WWE RAW 8/8/2011

Monday Night Raw
August 8, 2011
San Jose, CA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Triple H’s music hits and WWE’s Chief Operating Officer makes his way to the ring. Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jim Ross welcome us to the show. Triple H says in six nights it will be one of the most historic nights in WWE. It’ll be one of those nights where the entire landscape of the business changes. It will be the WWE Champion John Cena against the WWE Champion CM Punk. The crowd gave big reactions for both men. Triple H says change has been a big thing around here. In the past month we’ve gone from no WWE Champion and Vince McMahon firmly being in charge to him being in charge and there being two WWE Champions. That’s a situation that will be rectified in Sunday’s match. There will be one match, one undisputed winner, and one Undisputed WWE Champion.

The “undisputed” part will be tricky and that’s where his part as COO comes into play. Anything can happen in the WWE so how do you determine that there will be one Undisputed champion? You empower one man. You empower somebody to be the answer. That somebody won’t be pushed around or intimidated. You empower somebody whose authority will not only be respected but absolute. He’s found that man, and he’s larger than life. This man casts a shadow not only over John Cena and CM Punk but the entire WWE. That man is himself. At this point in time, he’s the only guy he can absolutely trust around here. Triple H says he’ll stand in the ring and officiate the contest. He will call it as he sees it. Triple H promises that when the dust clears at Summerslam we will walk away with one Undisputed WWE Champion.

That’s this Sunday. Tonight, we’ll have the official contract signing between John Cena and CM Punk. Before they do that, both those men will be in individual competition in the ring tonight. John Cena’s match will be right now.

WWE Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring. The crowd is really booing him. They jaw jack in the ring. The cameras get real close so the audio can be picked up, but the announcers talk over it the entire time. Cena will be in action next.

-Commercial Break-

They replay the moment when Cena and Triple H were talking in the ring. Cena says it’s an ego thing, but Triple H denies that, saying it’s for the fans. Cena says it’s a mistake. Triple H tells him not to tell him how to do his job. Triple H says whatever happens in the match will be because he wants it to happen. I knew that was important and the announcers wouldn’t shut up.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger

They lock up and Swagger takes Cena down with a front face lock, rolling him around on the mat. Swagger showboats around the ring so Cena takes him out with a clothesline. Cena bounces him in the corner and whips him to the opposite corner. Cena hits a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Cena applies a rear chin lock but Swagger soon fights up. Swagger whips him off and Cena shoulder blocks him down. Cena sends him to the corner and splashes him there. Cena hits a nice dropkick for a near fall. Cena quickly goes to an arm bar. Swagger fights up and hits a belly-to-belly side suplex for a near fall.

Swagger kicks away at Cena until the referee backs him up. Swagger sends Cena hard into the corner. That looked kind of lazy the way that went down. Swagger hits a Vader Bomb for a near fall. Swagger under-hooks the arms and looks for a submission. Cena fights up and powers out of it. Cena hits a gutwrench suplex and they’re both down now. Swagger avoids Cena charging him in the corner. Swagger showboats around the ring and shoulder blocks Cena down for a two count. Swagger applies an overhead wristlock. Cena fights up and Swagger kicks him. Swagger whips him hard to the corner and Cena goes down. Swagger sends him to the corner and catches him with a chop block. Swagger dances around the ring. Swagger goes for an Ankle Lock but Cena counters with an STF attempt. Swagger kicks him away.

Cena hits a pair of shoulder blocks and that back suplex/powerbomb variation. Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and waits for Swagger to get up. Cena gets him on his shoulders and pauses before hitting the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: John Cena
Match Rating: * 1/4

They have a poll on WWE.com right now. “Who do you think will be the Undisputed WWE Champion after Summerslam?” Later tonight we’ll see the contract signing for that match. We’ll also see Rey Mysterio take on The Miz.

-Commercial Break-

Scott Stanford goes to introduce the man who will face CM Punk but Ricardo Rodriguez interrupts him. Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. He’ll face CM Punk tonight. Del Rio says CM Punk calls himself, “The voice of the voiceless,” but Del Rio says he’s the voice of the coward. CM Punk won the WWE Championship in Chicago, but when he saw he was ready to cash in Money in the Bank, he ran away. Tonight he’s going to show him exactly what would have happened that night in Chicago.

They show footage of R-Truth destroying John Morrison in London four months ago, taking him out for a few months.

R-Truth is backstage and he says he’s a good R-Truth. Josh Mathews walks up and asks why he would take advantage of his friend. R-Truth asks why a bunch of times. R-Truth asks why if he’s the captain of the ship he can marry at sea. R-Truth asks why hot dogs come in packs of ten but buns come in packs of eight. R-Truth asks why god created spiders. R-Truth says they’re nasty and quiet. When they get a chance they bite you. R-Truth says his grandma would have made spider stew back in the day. The only person who would eat that stew is Little Jimmy. Tonight he’s going to squash a spider and that spider’s name is John Morrison.

The Miz will take on Rey Mysterio next.

-Commercial Break-

Cee Lo Green will be performing live at Summerslam this Sunday.

Rey Mysterio makes his entrance. They announce that he’ll get his rematch for the WWE Championship next week when Raw comes to us from San Diego, Mysterio’s hometown. All of a sudden The Miz attacks him on the stage! Miz smashes him into the WWE sign on the stage a bunch of times. The referees come out to restrain him. Miz breaks away and hits a running boot to Mysterio’s face, sandwiching his head into the sign.

The Miz slowly makes his way to the ring and Michael Cole gets in the ring to interview him. The referees help Mysterio to the back. Cole says that was an unbelievable display of audacity out there. The Miz says it was and asks if Cole knows who he’s facing this Sunday at Summerslam. Miz says he doesn’t know either. Miz says there is so much emphasis on this Undisputed WWE Championship Match when the emphasis should be on him. He is the most must see WWE Champion in history. He’s presented Teen Choices Awards, he’s on MTV this Wednesday, he’s all over the Internet, and trending worldwide. If he has to do that to Mysterio to get a little attention around here, then so be it. The Miz orders a referee to come down and declare him the winner of the match by forfeit.

A referee runs down and Miz orders him to raise his hand. The referee leaves the ring and whispers in Justin Roberts’s ear. Roberts announces that WWE’s COO Triple H has ordered Miz to compete in a new match right now.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

They circle the ring and lock up. Miz backs Kingston to the corner and goes for a cheap shot, but Kingston moves. Kingston kicks and applies a headlock. Kingston turns it to a hammerlock and Miz elbows him in the face. Miz gets a headlock on so Kingston whips him off. Miz shoulder blocks him down and they go into the ropes. Miz holds on and charges but Kingston dropkicks him down for a two count. Kingston gets another side headlock applied so Miz backs him to the corner. Miz punches and kicks him down until the referee backs him up. Miz whips him hard into the corner and taunts the crowd before going for his patented clothesline. Kingston counters with a Thesz Press. Kingston clotheslines him over the top rope and follows up with a suicide dive. Kingston celebrates in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kingston trapped in a chin lock. During the commercial, Kingston went for a plancha but Miz crotched him with the ring apron. Miz then clotheslined him down. Back to live action, Kingston fights up and punches out. Kingston has a whip reversed but he comes back with a sunset flip attempt. Miz rolls through and goes for a running boot but Kingston ducks it and rolls him up for a two count. Miz quickly gets up and viciously clotheslines him down. Miz backs to the corner and hits his patented corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and comes off with a double axe handle for a near fall.

Miz elbows Kingston in the shoulder before applying a chin lock. Kingston fights up again and punches out. Kingston takes him down with an arm drag and elbows Miz when he charges him. Kingston rolls him up for a near fall. Kingston hits a pair of chops and a sloppy dropkick. Miz counters a flying clothesline and goes for his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo but Kingston pushes him off. Miz avoids Kingston so Kingston springboards off the top rope and hits a cross-body for a near fall. That looked pretty good. Kingston goes into the ropes and eats a kick. Miz DDTs him for a near fall.

Miz goes for his clothesline but Kingston catches him with a pendulum kick. Kingston goes to the top rope but Miz cuts him off. Miz goes for a superplex but Kingston punches him. Kingston then hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the second rope for a near fall. Kingston fights up in the corner and signals for his finisher. Miz ducks the Trouble in Paradise and goes for his finisher but Kingston backs him to the corner. Miz catches Kingston in the electric chair position and tosses him into the ropes. Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz
Match Rating: * 3/4

WWE Champion CM Punk is seen walking backstage. Josh Mathews stops him for an interview. Mathews asks for his reaction to Triple H making himself the referee for the match at Summerslam. Punk says he has a bigger ego than his father-in-law. Punk says this is coming from the guy who resigned CM Punk because it’s “good for the business”. Triple H should have the clairvoyance to keep his nose out of the match. This is the biggest WWE Championship match of all time: John Cena vs. CM Punk. That should sell tickets but Triple H needs that spotlight. What’s good for business is him staying out of it. What’s good for business is him beating John Cena at Summerslam. What’s good for business is him going out to kick Alberto Del Rio’s teeth down his throat. Punk says Del Rio called him a coward and said he’d show him what would have happened in Chicago. Punk is going to go help him find out.

-Commercial Break-

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring to announce Alberto Del Rio to the ring. Del Rio drives into the ring in a nice Audi. The announcers always seem to know a shocking amount about Del Rio’s cars. It’s almost like it’s planned.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

They circle the ring and lock up. They jockey for position before breaking the lock up. Del Rio quickly ducks a roundhouse and smiles. They circle the ring again and Del Rio kicks him in the knee a few times. Del Rio stomps him in the corner before wrenching the arm. Punk counters him down with an arm drag and hits a back elbow. Punk hits a spin kick to the midsection before hitting some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Punk sends him to the opposite corner and charges. Del Rio moves and Punk hits the ring post with his shoulder. Del Rio goes outside and stretches out his arm on the ring post. Del Rio hits a double knee arm breaker for a one count.

Del Rio works on Punk’s arm with the arm bar. Punk fights up and gets out of it. Punk goes for a sunset flip but Del Rio gets out and gives Punk’s injured arm an elbow drop. Del Rio punches him before going so drive him through the ropes, but Punk moves. Del Rio crashes and burns on the outside.

Del Rio gets up and gets in the ring at the referee’s count of six. Punk quickly takes him down with a nice neckbreaker for a near fall. Punk knees away at him before sending him to the corner for the running knee. Punk follows up with a bulldog and goes to the apron. Punk hits a springboard clothesline and waits for Del Rio to get up. Punk goes for the GTS but Del Rio gets out. Del Rio sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Del Rio follows up with a backstabber for a near fall. Del Rio yells at the referee before kicking Punk in the head. Del Rio goes for his Cross Arm Bar but Punk gets out. Punk immediately hits a nice roundhouse kick to the skull and follows up with the GTS for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: CM Punk
Match Rating: * 3/4

CM Punk sits in the ring with the WWE Championship. They show the poll question that’s up on WWE.com right now.

Later tonight we’ll see John Cena, CM Punk, and Triple H in the ring together for the Summerslam contract signing.

-Commercial Break-

They show footage of Beth Phoenix assaulting Kelly Kelly, shortly after becoming the number one contender to the Diva’s Championship at Summerslam.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

They lock up and Eve quickly tries to work Beth’s arm. Beth backs her to the ropes and elbows her in the face. Beth sends her to the ropes. Eve ducks a clothesline and rolls over Beth’s back. Eve dropkicks her into the ropes. Eve charges and Beth drops her to the apron. Beth then elbows her off the apron. Beth catapults her into the barricade and drags her by the hair back into the ring. Beth covers for a near fall. Beth picks her up by the hair and slams her down. Beth repeats the move and drops an elbow for a one count. Beth clubs her and sends her to the ropes.

Beth goes for a sidewalk slam but Eve twists out. Eve botches a dropkick, the only move she does pretty well, and Beth sells it. Eve punches and hits a bicycle kick to the face. Beth sends her to the corner and runs into a back elbow. Eve takes her off her feet with some ugly kick. It looks like they’re wrestling underwater. Eve goes to the top rope and Beth crotches her. Beth under-hooks the arms and drags her off. Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Beth Phoenix
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Beth grabs a microphone and says she’s sick of divas like Kelly Kelly and Eve making a mockery of the diva’s division. No more booty popping, no more splits, and no more stink faces. Beth leaves the ring and turns around to ask Eve a question when Kelly Kelly runs down and takes her out. Kelly gets in the ring and raises the title up. There was absolutely no heat in this segment whatsoever.

John Morrison will take on R-Truth later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

They show footage of John Cena and The Miz at the Teen Choice Awards last night.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Alex Riley

Vickie yells at Riley and he grabs a microphone. Riley says he doesn’t want to say she has bad breath, but it smells like death itself just took a dump in her mouth. Vickie screams at him and Ziggler backs her away from Riley.

Ziggler charges Riley but Riley avoids him and hits a clothesline for a one count. Vickie distracts Riley and Ziggler kicks him down. Ziggler stomps him in the corner. Riley reverses a whip and hits a back elbow. Riley goes for a body slam but Ziggler slides off. Ziggler applies a Sleeper Hold but Riley backs him to the corner. Riley quickly takes Ziggler down with a spinebuster. Riley celebrates and Vickie gets in the ring to scream at him. Vickie slaps him and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Alex Riley
Match Rating: N/A

Ziggler yells at Vickie and asks what she’s doing. Ziggler pushes Riley so he punches him in the face. Ziggler falls back into Vickie. Vickie screams as Riley leaves the ring. Ziggler yells at Vickie so she walks off on him.

Later tonight we’ll see the Summerslam contract signing.

-Commercial Break-

They play a really good hype video for the Undisputed WWE Championship match at Summerslam. The announcers then go over the rest of the card. They announce that Christian will be on Raw in a little bit for a special interview.

R-Truth makes his way to the ring. He’ll be in action against John Morrison next.

-Commercial Break-

R-Truth vs. John Morrison

They circle the ring and R-Truth knees him. They punch away at each other. R-Truth goes to the ropes and Morrison hits a pair of clotheslines and a jumping calf kick. Morrison hits a backflip sambo suplex for a two count. Morrison hits an uppercut and punches away at him. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but R-Truth gets out of the ring. Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison charges and catapults over the ring post with a corkscrew plancha! Morrison puts him back into the ring and R-Truth quickly rolls out again. Morrison follows and takes him out. Morrison sends him into the barricade and punches away at him. R-Truth back body drops him over the barricade but Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison punches and stands on the barricade. R-Truth then sweeps his feet and he hits the barricade with his neck!

Morrison gets back into the ring at nine and a half. R-Truth punches away at him and throws him across the ring for a near fall. R-Truth screams at the crowd and applies a chin lock. R-Truth hits a sit-out front suplex. R-Truth goes for the Shut Up but Morrison hangs on to the ropes. Morrison punches away at him and sends him to the corner. Morrison goes for something but R-Truth kicks him and hits the Shut Up out of nowhere for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: R-Truth
Match Rating: * 3/4

Triple H and John Laurinaitis are seen looking over the contract. The signing will happen next.

-Commercial Break-

Rey Mysterio will invoke his rematch clause next Monday on Raw. He’ll take on either John Cena or CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Championship. They announce the results of the poll that’s been running throughout the night. 54% think John Cena will win and 46% think CM Punk will win. That’s the exact same percentages as last week.

Christian is backstage. Christian says he and Randy Orton will be in action this Friday night. Christian says he has an announcement and says it would behoove WWE’s COO Triple H to be in Sacramento on Friday to hear what it is.

Triple H is in the ring with John Laurinaitis. The ring is dressed with the black carpet, table, and chairs. Triple H welcomes us to the contract signing for the Undisputed WWE Championship match at Summerslam. CM Punk makes his way to the ring first. John Cena follows after him. They set their WWE Championship up side by side on the table. They sit across the table from one another.

Triple H says they can cut to the chase and CM Punk cuts him off. Punk says everyone knows this match is already official. Punk asks why they’re out there. Punk says this is all for show and wonders the last time one of these contract signings didn’t end in some kind of physical calamity. Punk says they should just flip the tables and start beating each other up. The least they can do is make it entertaining. Punk says he feels like a movie star on the set of “Conan”. He feels like he’s going to set up a clip for his next movie. Punk says he actually has a clip from a movie star that will explain how he feels about John Cena. That movie star isn’t Triple H in “The Chaperone”. Triple H asks how his movie was and Punk says it went straight to DVD, just like Triple H’s. This is an actual movie star who will explain how he feels, mostly, about Cena.

The Rock is shown on the screen and it’s the YouTube video he put out ripping on John Cena. The Rock makes fun of Cena’s attire, catchphrase, and music. The Rock made fun of Cena’s demographic and mentioned that he gets booed in his own hometown. The Rock says men don’t like him because he’s phony.

Punk says there’s a lot wrong with that but we get the gist of it. Punk says The Rock called John Cena a phony but he doesn’t realize that by saying that he’s just as big a phony as Cena is. Punk says that’ll probably upset The Rock and jokingly says that he doesn’t want him to say mean things about him. Punk goes to sign the contract but Cena stops him. Cena says a guy like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done it all. He’s a future WWE Hall of Famer, already on the bill for WrestleMania, and is a bona fide movie star. Cena says with all the success he’s had, he has no reason to be mad about everything. Cena says he flips out about everything.

Punk stops him and Cena mentions that Punk also has a problem with him. Cena says he knows Punk won’t make fun of the way he dresses. Punk’s issues are those of the voiceless. Punk thinks that maybe he’s a product of the system, a little too PG, a little too much like Hulk Hogan. Instead of putting the hand to his ear he puts it to his face. Cena says The Rock is a star and he has his millions. Cena can try to trash talk him but he’ll never win over the millions. Punk has his fans and he knows that no matter what he does, he will never win over those people, even if he increases his work rate, adds to the five moves of doom, and let his heel persona out.

Cena says Punk made an amazing comparison to him a few weeks back by saying he’s like the New York Yankees. That originally offended him but the Yankees are the most loved and hated team in professional sports. Punk was absolutely right. There are so many people who hate him. Just like The Rock said, when his music hits, the crowd oozes with hate. Those aren’t the people he’s concerned with. He’s concerned with the people who have supported him through the beginning. Those are the people he cares about and there’s nothing phony about that.

Punk speaks his mind and throws a lot of stones but he lives in a glass house. A few weeks ago he wanted his own jet and face on an ice cream bar, but now he’s trying to come back as some underground voice of the voiceless. If Punk wants phony then he should look in the mirror.

Triple H says all Punk is at the end of the day is a guy who held out for more money and a couple of perks. Then he didn’t even have the guts to stand face to face like a man and negotiate. He ran away and called on the phone. Punk can’t believe they’re saying he’s gutless. Punk asks who fires people around here: Triple H or Funk man. Punk asks if he personally, face to face, fire Vladimir Kozlov on Friday. Punk asks if he flew himself to Florida to tell Harry Smith that he was no longer needed. Punk asks if he went to Chris Masters, who has worked his ass off all year, to fire him. Punk says Triple H has Johnny Ace do all his work.

Punk turns to John Cena and says this is about them and the WWE Championship. It’s easy for Cena to sit there and act holier than thou when he’s had opportunity after opportunity. Cena looks down on everyone else. Cena looks down on him. Punk says he won his first ECW Championship a number of years ago. The next day, Cena, who never talked to him before, patted him on the back, telling him he had a good match. Cena told him that he almost gave up on him. Punk says he holds grudges and has a sour taste in his mouth.

Punk asks if he knows who gave up on their dreams: Cena did. Cena moved to California to become a body builder but had to become a sports entertainer because he couldn’t hack it. Punk started out as a wrestler and he fought to get to where he is now. Yes, he held them up for perks and he wants his face on an ice cream bar.

Cena is the lion and he’s the hyena. He had to fight for his share so he held everyone up. Punk wanted the opportunity that Cena had just been handed. Punk says he knows he wouldn’t turn them down. Cena is sitting there laughing away. Punk says seven years ago Cena won the WWE Championship for the first time. This Sunday he’s walking in with the championship and leaving with nothing. Punk says he’ll be a big star the next day. He’ll be in The Marine 4 or he’ll fight with Dwayne. He’ll still have his legions of fans but he won’t have the WWE Championship. He will not be WWE Champion because the WWE Champion will be him. Punk signs the contract as the crowd chants his name.

Cena says that was a fine speech. Cena asks if Punk realizes how much pressure is on him this Sunday. Cena congratulates him on winning one match in Chicago at Money in the Bank. Cena asks what would happen if Punk loses at Summerslam. Cena says he’s heading to WrestleMania to face The Rock. Punk needs this match more than anything in his life because he now has people watching him. Cena commends him for speaking his mind. If he doesn’t back it up this Sunday then he’s just a loud mouthed, one hit wonder. Cena says he’ll be known as Buster Douglas, Yahoo Serious, and Milli Vanilli. If Punk doesn’t produce on Sunday, with everything on the line, all this will be gone, just like that. Cena signs the contract and wishes him luck. Punk says luck is for losers. He’d much rather be a one hit wonder than a phony.

Cena says they’ve talked for a while and it’s worn thin. Cena gets up and pushes his chair away. Punk says talking is what he does but he can also kick Cena’s teeth down his throat. They push the table over and go face to face. John Laurinaitis backs Punk away so Punk roundhouses him in the head. Triple H backs Punk away and Cena punches Punk, taking out Triple H as well. Triple H and Cena go face to face as Punk leaves the ring, yelling at them both.

Quick Match Results

John Cena def. Jack Swagger (non-title)
The Miz def. Kofi Kingston
CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio (non-title)
Beth Phoenix def. Eve Torres
Alex Riley def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ (non-title)
R-Truth def. John Morrison

Bump of the Night: Morrison’s bump on the barricade!
Match of the Night: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio * 3/4

Mike’s Thoughts

Raw opened tonight with WWE COO Triple H coming to the ring to add more hype to the Undisputed WWE Championship match at Summerslam. Triple H announced himself as the referee for the match since he can’t trust anyone else with the job. Personally, I don’t feel like this match needed his involvement. A lot of people are already speculating that he’ll turn heel in this. I think this match-up is way bigger than Triple H and shouldn’t be used as a platform to get another heel boss over. We’ve seen that act before and it’s too predictable. Hopefully they really just have him there to officiate and not get physical.

The two matches John Cena and CM Punk had were pretty much just showcase matches. There was nothing wrong with them – they were just there as filler.

I liked the segment with The Miz and Rey Mysterio. That was a really well done beating. I imagine we’ll be getting that match added at the last minute to Summerslam. The Miz, despite kind of being in the background for a little bit, is still one of the best characters going in wrestling today. He even managed to have a decent match with Kofi Kingston.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I did not care for the diva’s segment. I know it needed to happen to build up their match at Summerslam. I just merely like to comment on how little reaction they get. Hopefully with Beth Phoenix and Natalya establishing themselves as the big, dominant women they can get some heat going. I think if they beat up enough Divas and put a stranglehold on the title then they can get slowly start to get some heat going. I really want the divas to succeed. I don’t hate on them just to hate on them. Up to this point they’ve been atrocious. I call it as I see it. I’m hoping they pick up their game and get good. There should be no low points on this program. You have commercials for piss breaks. The divas shouldn’t be an extended pee break.

The match between R-Truth and John Morrison was, I think, a prelude to a match at Summerslam. It wasn’t terrible but it was too quick for me to truly get into it.

The final segment was the one that will be memorable coming out of this show. This was red hot and awesome. They got this feud back on track after last week’s silly music trade off. The worked shoot stuff is what made this angle hot, not who would be champion. They did a tremendous job putting over just how important this match is to CM Punk. This is just another match to Cena. He’s been in the big pressure situations before. He’s had all eyes on him with a pressure to perform well so this is just another match. This is everything to CM Punk. This was the best use of the contract signing gimmick in a very long time and it’s one of those rare segments on a “go home” show that makes you want to see the match even more.

My friend Dave Stephens should be back next week. The AIDS that has infected his computer has seemingly been cured. I have enjoyed recapping Raw while he was away and I hope you have enjoyed me doing this as well. Have a good one!

Final Rating: ***

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