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WCW Thunder 8/2/2000

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WCW Thunder
Terre Haute, Indiana
August 2, 2000

Interview: Lance Storm
The WCW multiple champion, Lance Storm made his way to the ring to start off the program. As the Canadian flag hung from the ceiling, Storm said he was renaming the Cruiserweight title the “100 Kilogram and Under” Championship, in honor of the Canadian metric system. The Cat came to the ring and told the champ that he would defend the Cruiserweight Title against The Juice, the Hardcore Title against Norman Smiley, and the Canadian Championship against the commish himself. Juvi and the Filthy Animals came to the ring, ready for the opening match.

WCW 100 Kilograms Or Less Title Match
Lance Storm d. The Juice

Storm had David Penzer read from the Canadian rulebook that the titles had to be defended under scientific rules, with no one outside the ring. Billy Silverman ordered the Animals to the back, and the bout was underway. The Juice had the upper hand in the early portion of the match, dazzling Storm with his high-flying style. After a Frankensteiner from the top by Guerrera, Storm looked to be in deep trouble, just barely kicking out of a pin attempt. Lance rolled away from a splash attempt from the top and eventually put The Juice away with the single leg crab submission.

A clip from when after Nitro went off the air showed Kronic making the save for Booker T and Sting.

Backstage, General Rection told the MIA members to refocus as he gave Lieutenant Loco and Sgt. AWOL their missions.

Outside, Booker T was shown arriving to the building.

Backstage, Smooth told Skip Over that he had some ideas for a new name.

Sgt. AWOL d. David Flair with Ms. Hancock

Ms. Hancock said that even though the last thing she wanted to do was roll around in a pit full of mud, she would do anything to get one over on Major Gunns at the New Blood Rising PPV. AWOL tore into Flair as soon as the bell sounded, fighting off some chops before sending David to the floor. The Sarge slid a table into the ring, and after catching Flair off the top rope, delivered a chokeslam through the table for the win.

As a man approached Siren of the Nitro Girls and asked her where she was after Nitro, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas told the man that he could answer that question for him.

Skip Over handed Terry Taylor a sheet of paper with some ideas on it.

Jeff Jarrett went over a game plan with Vampiro as the dark angel sat silently, taping his hands.

Tank Abbott told 3 Count that he wrote a song and wanted them to record it while they still had their record contract.

Prime Time Player d. Billy Kidman

Player looked good in the ring against the more experienced Kidman, as the two exchanged moves fast and furiously in the ring. Douglas, Torrie, and Siren’s boyfriend, called Reno, came out to the ringside area. As Wilson distracted the ref, Reno jumped in and attacked Kidman, allowing Player to apply his move, The Overdrive, for the upset win.

Mike Awesome with his lady Heidi talked to The Cat, wanting to make sure he was still getting his title match at the PPV.

As Torrie and Franchise walked down the hallway, Judy Bagwell walked by and bumped shoulders with Shane. The Franchise called her some choice words, prompting Buff to come to the rescue, fighting with Douglas until security arrived.

Sean O’Haire d. “Perfectshawn” Stasiak

Chuck Palumbo joined the announcers at ringside during this contest. Stasiak used his slight edge in experience to gain the upper hand on O’Haire. After turning the tide on Stasiak, O’ Haire put the perfect one on the defense, using his power to take Shawn off balance. Out on the floor, as Palumbo tried to use the Lex Flexer to interfere, Stevie Ray pulled him back, chopping him out of his seat. In the ring, O’Haire finished Stasiak off with the senton bomb for the win.

Mean Gene Interview: Buff and Judy Bagwell
Buff said that Kanyon needed to go looking to the escort services if he wanted to find himself a Kimberly. Buff Daddy challenged The Franchise to a match on Thunder. Judy had several words for Shane and Torrie that you can’t say on TV.

Backstage, Kronic and Sting talked about their upcoming 8-Man Elimination match later in the show.

Saskatchewan International Hardcore Title Match
Lance Storm d. “Screamin” Norman Smiley

Former Hardcore Champion, Big Vito sat with Mike, Tony, and Stevie before the title match got started. Storm demanded the crowd get on their feet as the Canadian national anthem played on. Half way through, the anthem stopped, as “Screamin” Norman came to the ring. Penzer once again read from the Canadian rulebook, stating that the Saskatchewan International Hardcore Title would be defended with no outside weapons involved, and could be only won via submission. The hardcore icon Smiley showed Storm that he could take it to the mat as well, as the announcers touched on Norman’s background in Mexico and Japan. After using the American flagpole over Smiley’s head, Storm rolled into a single leg crab hold for the win. Vito chased the champion after the match.

Mean Gene Interview: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson
Shane told Mean Gene that Buff Bagwell would get his ass franchised later in their match. Wilson added that if Judy Bagwell touched her, she was prepared to sue her.

Buff Bagwell with Judy Bagwell d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas with Torrie

Being former tag team champions, Douglas and Bagwell knew each other very well, anticipating each other’s moves throughout the contest. When Torrie Wilson slid a chair into the ring, Judy Bagwell came onto the apron, bringing the referee over to get the ladies down. Buff ducked a chair shot, and after a Blockbuster from the top, got the pin on Douglas. The action continued as Torrie and Judy scrapped while Kanyon attacked Buff on the outside. The Franchise and Torrie held Judy back, making her watch as DDK Kanyon Cuttered Buff onto the chair. Finally, Mike Awesome ran in to make the save.

Mike Awesome told Buff to stay at the ambulance and let him take care of Kanyon.

Sting approached Booker, telling him that he didn’t need to go to the ring in the condition he was in. The WCW Champion said that the people wanted to see the match, so he would be there.

Tony Schiavone announced that WCW executives made the decision to not air the promised interview with Vince Russo.

Mike Awesome with Heidi d. Positively Kanyon.

Awesome bragged of his love for the “large and in charge.” He challenged Kanyon to come to the ring and take a beating for what he did to the Bagwells. DDK was taken to task as soon as he crossed through the ropes, as Awesome nearly decapitated him with a clothesline. The innovator of offense fought back, using some of his unique maneuvers to take the advantage. Soon however, Kanyon lost all control as he Cuttered a photographer, a cameraman, and a security guard at ringside. As he went to beat on the photographer again, Judy Bagwell whacked him across the head with her purse, rolling him into the ring for Awesome to finish off. Mrs. Bagwell revealed a brick to be inside the purse that led to DDK’s defeat.

Canadian Title Match
Lance Storm d. The Cat

The Cat danced a bit before the Canadian Champion walked to the ring. When Storm said that he wanted his anthem played one more time, The commissioner vetoed Lance’s request, telling him to get in the ring and fight. The 3-time karate champion was not below using illegal tactics, hitting Storm below the belt at one point in the contest. As the action spilled to the outside, the man from Calgary…Alberta, Canada took over, rolling Miller back into the ring. The ref was inadvertently knocked down, giving The Great Muta the perfect opportunity to charge the ring. After a brief tussle between Muta and Miller, a dragon screw leg whip sent the commissioner to the mat, setting him up for Storm’s single leg crab for the hat trick.

Mean Gene Interview: Sting, Booker T, and Kronic Booker said that Jarrett would fall at the hands of the champion. Kronic and Sting assured T that they had Vampiro and his dark carnival under control.

Backstage, Vampiro told The Demon that he was on his own at the PPV against Sting. The dark angel told Booker and Kronic that they, along with The Stinger, would fall at the hands of the dark carnival.

Mean Gene Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Although unsure of his partners, The Chosen One told Gene that he would finish what he started with Booker T on Monday night.

8-Man Elimination Tornado Match
Sting and Booker T and Kronic d. Vampiro and The Demon and The Great Muta and Jeff Jarrett

It looked like a battle royal as all eight men scratched and clawed at one another in this elimination tornado match. Muta was eliminated first, going down in defeat to the High Time, courtesy of Kronic. As Muta was leaving, The Cat met him on the ramp, choking him to the back. As Kronic went for a double chokeslam on Jarrett through the announcer’s table, referee Jaime Tucker stopped the move, and got put through the table instead. Mark Johnson came out and disqualified Kronic for the attack, bringing the count down to five. The crowd was on its feet when Vamp and Sting locked up, the first official time since Sting’s fall at Great American Bash. Booker tagged into the ring, and cleaned house on everyone, driving Jarrett up the ramp. Booker slammed The Demon to the mat simultaneously with a Scorpion Death Drop from Sting on Vampiro for the double pinfall.

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