WWE RAW 4/4/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
Atlanta, Georgia
April 4, 2011
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Booker T & Josh Mathews
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night Raw!!!

Jim Ross introduces us to the show which will feature John Cena calling The Rock!

Triple H’s music hits, and The Game makes his way down to the ring. He takes his time during the entrance and then soaks in the crowd before beginning his promo. HHH says that this is the most tired and beat up he has ever been in his life. He puts over that there were 71,000+ fans in the Georgia Dome last night. He beat down on Taker more than he has ever beaten down on a man before. Yet, Taker was somehow able to walk through all of his stuff and make it out alive. HHH notes that Taker was carted out of the building last night. He genuinely thanks The Deadman for the fight of his life last night. Hunter doesn’t believe that Taker won’t be back. He says that after the magic, he knows that he’ll be back. When Taker does return, Triple H will be waiting.


Michael comes out onto the entrance ramp. He is wearing his singlet from last night, headgear and all. He puts over his match from last night, and proclaims that with his victory he has become Mr. Wrestlemania. Take that – Shawn Michaels.

Jerry Lawler stands up and says that Cole didn’t beat him, a stupid computer beat him. He calls Michael a “worthless jackass”. Cole asks Lawler if he would like a rematch. Lawler agrees and gets into the ring. Cole laughs and says that he didn’t mean a Wrestlemania rematch. He meant a rematch against this guy –

Jack Swagger w/ Michael Cole v. Jerry “The King” Lawler

On the way to the ring, Cole does Swagger’s pushups along with him. They square off and Swagger backs Lawler into the corner. He hits him with shoulder, and then whips him to the opposite corner. Lawler moves out of the way, but Swagger takes back control and hits a scoop clam. Swagger attempts a Buttocks-Senton, but Lawler moves out of the way. Both men are back on their feet and Lawler connects with a slew of CRAZY Punches! Out of nowhere he busts out a dropkick! Lawler heads to the second rope, and is looking to finish this match. Instead, he sees Cole out of the corner of his eyes and runs out of the ring at him! Cole slides into the ring and Lawler tries to go on the attack. Swagger leaps to his feet and grabs the legs of Lawler. He hits the Ankle Lock and this match is over!

Winner via Ankle Lock: Jack Swagger

But wait! After the match Swagger refuses to let go of the hold and the referee declares that Lawler is the winner via DQ of what I guess would technically be “excessive celebration”.

Winner via DQ: Jerry Lawler

Cole walks over to Jim Ross and heads into the Cole Mine, which is covered in construction tape. He sees a bottle of BBQ sauce and picks it up. He takes the bottle and squirts it all over Jim Ross! Ross is not just going to take it and chases Cole to the back!


Cole is on commentary joined by Josh Mathews & Booker T. He goes on a rant about how Jim Ross deserved what he got because he was sitting in Cole’s seat.

Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk & Cody Rhodes

Orton and Rhodes start this off. They go back and forth for a bit and Orton hits a Thesz Press. He beats on Cody and then tags in Rey. Mysterio comes into the ring and kicks Cody in the back of the head. He tries to take off Cody’s mask, but Cody scurries away.


Back from the break, Orton is in with Cody. Orton hits a high knee with the injured leg. He grabs the head of Rhodes and tags in Rey. Springboard from Rey leads to a cover attempt. Cody kicks out. CM Punk gets the tag. He grabs Rey and punches him in the head a couple of times, then brings back Cody. They hit a double team clothesline. Punk leaves the ring, and Rey tries for a roll-up. Kick out by Rhodes, and Rey tags Orton. Cody backs Orton into the corner, but quickly finds himself reversed. He gets tossed down to the mat with a lateral press. Cover, but Cody kicks out. Orton is caught with a kick to the gut, and then Punk hits a cheap shot in the corner. Or he would have, but Orton moves out of the way. Rhodes capitalizes with a shot to the back of the knee. Punk gets the tag.

Punk brings Orton to the middle of the ring and goes for the GTS. Orton slithers off his back and tries for an RKO. Punk dodges and hits him in the back of the knee! Cover attempt, but Orton kicks out. Punk grabs the knee of Orton and begins to stomp on it!


Back from break it is Punk in the ring with Orton. Randy hits an Angle Slam and then crawls towards the corner. CM tries to pull him back to the middle of the ring, but Orton makes the tag. Rey comes flying into the ring and demolishes Punk with a sit down Senton. He sets up Punk for the 619, but Rhodes jumps out of the corner and kicks him in the skull! Punk goes for a cover, but Rey kicks out. Rhodes gets the tag and pushes Mysterio down in the corner.

Rey is whipped to the other side of the ring and crashes hard off the turnbuckle and down to the mat. Punk gets the tag and goes for the cover. Kick out by Rey. Punk goes for an arm bar, but Rey escapes via head scissors. Orton and Rhodes get the tags. Orton sets him up on the apron for the suspended DDT. The Viper connects! He falls to the mat and is looking for the RKO! Punk briefly distracts him in the corner. Orton picks up Rhodes and hits a huge Angle Slam (lateral press). Punk comes in for the save. He is quickly taken care of as Rey sets up a 619 combo. Orton finishes Rhodes with an RKO, and this match is over.

Winners via RKO: Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton

In the back, Stone Cold is seen walking down the corridor. Austin bumps into him and says that he doesn’t know if another Taker match will happen. But if it does, he’ll be there to see it! Austin is up next!


Glass shatters, and Austin makes his way down to the ring. He plugs Tough Enough, which airs after RAW Tonight. He introduces the contestants. They come down to the ring and Stone Cold gives them each a moment to go down the line and introduce themselves. Jeremiah Rigs, Erik Watts & Miss USA stand out early. Before the last person can speak, Austin takes the mic from him and looks to close out the segment.

The Miz’s music hits and he comes out on the ramp with Alex Riley. He shows a video recap of his match against Cena last night. He tells the contestants that while they will never match his success, they can dream. He is after all, the most must see WWE Champion in history. He walks into the ring and tells them all to look at his belt, because it is the closest they’ll ever get to the Championship. Austin stares at him. Miz asks what’s wrong? Does he want to hold the Championship? Miz asks if he is thinking what he is, that he has one last run. That he is Tough Enough. The crowd begins to chant, “one more match”. Austin looks out to the crowd. Miz cold cocks Austin with a cheap shot. Alex Riley backs him into the corner, but Austin quickly gets the upper hand. The contestants have exited the ring. Austin whips out his move set which features a Thesz Press. He hits the Stunner on Riley! Austin passes a beer out to all the members of Tough Enough and they share in a beer toast!


Alberto Del Rio w/ Brodus Clay v. Evan “Air” Bourne

Del Rio throws Bourne into the ropes, but Bourne connects with a side leg kick. Rio gets back up and throws Bourne to the outside of the ring. He flings him into the barricade, and then back into the ring. Rio locks on a side headlock. Bourne kicks his way free, and dodges a clothesline. Quick Roll up attempt, but Rio kicks out. Bourne hits a high knee and tries for another cover. Rio kicks out Bourne counters a splash and heads to the top rope. Rio kicks out his legs before he can go for the Shooting Star Press. Rio locks on the cross arm breaker, and this match is over.

Winner via Cross Arm Breaker: Alberto Del Rio


Video package of Wrestlemania Axxess.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler. He says that Snooki was clearly the best part of Morrison’s team last night. He challenges Morrison & Trish Stratus to come down to the ring and face him and Vickie.


Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero v. John Morrison & Trish Stratus

Morrison and Ziggler start things. Morrison backs him into the corner, and then connects with a forearm blow. Ziggler tags in Vickie, which brings Trish into the ring. Trish goes for a quick roll up, but Vickie kicks out. Trish matrix’s out of a clothesline, and kicks out of a Vickie cover. Morrison gets the tag and comes screaming into the ring. He hits a clothesline followed by a spinning heel kick. Morrison looks for the flash kick, but Ziggler dodges. Dolph connects with a flipping German suplex release! Trish breaks the cover! Trish kicks Ziggler and Morrison follows with the Flash Kick. Starship Pain connects (well, kind of) and this match is over!

Winners via Starship Pain: John Morrison & Trish Stratus


United States Championship
Sheamus [c] v. Daniel Bryan

Sheamus is wearing Red, White & Blue ring gear. Sheamus starts the match off with a couple of clotheslines and goes for the cover. Bryan kicks out. He hits another, and then stomps on his head. Bryan is whipped into the corner and then stretched in between the ropes. The referee breaks them apart. Sheamus locks on an arm bar but Bryan breaks free. Bryan finally brings Sheamus down to the mat with a clothesline, which he follows up with another. Bryan counters a Sheamus club, and hits a running forearm. Cover attempt, but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus kicks the knee of Bryan and goes for a back breaker. Bryan attempts the LeBelle lock, but Sheamus hits the back breaker. Bryan gets smacked in the skull with the Brogue kick, and this match is over!

Winner & STILL US Champion: Sheamus


After the match, Sheamus continues the beat down. He drops knee after knee on Bryan.

SIN CARA’S music hits! He walks out onto the entrance ramp and points at Sheamus. He runs down to the ring and vaults himself into the ring as pyro goes off. Minor botch on the flip in, but he rolls through. Sin Cara connects with a flying head scissors and knocks Sheamus out of the ring. He hits a Lindy into a HUGE flying crossbody!


John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says that he isn’t surprised Rock got involved in his match last night, because Rock advertised he wanted to kick some candy ass. Cena was pretty sure he didn’t mean Zack Ryder. Cena says he does understand why he got involved, because it would have “sucked donkey” if the main event of Wrestlemania was a draw. Cena says that he knows Rock is here tonight. He was supposed to be the guest host of RAW, but instead he got involved in his business. He says that he and Rock have business to settle right now.

The Rock’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. He says that he did talk crap about Cena because that’s what the fans like. The Rock says that Cena is wrong about one thing, respect. The Rock respects Cena. The crowd starts to boo but he presses on. He says that he understands all of the sacrifices he has made. But, The Rock doesn’t like John Cena. Everything is different about them, except for the fact that in everything they do, they strive to be the absolute best. He takes a jab at Cena’s clothing. Cena plays it off and says that the time for talking is over. Cena says that the people are cheering because they want a match. But not just any match. They want to see generations collide. They want to see Michael Jordan v. Lebron James… they want to see John Cena v. The Rock. He takes off his shirt and asks The Rock if he wants to talk about it, or he wants to bring it. The Rock tells Cena that he has no idea what he just asked for. Rock says that this match will have to happen at WRESTLEMANIA 28! The Rock extends his hand, and John Cena shakes it!

The Corre runs down to the ring and encircles Rock and Cena. They come into the ring and at first have the upper hand. This quickly turns around as Cena and Rock fight their way free. They take turns hitting their finishers on members of The Corre. 5 Knuckle Shuffle, People’s Elbow and then the Attitude Adjustment. Cena’s music begins to play. Rock stops it by hitting his finisher! They stare down and then celebrate as we go off the air.

David’s Thoughts

It’s magical to hear Jim Ross on commentary with King once again. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, than my heart has pulled a Grinch on Christmas and grown 10 sizes to hear these two together on Monday Night RAW in 2011.

Triple H seems to have set up either a Summerslam or Wrestlemania 28 rematch between himself and The Undertaker. I’m okay with that… if and only if we can get Snooki back again! Seriously though, her little gymnastics spot was one of if not the highest point of the show. Which, is pretty indicative of the show on the whole.

Wrestlemania was supposed to be the place to end feuds, but not with Lawler/Cole apparently. I really thought that this was over. I mean we had to endure nearly a year of heel commentary and the face doesn’t even win?!? It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Why change the match ending? Why have this feud continue? Just move on already. Framed I could deal with it, Unframed I’m not going to be happy.

Jim Ross deserves a lot of credit for his reaction while Swagger was holding onto the Ankle Lock. GREAT emotion!

Booyaka Booyaka! Rey Mysterio just has one of those themes that always gets me going when I hear it.

I really thought that Edge v. Alberto Del Rio was a great match. People hate on it because it was so early in the card, but I thought it was fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of Edge, nothing against him but he just doesn’t do it for me. However, last night he really impressed when he busted out his Somersault Plancha. It’s more than just a move. It represents Edge’s willingness to finally let loose again and experiment.

Great match from CM Punk/Orton/Rhodes/Mysterio. Those were probably my two favorite matches last night. They tore it up.

Why was Alex Riley wearing a tux?

Evan Bourne always gives it his all in the ring. I have a lot of respect for the guy.

Nice match from Morrison and company. Trish Stratus looks freakin’ amazing. Wow. Morrison of course didn’t really hit Starship Pain, but it was close!

Sheamus looks adorable in his American garb.

Sin Cara… I’ll excuse the botch on the flip into the ring because let’s be real – that’s a crazy height to clear like that! The rest looked solid, especially that Lindy Flying Crossbody to the outside. That move was insane!

I really enjoyed the John Cena/Rock segment which closed RAW. It teased everything perfectly, especially getting to see them in action with The Corre involvement. Holding this match off till Wrestlemania 28 makes perfect sense. It deserves that stage.

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