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WCW Nitro 3/13/2000

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Monday Nitro
Providence, Rhode Island
March 13, 2000

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As all eyes focus on the highly anticipated Uncensored pay per view this Sunday, the pieces in this chess game used this week’s Nitro in Providence as a stop to get some final damage done on their opponents before the big game. Team Package were prominent figures throughout the show, as The Total Package not only met Curt Hennig in a singles match, but teamed with the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair, to face Hennig and The Immortal One, Hulk Hogan. And just when Team Package thought they had all the pieces in place to win the game, The Stinger made the final move, and it was checkmate on Team Package.

Backstage, Ric Flair apologizes to The Total Package for not coming through with Arn Anderson this past Wednesday. The Nature Boy promises Package that Arn will be part of the team by the end of the night.

Interview: Ric Flair
Flair called Arn out to the ring, saying the Horsemen were dead, and Team Package was what was in now. Arn said that the Horsemen earned their respect and Flair’s campaign for Team Package was ego driven. Anderson called Hulk Hogan to the stage and told him he didn’t have to worry about Arn interfering at the PPV, as he took himself out of the picture, much to Flair’s chagrin. Hogan charged the ring and the two legends fought until Package ran in with bat in hand. Team Package beat down The Hulkster until security came out for the save. Hogan left the ring holding his left shoulder.

Backstage, Jimmy Hart, Arn Anderson, and the medical personnel try to persuade Hogan to go to the hospital.

3 Count d. Jung Dragons

The Hardcore Champions did their little dance before the Jung Dragons hit the ring, all fired up for the match. All six men did consecutive dives from the ring to the floor, as the fans roared their approval. Once inside, the six continued to rack up their frequent flyer miles, each diving from various turnbuckles onto various opponents. Finally, Shannon Moore got the pin, scoring the win for the hardcore, dancing trio.

Backstage, The Total Package tells Ric Flair he does not need the “has been” Arn Anderson.

Outside, Arn tells Curt Hennig he is sick of what the business has become and is going home to see his kids.

Backstage, Miss Handcock approaches El Dandy and Silver King as they sort through their fan mail. They ask her if it “excited her loins,” as she walks away in disgust.

No Contest – The Wall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow caught The Wall entering the ring and handing out a beating on the ring apron. David Flair, Crowbar, and Daffney came to ringside and, after Bigelow was handcuffed to the ring post by Wall, they attacked with the pipe and metal crowbar. Wall brushed off the pounding and destroyed both men, sending Flair through Crowbar and a table, via the chokeslam.

Interview: nWo
Jarrett and The Harris Boys headed to the ring, with the beautiful nWo girls close behind. The Chosen One once again teased the Nitro crowd, telling them they could have a peek-a-boo at the girls. Jarrett, obviously not in the mood to share, sent the girls to the back to wait in his dressing room. He directed everyone’s attention to the big screen, where “Jeff Jarrett’s Greatest Hits,” a video of Jarrett beating on the WCW Champion, was shown. Jeff said Sid could pick a partner of his choice when he faced The Harris Boys later in the show. Vicious came to the stage and introduced Vampiro as his partner.

Backstage, David Flair, Daffney, and Bam Bam help load Crowbar into an ambulance. Bigelow tells The Wall to be ready for their match at Uncensored.

Interview: Harlem Heat 2000
Mean Gene talked with Harlem Heat 2000 about their upcoming matches at Uncensored and later in the broadcast. J Biggs told Billy Kidman not to trust Booker, for he was a no good, dirty snake.

Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson and Booker d. Lane and Rave

Lane and Rave scoped out the rats on their way to the ring. Miss Hancock joined Tony and Mark at the announcing table, much to their delight. She said she was scouting talent, and Kidman looked real good. Torrie approached her and the two had words, with Madden praying for a fight between the two. In the ring, Booker had Lane reeling and, as he went to the top for the missile dropkick, Kidman entered the ring and scored the pinfall over Lane for the victory. Booker and Billy had words following the match.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown returning to the arena in the ambulance, looking for Team Package.

Curt Hennig d. The Total Package with Elizabeth by DQ

Hennig had his way with the Package, seeking revenge for his broken left arm. They fought tooth and nail until Flair hit the ring, making it a two on one situation. Hogan’s music blared through the sound system and Team Package retreated to higher ground, as The Hulkster made the save. Hogan challenged the “Team” to a tag team match against himself and Hennig for later in the Nitro broadcast.

Backstage, Vampiro tells Jeff Jarrett he cannot hide behind The Harris Boys forever. He calls himself a freak and says the Chosen One will find out why at Uncensored.

Backstage, Brian Knobs whips The Dog with a belt after finding him drinking out of a toilet bowl.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious told Mean Gene that he would own Jeff Jarrett at the PPV, and The Harris Boys later on Nitro.

Screamin Norman Smiley d. The Dog with Brian Knobs

As Knobs put a hood over the head of The Dog, Norman poked and prodded at him before doing the Big Wiggle from behind. Nasty Brian removed the hood and Dog went after referee, Scott Dickinson, chasing him up a turnbuckle. Knobs attacked Smiley until The Demon ran out for the save. Lane and Rave pulled the KISS creature to the back, as Norman applied the Norman Conquest for the submission win. After the bout, as Dog chased Smiley to the back, Knobs challenged anyone in the back to a fight.

Backstage, The Dog froths at the mouth as he continues to chase Screamin Norman around the back.

Hardcore Match
Terry Funk d. Brian Knobs

Funk answered the challenge and was met with chair and trashcan shots to the head as he attempted to enter the battlefield. Soon, it was the hardcore legend and Nasty Brian fighting amongst the fans. Back inside, Funk and Knobs slammed the same trashcan down repeatedly over both of their heads, sending both men stumbling away. 3 Count came to ringside and laid out Knobs, putting The Funker on top for the victory. After the bell, the dancing threesome were stopped by not only Knobs, but Funk as well, who double teamed on the Hardcore Champions, beating them around the ring with the now famous raw chicken. As Funk was distracted with that fight, Dustin Rhodes charged the ring and dropped him with a bullrope and cowbell.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett tells Big Ron and Heavy D that he will stay in the back during their match.

Interview: Fit Finlay
Fit told Vampiro he would beat him and flush him down the toilet when they meet at the Uncensored PPV.

Sid Vicious and Vampiro d. The Harris Boys

Sid lived up to his promise, as he pounded on Big Ron in the corner. Vampiro tagged in and continued the assault before being double teamed by the nWo alumni. As Heavy D threw punches to the head of Vamp, the gothic one challenged him for more, almost in a Rocky Balboa like state. Sid tagged into the match and went head to head with the nWo twins. Chokeslam for one, powerbomb for the other, and Vicious and Vampiro had their hands raised.

Interview: Team Package
Package said that since Sting was a coward, Hennig would have to feel the wrath and get his other arm broken. Flair said he was going to take out The Hulkster before the PPV.

Backstage, as Disco tells The Mamalukes to wait for their cue, The Harris Boys take to fighting the champions, sending Inferno out on his own to face Harlem Heat 2000.

Stevie Ray with Harlem Heat 2000 d. Disco Inferno

Disco ran down HH2K, calling them JJ walker and Fat Albert. When he gave the cue to The Mamalukes, they didn’t come out, and Disco was left to fend for himself against Stevie Ray and the rest of the Heat. DI took a tremendous beating at the hands of all three members before falling to Stevie in the end.

Interview: Curt Hennig and Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart
The Hulkster declared his upcoming match in the show as an “Uncensored” match, looking to use the strap a little early on Team Package.

Team Package d. Hulk Hogan and Curt Hennig by DQ

Hogan unloaded on both Team Package members, showing how ready he was for the PPV on Sunday. Hennig and Flair exchanged knife-edge chops, with Curt getting the upper hand. Team Package slowed the game down briefly, but Hulkamania ran wild, unraveling the Team again. Flair stopped Hogan in his tracks with a low blow, proving why he is the dirtiest player in the game. Package and Hogan both went down with a double clothesline. Hennig got the hot tag and all four men were soon in the ring. Liz gave TTP the bat, which he used on Curt to break up a pin attempt. Hogan used his weightlifting belt and was disqualified. As the fight continued after the bell, the lights in the arena went out. As they came back on, Vampiro entered the ruckus, fighting off the Nature Boy, and Sting appeared on the stage. He and Package fought to the ring, where The Stinger delivered his patented splash as Nitro went off the air.

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