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TNA Impact 2/17/2011

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
February 17, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of Sunday’s “Against All Odds” PPV highlights from the PPV are shown focusing on the TNA World Title situation and Angle/Jarrett. We actually see clips of Hardy being checked on by medical staff after the Ladder Match.

They then hype up the fact that RVD will FINALLY get his rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Cutting to the arena Immortal makes their way out to the ring minus Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy. Bischoff grabs a microphone and introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy. Bischoff says Jeff Hardy is living proof that you can take Fortune out of Immortal, but you can’t take greatness out of the Antichrist. He says that Hardy did what he had to do to prove what Immortal is and once again they are living large. He tells the crowd to give it up for Hardy but he gets a chorus of boos instead. We cut to the parking lot where Ric Flair is arriving! Flair says everyone thought that Immortal was depleted and on it’s last leg but they are back on track. Bischoff says Gunner, Murphy, & Terry went toe-to-toe with Steiner & Beer Money and claims they were the better athletes (even though they lost). Bischoff then says Matt Hardy proved what he has against RVD and he’ll do it again against AJ Styles tonight. Bischoff says that they had talked about Jeff taking some time off after the Ladder Match but he proved to everyone just what kind of athlete he is at AAO. So much so that the network (Spike TV) called him and said that they know Jeff Hardy is ratings and because of that they want to see Hardy defend the title against RVD tonight! Jeff doesn’t seem too thrilled. Bischoff says he will talk to the network but that’s the plan for tonight and he knows Jeff can get the job done. Bischoff says we have one more piece of business to get out of the way as a huge “RVD” chant breaks out. He says everything is in place for Immortal and he says Jeff Jarrett is planning his wedding vows renewal right now, but the only thing left up in the air is Ric Flair. He says he’s been calling Flair nonstop but he never answers. Bischoff says he went to bat for Ric Flair to bring him into Immortal and convinced Hogan that Flair was good for them. He says he was starting to question Flair and he gives him until next week to come out and explain himself, but Flair isn’t going to make him wait that long!

Flair’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Flair says the last time someone gave him an “opportunity” they said to him “you need to grow up or I’m outta’ here” and Flair told her that she’s “outta here.” He says he and Bischoff have a track record a mile long and the guys in the ring grew up on Ric Flair, but Bischoff nor anyone else tells Flair what to do or how to do it. Flair congratulates Jeff on his win and says he and the Hardyz are tight and after 25 years of hating each others guys he and Hogan were getting tight, but now Bischoff is questioning his integrity. He reemphasizes that he is a wrestling GOD and he says in Europe they were chanting “GOD” at him. A “God” chant starts up and Flair says when they start calling Bischoff God then he can talk to him. Flair says he will break the family together or he’ll separate it and that’s the power of being the Nature Boy, and on that note he’ll see Bischoff later. WOOOOO! On his way out Flair points out a girl in the front row and says “me and you later at the Hotel…” and then starts thrusting his hips. WOOOO!

“Via satellite” Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are getting massages and talking about the Wedding Vows Renewal.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back AJ Styles and Matt Hardy brawl around backstage and then Gunner & Murphy and then the rest of Fortune join in! Rob Terry and Scott Steiner finally join in as well before security finally breaks it up.

At the announce table Tenay & Taz talk about Angle losing to Jarrett and now having to walk Karen down the aisle and then go over the TNA Title Ladder Match.

In the back Hernandez approaches Sarita and she introduces him to Rosita. He tells them to come with him and they walk off.

Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez w/Sarita & Rosita

Hernandez jumps Williams on the ramp! Hernandez slams Williams into the ring steps as Rosita & Sarita cheer him on. Hernandez tosses Williams back into the ring and then he takes his shirt and chokes Williams with it. Hernandez then hangs Williams up in the ropes and stretches him out. Velvet Sky comes out of nowhere and attacks Sarita at ringside! Rosita helps Sarita out as Hernandez hits a Splash on Williams in the corner. Angelina Love runs out and makes the save for Velvet Sky as the 4 women brawl around ringside. Hernandez chokes Williams with his shirt again and then we see the Knockouts brawl to the back. Hernandez uses his shirt to toss Williams all the way across the ring with a Biel Throw. Hernandez then grabs Williams and hits an absolutely DISGUSTING Border Toss! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (Border Toss)

A replay shows that Williams landed slam on his head on that Border Toss. Williams was legitimately injured there but thankfully it was not serious and he was able to wrestle again the next day at the Xplosion taping.

In the back Eric Bischoff is talking to Spike representatives on the phone and he tries to talk them out of having Jeff defend the belt against RVD tonight. He suggests some time off for Jeff but they tell Bischoff that “ratings rule” and the match is on.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials The Pope is in the ring with a smoke pig on a table. Pope introduces himself to the crowd and says many refer to him as the “Cadillac of Professional Wrestling.” Pope says in this world it is the survival of the fittest and what stands before us is the fittest and what lies before us (the pig) is a “Sloppy Joe.” He says that he was like a lion in the Serengeti and he chased down the biggest, fattest hog he could find. Pope says that he is going to take us back over 10,000 years ago to when Jesus performed a miracle. Pope says he is going to perform a miracle as well and feed everyone with one Sloppy Joe. Pope says he knows everyone doesn’t believe him but Ronald Regan and Michael Jackson believe in pope, and then he checks his phone and says “whoops, that was Jesus he believes in Pope too.” Pope grabs a knife and asks who wants to be the first to partake in this feast with the Pope, but then he stops and says it’ll cost the fans 10 bucks a pop.

Joe’s music hits and Joe is in no mood to play around tonight. Joe walks down to the ring and screams at Pope as Pope stands in the ring, but what he doesn’t know is that Okada is on the ring apron behind him! Pope turns around to run away but eats a kick from Okada as he turns around! Joe comes into the ring and then tosses Pope into the corner and begins the ass beating! Joe hits some vicious strikes before lifting Pope up onto the top rope and then dropping through the table with a sick Muscle Buster! Joe hten picks up an apple and shoves it in Pope’s mouth. I believe Pope is done!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from the break Robbie E. is in the ring with Cookie and he says TNA threw a grenade at him Sunday because he was prepared to face “two dudes” and not one. Robbie says tonight is different because he’s ready and he’s going to be a two time X-Division Champ tonight. Cookie says her “Jersey’s in the house, bitches” line and then we cut to the back where Kazarian is making out with TRACI BROOKS! We haven’t seen her in some time. Her and Kaz are married by the way. Tenay calls Traci the “original Knockout” and says she’s retired now.

Kaz comes out and says as an O.G. of the X-Division and a member of Fortune he made a promise when he won the belt he would bring the X-Division back to the forefront of TNA. Kaz says TNA was built on the foundation the X-Division laid. Fact. Kaz says it maybe wasn’t as much foundation as what’s on Cookie’s face right now but he gets the point. He says if Robbie wants to be a part of that then he can take his “sloppy little treasure troll” and send her to the back and they can have a match. Robbie agrees and sends Cookie to the back.

TNA X-Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie

Robbie attacks Kaz at the bell and beats on him in the corner. This a rematch from Against All Odds. Robbie tries to whip Kaz into the ropes but Kazarian rolls through only to eat a boot from Robbie. Robbie then hits a modified Russian Leg Sweep for a quick nearfall. Robbie whips Kaz into the ropes and hits a back elbow for another nearfall. Robbie then attempts to whip Kaz into the corner but Kaz reverses it and charges only to eat another boot. Robbie covers Kaz and puts his boots on the rope for extra leverage but the referee catches him. Robbie beats on Kaz in the corner and then he grabs Kaz by the feet and tries to pull him out of the corner, but Kaz floats up onto his feet. Kaz then lays into Robbie with right hands. Kaz whips Robbie into the corner and then charges, but Robbie gets his foot up. Kaz catches the foot and then hits a Roundhouse Kick. Kaz hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline and then hits a Springboard Back Elbow for a nearfall of his own. Kaz attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes but Robbie reverses it and then counters into a Back Suplex attempt. Kaz lands on his feet and hits a spinning heel kick! Kazarian sets up for the Fade 2 Black but Cookie runs out with a big bag and hits Kaz with it!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Kaz via DQ

Robbie continues to beat on Kaz and then Cookie comes in and chokes Kaz! Cookie slaps Kaz and then tells Robbie to get “our belt.” Traci runs down to the ring…or should I say bounces, and then slams Cookie to the mat! Traci beats the hell out of Cookie and then Kaz pulls her off. Robbie pulls Cookie out of the ring and drags her to the back.

In the back Ric Flair walks into the Fortune lockerroom and Flair hugs them and says he’s gone for a week and they’re tearing TNA apart. Flair says he knows they know what they’re doing it and then they do the Fortune symbol together and Flair tells AJ to tear Hardy apart. Flair says he has presents for them and puts a bag on the bench and Fortune open it to see a bunch of Smirnoff’s. Flair ices them all! AJ starts a “chug, chug, chug” chant as Beer Money & Flair chug the Smirnoff’s. Storm even grabs AJ’s and chugs it.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

“Cold Blood” Matt Hardy vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

I believe this is a first ever match here. AJ’s got new gear tonight, wearing baggy pants to the ring. Thing Rey Mysterio here. AJ runs to the ring and jumps Hardy and then he attempts to whip Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy reverses it and then goes for a backdrop. AJ backflips over Hardy and then he grabs a Waistlock. Hardy hits a back elbow and then he tries to throw AJ out of the ring but AJ reverses it and throws Hardy out screaming “get the hell out of my ring!” AJ then hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top onto Hardy on the floor as the fans go nuts! AJ finally takes the baggy pants off and he has his typical tights underneath. AJ goes for a springboard move into the ring after he tosses Hardy back in, but Hardy punches him in midair knocking AJ off the top down onto the guardrail. Hardy rolls out and tosses AJ back into the ring. Hardy hits a Side Effect on AJ, 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Hardy hits lefts and rights on AJ on the mat and then we see Ric Flair coming down to the ring! Hardy locks AJ in a Cravate wearing AJ down. AJ fights to his feet and breaks the hold with body shots, but Hardy pokes him in the eyes. AJ then turns around and pie faces Hardy down to the mat while raking at Hardy’s eyes showing a mean streak. AJ then connects with a clothesline followed by a running back elbow. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Hardy blocks it and shoves AJ back. Hardy then charges at AJ but AJ leapfrogs him and then connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ gives Flair a high five at ringside and then springs to the top and Ric Flair shoves him off! Hardy then hits the Twist of Fate! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Hardy and Flair then put the boots to AJ in the ring! Flair grabs his jacket and chokes AJ with it and finally Fortune rounds down and Matt & Flair bail.

In the back Anderson says somebody is about to get their ass kicked and that somebody might be Eric Bischoff.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Via satellite Jeff and Karen are in a hot tub talking more crap.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring in street clothes. Anderson grabs a microphone and tells Bischoff to grow a set of testicles and get his ass out to the ring. Bischoff comes out to the ring and Anderson says he’s glad to see that Bischoff could grow a pair. Anderson says he just found out that RVD is getting a title shot tonight. Anderson says he was under the distinct impression the champ was the first in line for a rematch, but Bischoff says Jeff Hardy is the CHAMP in case Anderson missed it. He says he doesn’t like the RVD vs. Hardy match but that was the network and they demanded it. Anderson asks since when does the network have a say in TNA. Bischoff tells him to give him some space and then says this is the TV business and Impact is a television show. He says since the network writes the checks then they write the rules which means if they want to see a match between Jeff Hardy & RVD because they think it will deliver ratings then that’s what they get. Anderson says if they want ratings, put Anderson in the ring. He says maybe they didn’t tap Anderson for a rematch tonight is the course language and violence. He says that maybe Anderson isn’t hitting those core demographics of young males so maybe if Anderson PG’d himself down a little bit and made himself a little more family friendly they would want Anderson in a rematch. Anderson asks if they don’t like some of his vernacular and then he calls Bischoff an asshole and keeps repeating asshole saying he likes that word. He says he won’t use the word asshole anymore, asshole. Bischoff starts to say something else and again Anderson calls him an asshole. Bischoff says he can’t change what Spike wants tonight but he has an idea. He makes Anderson the special referee for the Title Match. He says Sunday Hardy proved he was the better man and before he can beat Jeff one-on-one he can’t prove anything. He says Anderson needs to call it right down the middle tonight, stand in line, and then get his shot. He offers a handshake to Anderson and he shakes Bischoff’s hand, but then he hits Bischoff with the Mic Check! Anderson tells Bischoff to tell the network this asshole will have his rematch one way or another.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back Velvet tells Winter that nothing similar to what happened last week will happen tonight and threatens Winter to not come to the ring tonight. She starts to walk away and Winter picks up a pair of scissors but Angelina walks in. She hides the scissors and then Angelina asks her to come to the ring at all tonight or else they will have a huge problem. Winter says she could never have a problem with Angelina and Velvet could never feel the same about Angelina that she does. Angelina tells Velvet to go outside and wait for her and then Angelina asks Winter what her obsession with her is. Winter says Angelina doesn’t understand it yet but she will.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

In the back AJ’s lip is busted and says this thing is about he and Ric. AJ says if Ric wants him, come get him and suggests AJ vs. Flair next week!

The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Rosita

BP meet Sarita & Rosita on the ramp and the brawl is on! Velvet rolls Sarita into the ring and she hits a clothesline on Sarita in the corner. She then slams her shoulder into Sarita repeatedly in the corner. She then chops Sarita and whips her into the opposite corner. Velvet hits another running clothesline followed by a Bulldog! Velvet then mounts Sarita and slams her head to the mat repeatedly. Sarita shoves her off and then goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks and gets Sarita in a Waistlock. Sarita hits a back elbow and then tags Rosita in. Rosita charges at Velvet but eats a clothesline and then Velvet tags Angelina in. Velvet Snapmares Rosita and then Angelina hits a Sliding Dropkick. BP connect with the Double Elbow Drop for a nearfall before Sarita breaks it up. Angelina tosses Sarita out of the ring and then tunas around into a series of forearms from Rosita. Rosita whips Angelina into the ropes but eats a clothesline from Angelina followed by a Front Slam. Angelina allows Rosita to tag in Sarita and then she connects with a nice Backbreaker where she had Sarita in place for what looked like a Reverse DDT, but then she dropped down to her back slamming Sarita down onto her knees. Angelina covers Sarita for a nearfall and then tags Velvet back in. Velvet grabs Sarita by the tights as she tries to get away but Sarita hits a mule kick and then slams Velvet to the mat. Sarita puts the boots to Velvet and then she hits repeated slaps. Sarita tags Rosita back in and they whip Velvet into the corner. Sarita then whips Rosita into Velvet, but Velvet side steps her and then charges at Sarita and goes into a Wheel Barrow on Sarita. Velvet then comes out of the Wheel Barrow into a Head Scissors on a charging Rosita. She hits a Head Scissors Takeover on Rosita and an arm drag on Sarita at the same time! Velvet goes to pick Rosita up but Rosita catches her with a Jawbreaker and then tags Sarita back in. Velvet sky slams Sarita into the ring and then she goes for a DDT, but Rosita attacks her from behind. Angelina comes in and all four are brawling again. Angelina tosses Rosita out to the floor and then Velvet tries to whip Sarita into the ropes, but Sarita reverses it only to eat a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover from Velvet! Rosita slams Angelina into the apron from the outside. Velvet goes for a DDT on Sarita but Rosita trips her and then Sarita covers her and puts her feet on the ropes. Rosita even holds down Sarita’s feet and she gets the pin!

Winners: Sarita & Rosita via pinfall

Velvet gets on the mic and says she’s had it with Sarita. She says everyone knows she’s had Sarita beat and the only way she can pin Velvet is by cheating. She says they’re going to end this once and for all. No outside interference, no cheating. Sarita asks Velvet if she has any idea what kind of joke she is. She says she beats Velvet every time and she’s a loser. Sarita says if she wants her again she has to up the ante a little bit. She tells Velvet to put her career on the line and that way when she beats Velvet this time it will be her LAST!

More Karen-Jeff stuff is shown. They do more annoying PSA (public show of affection) stuff.

We see Kurt walking in the parking lot and he says he’s going to Karen & Jeff’s little dinner party. He says he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from the break Madison Rayne is talking with Tara and she says after brushing Mickie away like the fly she is. She says she’s getting bored with the other Knockouts so she went to TNA Management and issued an open challenge to any woman in the world that wants to try and dethrone her. Tara sarcastically says that’s awesome.

We cut to Scott Steiner who says that Rob Terry wants a “Pose Down” with him but the only thing that’s going down his fist down Rob Terry’s throat.

The Rob Van Dam-Jeff Hardy history is shown.

Back at Jeff and Karen dinner apparently the meal wasn’t as good as they hoped it would be. They toast to Kurt walking Karen down to the ring and then Karen bitches about the wine. Jeff starts bitching to the chef and he screams for the boss, but then Kurt Angle busts through the door but Jeff runs away. Kurt then asks “what? No tip?”

RVD says he’s been waiting 6 months for this shot and tonight his foot meets Jeff’s face and getting back his title is just a bonus, tearing apart Hardy is the focus.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

At the announce table Tenay talks about the Bubba Ray-Devon thing with Bully Ray putting one of Devon’s sons through a table, and he says that Spike won’t even allow them to show the footage. Bully Ray walks out to the announce table and tells them to take a time out. Ray looks at Tenay and asks Tenay if he got it right that what he did to Devon’s kid was so disgusting that Spike won’t even show it. Bully laughs and says that’s music to his ears, but he only has one regret and that’s that he didn’t have 2 tables to put his other kid through a table. Taz yells at him and says he crossed a line Sunday and he needs to get his ass out of there. Bully says not Taz nor anyone else can tell him what to do and he’ll walk away when he wants to. Bully says if he wants to smack Tenay too he will but Taz says he’s not smacking anyone and tells him to walk away. Bully says the kids didn’t belong in the ring and he taught them a lesson so they won’t grow up like their father, weak and a loser. He then slaps the headset off of Tenay’s head and walks away.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Special Referee: Mr. Anderson
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (c) vs. “The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

and Hardy get in each others face and then they lockup but RVD breaks it and then nails Hardy with a forearm. They lockup again and this time RVD slams Hardy, but Hardy quickly gets away and gets to the ropes. Hardy then swings at Van Dam, but Van Dam ducks and lifts Hardy up and crotches him on the top rope. RVD then punches Hardy and climbs up top and hits a Diving Back Kick! Tenay says that Flair has accepted AJ’s challenge. Hardy rolls out to the floor and RVD hits a Diving Dropkick through the ropes onto Hardy. RVD then suplexes Hardy onto the guardrail draping him over it. RVD then climbs onto the apron and hits the Corkscrew Leg Drop onto Hardy!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from the break RVD hits a Slingshot Leg Drop over the rope onto Hardy on the apron! RVD follows up with a Slingshot Leg Drop this time in the ring for a nearfall. RVD taunts Hardy and then nails him with a series of Shoulder Blocks in the corner followed by a Front Kick and then a Front Slam. RVD follows up with Split Legged Moonsault, but Hardy gets his knees up! Hardy hits a Sliding Dropkick on RVD that sends RVD’s ribs into the ring post! RVD crashes down to the floor and Hardy taunts the crowd as Anderson checks on Van Dam. RVD rolls back in and Hardy puts the boots to him. Hardy hits a Sitout Front Suplex, 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Hardy locks in a rear chinlock, looks like RVD has a minor cut under his eye. RVD fights to his feet and tries to break the hold but Hardy cuts him off. Hardy then tries to whip Hardy into the corner, but RVD reverses it. RVD then charges but eats a nasty back elbow from Hardy! Hardy springs to the top and goes for the Whisper In The Wind, but RVD just does side step it and then quickly connects with a Standing Moonsault! RVD connects with a series of strikes and then he whips Hardy into the corner and nails him with a Running Spin Kick. RVD then hits Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Jeff tries to kick RVD as he gets to his feet but RVD catches his foot and then he spins Hardy around and wraps Jeff up with a Body Scissors into a Body Scissors Rollup! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! Jeff goes for another kick and again RVD catches his foot and this time hits the Stepover Heel Kick! RVD climbs up top but Hardy shoves him off the top rope down to the guardrail! Hardy rolls RVD back into the ring and then goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out and Jeff Hardy cannot believe it! Jeff gets in Anderson’s face and shows his frustration. Hardy picks RVD up but RVD connects with a Jawbreaker out of nowhere followed by a Spinning Back Kick! RVD climbs up top again and connects with a beautiful 5-Star Frog Splash! 1…2…NO Jeff gets his foot on the bottom rope! RVD shows a little frustration now as well. RVD goes for a German Suplex but Hardy fights it off and as he goes for the ropes he slams into Anderson in the corner. He uses this distraction to mule kick RVD in the nuts as Anderson starts seething at Hardy. Hardy turns around and connects with the Twist of Hate for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNA World Champ: Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Hate)

Anderson raises Hardy’s hand but then nails him with the Mic Check! RVD argues with Anderson over the low blow so Anderson hits him with the Mic Check too! Anderson then picks up the TNA Title and throws it on top of Hardy. Mike Tenay says once an asshole, always an asshole.


After, what I thought, was a very solid PPV Sunday night, tonight was a bit lackluster for the most part.

The opening segment was nice and Flair was his usual self. He was on it tonight. I honestly don’t have a problem with Fortune going without Flair because I don’t think they really need him anymore though I think he would have been good with the babyface Fortune. The match with AJ and Hardy was solid while it lasted though a first-time matchup like that needs to be given more time and made to feel more special. AJ looks like he’s 100% healthy again. I’m interested to see where they go because I think the obvious thing in the long run is going to be Jeff vs. AJ for the strap (maybe culminating at Slammiversary or Lockdown if they want to go sooner).

All the Jeff-Karen segments were annoying but they did their job. They are very good at doing the annoying PSA couple. I am not looking forward to that vows renewal on the 3rd. Why waste such a big night on that stupid ass angle? Everybody and their damn momma knows how it’s going to end. Angle is going to beat the hell out of everyone.

Bully Ray is playing his character perfectly.

Kaz-Robbie was okay but having a 3 minute match is going to pale in comparison to their PPV match. I am beyond over with these short matches that mean nothing. It’s nice to hear Kaz say he wants to bring the X-Division back to the forefront but TNA show me you want to do that! Don’t just say the sh*t. You say it every few months with absolutely no action. Give us a long match on Impact, give us a feud that means something. Kaz was solid on the mic though and it was good to see Traci.

Hernandez squashing Williams doesn’t make sense to me. Williams was a major part of the Immortal storyline just a few months ago and now he’s being trashed? Eric Young is still on your payroll yet you squash Doug Williams? There is absolutely no logic there. That Border Toss, however, was brutal. I like the addition of Sarita & Rosita to Hernandez’ side and I would love Hernandez bringing together is own group to be the leader of even if it’s a L.A.X. reformation. El Zorro is coming into TNA soon and that would be perfect for him. They’re going to repackage him so repackage him as Hernandez’ boy from Mexico coming to TNA to have his back.

I loved Anderson’s intensity tonight showing his frustration over losing the belt. He was great, taking everybody out. I’ve always thought Anderson would be best as a tweener, not giving a damn about babyface or heel just kicking ass (Stone Cold-like).

The Knockotus Match was decent and I’m interested to see where they go with Sarita-Velvet. Seems like the finish to Madison’s open challenge angle is going to be Tara getting her revenge. What is the deal with Mickie James? I don’t think she was booked at the tapings at all this week?

Putting Hardy vs. RVD out there without any build up before this week is ridiculous to me. This match has been anticipated for months and hinted at for months, why do it this quick? Why not even wait a week and build it up for a week? However, the match itself was very good. Both guys work well together and they put on an entertaining match. The crowd sucks and it definitely hurts the quality of the match. They need to start the hype for North Carolina taping and more than just that stupid wedding. I just hope we don’t waste more than 10 minutes on that garbage.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mr. Anderson’s promo
Match of the Night: Hardy-Anderson (***)
Overall Grade: B

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