WWE RAW 3/28/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
Chicago, Illinois
March 28th 2011
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole & Josh Mathews
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready for Wrestlemania Week? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night Raw!

6 Days away from Wrestlemania

The show kicks off with CM Punk seated alone in the ring, spotlight centered on his figure. He says that he is going to miss this. Punk gets a warm reception in his home city of Chicago. Punk says that he is a realist, while Orton is living in a fantasy world. Punk puts over the fact that he was raised in Chicago. He says that he doesn’t care about the health or safety of Orton. Punk gets to his feet and we see a video recap of his attack on Orton last week.

Punk recaps the build of their rivalry, going all the way back to Orton’s original attack. Punk says that he is just getting started. He’ll close this sick and twisted chapter at Wrestlemania.

“I hear voices in my head” hits and Orton makes his way down to the ring, with a heavily bandaged knee. He comes down to the ring, and at first Punk is winning the exchange. Orton manages to gain the upper hand and sets up for the punt! Orton charges, but his knee gives out! Punk at first is relieved, and then realizes the hilarity of the situation. He heads over to Orton, and begins to laugh in his face. Orton tries to swipe at him, but Punk kicks out his leg. Punk lifts him up over his shoulder and hits the GTS! Punk has a devilish smirk on his face.

Edge and Christian are in the back talking, and they will be in action as a tag team tonight!


Edge & Christian v. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Edge and Brodus start off the match. Edge grabs the arm and tags in Christian. Christian hits a double axe handle. Edge is tagged back in and they begin the double team. Clay is sent over the top rope, and Christian slingshots himself to the outside. Brodus catches him, but Edge connects with a baseball slide through Christian which knocks down the big man!


Christian and Del Rio are in the ring. Rio goes for a cover, but Christian kicks out. Brodus gets the tag and steps on top of Christian, then tags back in Del Rio. Rio flies off the second rope for an elbow drop. Cover attempt, but Christian kicks out. Del Rio backs Christian into the corner, but gets countered on a splash, and hit with a tornado DDT! Edge and Brodus both get the tag. Edge screams into the ring and hits two clotheslines, but can’t knock the big man down. Edge goes for a crossbody, but Brodus catches him! Edge brings him down to the mat, and begins to set up for the spear! Del Rio grabs his leg, and trips up Edge. Christian runs over and beats down on Del Rio. Brodus charges at Edge, but Edge bounces off the ropes and hits a spear!! Cover, and this match is over!

Winners via Spear: Christian & Edge

After the match, Del Rio is on the outside of the ring, attacking Christian. He has the arm bar cinched in. He finally lets go and runs to the back as Edge chases after. Edge turns back to help Christian, but gets hit from behind by Del Rio! Edge gets caught with the cross arm breaker!


*GeneralMail Alert

Jerry Lawler will go one on one with Jack Swagger tonight!

HHH v. The Undertaker Video Package


Justin Gabriel w/ The Corre v. Santino Marella w/ Kozlov, Big Show & Kane

Justin hits a sidekick and goes for the cover. Santino kicks out. Justin Gabriel locks on an arm bar. Santino escapes and gets back to his feet. He splits his way out of a clotheslines, and then connects with the diving head butt. Heath tries to interfere, but Santino backs off. Kozlov grabs the leg of Justin causing him to fall to the mat! Santino begins to pump up the cobra, and connects! This match is over.

Winner via Cobra: Santino Marella

After the match, Santino begins to celebrate with the trumpet salute. Kozlov and Tamina join in. Big Show re-enters the ring and decides to join in. Kane comes into the ring, and Santino is terrified that he is going to be attacked, but Kane joins in the fun!


Taker’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Before the lights come on, HHH’s music hits. He walks down to the ring, but before he can spit water up into the air, a gong sounds. The lights go out, and then come back on. Taker and Triple H being to stare each other down. Out of nowhere, “Oh Shawn!!” hits the audio dial!

Michaels comes prancing down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Michaels puts over both of the competitors. He asks HHH what in the world makes him think that he could do what Shawn couldn’t. HHH says that it is because Michaels knew that he didn’t have to win every night to have success. Trips says that he isn’t even close to Michaels caliber so he needs to win. And he will win.

HHH puts over the fact that Taker is an absolute legend. He mentions how Taker has worked through so many different injuries and has long been an inspiration for him in this business. HHH says that he has come back after a year off for one thing, he came back to wrestle Taker at Wrestlemania! Taker will allows be the Icon, the Phenom, and the Deadman, and HHH will always respect him more than any other, but in six days he will no longer be undefeated at Wrestlemania! Hunter says that whether or not he wants to be, he is the “one”. Taker says that Shawn gave him two of his best matches ever at ‘mania, but he still couldn’t get the job done. Now, when he looks in the eyes of Shawn Michaels he doesn’t see the same arrogance and confidence he once did, he sees a man that has been humbled. Michaels will be going into the Hall of Fame full of regret. HHH says that Taker won’t be beating him at ‘mania, and demands that Michaels explain why. Shawn opts to exit the ring without answering. He then turns back to Hunter and mouths that he, “can’t win”.


Jack Swagger w/ Michael Cole v. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Swagger knocks Lawler to the outside of the ring. He throws him over the guardrail and into the bell ringer’s booth. Lawler gets back to his feet and connects with a crazy punch! He grabs a steel chair and wails on the back of Swagger till he is disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Jack Swagger

After the match, Lawler turns his attention towards Cole. Security holds him back despite slamming the chair at the Coal Mine, and trying to scale the sides. Cole throws a cup of soda into his face!! Cole stands on his desk and screams that Lawler is a loser.


Vickie Guerrero walks out, and poses like John Morrison. His music hits and she continues to pose in slow motion! She makes her way down to the ring and screams “excuse me” on the mic to gather the heat.

Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus w/ Vickie Guerrero v. Daniel Bryan & John Morrison

Morrison and Ziggler start off the match. Ziggler is sent to the outside, but tags in Sheamus. Morrison attempts a flashkick, but gets slammed to the mat for his efforts.


Back from the break, Sheamus is in the ring with Morrison. John is down on his luck, and just barely kicks out of a cover. He finally gets in the tag to Brian, and Ziggler also runs into the ring. Ziggler almost sneaks away with a roll up, but Bryan counters into the LeBelle lock. Sheamus makes the save, and then gets the tag. Sheamus turns Bryan inside out with a knee, but Morrison makes the save. It’s not enough as Brian has nowhere to turn and Sheamus capitalizes with a devastating Celtic Cross. This match is over.

Winners: Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler

In the back, Randy Orton is nursing his wounds. Scott Sanford asks Orton if he is going to be able to make it Wrestlemania. Orton says that he has never despised a human being more than Punk. He says that question shouldn’t be whether or not he’ll make it to ‘mania, but whether or not CM Punk will make it out!


The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering announced as the latest inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011

Video package of Trish and Snooki together in a bar.


The Rock is seen in the Gorilla position, but doesn’t speak. His music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Justin Roberts announces his presence. “FINAAALLYYYY The Rock has come back to Chicago!” The Rock starts to run down the importance of “Team Bring It”. It’s not just a slogan, it is a way of life. The rock says that he has a dream. That dream is to come down to this very ring and call out John Cena. Rock refers to Cena as a “Homeless Power Ranger”. Rock says that he then woke up, and realized that this is reality. The reality is that The Rock is here, the Great One is here, and he is with the millions AND MILLIONS of The Rocks fans.

John Cena’s music hits and he comes down to the ring amidst a chorus of boos. Cena has a mic and he says that this is what he wanted. The Rock is back in a WWE Ring. Cena says that The Rock is back where he belongs. Cena asks if Rock hears the millions chanting his name. Cena says that years ago when he opened his mouth about him, he was one of the millions. He couldn’t understand why Rock had left. He wanted Rock back for moments like this. Because the power that The Rock has over people is undeniable. Cena tells The Rock to look and listen to the crowd. Cena says that if he doesn’t believe him, then feel the electricity that can only be brought by one man, The Rock. Cena is glad that he came back, because when he came back he was smoking. He even mentioned his name. He compares it to a celebrity roast where just the fact that Rock mentioned him meant that he was in. Cena says that everything he said about Rock had meaning and merit. The crowd starts a loud, “Cena sucks” chant. Cena says that he wanted to know what the problem was that The Rock had with him. Based on what Rock has said, Cena can only gather that Rock has a problem with Cena’s colors, style, music and even the fact that his fans are kids. John Cena says that he is damn proud of his accomplishments and who he has become. Cena asks Rock who the hell he is to question his heart. Cena says that every single week he walks down the aisle as himself. He has no interest in judging anyone, and has news for the Rock. He won’t be judged by The Rock!

The Rock says that Cena is right, the only person that can judge him is God. But that won’t stop him from kicking John Cena’s monkey ass all over Chicago! Cena says that he has addressed Rock like a man and said everything that needed to be said to his face. If they are going to fight then let’s do this.

Miz’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with Alex Riley. Miz asks “really?”. Is he really being overshadowed by the overrated? Miz has taken the W on the microphone and also flipped that into an M. Miz says that he has a secret, which is why he knows that The Rock won’t do anything tonight. It’s because The Rock is afraid of losing a fight and looking bad in Hollywood. So Miz tells Rock to keep running his mouth, because in the end he won’t actually do anything. Because in the end, “I’m the Miz, and I’MMMMM AWWWESOME!”.

Rock picks up his mic and says that Miz should know by now that it doesn’t matter what you think. Alex Riley cheap shots Rock! Rock instantly responds by kicking the crap out of both guys. Miz gets hit in the center of the ring with a DDT. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow, and then throws him out of the ring. John Cena has been watching from outside the ring, and slips back in under the ropes. Cena picks up The Rock and hits him with the Attitude Adjustment!!!!

Raw Thoughts

The week leading up to Wrestlemania is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times to be a wrestling fan during the year. All the hoopla and pyro is enough to send a tingle up anyone’s leg. Generally I reserve the last Monday of the month for my “kayfabe” recap, but I know how important this RAW Recap is for many of you going into this week, so I’m going to bypass “kayfabe”. Don’t worry you can still find all my gems under the WrestleView Twitter account. You’d have thought the IWC was going to blow up in reaction to my tweets.

CM Punk’s opening was probably different than most people would have been expecting for tonight’s much hyped RAW, but it worked perfectly. I’m not overly keen on the prospect of enduring an injured Orton for the PPV, but in terms of this promo, I have no complaints.

It was weird to see Edge & Christian team up again tonight. Not in a bad way, it was just unexpected. I mean that inasmuch that I expected this match weeks ago, and just forgot about it because I figured they didn’t want to do it for whatever reason. Del Rio went out looking strong, but Edge picked up the victory.

Kane doing the Santino trumpet salute made my night.

The Hunter v. Taker build is pretty different than the general direction they’ve taken going into a Taker match. The audience has almost been completely convinced that there is no chance HHH can possibly win. Perhaps that ferments enough doubt in people’s minds that he could have a chance? Reverse psychology for the win.

Great segment with Cole & Lawler. Cole is going to get destroyed. Is there really any other way around it?

The Snooki bar segment was a train wreck tonight.

I absolutely loved the John Cena/Rock segment at the end of RAW. Yea, I know that The Miz was also in it, but he really didn’t matter. I’m not dissing The Miz, he’s fantastic, I just don’t care about him when it comes to the Cena/Rock tension. Watching John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on The Rock was unbelievable. Wow!

Let’s take a look at the Wrestlemania card for a moment, and I’ll dust off my crystal ball to aid in my endeavor. Yes, I use magic to make my predictions. I didn’t become the 2010 Dean of WrestleView predictions by just guessing… oh, actually that’s exactly how it happened. But don’t tell anyone, because they think I know what I’m doing.

Sheamus v. Daniel Bryan – United States Championship

This match has a chance to steal the show, at least in a technical aspect. Obviously it won’t have the grandeur of some of the later matches on the card. It’s been a hell of a year in the company for both of these guys, and it is no doubt that they deserve all of the good fortune they’ve been given. To anyone who thinks they have been getting buried, you are crazy. It doesn’t get much more legit than a Title match at Wrestlemania. Expect Sheamus to retain after a hard fought match.

Trish Stratus, Snooki & John Morrison v. Dolph Ziggler & LayCool w/ Vickie Guerrero

This match is a collection of nostalgia and pop culture mixed in to one. Is it going to be a great match? No obviously not, but maybe we’ll get at least one Snooki-press out of the night. Snooki & Co. should walk out of this one with the win.

Randy Orton v. CM Punk

Shenanigans? Does anybody actually expect that there WON’T be at least some form of zany antics during this match? While the New Nexus has been relegated to the bench, there is still the possibility of mystery interference. Randy Orton should still be able to pull it off.

Jerry Lawler v. Michael Cole – Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

Michael Cole will get slugged with a vicious Lawler punch, and then he’ll be Stunned. A vivacious beer bash should ensue. Lawler for the win. We better see a piledriver from The King.

Triple H v. The Undertaker – No Holds Barred Match

The Undertaker wins. It seems that simple, but is it? Yes and no. Is there even the slightest chance that HHH could actually pin the Deadman? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe. I did watch the Chaperone this weekend! I know that doesn’t actually have anything to do with this match, but I figure I’d mention it. Taker wins.

The Miz v. John Cena – WWE Championship

I never pick against John Cena, and this night will be no different. However, the reasoning is different than it ever has been. Cena deserves to win the Title belt at Wrestlemania. Everything that he has sacrificed over the past year warrants a win on the grandest stage of them all. I know I’ll never convince the haters so I’m not even going to bother trying. I want to see Cena walk out of the building with the belt raised over his head on Sunday night.

Going in to Wrestlemania I’d like to sincerely thank every WWE Superstar and employee for this past years product. It has been an amazing!

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