WCW Nitro 2/21/2000

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Monday Nitro
Sacremento, California
February 21, 2000

Fans in Sacramento expected to see their favorite stars at Nitro, considering the surprises that took place the previous evening at Superbrawl 2000.

What they didn’t expect was an 18-foot steel cage — and a challenge that would shock the wrestling community.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers arrived at the arena in Sacramento. The new nWo seemed focused on making a statement.

Gene Okerlund Interview: The Total Package with Elizabeth Okerlund was scheduled to interview the immortal Hulk Hogan when TTP had production cue his music. The Package revealed his chiseled physique and pronounced himself the greatest specimen in professional wrestling. He promised that Hogan wouldn’t escape their next encounter.

Enter the red and yellow. Fans cheered as the Hulkster accepted TTP’s challenge and asked for a match that very evening. To add to the excitement, Hogan announced the contest would take place in an 18-foot high steel cage.

Announcers Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden discussed the spectacular occurrences at Superbrawl 2000.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett, The Harris Brothers and the nW-hoes
The Chosen One dismissed Sid’s victory at the pay-per-view, and produced documentation allowing himself another title shot.

Backstage: Sid warmed up for a match

Kidman and Torrie looked for their trademark camera

Madusa threw a tantrum when she realized that she wasn’t working on the show.

Kidman with Torrie vs. Lash LeRoux

Only moments into this classic cruiserweight contest, The Harris Brothers interfered. The nWo toughs devastated both competitors in seconds.

Backstage, Symphony turned down Buff Bagwell’s request for a date. It appeared that the segment had been filmed on Kidman’s video camera.

Vampiro d. Fit Finlay

After suffering several of Vampiro’s wicked chops, Finlay brained the Mexican Vampire with the cast on his arm. Using chairs and straight-out sadism, Finlay stretched his opponent like a saltwater taffy — but a monstrous spinkick slowed the Belfast Bruiser. Missing a turnbuckle shoulder block (and hitting the ringpost), Vamp won with a schoolboy roll-up. Post-match, Finlay delivered a tombstone piledriver.

Backstage: The Maestro attacked Buff Bagwell and agreed to fight Buff Daddy later that evening.

Madusa charmed La Parka for undisclosed reasons.

Schiavone announced that Hogan and the Package’s bout would be a Last Man Standing Match.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Booker
Okerlund asked Booker about his match against The Mighty DI. Booker dismissed his opponent and the new members of Harlem Heat 2000.

DISQUALIFICATION: Booker d. The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno Handicap Title Match

Pre-match, Disco Inferno changed the stipulations, in hopes of avoiding any in-ring action. At first, the Italians dominated their lone opponent, but Vito and Johnny soon fell prey to Booker’s arsenal of high impact warfare. Disco interfered to save his charges and the belts. Post-match, The Harris Brothers struck again with their dreaded H-Bomb maneuver.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Terry Funk and Dustin Rhodes
Funk discussed their match against the Harris Brothers, and complimented his young partner for his courage and fighting ability.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Harlem Heat 2000
Barrister Biggs gloated about Big T’s victory at Superbrawl 2000. The group’s newest member was introduced as Cassias.

The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea) with Paisley d. La Parka Cruiserweight Title Match

Pre-match, Oklahoma came down for color commentary. The Artist and announcers questioned La Parka’s appearance — and his newly-developed pectoral area. Oklahoma revealed that Madusa was actually playing La Parka, only to receive a chair shot from the actual Chairman of WCW. The Artist took advantage of the melee, struck with his Paisley Park finisher and scored the pin.

Backstage, Ric Flair pumped up the Total Package for his main event matchup.

The Harris Brothers d. Terry Funk and Dustin Rhodes

Pre-match, Jeff Jarrett joined the commentating team. Don and Ron dominated the hardcore legend, forcing Rhodes to watch helplessly from the corner. Jarrett attempted to intervene later in the match, but retreated when confronted by Funk. Sid Vicious chased Jarrett to the back, while Rhodes attacked his own partner and handed a victory to the Harris Brothers.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Buff Bagwell
Buff Daddy denied any wrongdoing, and promised to play The Maestro like a baby grand.

Backstage: Rhodes continued to pummel Funk. The son of the American Dream then stole the ambulance before Funk could be taken to the hospital.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Sid Vicious
The World Champion accepted Jarrett’s one-on-one challenge for Uncensored.

Backstage: Booker and Kidman fought through security to attack the Harris Brothers.

Buff Daddy headed for the ring.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Ric Flair
Flair commended Rhodes’ attack on Funk, chastised Okerlund for kissing Hogan’s posterior and guaranteed victory for TTP.

Buff Bagwell d. The Maestro with Symphony

Bagwell started strong, but incurred the Stro’s wrath after tricking his opponent into striking Symphony. The Maestro took control — until someone cued the James Brown music. The Cat arrived, distracted the Maestro and cost him the match. Post-match, The Cat collected on his bet with Maestro from Superbrawl 2000, and told WCW’s premiere pianist that he would have to use rap music during his entrance. Enraged, the Maestro choked out Billy Silverman.

Backstage Sid Vicious jumped into his limousine.

WCW Saturday Night Flashback: Finding the TV Belt in the trash, Jim Duggan claimed the championship and made an open challenge for the belt. Ricky Morton accepted, but lost to WCW’s most endearing patriot.
This weekend: Steve Regal will risk his career for a shot at the belt.

The Wall d. Bam Bam Bigelow

The rookie monster proved to be an aggressive foe, but Bigelow’s experience allowed the hardcore champion to turn the momentum. The Wall refused to lose, however, and eventually downed The Beast with a chokeslam.

Backstage, Ric Flair yelled at his son David and Arn Anderson. The Nature Boy demanded loyalty from both men.

Hulk Hogan d. The Total Package
Last Man Standing Match, Steel Cage

Pre-match, TTP and Ric Flair brutalized Jimmy Hart both backstage and near the cage. Hogan arrived to make the save — only to suffer the double team before the match had even began. Security escorted all outside parties to the back, allowing Hogan and TTP to battle within the cage. The Package absorbed a great deal of punishment before unleashing his power-based offensive. Despite being racked for nearly 30 seconds, Hogan returned to his feet and dropped the big leg drop on the Package.

Enter the Nature Boy. Hogan battled both men until TTP used a steel chair. The new Horsemen connection left Hogan unconscious.

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