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WCW Thunder 1/6/2000

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WCW Thunder
Florence Civic Center, Florence, South Carolina
January 6, 2000

Florence, South Carolina was the sight of the first Thunder of the new Millennium. In the first week of his reign as WCW Commissioner, Terry Funk was going to play things the only was he knew how … hardcore. When Funk’s demand of Arn Anderson’s release fell on deaf ears with the nWo, Funk took matters into his own hands, evening up the odds with a kidnapping of his own. As the nWo came out to negotiate the release of Jeff Jarrett, in the end, it was nWo member and WCW Champion Bret Hart in the ring facing possibly one of his toughest challenges yet … the Commissioner himself.

Backstage, the nWo is shown entering the arena with a beaten and bloody Arn Anderson.

Show Results

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Madusa with Spice d. Asya

Who said the Cruiserweight Title was for men only? Oklahoma came to ringside, joining Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson, and Tony Schivone at the commentating table. As the match got underway, Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn all came to ringside. As Douglas distracted the referee, Saturn entered the ring and, instead of helping Asya, he hit her from behind, allowing Madusa to get the pin. After the match, Douglas and Malenko questioned Saturn as Madusa approached Oklahoma at the table. The Filthy Animals ran down the aisle, chasing off The Revolution as Oklahoma smashed his BBQ sauce bottle over Madusa’s head.

Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis came to the ring and although in Florence, Juvi stated that “finally the Juice had come back to Greenbille!” They made their way to the announcer’s table and bullied Tony out of his seat until the new WCW Commissioner Terry Funk came out and attacked both luchadors, powerbombing Psychosis through the table.

Interview: Terry Funk
Funk entered the ring and demanded the nWo to bring Arn Anderson to the ring. Jarrett’s music hit and out walked “The Chosen One.” Jarrett said he had some demands for Funk before he got Anderson back. Funk reiterated to leave Anderson alone. Jarrett told Terry not to P*** him off and walked away.

Interview: The Revolution
Shane Douglas challenged The Filthy Animals to a six-man tag team match, but this time, The Revolution would have the mystery partner. The Revolution walked away and as Mean Gene headed to the ring, Juvi took the microphone from him.

Backstage, the nWo continued to beat and torture Arn Anderson in a darkened portion of the building.

Interview: Booker T
Booker T said that when Stevie Ray was out hurt, Booker tried to fight alone, but kept getting attacked. For this reason, he went out and found Midnight. Booker said he wanted his brother back in the fold. Stevie Ray came out and told Booker he wanted a match against Midnight later in the show. Booker said if Midnight won the match, Ray has to welcome her into Harlem Heat.

Backstage, David Flair, Daffney Unger, and Crowbar were shown walking the back hallway of the arena.

Backstage, Arn Anderson continued to be tortured, including hot coffee being spilled on him. As this went on, Daffney and Crowbar laughed while watching on a monitor, but David Flair looked very upset at the nWo’s actions.

3 Count d. PG-13 and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

PG-13 fumbled early, dropping elbow drops on each other as the intended target, Karagias, continued to move out of the way. Shane Helms used Chavo’s briefcase on him, knocking him out, and giving 3 Count the win. After the match, Evan, Shane, and Shannon did their best Milli Vanilli impression, much to the chagrin of the Florence crowd.

Backstage, David Flair was shown storming away from Unger and Crowbar.

Backstage, Commissioner Funk was shown beating up the WCW security guards, frustrated about the Arn Anderson kidnapping.

Shoot Fight Match
The Wall d. Jerry Flynn

As the match started, Tank Abbot came to the broadcast table. Flynn and Wall took to the floor, beating each other back and forth. The Wall used his raw power to bring Flynn to the mat. Flynn brought The Wall down in the ring with a devastating back kick, but outside Abbott suckerpunched Flynn, throwing him back in, allowing The Wall to score the win. After the bout, Abbot attacked Flynn, The Wall, and WCW Head of Security Doug Dellinger, laying him out with one right hand.

United States Title Match – Bunkhouse Brawl
Jeff Jarrett d. “Screamin” Norman Smiley

Jarrett attacked “Screamin” Norman with several trashcans outside the ring at the start. Norman reversed a drop toehold and sent Jarrett face first into a can of his own. Smiley went for a pin and thought he won, but Jarrett had his foot on the rope. One guitar shot later and The Chosen One applied “The Stroke” for the win. Terry Funk came to the ring to confront Jarrett. As the two jawjacked back and forth, David Flair snuck in and pulled Jarrett down by the throat with the crowbar. Funk told the nWo they had two minutes to bring out Anderson. Funk handcuffed Jarrett and beat on him with a trash can lid.

The nWo came out with Arn; barefoot, bloody, and battered. Nash challenged Funk to a match at Souled Out. He said if Funk wins, the nWo disbands. If Nash wins, he becomes the new commissioner. Funk accepted and said it is a Hardcore Match and the nWo is barred from ringside. The Funker then told Hart he would be facing Funk himself later in the show in a Hardcore Match. Hart said he would take the match. The nWo let Anderson go and Flair let Jarrett loose as well. Arn attacked Jarrett as the two passed on the ramp, but Bret hit Anderson with a bat, sending him back to the ground.

Outside a convenience store, Tony Marinara sent Disco Inferno inside to get money owed to “the family.” Disco told the store clerk that he could have his watch if the clerk handed over the cash. As Disco came out of the store, he acted as if he bullied the clerk around.

Backstage, Funk and David Flair attended to a beaten Arn Anderson as Stevie Ray approached the Commissioner about Booker T being barred from his upcoming match. Funk told him to get the hell out.

Midnight d. Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray dominated Midnight with his awesome power. As he went for the cover, he repeatedly pulled Midnight off the canvas before the three count, wanting to deliver more punishment. Ray pulled out the slapjack, but Booker T came to ringside and talked Ray out of using it. As Ray picked Midnight up from a pin attempt again, she cradled Stevie and scored an upset pin for the victory. Ray hugged Midnight and Booker, but slapjacked both of them, leaving them lying.

Interview: The Filthy Animals
Mean Gene started the interview, but Juvi showed up with a blonde bombshell, telling Gene she was looking for him. He walked away with her, leaving Juvi to finish the interview with the Animals. Kidman said that they would take the tag team titles later in their title match with Flair and Crowbar.

Backstage, Terry Funk was shown preparing himself for his World Title Match against Bret Hart.

Interview: Diamond Dallas Page
Mean Gene sat his buxom blonde at ringside to wait for him. DDP said that Bagwell was hitting on Kimberly the whole time Page was filming a movie in LA. He said Bagwell’s first wife left him cause he is a dirty cheat. He then said that the girls AND the guys like Buff. Page said that he had seen Bagwell in the showers and Buff’s stuff wasn’t big enough. Buff charged the ring and the two brawled into the crowd and through the arena.

Backstage, Bret Hart was shown getting ready for his match with the Commissioner.

Interview: Bam Bam Bigelow
As Mean Gene talked with his beautiful new fan, Juventud Guerrera interviewed Bam Bam. Chris “Champagne” Kanyon smashed a bottle over Bigelow’s head, laying him out.

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Kevin Nash

As Nash waited in the ring, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett put a beaten Bigelow into a wheelbarrow and brought him to ringside. Nash beat on Bigelow some more; getting himself disqualified, before leaving.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
David Flair and Crowbar with Daffney Unger d. The Filthy Animals with Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Crowbar and Kidman flew around the ring at the beginning. Flair took some punishment, but Crowbar tagged in and took control. The “Goth Goddess” Daffney screamed and cackled continuously at ringside as her men battled in the ring. As Kidman went for the Shooting Star Press, Flair pushed him off the ropes. As Konnan tagged into the match, Arn Anderson made his way to ringside. Konnan applied the Tequila Sunrise, but Anderson nailed him with Flair’s crowbar giving the win to the tag team champions. After the match, The Revolution attacked The Filthy Animals, hanging Mysterio upside down in the corner by his bad knee.

Non-Title Match – Hardcore Rules
Terry Funk d. Bret Hart

Hart wore jean shorts and sneakers in this anything goes brawl. Funk threw chairs around and into the ring, living up to his nickname, “middle aged and crazy.” Hart introduced Funk’s back to the guardrail on two different sides of the ring. Still on the outside, Funk beat on Hart relentlessly, punching him around the ring and taking a trashcan over the champion’s head. Funk took to the top rope and attempted a moonsault, but The Hitman moved just in time. Bret put Funk’s leg in a metal chair and came off the ropes onto it. Backstage, Arn Anderson was putting on a referee shirt, but David Flair said he wanted to instead. Flair put on the shirt and locked Arn in the room. Back in the ring, the nWo charged the ring and attacked Funk. Flair ran out, but was attacked as well. As Jarrett, Steiner, and Hart beat down Flair, Crowbar, and Unger, Nash and Funk brawled onto the Thunder stage. Big Sexy fought The Funker to the edge, where he delivered his Jack Knife Powerbomb, driving Funk through the stage to the floor as the show went off the air.

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