WCW Thunder 8/5/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 8/5/98

Road Wild on Saturday. Thunder had not been on since the 16th of July.

Match 1: Giant v. Lizmark Jr.

A Giant squash here. Lizmark leaps into a chokeslam and it is over. At least he is not smoking anymore. I had forgotten about that debacle or blocked it out.

Giant wants the crowd to listen up because he has a little something to say. He hears a lot about Goldberg and he is getting a bit tired of it. He admits that he has been on a roll for a bit and he is the champ but the Giant was champ for a long time too. He is not hard to find and declares himself the future of wrestling. He does not think that he can beat him; he knows he can.

Here comes Luger and in every building he steps in the Wolfpac gets cheered and here in Casper WY they are most definitely in the house. Because the Wolfpac from here on out is not just for life but forever. They grow stronger through adversity. Luger chants are echoing throughout the arena. He continues that a couple of nights ago he was face down on concrete; he did not see much but he did see one thing really clear and that was black and white and the face of Scott Hall. He is not leaving this building until there is a fight because he is not waiting for Sturgis. Now here comes Konnan and Sting!

Okay, that is it….

Dean is coming down the ramp and he is cut off by Jericho who questions his integrity. He knows that Stinko kissed a lot of butt in order to get the match at Sturgis. He does not have the integrity and honor to be the ref. He wants him to ref tonight and call it down the middle and pokes him in the chest as he speaks. Dean tells him to get out of his way so he can do his job.

Match 2: Psychosis v. Juventud Guerrera

They go back and forth and Juve yanks him down by the hair and he goes up top and connects with a great looking flying headscissors. He follows up with a clothesline and gets a two count. Psychosis comes back after a reversal and clotheslines him. Juve now reverses a whip but runs right into a boot and he goes for a pin so Juve can bridge out but he is kicked and so Psychosis picks him up and he gets faceplanted and Juve gets a near fall. They tussle for a moment and Psychosis spikes him and he gets a two count. After that Juve tosses him completely over the top rope and Psychosis crashes to the floor. Jericho comes down and blindsides Juve and Psychosis finishes him with the guillotine legdrop and Jericho yells at Dean to count the pin.

*** Nice fast paced match. Jericho continues his shenanigans.

Shit, EB is doing the Tonight Show on Thunder. He is talking about the size of Leno’s head. Now he makes fun of Eubanks and name drops Gary fucking Coleman. Jesus he is still going. I think he is making fun of Kimberly and putting a dollar in her garter. He is. Now it is time to get serious and something about her getting in the ring he will not go where she works or something to that effect. DDP literally leaps into him from across the stage! Holy shit. He fucking flew into him. He stuck his ass like a pig. EB is just utterly fucking destroyed. He destroys the set too and chokes him out. The police haul off DDP. EB is out and not moving. The Giant comes out and carries him off.

Match 3: Jim Duggan v. Meng

They pound one another and Meng drops him and applies his nerve hold. Duggan powers out but is kicked in the chest and down he goes again. Once again Duggan is up and he mounts and pounds him in the corner. They double clothesline one another. Morrus and Barbarian come own and Duggan is shoved into the post. Now they attack Meng and Jimmy has the board and he leaps off the top and does not touch him but Meng sells it. He tries to fight back but Barbarian kicks him in the chest and Duggan comes in and clears themout with the board. Meng and Duggan stare at one another and then Meng runs after Morrus and Barbarian and they would have been caught but the camera pans away.

*1/2 Random mid-card stuff that will go nowhere.

Hall and the rest of the nWo minus EB and Hogan come down. Hall starts off with a “Hey Yo” and he will be known as “Medium Sexy the Nash Killer” and goes of on the Nitro girls and tells them to use Monistat 7 and clear up their yeast infection. He goes off on Luger who liked getting beat up. He never liked the jumping bean Konnan and will squash him like a cockroach. Now he makes fun of Sting who cannot decide what color to paint his face from week to week. They accept the Wolfpac challenge tonight because they are too sweet.

Match 4: Stevie Ray v. Steve McMichael

Mongo runs down and gets stomped on as he gets in the ring. This is a TV title match. He knocks Mongo down with a jump kick to the head. Mongo is bodyslammed but he comes back with a side slam and now clips the knee a couple of times. Ray is sent into the corner but Mongo runs into a boot and Ray stomps away. Here comes Chavo and he has the notary stamp and he not only renewed his Driver’s License he also makes himself champ like Ray did. He grabs the belt and here comes Ray who is not happy and Chavo shows him the paper and then tries to run off as Ray is counted out and Mongo is still down and useless. Chavo hits him with the belt and hammers him but Ray shoves him off and Mongo gets up and hits him from behind and Chavo runs off. Ray kicks Mongo’s sorry ass and chases after Chavo.

* Angle advancement and neither can wrestle and Mongo sucks.

Schiavone calls out Rick Steiner who is not happy with his brother and he is going to beat the hell out of him and his girlfriend Buff. He starts yelling about it and Tony refocuses him. He tells Rick that this has been very personal. Rick agrees and states that he and Scotty have brawled before. He wants to fight him now.

Raven has a mic and tries to get into his head by stating he controls him and that Saturday could be a handicapped match.

Match 5: Saturn v. Sick Boy and Riggs

Saturn gets in some blows but the numbers game takes over and Riggs and Sick Boy make quick tags as the work him over. Riggs side slams him and tags in Sick Boy but Saturn fires back and out goes Riggs and Sick Boy eats the Death Valley Driver.

Raven runs in and they start slugging it out but Riggs nails him from behind but he is spiked and this allows Raven to hit the Evenflow.

** Not much here. Angle Advancement.

Match 6: Disco Inferno v. Eddie Guerrero

Disco tosses him as Tokyo dances on the floor. Eddie is piledriven and Disco gets a near fall. Eddie stares at Disco as he gets nailed with a swinging neckbreaker and Disco slams him. Disco goes to the middle rope and misses the elbow drop. Eddie gets in some offense and takes off his head with a stiff back elbow. He muffs the shoulder breaker and dances over him. Tokyo is on the apron and so Eddie swings Disco into him and then strikes with a brainbuster. He goes up top and Tokyo pushes Eddie right onto Disco and he gets the win.

** Thank God Eddie won.

Buff Bagwell is on the phone. Rick is at the announce table listening. Buff is calling him stupid and claims that Scotty was injured when Rick hit him with the chair. Rick calls him soft and is willing to take both on and to be at Sturgis.

Hogan has arrived and he has come to ringside with a sad looking EB as he holds up the mic. He is dropping biker names and no one cares. Kimberly was straddling his fender though. They were getting stared at. As they closer to Thunder tonight more people followed them and he found out the boss got ahead of him to lay out the red carpet for Hollywood. He had to hold the Brotherhood back as they wanted to beat him up. Hogan wants to save him to Sturgis but DDP may not make it and even the big man may not be able to save him. If he does make it to Sturgis Hogan is going to break every bone in his body. He is going to break his neck for Kimberly. He knows Leno is going to be there and EB is going to chop him in half and take over the late night scene. Hogan though wants to snap Leno’s neck for self-satisfaction and for becoming his enemy they will meet with disaster. He also ordered some pine boxes for them.

Match 7: nWo v. Wolfpac

The donnybrook is on. The Wolfpac is taking it to them. Hall is getting plastered by Luger and Sting is biting Curt. Now Sting hammers him too. In the ring Luger gives him two atomic drops. Luger covers him but Hall kicks out right before three. Hennig gets the tag and they finally lock up and Curt shoves him into corner but Luger bounces out and beats on him. Konnan and Sting get a shot on him too. Konnan and Brian Adams get the tag. Brian gets the upperhand and pounds on Konnan. They triple team him and now Curt hammers him. Hall gets the tag and strikes with his fall away slam. A wobbly Konnan tries to get up and is knocked back down. Sting gets the hot tag and goes off on Curt and a woozy Hall. Hall is bulldogged and he stumbles into a punch from Konnan. Curt and Adams come in and stand there so they get nailed too. Now all are going at it. Konnan back kicks Adams and bulldogs him and the other four are on the floor. Konnan has Adams in the Sunrise. Hennig comes in and breaks it despite neither one being the legal man. Luger takes him out and Sting keeps Hall busy as Konnan rolls up Adams for the win.

** Not much here. Just advancing the PPV. Still it worked and despite the clusterfuck on the the legal man Konnan got a much needed clean win.

***1/2 Not much in wrestling but it was entertaining. They did a great job of preparing for the PPV and covered all their bases. The DDP segment was gold. They kept Goldberg in the wings and saved him for the PPV.

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