WCW Thunder 1/19/2000

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WCW Thunder
Evansville, Indiana
January 19, 2000

Show Results

After a whirlwind weekend in WCW, the troops made a stop in Evansville, Indiana for another edition of TBS Thunder. The big question on everyone’s mind: What would become of the vacated WCW Title? As Terry Taylor made an announcement on behalf of WCW, the nWo, lead by the “Lord and Master,” Commissioner Kevin Nash, had a few stipulations of their own. Backstage, security guards were shown guarding a room where the WCW higher ups were meeting to discuss the future of the WCW World Title.

Outside, the nWo was shown arriving at the arena in a limousine.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
The Mamaulukes with Disco Inferno d. David Flair and Crowbar with Daffney Unger
Big Vito went to work on David Flair as Disco joined the announcers at the ringside table. Outside the ring, as Johnny and Vito went after Flair, Crowbar did a dive over the top rope onto the Mamaulukes. Back inside, Vito held Crowbar high in the air for a vertical suplex. Johnny missed a spinning splash off the top rope. Crowbar hit a splash, but The Bull broke up the pin attempt. After a miscommunication where Flair hit Crowbar with his namesake, Big Vito delivered a devastating whirling DDT for the surprise win, capturing the tag team gold for the family. Disco Inferno proclaimed himself to be “the manager of champions.”

Backstage, Kevin Nash tried to get into the WCW board meeting, but the guards would not let him in.

Outside, Kimberly was shown arriving at the arena.

Interview: The Mamaulukes
Big Vito told Mean Gene that it was about time two clean cut Italians held the gold. Disco charged in, again proclaiming himself to be the manager of champions.

No Contest – “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Curt Hennig

Duggan said he would never denounce the USA. Hennig came out and said he has been called a lot of things, but never a janitor. Duggan challenged Hennig and, after a brief hesitation, the match was on. Hacksaw took charge early, but Hennig slowed things down, choking Duggan on the bottom rope. Referee Mickey Jay was knocked down and Hennig went for the 2 X 4. The two combatants fought over it as Jay was knocked down again. The match was ruled a no contest.

Backstage, Nash scolded a man on a computer as he tried to find out about the WCW board meeting.

In the ring, 3 Count “performed” their smash hit as the crowd looked on in disbelief. As the fans began to cheer, it was because Norman Smiley had joined the group for a “Big Wiggle” special. Smiley disposed of all three men and took the mic. Norman said he eats hardcore food and challenged anyone. Tank Abbot made his way to the ring and followed Smiley all the way up the entrance ramp before knocking him out with one punch.

Backstage, Kevin Nash told the Harris Brothers to go find out what was going on behind the closed doors of the board meeting.

Three Way Match
Psychosis with Juventud Guerrera d. Lash Leroux and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Finally, on the second try, Juvi remembered what town he was in. Chavo and Psychosis went at it, as Leroux stood by laughing. As Lash was looking into the crowd, Psychosis and Chavo caught him with a double clothesline. Lash dumped Psychosis to the floor and followed him out. Chavo delivered a dive over the ropes onto both men. After the Bourbon Street Blues dance, Chavo blocked Leroux and delivered a flying DDT. With both men down, this allowed Psychosis to go to the top and come down hard with a guillotine legdrop onto Lash for the win.

A clip was shown of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea in the recording studio.

Kidman with Torrie Wilson d. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea with Paisley
Kidman came out ready for a fight. Billy was stopped in his tracks as TAFKAPI brought him down with a Samoan drop. Torrie Wilson made her way down the ramp and ALL eyes turned. The Artist was pulled of the ring apron by Torrie, which was followed up by a baseball slide by Kidman. Once inside, Kidman dropped The Artist with a powerbomb for the win. Kidman and Torrie embraced after the match to the delight of the crowd.

Backstage, Terry Taylor emerged from the WCW meeting and headed to the ring.

Terry Taylor came to the ring and stated that this Monday on Nitro, Sid Vicious would face a man that Commissioner Kevin Nash would pick as his opponent. The nWo music played and the band came to the stage. Nash said that he had been reading the commissioner’s handbook and it said that he made the matches. Big Sexy said that Sid would face Jeff Jarrett on Monday and if he gets by Jarrett, Sid would then face Nash himself for the WCW Title.

Backstage, Kevin Nash booked the main event for the night: Booker T and Big T against The Total Package and Sid Vicious.

The Wall d. Berlyn

The two former allies went one on one, with Berlyn taking the early advantage before The Wall caught him with a big Samoan drop. On the outside, Berlyn came off the top turnbuckle with a flying bodypress onto his opponent. The Wall recovered and ran the German tyrant’s back into the ring apron. As Wall was stepping back in over the top rope, Berlyn kicked up on the rope, pushing it between Wall’s legs. Berlyn ducked a flying elbow, but was caught with a big boot, allowing The Wall to get the win.

Backstage, DDP stretched for his match as Kimberly read a book.

Interview: Oklahoma
Oklahoma came out to the ring, proclaiming himself to be the new Cruiserweight Champion and the undisputed winner of the battle of the sexes. He said he would relinquish the title knowing that he would go down as the greatest champion of all time. Madusa headed to the ring and challenged Oklahoma to a match. She said she wanted to start a women division, but would still kick his can.

Madusa d. Sherri Martel

Sherri Martel ran down the aisle, attacking Madusa from behind. Miss Handcock came to ringside and sat on the announcer’s table taking notes, as Madusa scored a pinfall out of nowhere on Martel for the win.

Backstage, Kevin Nash argued with Scott Steiner over who would get the next massage from the beautiful lady in the dressing room.

Jerry Flynn d. Fit Finlay

Buzzkill was shown in the crowd, advocating “stop the violence” on his sign. Finlay and Flynn fought hard in and out of the ring. Brian Knobs made his way to the ringside area, Kendo stick in hand. As Finlay distracted the referee Mark Johnson, Knobs used the Kendo stick on Flynn outside the ring. Once inside, Knobs swung the stick, but hit Finlay on accident, allowing Flynn to schoolboy Fit for the 1-2-3 count.

Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly d. Chris “Champagne” Kanyon with J Biggs and the girls

Kanyon ran down the crowd and DDP before the match. Kim came to ringside and Kanyon told her to come be with a real man. Kim told him to dump his girls and they would talk. As he turned around, DDP flew off the top rope with a flying clothesline. The former partners went toe to toe, with each man knowing the other’s style. Kanyon threw a baseball slide, sending DDP into the guardrail. In the ring, Page came back with a flurry, but was stopped with a pump-handle slam by Kanyon. J Biggs was knocked off the ring apron as he tried to interfere. Out of nowhere, DDP applied the Diamond Cutter, chalking up another victory for the “King of Badda Bing.”

Backstage, The Total Package was talking to Big T, the man he would be facing in the next tag team match. In the nWo dressing room, the band feigned surprise as they watched on the monitor.

Sid Vicious and The Total Package with Elizabeth d. Booker T with Midnight and Big T

Booker and Big T had a shoving match at the beginning. Sid and Big T stalked each other before BT tagged in Booker. Sid went to tag in Package, but Package backed off, refusing. With Package finally in, the first lockup of the match took place. Kevin Nash made his way down the aisle, watching the match from afar. Big T nailed Booker with the slapjack, but was caught by Sid with a chokeslam. Package put a knocked out Booker in the Torture Rack for the win.

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