WCW Thunder 7/26/2000

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WCW Thunder
Wheeling, West Virginia
July 26, 2000

Outside in a limo, The Cat spoke with his mother on the phone, telling her the matches for the upcoming Thunder show. The Jung Dragons arrived and a fight ensued, with one of the Dragons breaking a window in Smooth’s limo. The commissioner told the enraged driver that he could wrestle the Oriental trio later in the show.

The Juice and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with The Filthy Animals d. 3 Count (Shannon Moore and Shane Helms) with Evan Karagias and Tank Abbott

Konnan told Evan Karagias that since his ankle was injured last week on the big ladder, they brought a little stepladder for him to use instead. Tank and Karagias came out, with Abbott challenging The Animals to a dance contest. As the Filthys started to shake and groove, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms jumped in the ring, starting the bout with a sneak attack. It wasn’t long before The Jung Dragons were in the ring, striking quick on 3 Count before leaving through the crowd. The Juice and Rey relied on a series of double team moves to keep the songsters off base, relentlessly attacking Shannon Moore, center ring. Soon all four were in the ring before Juvi finished Moore off with his patent splash off the top for the win.

Interview: Booker T
Booker told Goldberg that he did not like him, and said he looked forward to the day when they lock horns again. The champion then turned his attention to Jeff Jarrett and the New Blood Rising PPV. This prompted The Chosen One to come out and challenge Booker to a non-title Bunkhouse Brawl match with lights out, no DQ rules for later in the night. T accepted the challenge, telling Jarrett that he didn’t want to wait until later, as the two scuffled before WCW Security arrived.

Backstage, the brawl continued between Jarrett and Booker. The commissioner told the two to stay away from each other until match time.

Mean Gene Interview: Ms. Hancock and David Flair
Hancock challenged Major Gunns to an Arm Wrestling Match for later on Thunder. An added stipulation said that if any of the MIA interfered, the R.O.T.C. Match for the PPV would be off.

Skip Over d. The Artist with Paisley

The Artist drove Skip to the canvas right at the bell with a kick under the chin. Over turned it up a notch against the former Cruiserweight champ, catching him with a missile dropkick from the top. As Artist tried to bring a chair into the ring, Over dropkicked it into his face, knocking him to the floor. Back inside, The Artist called for Paisley to hand him in a chair, but his lady instead headed to the back with Keewee, who had come to the stage, courting her. Over took advantage of this distraction and, after a chain of moves and counters, applied the Overdrive for the upset win over The Artist.

Mean Gene Interview: Major Gunns and The MIA
Major Gunns accepted the challenge from Ms. Hancock. The MIA members giggled like school children at the sexual innuendoes exchanged between Gunns and Okerlund.

Backstage, Judy Bagwell told Buff that she wanted to take care of things her way, wanting to know the way to The Cat’s office.

Smooth d. The Jung Dragons

Smooth made his debut in the ring, getting throttled by the trio from the Orient. The massive limo driver sent Kaz and Yang out of the ring, before concentrating on Jami Sun inside. Minutes later, it was Smooth declared victorious in his initial bid inside the WCW squared circle.

Backstage, Judy Bagwell demanded that The Cat give her a match against Kanyon. At first he balked at the idea, but when she said it would help his ratings, he gladly made the match.

Arm Wrestling Match
Ms. Hancock d. Major Gunns

Hancock came to the ring with a little surprise – David Flair dressed to be the special referee. Just as Gunns was about to win, Flair pulled their hands to Hancock’s side, declaring her the victor. After the decision, Hancock sprayed perfume in Gunns’ eyes and ripped open her shirt until The Wall returned, saving the fallen Major.

Mean Gene Interview: Positively Kanyon
A beat up DDK said that he had everything DDP had, except a Kimberly. Positively said that he would have fun Kanyon Cutting Judy Bagwell, as he let the world know that Buff had been barred from ringside.

Backstage, The MIA officially made The Wall a member, shaving his head and renaming him Sgt. AWOL.

Backstage, The Great Muta and Vampiro left Kronic out cold on the floor in their dressing room.

The Great Muta and Vampiro d. Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak

Vamp said that he and Muta were two more joining the millions in the Juggalo Army and challenged anyone in the back to come out and fight. Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire stepped up to the plate, using their power and quickness to keep the painted duo off balance. Experience soon took over as the Japanese legend Muta tore into the youngsters from the Power Plant. After making a hot tag in, Jindrak was brought down hard with a dragon screw leg whip and forced to submit to a leg lock submission applied by Muta. The Demon came out after the match, pulling Jindrak and O’Haire back to the ring. Kronic made the save, gaining a measure of revenge from the attack earlier.

Backstage, Judy Bagwell threw Buff into a dressing room by his ear, telling him that she would take care of Kanyon herself.

Mean Gene Interview: Big Vito
Vito called for a rematch against Lance Storm, trying to get his hardcore title back.

No Contest – Judy Bagwell vs. Positively Kanyon

Judy came out to Buff’s music and pyro, getting the Wheeling crowd on her side. Kanyon took the mic and said that he already Kanyon Cut her once, but was taking it easy on her then. DDK gave her a chance to walk away, warning her she would really get hurt this time. Kanyon got his answer after a low blow and a slap to the face, but he recovered and placed her in a front face lock. Buff came out, but was told to stay back and listen. Kanyon made Buff agree to the stipulation that if he beat Bagwell at the PPV, that Judy would be his valet. DDK still delivered a Cutter to Mrs. Bagwell before leaving the ring.

Backstage, The Franchise and Torrie Wilson laughed as Wilson said she had just dropped off the tape to the production truck. In another part of the building, Kidman got a laugh of his own as he watched them on a monitor, holding a tape in his hands.

Outside of the building, Kanyon left the parking lot, but not before jumping out of his car and Kanyon Cutting the lot attendant.

Interview: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson
Torrie said Billy was a sicko for showing the tape on Nitro. Douglas stated that he would show everyone what a real man looked like on a tape that he and Wilson made the night before. The tape that aired however, was of Douglas having “performance problems” in the bedroom. An embarrassed Douglas stormed to the back with Torrie on his heels.

Mean Gene Interview: Lance Storm
Storm told Vito that if he wanted a shot at any title, he would have to prove himself and wrestle Storm in a Canadian rules match, meaning no tables and chairs, just wrestling.

Backstage, Douglas told Torrie that he needed some air. Kidman approached Torrie, telling her that she should have taken his key back when they broke up. As Billy expressed his pleasure in watching her video collection, The Franchise attacked, ramming Kidman’s head into a steel door.

Canadian Rules Match
Lance Storm d. Big Vito

Vito interrupted the Canadian national anthem, attacking Storm before the bell. The Italian brawler went toe to toe with the champion, showing that he could indeed work a wrestling match. As the referee went down, Storm commandeered a steel chair, clobbering Vito for a two-count. The Mamaluke fought back, but in the end, it was Lance clutching on the half crab submission for the victory. When Storm would not release the hold, Mike Awesome came in for the rescue.

Scott Hudson Interview: Bill Goldberg
Goldberg said that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had other motives from the beginning when they took him under their wings. He said that he was not comfortable playing the bad guy in the ring, proclaiming it was against everything Goldberg was about. He stated that he became a wrestler to make a difference with the fans and did not live and die for the sport. Goldberg said that Kevin Nash was jealous of his success and he would make him pay at the pay per view.

Bunkhouse Brawl Match
Non-Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Booker T

The Cat took the mic and demanded that the Thunder program come to a close, so he would not be responsible for what happened in the match. Jarrett came to the ring with a wheelbarrow full of plunder, ready to inflict some pain on Booker T. The WCW champion immediately sent Jarrett to the outside with a Harlem sidekick and followed him into the crowd. Back inside, Jarrett used a shovel, a branding iron, and a cowbell on T, trying to wear him down before the PPV match. When The Chosen One went for the guitar, Booker blocked it, getting his second wind. Jeff took over again, connecting with the guitar before applying the figure four. Jarrett wrapped the bull rope around their legs, making it impossible for Booker to get out. Finally, the champion passed out from the pain, causing the referee to call for the bell.

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