WCW Nitro 2/28/2000

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Monday Nitro
Minneapolis, Minnesota
February 28, 2000

The question throughout the Target Center all day and throughout the show was who would win the WCW World Title Match. Wrestlers and referees alike made their predictions on the highly anticipated matchup between the undefeated Tank Abbott and the unstoppable Sid Vicious. Even after a devastating attack on the world champion backstage, in the end, Vicious proved why he is and always will be the master and ruler of the world.

Show Results

In a clip from earlier in the day, Sid arrives at the Target Center in a limousine.

Backstage, Mike Tenay tells Jeff Jarrett that Tank Abbott will have a shot against Sid’s heavyweight crown later in the night. Jarrett says if Abbott wins, the Chosen One will just beat his ass at Uncensored.

Backstage, Miss Hancock says it’s time to teach Lane and Idol a lesson.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno d. Lane and Idol

Both teams were fired up from the start, as Miss Hancock made her way to the announcer’s table. Disco was at teh announcer’s table as well, but Tony and Mark told him he wasn’t wanted. As Idol took it to Big Vito, Miss Hancock danced atop the commentating table, much to Madden and Schiavone’s delight. As everyone was distracted by her sexy sway, Vito hit a flying DDT for the win, and the Mamalukes retained their titles. After the match, Hancock entered the ring and boogied with The Mamalukes and Disco, until The Harris Boys hit the ring, H-Bombing all three Italians. Ms. Hancock left unscathed.

Backstage, the Kid Cam caught Buff asking Elizabeth out for a date. She weighed him against The Total Package and laughed, saying no thanks.

Backstage, The Total Package, Ric Flair and Elizabeth said that Buff should pay for hitting on Liz.

In a clip taped earlier, Bam Bam Bigelow picks Sid Vicious to retain his title against Tank.

Backstage, The Hulkster challenges The Nature Boy to a Yapapa Indian Strap Match at Uncensored.

Interview: Ric Flair, The Total Package and Elizabeth
Flair said that he couldn’t face Hogan in a strap match because Package had already destroyed him. Package challenged Buff to a match, looking for revenge on Buff for hitting on Liz. As TTP and Flair ran down the Minnesota crowd, Curt Hennig came to the stage and challenged The Nature Boy to a match later in the evening. Flair quickly accepted.

Interview: Booker
Booker told Mike Tenay that he didn’t know why he was booked against Billy Kidman, but was up for the challenge anyway.

Backstage, as Billy Kidman searched the dressing room for the Kid Cam, Torrie Wilson told him that she doesn’t know where it was.

At ringside, Tony Schiavone took a phone call that told him that Sting would be on the program sometime in the night.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett, swarmed by the beautiful nWo ladies, told Mean Gene that he would go through Vampiro later in the night and become the chosen champion at Uncensored.

No Contest – Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson vs. Booker

The larger Booker used his strength against Kidman early, but Billy fired back with some high-flying counters. The Harris Boys hit the ring, H-Bombing Kidman and Booker, with Wilson falling off the apron in the process.

Interview: The New Harlem Heat
J Biggs, Stevie Ray and Big T talked smack about Booker as the new, massive member of Heat stood silent.

In a pre-taped statement, Lash LeRoux said that Sid Vicious would defeat Tank Abbott in the night’s main event.

Interview: Screamin’ Norman Smiley
Smiley told Mean Gene that he would step up to the plate and face Dustin Rhodes in honor of hardcore legend, Terry Funk.

WCW Hardcore Title Match – Handicapped Match
3 Count d. Brian Knobs

3 Count performed their song and dance routine until Brian Knobs made his way to the ring area. Karagias challenged Knobs to put the Hardcore Title on the line against all three members. The Nasty One laid out Helms, Karagias and Moore, one by one, with a trashcan. Moving to the outside, Knobs brought a table into play, powerbombing Evan through it in the aisle. As this was going on, Moore and Helms moved in for the attack and, along with a recovering Karagias, all covered Knobs, scoring the pinfall and becoming the new Hardcore Champions.

Backstage, Vampiro told Jeff Jarrett that he wasn’t ready for the freak he had to face later in the show.

Interview: Brian Knobs and Fit Finlay
Knobs said he was demanding a rematch against 3 Count. Finlay said they would teach the dancing trio a lesson on Thunder in a six-man tag match. When Mean Gene inquired about their partner, Knobs said it was time to let the dog loose.

Dustin Rhodes d. Screamin’ Norman Smiley

Smiley, sporting a Vikings jersey to the delight of the Minneapolis crowd, went to the outside with Dustin, or American Dream 2000 as Mark Madden called him. Smiley went for the Big Wiggle, but was caught by Rhodes, and taken to the floor again. Dustin went to the top rope and came crashing down with a toprope lariot for the decisive win.

Backstage, Nick Patrick chose Tank Abbott to take the win over the WCW Champion in the Nitro main event.

United States Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Vampiro

Jarrett came to the ring with the lovely nWo girls, but immediately sent them back to the dressing room. Vampiro attempted and failed a high-risk dive from the top, allowing Jarrett to take the advantage. The Chosen One jaw-jacked with referee Nick Patrick, telling the senior official to speed up his counts. Jeff caught Vamp in a sleeperhold, but the gothic challenger quickly reverse it. The Harris Boys charged the ring, but were fought off by Vampiro, who sent them to the floor, where WCW Champion Sid Vicious was waiting to chase them to the back. Inside the ring, after several close two-counts, Jeff Jarrett got the win, retaining the U.S. Title in a hard-fought match.

Backstage, The Mamalukes paid a production man $20 to deliver a box to The Harris Boys, courtesy of the tag team champions.

Backstage, Fit Finlay attacked Vampiro, pounding him across the chest, promising to teach him respect.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea with Paisley d. David Flair with Daffney Unger

Daffney took exception to David Flair, as he danced up a storm with the Nitro Girls. Crowbar, the “Dean of Psychotic Announcers,” did play-by-play at ringside with Tony and Mark. Flair caught The Artist with a big clothesline. As TAFKAPI went to the top, Crowbar met him on the ropes, sending him crashing to the canvas. Paisley and Daffney fought in front of the announcers while Prince put Flair away in the ring, retaining his WCW Cruiserweight Title.

Backstage, the EMTs worked on Sid after an attack. A broken guitar lay near by.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid said he would not go to the hospital and would face Tank tonight and Jarrett at the PPV.

In a pre-taped segment, Billy Kidman picked Tank Abbott over Sid in the WCW Title Match.

The Maestro with Symphony d. Ernest “The Cat” Miller

Miller said he told everyone James Brown would be at SuperBrawl, and he delivered. He started to dance for the crowd, but was interrupted by the piano strains of The Maestro. Maestro, fresh from a visit to Meng’s hair stylist, charged the ring after The Cat. Outside, Symphony played the music that Maestro was forced to listen to and, unable to take no more, the pianist took the boombox over the head of Miller, scoring the win.

Backstage, The Total Package told Elizabeth to look for the black bat, which was mysteriously missing.

Ric Flair d. Curt Hennig

Hennig and Flair locked up for another classic encounter, chopping each other to oblivion. Curt went to work on the right leg of the Nature Boy, trying to disable Flair’s arsenal. The 14-time champion went to the top rope, but was caught and slammed from the turnbuckle. Hennig inadvertently knocked down referee Nick Patrick as he went for the Hennigplex. The Total Package ran in and attacked, allowing Flair the opportunity to deliver a low blow to Hennig, stealing the win from Minnesota’s finest athlete.

Meng said he didn’t know who would win the main event, but wanted to see them kick the hell out of each other.

Buff Bagwell d. The Total Package with Elizabeth by DQ

No strangers to one another, Buff and Package battled in and out of the ring, taking the fight onto the announcer’s table. In the ring, Package applied a variation of the camel clutch, taking the steam out of Bagwell. Buff Daddy came back, taking TTP down with a swinging neckbreaker. As he went for the pin, Liz put Package’s foot on the rope, saving the match. Enter Ric Flair. Package and the Nature Boy beat on Buff until Sting charged the ring, making the save with the black bat in hand.

WCW World Title Match
Sid Vicious d. Tank Abbott

Sid walked to the ring, seemingly in a trance, ready for his biggest challenge to date as world champion. Abbott took off his black gloves and laid into the ribcage of the champion. Tank slammed Vicious to the mat and stood on the back of the master and ruler of the world. Abbott sat down, wrenching back on a camel clutch. In the corner, Tank talked trash in the face of the weakened champion, but Vicious sprung back and quickly applied a crossface submission. After holding on as long as he could, the unthinkable happened – Tank tapped out, giving the win to the heavyweight champion.

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