WCW Nitro 8/3/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 8/3/98

The last couple of Nitro’s have been entertaining. WCW is still trying to throw all their big guns out as much as possible. This is a far cry from 96-7 but from the beginning of 98 on they did start bringing the nWo out more. The WWF did the same thing but they can at least breathe a bit and rest Austin and other’s, tease them for the show and the fans will stay tuned. The same is done with Goldberg but he was used a lot last week and their ratings were up. Goldberg cannot be used all the time as his whole persona is to squash everyone and everything and once that is done, what is left? I did like the ending, he runs out and clears the ring before being chokeslammed by the Giant. It sets up the next week and preps him for something at the PPV, but nothing has been set yet. Nitro gets owned tonight by a margin of 4.9 to 4.2.

Time Warner’s executives are in a meeting.

EB and Hogan are hanging out on the actual Leno set. Leno comes out with some cops and Hogan curses at him. Leno introduces DDP who blindsides Hulk and Leno runs over EB. Hogan is cuffed and stuffed and he tells Leno to get to Sturgis. DDP has a proposition and that is to fight Hogan. Leno is reluctant but DDP will team with him and Eubanks is there and he agrees. DDP will train him and tries to get him fired up and Leno agrees.

Back to Denver and Gene calls out DDP. DDP is trying to hype up Jay fucking Leno in a wrestling match. But Hollywood is scum! He has known Sleazy E for a long time and there will not be a lot left of him either and the fans are erupting. Jay Leno is going to smack him around like a little girl.

Match 1: Barbarian v. DDP

After DDP leaves through the crowd. Jimmy Hart comes down with the Barbarian and yells for DDP to come get some and he runs back down through the crowd!

Hey, the ribs are not taped! They lock up and Barbarian shoves him off. The fans are loving it. DDP kicks him and blocks a knee and strikes with a neckbreaker and then a clothesline. Jimmy distracts the ref and DDP gets hit in the nuts and now Barbarian takes command. DDP fires back but he is kicked in the ribs and drops like a rock. Barbarian works over the ribs. They go back and forth, Barbarian misses a lariat but DDP does not and down goes Jimmy Hart. This allows Barbarian to him with a forearm only to miss the big boot. He does strike in the chest. DDP goes for the Cutter a dozen times and Barbarian no sells it and it is awkward but finally hits it and it is over.

\** Barbarian is not weak and so should not get squashed but DDP needed a stronger win. But the whole segment was pretty cool.

They go to a segment from the Tonight Show and Leno brings out a midget to act like Hogan.

Zybszko informs us about the Dusty issue and how he sent an edited tape to Time Warner showing him leave the announce table and they bought it.

They show what went down with Goldberg last week.

Oh, fuck, EB is back out for hopefully one last Tonight Show parody. I wonder what the quarter hour rankings are for this. The first one was short but last week’s was really long and terrible. Some Lewinsky jokes about stains and picking interns. The fans boo. Now he goes of about Leno and Eubanks and how the latter will learn a new song: The Hollywood Stomp. Now he makes fun of DDP and talks about Leno’s chin. Now he sits down. I may drink some anti-freeze. He brings out Hogan. They go back to the midget footage and now Hogan and Bischoff are coming down through the crowd. Leno wants to apologize, and has his hand out. Hogan is bleeped out and tells him that this is serious business and that he has crossed the line. Leno gets shoved and Eubanks runs in trying to maintain the peace and he shoves EB but both Leno and Eubanks are scared off. Back to Nitro and EB declares that that was the real truth. Hogan states that was the around the world and he goes off about Leno. Jesus, he is still going and now about high ratings for NBC and how they wanted them to come back and make our lives better. They want him to take out Leno at Sturgis. He also feels sorry for DDP’s wife and hopes she took out a large life insurance policy. EB is going to take off someone’s head and run it to the hospital and he has a black belt too….

Match 2: Psychosis v. Tokyo Magnum

Psychosis attacks but Scott Norton comes down and destroys the Cruiserweight Division by powerbombing both. If anyone in WCW wants a piece of him then bring it on. Hugh Morrus comes down as Jimmy Hart tries to keep him back. As he gets in the ring he is powerbombed after one blow!

NR Angle advancement.

Highlights of Bret Hart.

Gene calls out Goldberg…..crowd erupts. Goldberg states that Saturday will be payback time. He has thrown his hat into the ring in the nWo battle royal. He does not care who has to destroy but he is getting to the Giant. He has one thing to say and that he is next. Here comes Sting. Goldberg yells anytime, anywhere. Sting is in his face and leaflets fall. Giant is on the ramp and tells Goldberg to get some now and he does and takes out the Giant’s cronies and goes after the Giant. Bret Hart sidesteps him and wants to talk to Sting but he ignores him and leaves.

Sting has found a downed Luger and the announcers cannot figure out who it is….dumb asses. Sting leaves him and apparently is on a mission. Schiavone thinks he is heading to the video truck.

Match 3: Brian Adams v. Jim Duggan

Duggan finally gets him off his feet after the third clothesline attempt. Brian over sold it by leaping over the top rope. He gets back into the ring and he is dropped with a double axe to the chest. Duggan pulls him up and sends him for the ride again but this time Brian spikes him off the backdrop attempt and uses the ropes to choke him out. Vincent lends a hand. Adams snaps him over and puts him in a rear chinlock. Duggan is up and knocks Adams around. Vincent holds him but eats the boot from Adams and now Duggan gets in the three point stance and down goes Adams. Vincent leaps off the top and gets blasted and hit with the board but Adams hits him from behind and gets the win after a piledriver.

*1/2 Adams needed a win.

Gene is at Sting’s door and Bret comes up acting all sad about Lex and does not like Okerlund’s insinuation. Bret Hart declares that Sting could be his partner and be with the best but he listens to the fans instead. Bret respects him and wants to be his partner tonight and promises not to let him down.

Gene hypes up the PPV by looking like a tool sitting on a Harley.

A video package of Raven doing his thing. His rhyming is quite atrocious and no I do not want to drink from the cup of whatever he is offering. The porn music in the background does not help either.

Now Raven is in the ring; he starts to speak but is told he sucks, so he pauses. He is trying to get into Saturn’s head about Kanyon who may or may not be a part of the Flock. The fans boo him, and Raven now talks about their Triangle match at the PPV and it could be a handicap match. Lodi gets on the mic and starts talking but he gets punched by Raven and he and Sick Boy break his fingers. Here comes Saturn and so the Flock leaves and Lodi is left lying. Saturn goes after the fingers too and gives him a Death Valley Driver for the hell of it!

Gene is still lurking in the locker room area. He is still talking about Sting. He turns and for some asinine reason Hart is talking to Hall and Gene is upset, but Bret calmly walks away.

Gene is with Jo Jo and now Dean Malenko. He is not going to cry about losing to Jericho as he was the better man that night. Here comes Jericho who struts on out with a shit eating grin. He calls him Stinko Malenko and is happy that they all realize that Jericho is the better man. Jericho declares he had a great time beating him up all those times and now Dean will never get the chance to avenge those beatings. Dean responds that is not exactly so and tells Jo Jo to tell Chris. Jo Jo states that there will be a special guest referee. Jericho is fine with that and calls all the refs no talent hacks. But it is Malenko who will be the ref and Jericho throws a fit.

Match 4: Eddie Guerrero v. Juventud Guerrera

Juve is tossed around and they cannot figure out what to do next so Eddie finally gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and follows up with a back suplex. He whips him into the ropes and Juve escapes the spinning backbreaker. Eddie is knocked down and Juve goes up top. He kind of hits him off the leap. Eddie rolls to the floor but is struck by a flying suicide dive. Eddie is rolled back into the ring and Eddie is sent into the corner but catches Juve and flips him face first into the top buckle. Eddie tries to tie him up but is fucking plowed into the mat with a DDT. Juve nails him again but Eddie counters the Driver with an inverted shoulderbreaker and he finishes him with the Frog Splash.

**1/2 Fun match. But wait, so much for Juve getting a minor push, and he is facing Jericho at the PPV. What shitty booking but Eddie did need the win.

Stevie Ray comes out with a letter and he is unhappy that people had the gall to not believe him. Gene cannot find the notary….but Ray is facing the second top competitor from Mexico!

Match 5: Lizmark Jr. v. Stevie Ray (c) for WCW TV Title

The fans express their displeasure with Ray. He has dominated the match but Lizmark got in one move. Chavo comes down wearing blue gloves and he has a notary stamp and he can now get a Driver’s License or a Marriage License and asks if someone wants to marry him! Ray gives chase…oh, he got those items from Ray’s bag.

Match 6: Curt Hennig v. Konnan

Hennig comes out with Norton and not Rude. Konnan gets the crowd riled up and tells Hennig to be prepared to get beat down. Konnan takes it to him and after a hiptoss, clotheslines him and Curt flees to the floor. Curt gets back into the ring and stomps a hole in Konnan and throws in some chops too. Konnan decleats him and after a snapmare he double seated dropkicks him. Now he bulldogs him. Konnan has him in the Sunrise and for some reason breaks it and goes after Norton and this allows Hennig to hit him from behind and he is choked out and the ref does nothing and is finished with the Plex.

** Okay. Konnan still has not gotten a signature move and Curt got a pop when he won.

Nash comes down and the heels leave.

Match 7: Chris Jericho (c) v. Rey Mysterio

This is a non-title match. Jericho assaults him as he gets in the ring. He chops away at him and stops to glare at the crowd as they chant that he sucks. He turns back to Rey and kicks him in the head. Rey kicks him to the floor and then leaps out on top of him. He follows up with a low dropkick, and then runs him back into the ring. Jericho begs off but is low kicked again. Rey snaps him over and strikes with a low legdrop or I guess a guillotine legdrop.


Rey gets two. He is sent to the apron and leaps right into Chris who hoists him over his head and drives his shoulder and head into his knee. Jericho does a bit of strutting and finally covers him getting two. Jericho kicks him to the floor and then gets on the apron and dropkicks Rey in the back of the head and it drives him into the railing. It was from the top rope! Jericho is limping, rolls Rey into the ring and goes for a vertical suplex but Rey wriggles free and gives Jericho a suplex. He gets two after a standing moonsault but Jericho is up first and runs him over with a clothesline. He does some more primping for the crowd and then wraps up Rey into a pretzel like submission move. Tenay thinks it is an octopus type thing….Rey did not like it though. Jericho breaks it and gets whipped into the corner front first and Jericho rams him from behind. He gives Rey a stiff chop, sends him into the other corner but dodges Jericho who dodges the first scissors but Rey holds his balance and strikes! Jericho is dropped again and he bounces off the ropes with a springboard turned into a split legged moonsault! He gets two. Jericho catches him and absolutely massacres him with a release German suplex. He delays and only gets two. He tosses Rey onto the apron but misses the flying dropkick and Jericho crashes to the floor. Rey catches him on the powerbomb attempt and scissors him back into the ring! But Jericho breaks him half with a backbreaker but Jericho runs right into a faceplant. He is going for his finisher and Rey tries to stop as the ref is placed in front of him, but the ref is spiked. Jericho powerbombs a running Rey but he counters the Liontamer and wraps him up and Dean makes the count and Rey wins and a stunned Jericho throws a fit!

**** Wow that was awesome!

Scott Steiner comes out and declares that while he has black and white flowing through his veins his momman said otherwise after he got home. He stumbles a bit over his words…..not quite the confident interviewer yet. He takes off his shirt and quits the nWo. Christ this is done nearly week. He calls out Ricky to apologize to him. Oh, okay, I can handle this it is Buff dressed as Rick and he is barking and attacking the ropes by biting them as Scotty feeds him treats! He is going to speak and just barks as Scotty asks him who is the better man and who could beat him in a match. Now Buff talks and he brags about his acting job. He is going to show off his tear again and cry for the crowd. Rick runs down and Buff runs off but Scotty stands there and gets plastered with the chair. The nWo runs down and Rick calls them pussies!

The Nitro Girls are dancing. But EB along with Hogan and company come down and corner Kimberly. EB declares that she looks good for trailer trash. He states she is hot but she needs to remember that if it was not for EB she would be serving drinks at a topless bar! She slaps him and then is pushed and held. DDP runs down and gets grabbed by the Giant and Adams and EB yells that he is about to get his ass kicked again. Kimberly is sobbing as EB mocks her and calls her ungrateful. There are Goldberg chants as he asks her if it is true about what she said in Penthouse about being the most active Nitro Girl. He continues mocking Page trying to rescue her. Hogan has the mic, and he claims Kim is black and white from head to toe and then drops the mic and beats down DDP. He mocks her some more and the Giant chokeslams DDP. Hogan tells her that when she needs a real man and some loving she needs to come to the house of Hollywood. Fans tossed in an egg and EB rubs a bit in DDP’s face declaring he has egg on his face!

Is it me or is Hogan really creepy when he hits on women. Like an old pervert leering….scary.

Match 9: Giant and Scott Hall (c) v. Sting and Bret Hart for WCW Tag Titles

Schiavone is having kittens wondering if Sting will come out. His Crow music plays instead of Wolfpac music and he rappels from the ceiling and he is wearing the black and white!

He shoves Hart out of the way who pleads with him. Hart is willing to start off against Hall. Both tease a lock up and have not done so yet. Now they finally do and Hart puts him in a hammerlock and works over the arm. Sting refuses the tag and Bret says no worries and works over the arm for another moment. Now Bret slaps the non-outstretched hand and Sting unloads on Hall, goes over to the Giant and decks him. He goes for the Deathlock and Hall scrambles to the ropes. Hall reverses a whip and the Giant cracks him from behind and Sting stumbles into a big lariat. Giant is tagged in and he stands on Sting and then shoves him into the corner three times, I should say throws him into it, and does so a fourth time. Giant stands on him again and after a Russian sweep tags in Hall who gets a two count. Sting is sent into the corner where he is clotheslined. Hall stomps on him and Sting is choked out on the ropes by the Giant as Hart protests to the ref. Hall catches a leaping Sting and gives him a weak looking fall away slam and after the two count puts him in a face lock. Hart is knocked to the floor and the Giant comes in and hits Sting a couple of times. The ref sends him back into his corner but now Sting unloads with a couple of clotheslines and the Giant comes in and he gets knocked over the top rope but this allows Hall to nail him. Hart has the ball bat and Sting ducks and Hall gets it. Bret looks baffled and Sting covers him for the pin. Giant is not too happy and Bret leaves the ring and grabs the belts. The ref may be reversing his decision but I am not sure. Meanwhile Sting is getting his ass kicked. Bret makes one half-hearted attempt to pull him out but then walks away. Here comes Goldberg and he spears the Giant as we fade!

**1/2 Nothing more than angle advancement but it did the job.

****1/2 Fuck I enjoyed this. Great stuff. Sure the Leno shit is old but then again I must admit they did a decent job handling it. Hogan was into it and they made it seem quasi-realistic. Do I agree with it, no, but then again it could have been handled a lot worse. They had a great Cruiserweight match. Goldberg got some time and they did a good job of hyping up the PPV. Now Goldberg could have come out during the Leno part or the DDP part but then again they do have to advance a PPV. At least he came out. Crow Sting is awful sudden, but whatever. The Wolfpac was rather weak tonight as Konnan lost again. The more I think about it the more I should reduce my rating but it was still great overall and should lead to a decent PPV but then again another celebrity main event and a battle royal could be bad news.

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