CSWF 2/21/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/index1.html

From Wayne, NJ
Approx Attendance: Borderline 200
Referees: Ref Hanson and Ref Turner
Commentators: Bill Apter, Chris Candido, Crowbar, Mike Tenay and someone else whose name is slipping my mind
Ring Announcer: Cindy Rogers
Taped by: Modtrom.com

CSWF returned last night on February 21st to the Wayne PAL Center. CSWF drew the most fans in its 1 year history showing that fans are getting behind the improved product. Slowly, but surely CSWF is making a name for itself with a crowd either just under or slightly over, 200 people, without using any ticket sellers at all. Looks like the crowds of 40 people are a thing of the past. The change in venue was a great idea as it attracted more wrestling fans and people in the LOCAL community, which is fantastic.

The Wayne PAL building, in get this, WAYNE, NJ, is a state of the art facility. I would compare it to the Rexplex building, which ROH uses. It’s a huge gymnasium complex with programs going on all over the place. It’s also got that ECW feel to it, as there is a HUGE bingo set up in the place lol. Funny to see all wrestling fans walking around looking for blood as old ladies walk around looking for enemas.

Food and drink are a major factor for us DOI folk. The food in Wayne is great, as they have a large menu of stuff that will rip through your colon like a speeding bullet. From chicken fingers with honey mustard to deluxe cheeseburgers, the Wayne PAL building has it all, besides beer, which was easy to get, as there was a beer outlet 2 blocks away. About 12 beers later the show started.

The show starts off with Ref Hanson making his way to the ring with the CSWF Cruiserweight Championship belt. I guess he is a cruiserweight. Team TNA comes out, so here comes a promo. It would’ve been funnier to see Hanson defend the belt. Anyway, Team TNA consists of Crowbar, CSWF Womens Champ- Trinity, Michael Shane, CSWF Heavyweight Champ- Ron Killings, Americas Most Wanted and their leader, Mike Tenay. The sound system in Wayne was off all night. This seems to be one of CSWF’s biggest problems at live events. Everything CSWF does production wise is big league, so the audible really stands out when it’s messed up. The jist of this promo was Mike Tenay running down the TNA vs CSWF matches in the show. All of a sudden, “I GOT THE POWER” blasts. Holy fucking shit, I Got The Power, what the fuck? Out walks Larry Zybscko, who is the CSWF Commissioner. Talk about using the corniest music ever to get over a commissioner lol. The Living Legend, Larry Zybscko gets the mic, and his sound is shot too. Pretty much he set up a cruiserweight title match right now, and made Team TNA leave ringside. Good idea to set up the show, but the sound was off and alienated the crowd. After all of this, this set up…

For the Vacant CSWF Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane d. Dan Barry w/The United Nations (Miss Asia, Destiny, Mana) to become new CSWF CW Champion

Team TNA were forced to leave ringside, but Barry was allowed to have three people with him? That’s sound logic lol. Both wrestlers seemed to both be heels, which confused the crowd. For a cruiser match, the match was slow paced. Mana was wearing a 3 piece suit. Keep that in mind for later. During this match, it seemed that Michael Shane wasn’t aware of Dan Barry’s talent, so alot of Dan Barry’s signature offense wasn’t seen tonight. Lots of chain wrestling in this match, that finally ended when Barry hit a plancha from the ring to the floor on Shane. Shane hit some nice ddt’s in this match. The United Nations got involved in this match, so Ref Hanson got out of the ring to kick them out of the arena. With Hanson on the outside, with his back turned to the ring, Tracy Brooks from NWA TNA (amongst other indies like WXW) hopped the guard rail. Tracy low blows Dan Barry. Not sure if Barry liked that or not. Shane superkicks the freshly blue balled Dan Barry and picks up the pinfall win. Nice little match that could’ve been better.
POSTMATCH: Tracy Brooks celebrates with Michael Shane. I don’t think half the crowd knew who she was, so Shane did a promo telling everyone. Tracy Brooks has now joined the TNA contingent in CSWF. Good idea.

Tyler Payne/Romeo Valentino w/Miss Michelle d. Shawn Sheridan/Mega w/Dave Greco

PREMATCH: Shawn Sheridan walks out to the ring before his match with Dave Greco, seemingly making Greco his mystery tag team partner. Greco gets the mic and says I’m not your partner tonight. Sheridan says who is better than you? Greco runs down some impressive numbers, specifically 6’8″ and 300 pounds. Out comes Mega.
This was Tyler Payne’s debut in CSWF, subbing for the 3PW’d Matt Striker.
This match was really long with lots of wrestling. Mega upon entrance, wiped out Tyler/Romeo. This was another match where it was tough to see who the distinct “good guys” were in this match. Sheridan/Mega were the good guys, but I guess seeing them so much in the heel role blurred my vision in this match. Tyler/Romeo looked good together, tagging for the first time as part of the Youngbluds. Sheridan and Mega were an odd tandem, to say the least. Tyler gets a quick roll up, on Shawn Sheridan, for the pin, to end a long match.
Also gotta say I popped for the Youngbluds Ferris Bueller “Oh yea…” music.
POSTMATCH: Mega kisses Miss Michelle, then proceeds to spank her. Didn’t Stone Cold get arrested for doing this in real life?

Brian Fury d. Mana w/Destiny and Miss Asia by dq

Like I said before, two matches previous, Mana was a cool, calm, collected gentleman in a 3 piece suit. 2 matches later, he’s a fucking wildman from the jungle. He was a beast. For anyone who knows anything about Mana, you know that he is an uncaged animalistic fighter. He went from looking like Ric Flair, or looking as much as Ric Flair that a Polynesian Warrior can look like, to Kamala in a span of 50 minutes. I’d pick a direction and stay with it for future CSWF shows. Anyway, this was more or less Mana squashing this punk. Mana hit a flipping sidewalk slam to a few oohs and ahhs. Mana also hit the bodybag, and the running ass into the face move. This match, was the most fast paced match of the night, which certainly helped bring the crowd back into the show. Mana had the opportunity to collect a 3 count several times, but opted to add more pain in the form of top rope samoan drops (A WXW graduate staple move), a huge senton and more. Mana finally hits Hanson, because Hanson told him to pin him and stop lifting up Fury’s shoulders at 2. Hanson dq’s Mana immediately.
POSTMATCH: Mana hits his tigerdriver finisher on Fury, effectively wiping Fury out.
After wiping him out, Mega came out to confront Mana. Mana gets the advantage on Mega as well. Why Mega came out, well that will probably be explained on CSWF video. Mega helps Fury to the back.

Firehawk and Smoke d. The Himilaya Playaz

The Himilaya Playaz were an Oscar short of being Men on a Mission. MOM ruled! Everyone going into the show knew what they were gonna get out of this match. Surprisingly, Smoke didn’t cut his Rock promo during the show. For some reason, during Firehawks’s entrance, he gave the middle finger to everyone as he walked the 30 foot aisle. Nice guy. This was your typical bigger man plodding match. Lot of splashes here on a saturday night. Seemed that everyone had their bowling shoes on tonight. (That’s for you Dexter lol) Firehawk and Smoke end this match with a double ddt.

For the coveted CSWF Internet title
(c) Justin Powers d. Crazy Ivan w/Asia and Destiny

Ugh, wrong person won here. Crazy Ivan looked good in this match, can’t say the same for Powers. Why is Ivan with an asian women and a transvestite? I thought he hated those types of people lol. Ivan continues to increase his skill and have great matches all over the north east. He hit a huge elbow drop, nearly shattering Power’s guts into the 5th row. Powers did get some offense off, but it was short lived. Ivan pushes Hanson into the ropes, which crotched Powers on the top turnbuckle. Ivan hit a huge Heil-Five back suplex. Powers wins this match by reversing a bodyslam into a pin. Ivan looked good.

Larry Zybscko, who still has the power comes out again. He announces a match later on, where the winner gets a shot at any title they want. He said he is firing Miss Asia $5000 for Mana’s actions tonight. Shouldn’t he be firing Mana then? Asia and Destiny come out to protest the fine, but Larry will hear none of them and dem bitches go to da back. Zybscko says he can’t always be here, meaning every CSWF show, and says he has hired a Lieutenant Commissioner. I think they could’ve found a better title than Lietenant. Anyway, out walks Jackie Dreamer aka Dave Levy, the CSWF Hardcore Champion. Dreamer says he is relinquishing the hardcore champion because he’s the baddest man on the planet and no one can man up to him. Nah, lol, in reality, he gives up the title because he feels the commissioner shouldn’t be champion. He announces a match with 10 guys for the hardcore title, to happen at a future show, date unknown. Cough bring in Louie cough. Dreamer then goes to complain about TNA. This brings out TeNAy and Crowbar. That was the first time I wrote TeNAy like that. Get it? Dah lol. Dreamer pulls out the gun and starts a shootin’ on NWA TNA. He say he’s got the PWI year end award issue, and that Brandi didn’t give TNA any year end awards at all. Oh snap. Tenay says that Total Wrestling Magazine gave them an award for overall promotion. If anyone saw the Total Wrestling awards, you’d see that every promotion won an award. I mean, most hardcore promotion in Philadelphia? I wonder who’s going to win that one. Tenay tells Dreamer he’ll be watching him. He didn’t say where he’ll be watching him, so I’d make sure I locked that bathroom door next time you go, Dreamer.

Picked up another 12 pack and made a prank profanity laced phone call to a restaurant.

Chris Candido joined Eric from the Ken Shamrock school in the ring for our first segment after intermission. They plugged a wrestling seminar they got coming up in 2 weeks. Ricky Steamboat and Candido will both be working with wrestlers at this seminar. Candido was pretty funny and had alot of charisma in this 5 minute shill. After watching Candido’s comeback in the northeast, he seems to be the inspiration of Shawn Sheridan. Both guys do similar things and are just naturally funny in front of a live audience. Maybe I’m the only one who sees that, I don’t know, feel free to real post or fake post about it on the new DOI message board.

Winner gets a title shot at any title they want
Grim Reefer w/Nick Malice d. Rapidfire Molanado, Curt Daniels w/Tara Charisma and Prince Nana to become the number 1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

Pretty good match here. Curt Daniels is one half of Kappa Tappa Kegga, but it seems that KTK has graduated and moved on. Nick Malice looked like a USA Pro ticket selling manager. This was a fast paced match. Nana, despite being 1/2 of the CSWF tag team champions, wasn’t even mentioned as being 1/2 of the tag champs. Kinda weird seeing him bounced out first, as he was eliminated by Rapidfire after a ddt. Tara Charisma, who was with Curt Daniels seems to still back the former KTK member. For some odd reason, Ken Scampi wasn’t there tonight, after “netting” a spot on the last show. Rapidfire was eliminated next by Curt Daniels. This left Reefer vs Daniels. Unfortunately, Chris nor Josh, or even Jack for that matter, was the name in front of Daniels. Reefer hits his swanton bong on Daniels. Nick almost costs Reefer the match by botched interference. Nick does regain himself, and helps Reefer pick up the victory. Seems that CSWF is high on Curt Daniels. I’d like to see more of him in singles matches.

In the Match of the Night
The Solution (Papadon and Havok) w/The Sure Thing John Shane d. America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)

This match had the loudest crowd reaction in the history of CSWF. The crowd was hot for this all night. Many people, even myself, question CSWF for using all these TNA guys. Well, AMW certainly should remain on the roster, as the crowd was going nuts for them, and booing the shit out of the Solution. This was a big time old school wrestling match, that went about 25 minutes or so. It seemed for the first 10 minutes that neither team made contact with each other, because the crowd was so loud and they kept teasing contact. It was weird seeing AMW able to manhandle the large Havok, as Havok is usually the biggest man in his matches. AMW had great tag team moves in this one, such as an atomic drop right into a russian leg sweep. All four wrestlers got in their big moves, including a dragon sleeper by Harris and a malenkoesque kick by Papadon. John Shane was all over this match like stink on a monkey. AMW looked like the had the wins on several occassions, but Shane was doing something to distract Ref fHanson every time. End of the match saw a depleted Havok and James Storm hit gores on Harris and Papadon respectively. All four men groggily got up, and Shane got on the apron. Hanson went to tell Shane the deal again, and Shane slipped brass knuckles to Havok. A brass knuck shot later, and the Solution defeat AMW in the biggest wins of their career.
POSTMATCH: Solution clear the ring. An angry AMW gang up on Ref Hanson, for being distracted and missing pinfalls during the match. They leave and Hanson is stuck to the mat.
Shane then gets the mic and talks about winning a huge match. Tara Charisma comes out lets The Solution know that they cheated. Tara/Shane have been feuding for a long time. Tara and Shane get in a heated argument, resulting with a fresh one across Shane’s face. Shane gets pissed and says he can beat up Tara and can beat her with one armed tied behind her back. The Lieutenant comes on out, and makes that exact match. Dreamer also bans The Solution from accompanying Shane to ringside during his match. This infuriates Shane.
I thought this whole match and the postmatch segments were booked perfectly. AMW looked strong, Solution came off as cowards, and Tara vs Shane was finally set up. I think this was one of CSWF’s highlights.

For the CSWF Women’s Title
(c) Trinity d. Ariel

April Hunter is the special ref in this one. She and Trinity have an ongoing tiff, ever since Trinity and Crowbar cheated to defeat April back in September. April showed lots of bias to Ariel in this match, counting slowly for Trinity pins, and fast for Ariel pins. Fortunately, neither got whipped into the front row. Trinity moonsaults Ariel, and April Hunter makes a 1997 Bret Hart/Undertaker Summerslam Shawn Michaels ref three count.
POSTMATCH: Ariel bails. Trinity got some beef with Miss Hunter. She gets in her grill. Tracy Brooks comes out and attacks April from behind, and Trinity and Tracy go apewild. Slyk Wagner Brown makes the save for his woman.
I really liked how CSWF made April Hunter look vulernable. It’s a hard thing to do, and they did a good job of it tonight. I didn’t like Ariel getting bitched out and looking weak, but I guess it was needed in this instance.

Matches announced for April 24, in the same building:
Tracy Brooks vs April Hunter Reefer vs Michael Shane for the CSWF Cruiser belt
Solution vs United Nations for the CSWF Tag straps
John Shane vs Tara Charisma. John Shane has to wrestle with one arm tied behind his back.

CSWF Heavyweight Title Match
(c) Ron (“On Time!”) Killings d. Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter

Usually Ron Killings shows up 10 minutes before his matches in CSWF, due to the long drive. Today, it was Slyk Wagner Brown, as he, along with April, worked in 3PW before, and rushed to CSWF. I don’t think this was any of Slyk’s stronger stuff, but the crowd was still feeling it anyway. Ron Killings hit his side and shuffle kicks. Slyk never got off his Holy Slyk but did hit the Slyk slam. This match was shorter than I’d like to see, and Killings wins this match after a version of the front suplex. I don’t think Slyk losing so easily was a hot idea, especially to end the show.

Final McWord

Some good stuff and some hit or miss stuff on this one. Show was longer than most CSWF shows, but I don’t think anyone cared. Solution vs AMW was a hell of a match, and probably the best reason to pick this show up on tape/dvd if you’re going to get it. It was great to see a huge turnout for CSWF, as things are steadily improving in all aspects show to show. With other promoters likening themsleves to George Steinbrenner, I wonder if Levy will wind up being the Isiah Thomas of wrestling. I like the women feud going on, as it’s been set up nicely. I still don’t think CSWF needs ALL the TNA talent on the show, but it’s a good idea to use some of them. I don’t think anyone cared about Larry Zybscko that much either, and maybe it’s true, as it looks like he wont be at the next show, at least from a storyline point of view. Crowbar didn’t add much to the show either as all he did was play Tenay’s lacky. And when was the last time Crowbar was even in TNA? I wonder who Destiny is related to as she has to be one of the most boring valet’s of all time.

Overall, a good show and a way better product then this time last year.

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