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WCW Nitro 3/6/2000

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Monday Nitro
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
March 6, 2000

With Uncensored less than two weeks away, Chapel Hill was the perfect place for Team Package to stop and showcase themselves before the big dance. And showcase they did. Flair, Package, and Liz continued their bone crunching assault on WCW. The Nature Boy was so enthralled in his feud with Hulk Hogan, that he couldn’t even stop for a reality check when his son David was destroyed through two tables at the hands of the indestructible force, The Wall.

Show Results

Backstage, as Fit Finlay threatens Vampiro with a lesson in respect, Vamp explodes and the two brawl behind the scenes.

Kaz Hayashi d. Psychosis with Juventud Guerrera

Finally, The Juice has come back to WCW! After an absence from television, Guerrera returned with Psychosis, who faced Kaz Hayashi in the opening contest. Kaz started things off with a bang, but was slowed down by Psychosis, who grounded the youngster. Vampiro and Finlay brawled down the aisle and into the ring, but referee Charles Robinson for some reason allowed the match to continue. The hardcore fight carried on to the back, as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea came to ringside. The Cruiserweight champion jumped to the apron and slammed Psychosis in the head with the title belt, allowing Kaz to roll him up for the tainted win.

Backstage, Vampiro and Finlay continued their fight as WCW security tried to break up the ruckus.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Boys watched the monitor, measuring up the evening’s activities.

Interview: The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno
The tag team champions and Disco told Mean Gene that they would make short work of “The Hairless Boys” at the Uncensored PPV.

Backstage, Team Package arrived at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill… Flair country.

Big Vito with Johnny the Bull and Disco Inferno d. Big Ron with Heavy D

Harris attacked Vito as he entered the ring, but the tag team champion fought back, throwing him into the corner. With the referee distracted, Ron slipped out and Don slipped in, holding a chain in his hand. After a right hand full of steel, Don got the pin on Big Vito. When the referee saw the replay on the big screen, he reversed the decision, giving the win to “the Paisans.” The Harris Boys restarted the fight, handing out H-Bombs to security as they entered to break up the melee.

Interview: David Flair and Daffney Unger
David Flair told Mean Gene that later on, as a birthday present to himself, he would get revenge on The Wall for putting Crowbar on the shelf.

Backstage, The Harris Boys are taken away by the police as Jeff Jarrett stands by, watching his tag team partner for the night removed from the arena.

No Contest – David Flair with Daffney Unger vs. The Wall

The Wall hit the ring and immediately brought Flair to the floor, where he set up two tables on top of the other. After hitting The Wall with his crowbar, Flair celebrated on the turnbuckle. This proved to be a fatal mistake as The Wall clamped David around the neck and chokeslammed him through both tables. EMTs, Curt Hennig, Terry Funk, and Arn Anderson rushed to ringside to help the fallen Flair, as Daffney cried and Curt wondered where Ric Flair was.

Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow scolded The Wall for putting Flair through the tables, questioning what he taught the bodyguard. Wall shoved Bigelow off a set of stairs and onto a table.

The Dog with Fit Finlay and Brian Knobs d. Evan Karagias and 3 Count

Finlay and Knobs released The Dog, who stormed the ring and attacked all three Hardcore Champions. Knobs and Fit took Helms and Moore to the floor, leaving The Dog with only one bone to chew on. 3 Count attempted to re-enter the ring but hit the high road when Finlay and Knobs chased them off. The Dog finally took the win after a powerslam off the second ropes.

Interview: Team Package
Package said that Sting issued a challenge last week, and he had yet to see him anywhere in the building. When Mean Gene asked Flair about his son David, The Nature Boy said he was a big boy and he was too busy worrying about Hogan at Uncensored.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett told the nWo girls to grab the guitar and follow him to the ring.

Backstage, Sid asked Vampiro if he will be there in his corner later in the main event. He assured Vicious he will have a partner.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett came to the stage and told the girls to head to the dressing room and wait for him. He said Chapel Hill was full of inbred cops, riling up the Carolina crowd. The Chosen One stated that since his partner was taken away, he had found a new one. The Wall walked to the stage, ready to do double duty and double damage.

Backstage, Lane and Idol made plans for The Demon’s casket.

Curt Hennig d. Ric Flair

Flair badmouthed the Chapel Hill crowd, making fun of their basketball team. The two exchanged hard knife-edge chops, much to the “whoo” of the crowd. Outside on the floor, the chops continued as Flair and Hennig brawled practically into the announcer’s laps. The Nature Boy suckered Hennig into the corner, delivering a low blow out of the referee’s view. He went to work on the leg of Hennig, wearing him down for his famous figure four finisher. Flair locked it on, but fighting the pain, Hennig reversed the hold, forcing Ric to release it. When the former Redneck fought back on the 14-time champion, Package came to the apron, but was quickly knocked down. Hennig scored the 1-2-3 win on Flair, but was jumped by Team Package after the bell. Arn Anderson ran in for the save, only after Hennig’s hand was smashed in the infamous chair, The Bone Breaker. Package raised the bat to hit Arn, but Flair shook his head no, backing TTP away.

Backstage, Lane and Idol welded The Demon’s casket shut. Only one problem. He was standing behind them as they were doing it. The God of Thunder unleashed on the duo, until Lane threw a blanket over his head, allowing them to lay on an attack of their own.

In the ambulance, the EMTs told Hennig that they believed his hand was broken.

Backstage, Flair thanked The Total Package for everything he has done and for all the hands he has broken.

Screamin Norman Smiley d. Lane with Idol

Idol joined Madden and Schiavone at the broadcast table. Lane did a somersault plancha onto Screamin Norman. As he attempted a running moonsault, Smiley moved, sending Lane crashing to the mat. Idol left the table and Miss Hancock arrived, climbing atop and swiveling her hips, distracting everyone. Norman sent Lane into Idol, and clamped on the Norman Conquest for the submission victory. The flamboyant team pounded Smiley until The Demon charged the ring, making the save.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid told Gene that it didn’t matter who his partner was, Jarrett would go down to the WCW Champion.

Backstage, Tank Abbot arrived, unannounced, to the building.

Interview: Tank Abbott
Abbot took over the program, saying he wasn’t leaving the ring until he got a piece of Vicious. La Parka’s music started, and The Chairman came to the ring and was knocked out by a Tank right hand. Doug Dellinger gave up and went to the back, knowing full well what the wrath of Abbott was all about. Meng started to the ring, but was stopped by JJ Dillon, who threatened him with a 60-day suspension if he fought Abbott.

Interview: Hulk Hogan
Hogan told Ric Flair that he would feel the power of Hulkamania at Uncensored in the Indian Strap Match.

Stevie Ray with J Biggs and Big T and Cash d. Billy Kidman with Torri Wilson and Booker
Kidman said he brought a partner with him to even the sides, but was attacked by The New Harlem Heat. Booker charged the ring and the impromptu tag team match was on. Booker and Kidman had the Heat reeling, but as Billy went for a pin, Cash pulled out the referee, putting a halt on the count. As the ref argued outside, Kidman was double-teamed in the ring, sending The New Harlem Heat on to another impressive win.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett told The Wall that tonight is his night and to stay focused.

Interview: Dustin Rhodes
Rhodes, carrying a handful of barbed wire, told the Carolina crowd that they were nothing but a bunch of marks and internet geeks. Funk came down the aisle, telling Dustin that just like his father: he was an egg suckin’ dog. The Funker said he had Dustin’s baby brother in a bag, pulling out a chicken in a diaper. He then challenged Rhodes to a barbed wire match right then and there. Dustin threw powder in Funk’s eyes, but the middle aged and crazy legend lashed back, bodyslamming Rhodes onto the jagged wire. American Dream 2000 ran to the back, still wrapped in the barbed wire.

The Wall and Jeff Jarrett d. Sid Vicious and Vampiro

Jarrett told the crowd that the nWo girls would stay at ringside. He then said that North Carolina could be so lucky, telling the girls to get back to the dressing room. Sid and The Wall fought out on the floor as Jarrett and Vampiro took it to each other between the ropes. Wall and The Chosen One kept Vampiro in their half of the ring, wearing down the gothic competitor, keeping him away from the WCW Champion. Sid finally tagged in and drove Jarrett down with a chokeslam, but was stopped by the bodyguard. Wall and Vicious both went for chokeslams and after a guitar shot over the head, Sid fell victim to his own move and was pinned by Jeff Jarrett, the man who could very well be the next heavyweight champion of the world.

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