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WCW Nitro 3/27/2000

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Nitro Spring Breakout 2000
South Padre Island, Texas
March 27, 2000

Show Results

Spring break fever was in the air, as the highly anticipated Spring Breakout 2000 was finally taking place. WCW was abuzz throughout the week, with the news of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo returning to the creative helm. Behind the scenes, everyone wondered if the two could work together, while in the ring, The Wall looked to collect a hefty bounty. Only one thing stood in the way of the $1,000,000 prize … taking out the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Interview: Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly
As Mean Gene prepared to announce a guest who was returning after a lengthy absence, Kimberly came to the ring, saying she was the only one who could announce this big return. In all of her scantly clad beauty, Kim introduced her husband, Diamond Dallas Page. DDP hit the ring, jacked to the max, much to the delight of the spring breakers. Page said he was still recouping from his injured back and while doing so, was on a promotional tour for WCW’s upcoming movie, “Ready To Rumble.” After the King of Badda Bing stated he would be the “three-time, three-time, three-time champion” when he did return, The Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett hit the stage. He told DDP he would not be the three-time anything, and Jarrett would personally crash the premiere of “Ready To Rumble” in Hollywood on April 5.

Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden talked about the return of Eric Bischoff to WCW. They also mentioned the possible return of Vince Russo, saying his decision would be rendered during the Nitro broadcast.

A clip was shown from Hulk Hogan’s promotional tour, where he and Jimmy Hart appeared on the Man Cow Radio Show. During the course of the interview, Man Cow made a statement that Hart took exception to, and the two scuffled on the studio floor.

Backstage, The Artist and Paisley approached three young WCW hopefuls, randomly picking Michael Modest to face the Cruiserweight Champion later in the show in a non-title match.

Interview: Booker
Booker told Mean Gene that although Heavy D was injured and would not be able to compete, he would still face Big Ron later in the show.

At poolside from earlier in the day, Big Poppa Pump asked the nWo beauties to demonstrate their breaststroke.

Non-Title Match
Michael Modest d. The Artist with Paisley

Prince and Modest locked up, with The Artist getting a quick taste of what Modest was about. The Prince was sent over the top turnbuckle, where the youngster followed him, not letting up a bit. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Chris Candido both made their way to ringside, each believing he was the rightful No. 1 contender. Paisley and Chavo argued on the ring apron, until Candido pulled Guerrero down and the two brawled on the floor. Inside the ring, Modest dropped The Artist down with a modified Samoan Drop for the upset win in his debut match on Monday Nitro. Chavo and Candido brawled to the back after the match.

Interview: The Harris Brothers
Heavy D, sporting a sling, said that he was injured while pressing nWo girl Midajah after Thunder last Wednesday. Big Ron told Booker that he better be ready when they clash later in the broadcast.

Backstage, as Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart arrived at the beach, Vampiro called the former heavyweight champion into his room to talk.

Big Ron Harris with Heavy D d. Booker

Heavy D came to ringside with his brother, his arm still in a sling. Almost immediately, Booker was thrown out of the ring, where Heavy threw him back into the battlefield. When Booker took control on the tag team champion, Jeff Jarrett hit the apron and distracted the referee, allowing the “injured” Don to slide in and, along with Ron, drop an H-Bomb, setting up his brother for the win. After the bell, Harlem Heat 2000 attacked Booker, who was saved by his tag team partner, Billy Kidman.

Backstage, Vampiro told Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart that word is out that there is a $500,000 bounty on The Hulkster’s head – put up by the WCW Champion, Sid Vicious.

Interview: Hulk Hogan
Mean Gene thanked Hogan for saving him from Sid last week. Hogan said no one would collect the bounty and challenged Sid to come take care of it himself. Hogan stated that Vampiro was the wrestler of the future and they would be there to watch each other’s back. The Wall’s music played and he appeared atop the hotel across the beach. Hogan challenged him to come over to the ring and “get his ass kicked like Vicious.”

Interview: The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno
Big Vito told Disco that he should be getting them a rematch for their tag team titles. The Mighty DI told Vito that after their match against the Jung Dragons later in the show, the championship committee would have no choice but to give them a shot.

Backstage, The Harris Brothers took exception to comments made by The Mamalukes.

Jung Dragons d. The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno

The Jung Dragons came into the ring and danced on the stolen green circles, lip-synching to a Japanese version of the 3 Count cult classic, “Can’t Get You Out of my Heart.” The Mamalukes charged the ring and put an end to the music parody, much to the delight of the beachcombers in attendance. The former tag team champions threw the Dragons high in the air with multiple press slams, in an awesome display of strength. Disco begged to be tagged into the match, and finally was, where he was triple teamed and pinned. After the match, The Harris Brothers charged the ring, squashing the Dragons around the ring.

It was announced during this match that Vince Russo had agreed to work with Eric Bischoff in the creative department of WCW.

Texas Tornado Match
Sting and Vampiro d. Team Package with Elizabeth

Vampiro and Sting charged the ring and jumped all over Team Package, getting the Texas Tornado match underway. As Flair and Vampiro fought in the ring, Package and Sting brawled over to the hotel pool, where Sting blocked a piledriver and backdropped Package into the water. The Nature Boy and Vamp continued the match in the ring as Sting covered TTP with dip, salsa and sour cream, before taking the fight to the beach. Liz interfered at will, but to no avail, as The Stinger just kept on fighting. Soon, the two were at it in the ocean, where Package was dropped with a piledriver and covered, bringing victory to the Brothers in Paint.”

Backstage, when asked for his thoughts on the return of Bischoff and Russo, Booker says he is not an ass kisser, and for them to just do their job.

Interview: Terry Funk
The Funker told Mean Gene that he would have a talk with Hugh Morrus about his return to WCW.

Meng d. La Parka

La Parka “spoke” on the mic, making fun of the monster, Meng. The Chairman dropped the mic, shocked at what was said over the sound system. Meng beat on the luchador for his comments, taking one chair shot before dropping Parka with the Tongan Death Grip for the win. Tank Abbott appeared at ringside, but was met by Fit Finlay, and the two brawled back down the aisle.

Backstage, the Kid Cam caught Buff Bagwell poolside, offering to towel off the nWo girls.

Backstage, Scott Steiner stormed off to look for Bagwell, as Jarrett and the Harris Boys try to stop him.

Backstage, Fit Finlay saud he is a team player in the business, and will back Bischoff and Russo all the way.

A Bif Naked music video was shown of the classic rock anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” The song appears in the “Ready To Rumble” movie, which opens nationwide on April 7.

No Contest – Terry Funk vs. Hugh Morrus

Funk entered the ring with a steel chair, but was attacked by Morrus. The two beat each other back and forth, with the wily Texan getting the better of the exchange. The Funker missed a moonsault from the top and was quickly sent to the ring floor. In a brutal maneuver, Morrus powerbombed the legend from the ringside platform to the hard ground below. Believe it or not, Funk got back up, and began swinging at his crazed opponent. Dustin Rhodes came out, but was dropped with a chair by The Funker. Back inside the ring, Hugh Morrus connected with the No Laughing Matter moonsault, but took a chair across the back from Rhodes as he covered for the pin. The American Nightmare laid out everyone, including referee Mickey Jay. Dustin and Terry fought to the outside and back to the dressing room, while Morrus took out his aggressions on Jay, who was the victim of another moonsault.

Interview: Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart
Hogan told Mean Gene he was putting up $500,000 of his own money if The Wall could take him out. The Hulkster said that Vampiro would be watching his back and no one would be collecting the money on this night.

Interview: The nWo
The nWo girls slithered all over Big Poppa Pump as he addressed the spring break crowd. Jarrett said Steiner made him have a change of heart and told the girls that they could stay at ringside for the upcoming match.

Backstage, Curt Hennig told Buff Bagwell to stop messing with Scott Steiner’s girls and to get his head back in the game.

Backstage, The Artist said he was thankful for the chance Vince Russo gave him a few months back and sees Bischoff as a visionary and someone who can turn things around.

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner with the nWo girls d. Curt Hennig and Buff Bagwell

As Hennig charged the ring after the nWo, Buff took his time in the aisle, slapping hands with the fans and posing. Once the match got started, Curt and Buff worked well as a team, keeping Jarrett on the mat. Soon, however, Big Poppa was tagged in, and Bagwell was powered into a corner by the genetic freak. Jarrett continued to control Buff but was stopped as he and Bagwell collided in the center of the ring. Both made the tag, and Hennig cleaned house on the nWo. The girls distracted the referee as Buff was thrown from the ring. Hennig attempted his “Hennigplex,” but took a guitar over the head instead. Big Poppa Pump easily rolled Curt over and placed him in the Steiner Recliner for the victory. On the outside, the girls attended to Buff, who seemed more concerned about the girls than he did about his partner.

Backstage, Big Vito said that Russo and Bischoff will bring WCW back to No. 1 in the ratings.

$1,000,000 Bounty Match
No Contest – Hulk Hogan vs. The Wall

The Wall stood in silence as Hogan made his entrance. The former bodyguard pounded the yellow and red early, trying to collect on the big money. Hogan threw punches in the corner, capping it off by taking a bite out of Wall’s head. On the outside, Hogan was taken down with a chair, giving The Wall time to set up a table. The Hulkster recovered and connected with the steel chair, momentarily rocking the big man. Back inside, Wall dropped Hulk with the chokeslam, but Hogan stood back up. He delivered the big boot and his patented leg drop, but the monster sat up as well, shocking everyone, including Hogan. Vampiro hit the ring and pounded The Wall, causing the referee to call for the bell. The two threw a double clothesline on Wall, sending him through the table at ringside. The Wall, unphased after going through the table, threatened revenge. Vampiro and Hogan stood with chairs in hand, as Nitro went off the air.

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