TNA Impact 3/17/2011

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
March 17, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up this week with the TNA World Champion, Sting, making his way out to the fresh off the win in that embarrassing ending to Victory Road. We’re back in the Impact Zone this week and Sting has a new Title belt over his shoulder as Tenay points it out. He’s also carrying the Jeff Hardy custom belt. The new belt is similar to the old TNA Heavyweight Title but it’s a little bigger and kind of reminds me of New Japan’s IWGP Heavyweight Title belt. Sting says he’s been waiting too long to get something off his chest so before “Hogan’s show” gets started he wants Hogan and Bischoff to come face him or the show WONT start. Hulk Hogan doesn’t make him wait very long as Immortal’s theme hits.

Hogan and Bischoff make their way out to the ring. Sting holds up the Jeff Hardy belt and says “this is all that’s left of Jeff Hardy…do with it what you want Hulk” and hands the belt to Hogan. Hogan tosses the belt out of the ring (oh wow didn’t expect that one). Sting tells Hogan to look him in the eyes and tell him how it feels to destroy someone’s career (who better to tell someone about that than Hogan?). Sting says he wants Hogan to explain to him how Hogan can take a superstar like Jeff Hardy, a bright shining star and dim it to the blackest of blacks. He says that two weeks ago he stood across from Jeff Hardy in the ring and he could tell that he wasn’t the same person that arrived in TNA last year. Sting says that when Jeff Hardy first came to TNA he shook his hand and told Sting how excited he was to be in TNA. Sting says Jeff is a grown man and he is responsible for his choices, and he chose a road that would ultimately lead him to a dead end. Sting says that’s no ones fault but Jeff’s but it was Hogan & Bischoff’s influence that twisted his mind into wanting more money and more power and greed. Sting says that’s the same type of influence that they have over Immortal. Sting says there may not be anything he can do for Jeff Hardy but there is a whole lot that he can do for the other 50 guys in the back that have hunger and talent that are ready to go. A “TNA” chant starts up now.

Hogan says he gets it and Sting is a just a “Johnny come lately go home, come back, go home, come back” kind of guy. He asks who Sting really is. He says Sting is blaming them for the embarrassment that Jeff Hardy caused Immortal at Victory Road, but it was Jeff Hardy who let Immortal down. He says Immortal didn’t let Jeff Hardy down. Hogan says at the end of the day even on Jeff Hardy’s best day he couldn’t live in the “Immortal Hulk Hogan’s shadow” and that’s what it’s all about. He says Jeff’s short comings were responsible for Hardy’s demise. Hogan says everyone in Immortal are “Main Event players” and even Matt Hardy is on top of his game. Hogan mocks Sting talking about the “evil reign” of Hogan but he says everyone makes their own deal in TNA and Sting better worry about saving his own ass in TNA. Hogan says that ever since they took 100% control over TNA his cell phone has been ringing off the hook from Main Eventers all over the world wanting to jump on his back that can take Sting out. He says that everyone in this business is replaceable especially Sting. Hogan says Sting, just like Jeff Hardy, can be just another body he has to replace.

Sting says if Hogan’s phone is ringing off the hook then where is everybody. He says every week all he ever sees is Hogan and Bischoff with a couple of punks behind them. Bull Ray’s music interrupts them now! Ray comes down to the ring as Tenay and Taz wonder what’s going on. Bully Ray was bigging Hogan & Bischoff up at the PPV before his match with Dreamer. Ray looks at Sting and says he’s been ringing Hogan’s phone off the hook. He says he’s been looking for this opportunity all of his life. He says 20 years in the wrestling business and he says there would be no wrestling business today if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan. Ray says Hogan is the be all, end all of wrestling and that burns Sting’s ass. Ray says Sting is a co-star or a sidekick and if anybody knows about costars it’s Ray because he carried that “sack of crap” Devon for 17 years. Ray says he will never forget the first time he met Sting because he saw it in Sting’s eyes, the jealousy running through his veins. Ray says Sting has all the people fooled and buy into Sting, but Sting is selfish and it’s not about the boys in the back. He says it’s about Sting because his entire career Sting could never one up Hogan and that’s the real reason he came back. Hogan tells the fans to shutup as they start chanting for Sting and booing Bully Ray. Ray says he would consider it an honor to be apart of Immortal and as the first order of business for him is he would like to take out “this decrepit dinosaur” (Sting) and become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion (try to hold your laughter). Ray says with all the face paint and fancy robes and even the title around his waist, it doesn’t matter if Sting takes two steps to the right or left or anywhere else because he’ll never be out of Hogan’s shadow. Hogan tells Ray to not even waste his time on Sting but before he can say anything else Fortune’s music hits!

AJ Styles leads Fortune to the ring coming fresh off their very successful (and highlights of Victory Road) Sunday where Kazarian filled up another highlight tape in Ultimate X, Beer Money put on another tag team clinic this time with Ink, Inc., and AJ Styles helped Matt Hardy have Hardy’s best match in about 5 years.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

Back from the break AJ Styles says he wants to make one thing perfectly clear, there are four men in the ring that go by the name Fortune and they have Sting’s back 100% right now. AJ asks Ray what it was that Ray wanted to do when he got into the wrestling business. He says he remembers what it was, to be a singles wrestler, but that didn’t happen. AJ says what happened was Ray had a partner for the past 15 years that carried the load (Devon) and he tells Ray to let it sink in because without Devon there would be no Tag Team Titles or no Team 3D period. AJ tells Ray to face it, he just can’t make it on his own. Ray says what he would like to do is smack AJ in the face and knock that silver spoon out of his mouth. AJ takes off his coat and drops the microphone and tells him to do it. Ray says if it wasn’t for Dixie whipping AJ’s ass the past 6 years he would probably out on the streets. Ray says he’s surprised Dixie isn’t still breast feeding him. Ray says he’s a 23-time World Tag Team Champion and if it wasn’t for that “loser” he could be a 23-time World Heavyweight Champion. Ray says AJ is a small man in the ring with giants and AJ doesn’t even belong in the same ring with them. Ray looks at Hogan and apologizes about the interruption (AJ) and asks if they can get back to Ray’s title shot. AJ says he has a “title shot” for Ray and slaps him in the face! Hogan holds Ray back and then… “MIIIIIIISTEEEEEER” Anderson makes his way out to the ring.

Anderson is in no mood to play tonight. Anderson is coming off his draw with RVD at Victory Road. Anderson says this is the portion of the evening where the asshole comes out and poses the question… “WHERE’S MY FREAKING TITLE MATCH?!” Hogan says Anderson really is an asshole and Anderson mocks him acting like that really hurt him. Anderson says he’s an asshole and he loves it. Hogan says Anderson couldn’t beat RVD for the #1 Contenders spot so Anderson is just out of the loop because he couldn’t get the job done. Anderson reminds Hogan that RVD couldn’t beat him either so “what’s your call, Terrence?” Hogan didn’t like that one. Bischoff says he has an idea that’s all about money and if Hogan kicks Anderson ass right now they’ll enjoy it but he has a better idea. Bischoff says the last few weeks the network has been getting into their business wanting ratings so he has a money making idea. He suggest a Fatal 4-Way tonight in the Main Event pitting RVD, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and AJ Styles against each other to name a new #1 Contender! Anderson doesn’t like that idea and says he deserves the shot and they can’t do that. Hogan says they can and they just did “and hit my freaking music.” Hogan and Bishcoff leave everyone in the ring arguing.

In the back Kurt Angle arrives to the building carrying a big present in his hand. He says he has a present for the newlyweds and it’s a “big surprise” for Jeff.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

In the back AJ Styles approaches RVD and he says RVD knows Anderson more than anyone, and he can’t be trusted. He also says Bully Ray will do anything to be apart of Immortal and normally he wouldn’t even think of it but he needs someone to watch his back tonight and he’ll watch RVD’s back. RVD says that makes perfect sense because they have such a great history together (sarcastically). RVD says this is what’s going to happen, he’s going to go out there and win the match on his own because that Championship is his. He says he never lost it and AJ can just do what he does. AJ says if that’s how he wants it it’s fine with him.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Open Challenge Match
Madison Rayne (c) w/Tara vs. “Future Legend” Alissa Flash

Alissa Flash is back! We haven’t seen her an extremely long time. As Flash is making her entrance Madison Rayne attacks her from behind on the stage! Rayne throws Flash into the ring and starts beating on her on the mat. Madison immediately connects with the Rayne Drop and pins her. An absolutely pathetic way to treat Flash.

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Rayne via pinfall (Rayne Drop)

After the match Rayne continues to brutalize Flash until Mickie James runs out and chases Madison off. Flash shows just how much she did this for a quick payday as she just rolls out of the ring and walks to the back walking right beside Madison on the way out. I don’t blame her. Mickie tells Madison to get back in the ring and she says she’s watched Madison week after week doing these Open Challenges and she’s sick of it. Mickie says Madison prides herself on being a fighting champion but she won’t fight Mickie. Mickie asks Madison what she has to lose. Madison says she has nothing to lose but asks what Mickie thinks she has that gives her the right to demand title shot after title shot. Madison says she already beat Mickie so as far as she’s concerned, unless Mickie can make it worth her while she’s out of chances. Mickie tells Madison to name her price. Madison says she wants Mickie’s trademark and then does Mickie’s little hair flip. She says she wants Mickie’s hair! Title vs. Hair! Madison says she wants “scalp you Pocahantas” in the ring at Lockdown in the Steel Cage. Madison says she wants an answer and Mickie says “you got it!” So we have our first official match for April’s Lockdown PPV!

In the back Pope is talking to a “blind man”, a “fat woman”, and another guy in a wheelchair and talks to them about “optical allusion.” Pope look at the woman and says “sorry we couldn’t get you to the fat suit” and tells her to just be herself. Wow that’s messed up.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Anderson screams at Hogan and asks if he has Hogan’s attention. Anderson tells Hogan to explain the math to him. Anderson tells him to explain to him how he has to earn a title shot that he already owns. Hogan says Anderson doesn’t own anything and he couldn’t beat RVD at Victory Road. Anderson says Hogan and Immortal screwed him out of the title in the first place. Hogan says he runs TNA and Anderson can keep doing things his way, the hard way or start doing things Hogan’s way. Anderson kicks the cameraman out of the office as Hogan tells Anderson he doesn’t understand anything.

The Pope makes his way out to the ring with the 3 people he was talking to in the ring as Taz makes a joke about needing to “restock the concession stands” now. Pope has his own blinged out microphone. Pope says tonight they’re going to pick up right where they left off. Pope says today is a time and place where miracles need to take place. He says what is getting ready to take place in the ring is a miracle and asks for a “HAMEN!” Pope says in these times of perils when people don’t believe in Pope he will show everyone he is able to do the unthinkable, and he will do it right now by making this blind man in the ring see and the crippled man walk. Pope says he has his work cut out for the fat lady but he’s going to help her shed some of that weight. Taz: “you might need a chainsaw.” Pope asks the blind man if he believes he can open the blind man’s eyes so he can see. The man says he does and he tells the man to kiss Pope’s ring. The man “can’t find it” so Pope tells him to hold the mic for him as Pope removes the mans glasses. Pope hands the glasses to the crippled man and he says he’s going to takes some of his “holy oil” and put it in his hand. Pope backs away from the microphone and spits in his hand and then rubs them together and puts them on the man’s face. That is so messed up. The man says he can see now.

The Pope: “Give the Pope a HAMEN!”
Blind Man: “HALLELUJAH!”
The Pope: “….uh, yeah that works to.”

Pope looks to the man in the wheelchair and claims he’s been a paraplegic half his life “ever since that swimming accident…don’t dive head first!” Pope kicks the guy in the legs and asks if he can feel it. He obviously can as he winces but says no and then Pope hands the mic to the man. Pope puts his hands on each leg and then he slaps the guy on the forehead and tells him to stand. The guy gets up and starts dancing. Pope turns his attention to the big woman (she’s obviously in a fat suit by the way) and he says Pope is able to perform miracles and he is going to have to lay his hands on her. Pope puts his hands on her “belly” but then he says “not even Jesus could help you lose weight.” Taz says “that’s kind of mean” while laughing and the woman starts crying. Samoa Joe’s music stops all the joking though!

Joe and Okato walk down to the ring and Joe doesn’t look happy. Pope behinds the woman and asks Joe why he’s always coming out and ruining his stuff. He calls Okato a “Green Hornet ripoff” and then he tells Joe to “come get some” and shoves the “blind man” into Joe. Pope rolls out of the ring, trips Okato, and then drags him out to the floor and holds something to his throat. I don’t know if it’s a knife or something. Pope says if Joe wants to take it to the streets he can do it. Pope asks Okato how it feels to be a superhero now. Pope tells Okato that if he steps on his shoe one more time! Pope says he’s going to take Joe to the street and show him exactly what the streets about. Pope keeps hitting Okato in the head with the mic when he steps on Pope’s shoes. Pope then kicks Okato in the balls and throws him down the tunnel on the stage! Pope laughs and says “hey Joe, don’t believe everything you see on tv” and shows that the knife is fake. Joe is seething in the ring.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

Back from the break clips of what just happened where shown and then we cut to the back where Pope has Okato tied up. Pope slaps him and asks Okato where he and Joe got the audacity to tape him. Pope says if they want to see what it’s like to be in the streets then he’ll show them and kicks Okato in the nuts again. Pope says on the streets it’s really rough and then he hits Okato with a baton. Pope pulls off Okato’s mask and says he doesn’t like how Okato looks. He screams at him to put the mask back on and then starts slapping him and hitting him with the baton. Pope says Okato could have been part of his congregation but he wanted to go work for Joe. Pope continues to hit him with the baton and says he’s been owed Okato this. Pope then hits Okada in the nuts with the baton and we hear Joe screaming for Pope. Pope runs off and then runs back and hits Okada with the baton again. He runs off finally and Joe runs up and unties him. Joe says something in Japanese to him as Joe screams about Pope.

RVD approaches RVD in the locker room and says Anderson really wants this title shot bad and says joining Immortal must have been worth it (alluding to Anderson talking with Hogan behind the closed door earlier). Anderson asks RVD what the hell he’s talking about. Anderson reminds RVD again that he’s an asshole and for RVD to accuse him of joining Immortal is ridiculous because RVD just blew AJ off. RVD says they’ll find out tonight whether either of them has joined Immortal.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Velvet is excited about her and Angelina teaming tonight when Winter walks up. Velvet asks her what she wants and Winter asks if Velvet has told her the news. Winter says Angelina isn’t teaming with Velvet tonight, she’s teaming with Winter. Winter says Velvet let her petty jealousy get in the way Sunday and now she’s out and Winter’s in. Winter and Velvet start pulling Angelina towards each other. Velvet says she didn’t cost Angelina their belts, she was trying to help them. She says Winter is trying to set her up and Angelina knows Velvet. Angelina walks off with Winter and Velvet asks what the hell is going on. You could actually hear kids screaming in the background during that (from the Universal rides).

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he and Karen make their way out to the ring. Jeff says “the ultra male” has something to say. He says that he has nothing left to prove because he’s beaten Kurt Angle and embarrassed him and humiliated him so there is not one shred of honor left in Kurt. Jeff says for the good of the kids he can no longer do this to their “second father” so tonight he is offering a truce to Kurt. Jeff calls himself the “retired undefeated MMA fighter” again and says he will be the better man tonight because he wants to stop the misery. He says he and Kurt have to coexist “for my kids.” He says Kurt needs to come to the ring and beg for forgiveness so they can just move on. Kurt’s music hits and Kurt comes down to the ring holding the big present.

Jeff asks if the present is for him but Kurt says first things first and Jeff is right, Jeff is the better man. Kurt says Jeff is the husband and father that Kurt could never be and he is truly grateful that he showed him the way and brought a peace offering so they can coexist so they can move on with their lives. Kurt hands Jeff the present but Jeff asks if he’s being sincere. Kurt asks him he doesn’t look sincere and Jeff opens the present. It’s a guitar with an American Flag painted on it. Kurt and Jeff hug and then Kurt raises Karen & Jeff’s hands. Kurt then snatches the guitar from Jeff and nails him with it! Karen lowblows Kurt but it doesn’t faze him. Kurt then pulls a cup out of his pants and throws it at her. I don’t know if something was on that guitar or what but Jeff is busted open big time right now. Kurt tells Jeff to look at him and he asks Jeff what’s going through his head right now, besides the guitar. Kurt says he’s capable of getting medieval on someone’s ass and he’s sick of this sh*t. Kurt says he will cut Jeff a deal, Kurt vs. Jeff at Lockdown in a Steel Cage or he makes Jeff & Karen’s lives so miserable they won’t want to live another day. Jeff says yes to it! Kurt says “good answer” and then tells him to not even try to get Bischoff or Hogan to override it because he will hunt them down. OH ITS REAL…ITS DAMN REAL!

Kurt gets ride into Karen’s face before finally leaving. His lip was quivering during that whole thing.

In the back Bischoff is talking to Rob Terry, Gunner, & Murphy and he talks about Immortal wanting to capture every title in TNA. He points to a picture of Abyss on the wall and says that man put his body on the line to capture the Television Title. He says Abyss has been unable to defend it so they are putting the title up for grabs in a 3-Way between the 3 Immortal members. He says they have to put their membership of Immortal aside and leave everything in the ring to win the title.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Karen is screaming at someone on the phone wanting the police for attacking Jarrett. Jeff says this didn’t have to happen and Karen says they pushed Kurt too far. Jeff says it was Kurt that pushed him too far.

A quick video package hypes up the TV Title Match.

TNA World Television Championship
3-Way Dance
Gunner vs. Murphy vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry

Despite Bischoff saying it’s every man for themselves, Gunner & Murphy still come out to the ring. As they walk through the tunnel they look at each other and nod. Gunner kneeled down in the ring and posed to the fans but Murphy got right in front of him and blocked him. This didn’t sit well with Gunner and they started arguing. The biggest jobber (okay maybe second biggest jobber to Great Khali) makes his way out to the ring alone. Gunner attacks Terry before the bell and starts beating on him in the corner. Murphy then hits him with a Running Clothesline and the tag team double teams Terry as we see Hogan’s wife and daughter in the crowd. Gunner then hits Murphy with a clothesline as police arrive in the back. Gunner whips Terry into the corner and hits a Corner Splash and then he whips Terry into the opposite corner, but Terry explodes out of the corner with a clothesline for a nearfall. It looked like Murphy was supposed to break it up but botched it so Gunner had to kick out. What does it say when you even botch a pinfall breakup? Murphy stomps Terry and then he covers Gunner but Terry breaks it up. Terry and Murphy exchange big rights and then Murphy puts a knee in Terry’s gut. Murphy hits the ropes but eats a Spinning Heel Kick from Terry. Terry taunts the crowd and turns around into a Spear! Gunner then grabs Murphy and hits an F5! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW TV Champ: Gunner via pinfall (F5)

There was about as much reaction to Brian Lawler on RAW Monday as there was for that whole match. Eric Bischoff walks up the ramp and applauds Gunner.

In the back AJ says he’s been wrestling all his life and that’s what he’s all about. He says that apparently there will be no allies in his match according to RVD and that’s fine because he wants the title too. He says he’s trying to look out for RVD but that’s fine he can take care of himself. AJ says he’ll take care of Bully Ray too and he’s been taking a backset for too long. He says he’s finally going to take his title belt back and then Ric Flair approaches him. Ric starts to say something about AJ trying to get the title back but AJ punches him in the face! AJ says that felt good and walks away.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

In the back Karen is trying to get Kurt arrested but Jeff screams at her to calm down. Jeff asks the cops what they have to do to get what she wants. Jeff finally tells her to go with the cops and get what she wants but he knows what he has to do.

Hernandez and the Knockouts Tag Team Champions come out to the ring and Hernandez welcomes us to Mexican-American and he says they came, saw, and took over. Hernandez says America is now their land.

Mixed 6-Person Tag Team Street Fight
Hernandez, Sarita, & Rosita vs. Matt Morgan, Angelina Love, & Winter

Winter has some new weird music. The babyfaces hit the ring and the heels attack them. The girls spill out to the floor as Hernandez chokes Morgan in the ring. Hernandez chops Morgan and then he tries to throw Morgan into the opposite corner, but Morgan blocks it and slams Hernandez into the exposed turnbuckle (I have no idea who took the corner pad off) and then he connects with a clothesline. Morgan follows up with a Discuss Clothesline. On the floor Rosita and Sarta take out Winter & Angelina and then they jump on Morgan’s back in the ring. Morgan flings Rosita off and then flings Sarita off. Angelina comes in and Spears Sarita and then Winter hits Rosita with the Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker! 1…2…3!

Winners: Morgan, Love, & Winter via pinfall (Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker)

After the match the guy that jumped the guardrail at Victory Road hits the ring and attacks Morgan. He and Hernandez stomp Morgan out. Morgan gets to his feet and Hernandez & the other guy throw Angelina & Winter at Morgan and bail out of the ring. The “fan” is former OVW Heavyweight Champion “Lowrider” Matt Barela.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

TNA World Title #1 Contenders
Four Corners Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

AJ is ironically the only one coming off a victory from this pasty Sunday’s Victory Road (and a great one at that with Matt Hardy). Anderson and RVD and AJ and Ray pair off as the bell rings. Anderson whips RVD into the ropes but RVD backflips over Anderson. RVD goes for a clothesline but Anderson ducks and hits one of his own. AJ hits Ray with repeated Shoulderblocks in the corner and then he hits the ropes but eats a big shoulder tackle from Ray. Ray takes Anderson out and then slaps RVD, he turns around right into a gorgeous Hurricanrana from AJ! AJ then hits a Running Clothesline on Ray in the corner. AJ then nails RVD with a right hand and he stomps Anderson. AJ then goes for a Monkey Flip on Ray in the corner but Ray shoves AJ off. Ray goes for a right hand on Anderson but Anderson blocks it whips Ray into the ropes. Anderson goes for a backdrop but Ray kicks him and then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. AJ rolls out of the ring as well. RVD and Ray come face to face with each other in the ring now and Ray shoves him. RVD then kicks him repeatedly but Ray catches the third kick and trips RVD’s other leg. Ray goes for an Elbow Drop but RVD rolls out of the way and then comes off the ropes. Ray tries to kick RVD but RVD catches his foot and connects with the Stepover Heel Kick followed by Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO Anderson pulls RVD out of the ring and then clotheslines him! Anderson rolls back into the ring but as he comes in AJ hits a Slingshot Sunset Flip on Anderson! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Anderson connects with rights on AJ and then he attempts to whip AJ into the ropes, but AJ reverses it and then leapfrogs Anderson. AJ then connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ turns around right into a huge Lariat from Ray! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Ray lights Anderson up with a chop and then he grabs AJ and hits a Sidewalk Slam for another nearfall. Ray gets another nearfall and then he puts the boots to RVD as RVD rolls back into the ring. Ray hits AJ with Shoulder Blocks in the corner followed by a big chop. Ray hits RVD with an elbow and then he puts the boots to Anderson. Ray takes turns hitting AJ, RVD, and Anderson with elbows and then AJ tries to make a comeback but Ray pokes him in the eyes. He turns around into a Spinning Back Kick from RVD! AJ charges at RVD but RVD sidesteps him and AJ spills out to the floor! RVD connects with a Spinning Heel Kick on Anderson and then he springs to the top and goes for the 5-Star, but Anderson rolls out of the way. Anderson charges at Ray but eats a big Rock Bottom! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! AJ springboards off the top with an awesome Springboard Cross Body on Ray! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! AJ then charges at RVD but RVD nails him with a back elbow and connects with the Springboard Flying Back Kick! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Anderson ducks a clothesline from RVD and connects with a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! AJ goes for a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Ray on the floor but Ray sidesteps it! Ray picks up a chair and goes to hit AJ with it but Earl Hebner grabs it from the ring and takes it away. In the ring RVD tries to whip Anderson into the ropes but Anderson reverses it and connects with a Back Suplex onto the steel chair that the referee dropped in the ring as he argues with Ray & AJ on the outside. They’re selling the spot like both Anderson & RVD’s heads hit the chair. 1…2…3! Both RVD & Anderson’s shoulders were down on the count! Ray is pissed off and punches the referee in the face! Ray then kicks Hebner in the head!

Winner: NO CONTEST via double pin

AJ blasts Ray with a right hand and then he rakes Ray’s eyes. AJ and Ray trade extremely stiff right hands and slaps. I mean those shots from BOTH guys were REALLY stiff. AJ picks up a stage light and nails Ray with it. AJ and Ray fight up onto the stage where Tenay & Taz broadcast. AJ picks up a chair and Ray begs AJ off. AJ goes to hit Ray with the chair but Flair comes from out of nowhere and low blows AJ! Flair then low blows AJ several more times and Ray goes to hit AJ with the chair but stops as he looks down at the table below the stage. Ray goes old school and Sitout Powerbombs AJ through that damn table! Both guys are laid out on the floor as Flair looks on in surprise. That was a great spot. Ray hasn’t hit that type of Powerbomb spot in a long time. Al Snow runs out with another agents to check on AJ and Ray.

——————————COMMERICAL BREAK———————————-

EMT’s are checking on AJ and Bully Ray as we come back. Ray kicks the EMT’s away and shoves Snow into the stage. Replays of the Main Event are shown focusing on the double pin. On the replay you can see that the table spot was actually about 3 tables that AJ & Ray went through rather than one. They just had black cloth covering it. The agents are trying to restrain Bubba as he screams at AJ that he’ll never wrestle again. Fortune has come out to check on AJ and they start arguing with Ray now as security and agents are between. Roode screams at Ray that he’ll kick Bubba. Ray collapses back on the stage selling the spot. EMT’s put AJ on a stretcher as Fortune watches. More replays of the spot were shown and I love as I’m seeing that Flair actually steadied Ray before he dove to make sure that it went off perfectly. The EMT’s stretcher AJ into the ambulance and Roode tells Kaz to “call AJ’s wife.” The camera guy tries to get Kaz to make a comment but Kaz blows him off and then another camera guy. Storm & Roode get into the ambulance with AJ as Kaz talks to AJ’s wife on the phone.


Well, damn if that finish to the show didn’t completely save that sh*tfest of a show. I was COMPLETELY ready to rip this whole entire show to absolute shreds and I had the “F” rating all ready but they saved it for me with the ending. The Main Event was absolutely EXCELLENT. They went nonstop from beginning to end and everybody worked really hard, including Bully Ray. The no finish pissed me off (I’m really sick of these non finishes) but then they picked me right back up with the unbelievably physical brawl between AJ & Ray and then the final spot. They didn’t just do the spot and sell it like “oh my god they might be hurt” we actually got the whole EMT thing, with the stretchers, and the wrestlers acting concerned. Ray was perfect in it too by screaming “I HOPE YOU NEVER WRESTLE AGAIN” and I love that Kaz blew off the camera guy instead of cutting a promo or something. I really appreciate the realness they brought to that angle. Please believe, some of the fans out there that might have thought that was legit that AJ was hurt, it was all an angle. AJ is fine and expect him back in the next couple of weeks. I would have loved to seen that match get 15-20 minutes. Could have been something really special.

As for the rest of the show I can only say something positive about the opening for the rest of the show. I liked the opening with getting everyone involved and putting more emphasis on the belt, though it did go a little long but when so many people were involved that’s to be expected. They really are making an effort to establish Bully Ray as a singles wrestler but hopefully they don’t just forget about the thing with Devon. It needs a resolution.

On paper the Open Challenge thing with Madison is great. We get to see some old faces from the Knockout Division but the execution has been unbelievably poor. The first week with ODB was okay, the next week was bad, this week was worse. Alissa Flash is one of the top female wrestlers in the world and she gets brought back to job out to Madison in less than 30 seconds with no offense at all. She deserves (damn near everyone deserves) better than that. I don’t blame her if she never agrees to come back to TNA. Add to that the stipulation to Mickie-Madison adds NOTHING to that match. It actually takes away any speculation. We all know there is no way Mickie is shaving her head.

The Mixed Tag was unbelievably pointless. I think that one went about 2 minutes. All it did was establish the new member of Hernandez’ group. Why don’t they just call it L.A.X.? I keep holding out hope El Zorro is going to be a part of this group but it’s looking less and less likely.

The Pope & Joe thing was really bad. I mean it was really, REALLY bad. There were a funny one liners but good lord. Moving on.

The Jeff-Kurt thing was okay but I’m ready for this feud to be done and over with. Karen is already getting on my nerves. I have no idea how Jeff was busted open. Some people at the tapings say it was the “hard way” but there is absolutely no way you can be busted open by being hit with a cardboard guitar.

The TV Title thing was a joke. AJ-Williams had a shot at making that belt mean something but AJ got hurt and Abyss won it and then never did anything with it. It’s just a prop. At least they did give it to a young guy and Gunner is a good worker from what I’ve been told. Terry sucks and Murphy sucks so at least they didn’t get it.

I know I have screamed it for weeks and months but damn it give us more wrestling! I know you only have one show to get every feud/every angle over, but you don’t have to do every one of htem every week. Spread them out and let us get some good wrestling in as well. The X-Division is completely ignored yet again while we got two pointless Knockouts Match.

The most obvious things tonight was the way they treated the Jeff Hardy situation. They made it seem like it’s a real possibility he’s done with TNA. The way Hogan actually threw the belt onto floor surprised me. I was going to rant about Jeff Hardy and the lack of respect I have for that guy and how pissed I was that TNA even let the situation from Victory Road happen, but everyone has said everything everywhere about it (and some saying stupid things as well) so I’m not going to harp on it. It happened, it’s time to move on and make sure it never happened again. I also think Jeff Hardy needs to be gone. That guy has problems and obviously has no desire to change anything. Cut ties and move on.

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ/Bully Ray brawl
Match of the Night: 4-Way (***)
Overall Grade: D

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