WCW Nitro 3/20/2000

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Monday Nitro
Gainesville, Florida
March 20, 2000

With Uncensored just one day removed, a loss to big Sid Vicious was still fresh on the mind of The Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett. But he had a proposition for the WCW champion, a tag team match against the nWo. Sid quickly excepted the match and, in the end, showed his true colors by turning on not only Hogan, but his legions of fans, standing tall as the true master and ruler of the world.

Show Results

In a clip from earlier in the day, Sid arrived at the arena, still wearing the WCW gold.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Sid said that last night at Uncensored, he did exactly what he promised to do all along, when he defeated Jeff Jarrett in the title match. The nWo music played, and the band hit the stage. Jarrett challenged Sid to a tag team match, with the provision that if Jarrett’s team won, he would get a rematch against Sid for the WCW World Title. The Chosen One picked Big Poppa Pump, and told Sid to choose a partner of his choice. The Hulkster’s music blared over the sound system and out he walked, making himself the fourth man in the ring, setting up the main event for Nitro.

Backstage, Team Package makes a plan to take out Vampiro and Sting later in the show.

Interview: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Backstage, Chavo Guerrero Jr. shared his dismay toward WCW for holding a Cruiserweight Title Tournament while he was gone recouping his losses. As Gene turned around, Chavo lifted his wallet.

At ringside, The Artist and Paisley joined Tony and Mark at the commentating table.

“Hard Knox” Chris Candido d. Lash LeRoux

As Candido told the crowd how hard his life had been, LeRoux dropkicked him from behind, getting the match underway. Candido took over on Lash, showing why he is one of the best in the game today. LeRoux wowed the crowd with the Bourbon Street Blues, but was stopped again by Hard Knox. After a superplex from the top, Candido finished off the Ragin’ Cajun with a diving headbutt in his debut match on Monday Nitro.

Backstage, XS asks Miss Hancock who she was talking about when she said she found some real men. The beauty says the world will find out Wednesday on Thunder, when Los Fabulousos hit the WCW scene.

Fit Finlay d. La Parka

The Chairman said the skull captain was in the hizouse and dared Fit to take the chair over his head. La Parka backed off from Finlay, motioning to the mic, letting Finlay know that he wasn’t the one talking on the sound system. Fit tore into the luchador anyway, wanting to prove that he is the most hardcore in WCW. Finlay missed a dive into the turnbuckle and fell to the outside, allowing La Parka to hit a dive of his own on the floor. Once in the ring, Fit won the match with a rolling slam, silencing his masked opponent.

Backstage, Vampiro tears his cast off his arm, telling The Total Package that he will get his ultimate revenge tonight.

Interview: David Flair and Daffney
Flair set up a table outside the ring before entering. He demanded that Mean Gene get The Wall out in the arena so he could put his head through the table. The Wall charged the ring and jumped on Flair, first whispering something to him before letting him go. As David walked away, Wall attacked again, setting Flair for the chokeslam. Daffney sprayed a fire extinguisher in Wall’s face, but to no avail, as he proceeded to chokeslam the youngster from the apron through the table. Security came in and broke up the massacre.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
The Harris Brothers d. Booker and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson

Booker and Kidman proved that they could work as a cohesive unit the previous night at the PPV, earning themselves a shot at the tag team gold. The 10-time champion, Booker, riled the crowd as he tossed the Harris twins around early, throwing the “spinaroni” for good measure. The challengers had The Harris Brothers reeling when, as Booker headed to the top rope for the missile dropkick, Big Ron cracked a title belt over his head, causing an immediate disqualification. As the twins continued to pound on Booker and Billy, Torrie jumped on Heavy D’s back, from which she was thrown to the floor. Billy dropped Heavy with a steel chair, as he and Booker attended to Wilson.

Backstage, The Mamalukes fired Disco Inferno, blaming him for their losing the tag team titles at Uncensored.

The Total Package with Elizabeth d. Vampiro

Package got on the mic and told Vampiro he was going up against a 93 mph fastball with a wiffle bat. The arena went black and Vampiro appeared in the ring behind Package, seizing the advantage from the get go. Luger soon took control with heavy kicks to the midsection. Vamp was sent to the floor and slammed into the steel steps by he veteran Package. After a big powerslam, TTP signaled for the Torture Rack, but Vamp slid over the back and was on fire, dropping Luger again and again. Ric Flair came to ringside and distracted the referee, allowing Liz to throw in the bat, which was used on Vamp, costing him the match. As Team Package continued their brutality, Sting made the save for the gothic one.

Interview: The nWo
Jeff Jarrett told Mean Gene that they had a surprise for Sid and Hogan later in the program. Big Poppa Pump stated that The Hulkster only remained champion while he was in the nWo, because Pump and the rest of the guys watched his back.

Interview: Dustin Rhodes
The American Nightmare told Curt Hennig that even thought he wasn’t as old as Terry Funk, he would still bite the dust later on Nitro.

From a press conference held in Miami after the PPV, Sid was barraged with questions until Hulk Hogan came to the podium to congratulate him. At that point, it was The Hulkster in the spotlight, as Sid watched on.

Hugh Morrus d. Screamin’ Norman Smiley

Smiley came to the ring in a Florida Gators jersey, much to the delight of the Gainesville crowd. Morrus saw nothing funny about it, or anything else, as he pounded on the former hardcore champion. Morrus connected with No Laughing Matter for the win. After the bell, The Demon entered the ring, but was laid out by Morrus as well.

Interview: Curt Hennig
Hennig said he would get respect from Dustin Rhodes, even if he had to beat it out of him.

Backstage, Mean Gene stands outside the WCW Champion’s dressing room, talking about the big tag team match in the main event.

Curt Hennig d. Dustin Rhodes by DQ

It was move and countermove in this battle of second generation superstars. Hennig gained a short advantage, before Rhodes went to the eyes. When the action spilled to the floor, Dustin tore the cast from Hennig’s arm and smashed the exposed limb on the announcer’s table, causing a disqualification. Rhodes knocked referee, Nick Patrick silly and continued his attack, until Hulk Hogan ran in, chasing the American Nightmare from the ring.

Interview: Sid Vicious
Mean Gene talked with Sid about the big tag team main event later in the broadcast. Jimmy Hart came in and was told by Vicious to make sure no one would be able to interfere in the match.

Interview: Sting
The Stinger said he would split Team Package down the middle, part one was last night at the PPV, and part two would be later against the Nature Boy.

Backstage, Meng watches the monitor as Tank Abbott waits in the ring for his match.

Tank Abbott d. The Barbarian by TKO

The Barbarian set the referee, Billy Silverman, on the top rope, telling him not to move. The two monsters threw punches back and forth and exchanged takedowns. As Barbarian set the ref on the corner again, he turned around and met the knockout punch of Abbott, chalking up yet another TKO win for Tank.

Sting d. Ric Flair

Sting sent Ric to the canvas at every opportunity, frustrating the 14-time champion. Out on the floor, Flair gave the Stinger everything he had, but to no avail, as the crowd favorite countered back on the Nature Boy. Back inside, Flair told the ref to check the match time, taking the opportunity to deliver a kick below the belt. The dirtiest player in the game sliced a series of chops across Sting’s chest, but were shaken off as the crowd came unglued. The Total Package hit the ring, but was stopped, and the members of Team Package were the pieces in a game of “Sting Pong,” both receiving splash after splash in the corners. The Team fought back, but Vampiro saved the day, returning the favor to Sting as he ran Flair and Luger off.

Jeff Jarrett and Big Poppa Pump with the nWo girls vs. Sid Vicious and Hulk Hogan

Jarrett attempted to hip toss Hogan from the corner, but the powerful Hulkster blocked it, grabbing the advantage for his team. Vicious and Hogan took turns knocking Jarrett around their side of the ring. Big Poppa Pump tagged in, and in his return to active competition, laid out the WCW Champion, making him easy pickings for The Chosen One. Steiner and Jarrett showed great teamwork, making quick tags as they continued to beat on Vicious. Both sides made the tag and, as Hogan cleaned house, Vicious listened to the crowd erupt in a “Hogan” chant. As The Hulkster played to the crowd, Vicious stood behind him. When Hulk turned around, Sid caught him with a devastating chokeslam, making the referee count the pin as he covered his own partner. The nWo celebrated as Vicious told Hogan, “wrong place, wrong time,” and Nitro faded to black.

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