Gene that Dustin Rhodes was a horrible actor and that later in the show, he would give Rhodes the beating his father should have years ago.

Backstage, Big Vito tells Johnny and Disco to get off the stretchers. He says they will handle this Italian style.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Bam Bam Bigelow d. The Wall

The Wall and Bam Bam Bigelow beat the tar out of each other with every conceivable weapon in the building. Bigelow approached with a trashcan, but was caught with two lids across the ears. The Wall made his ascent up the turnbuckles, but was stopped by Bam Bam, and brought crashing through a table. One Greetings From Asbury Park later, and Bigelow was still the WCW Hardcore Champion. As the bell rang, Brian Knobs hit the ring, attacking Bam Bam. After he left, The Wall delivered a chokeslam to the champion.

Backstage, The Mamalukes challenged David Flair and Crowbar to an Italian Stretcher Match.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart are shown on the Don Imus Radio Show from earlier in the day.

Dustin Rhodes d. Chris “Champagne” Kanyon with Nitro Girls

Kanyon made his way to the ring accompanied by two of the Nitro Girls. Rhodes attacked at the start, but way quickly sent to the outside. Kanyon made chase after referee Billy Silverman, and caught a Dustin clothesline in the process. After delivering a field goal into Kanyon’s lower region, Dustin slammed Champagne to the mat and scored the victory.

Backstage, Ric Flair does a series of squats, warming up for his big match against Hulk Hogan.

Interview: Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart
“Well ya know something Mean Gene!” The famous words were spoken, followed by a promise from the Hulkster that he would defeat Ric Flair and get revenge against The Total Package.

Interview: Booker
The former Harlem Heat member told Gene that the goofy music that is played when he enters the ring gives him power, and reminds him of what he will do to Big T at SuperBrawl.

Booker d. The Demon

The Demon took Booker to task early, but was stopped by the fired up former Heat member. A break dancing spin and a sidewalk slam later and Booker scored another win on his way to the PPV.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan make their way to the ring for another epic matchup.

Hulk Hogan d. Ric Flair by DQ

Michael Buffer made the introductions for this all-important showdown. As the fans erupted in a Hogan chant, The Hulkster sent the Nature Boy to the canvas with a series of shoulder blocks. Both men went to the floor and Flair was introduced to the guardrail. Back inside, Hogan was slowed with a low blow from the dirtiest player in the game. After softening the knee, the Nature Boy applied his signature Figure Four Leglock, but Hogan quickly reversed it. After another flurry by Flair, Hogan came back as if he were Superman, until Naitch caught him with an eye poke. Flair went into his trunks and used an object, laying out The Hulkster. Jimmy Hart came to ringside, but was knocked to the floor by Flair. Hogan came back and, as he delivered the big boot, landed his patented legdrop. He covered Flair, but the count was broken up by The Total Package, causing a disqualification. The Hulkster got to his feet and chased off both Flair and Package. Posing for the New York crowd, he didn’t see Package re enter the ring with the black bat. Hogan turned around and was leveled with the bat. TTP then placed Hulk’s hand into a chair and stomped away on it, following up with a series of bat shots to the arm.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid told Mean Gene that he was looking forward to wearing two belts after the night was over.

Interview: Ernest “The Cat” Miller
The Cat demanded Mean Gene to get into the ring. He said James Brown was in the building, but was a little nervous to perform in front of a bunch of rednecks. As The Cat started to dance, The Maestro interrupted him and Miller chased him off.

United States Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Sid Vicious

Vicious and Jarrett brawled from the opening bell, landing in the laps of Madden and Schiavone. The battle made its way back inside and Jarrett applied a sleeper hold on the WCW Champion in this US Title match. After a chokeslam, Sid went for a powerbomb, but caught the referee Mickey Jay in the process. The Chosen One dropped Jay with the Stroke, but was clamped into the Crossface by Sid. The Harris Boys made their way in and, after a guitar shot from Jarrett, Vicious was counted to the mat, thanks to substitute referee, Mark Johnson.

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