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WCW Nitro 10/12/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 10/12/98

The build for Havoc has been better than the norm. I pray they finally deliver on a solid PPV. They need a strong main event and have the uppercarders do their share. Last week I forgot about the lWo at the end. I am interested to see where this goes, hopefully somewhere good as the midcarders get a minor push and then are forgotten. EB is a big proponent of using real life situations and blurring it on TV, which can sometimes pay off. So far with Flair and Eddie it is doing so. Hopefully the also continue Jericho’s mockery of Goldberg. Nitro lost 4.8 to 4.6 but overall the ratings are booming.

Bischoff is talking to some guy at the arena. EB tells the guy that he is the president of WCW, and if a guy with a big nose appears he needs to pick up the phone and call him. They guy wants to know who he is and Bischoff responds by calling him a moron, telling him that he knows who he is. He heads outside and chastises Dillinger and tells him that he has brought help, some security guards are there.

WCW credit card has been unveiled and they were at Wall Street.

Match 1: Lodi v. Wrath

Wrath gets some nice support as he makes short work of Lodi.

** Squash…do something with him WCW.

Meng strolls out and they meet halfway up the ramp and they brawl.

Match 2: Dale Torborg v. Kendall Windham

Fans could care less, Windham has dominated the match so far. Now Dale gets some offense in with a couple of dropkicks but he is caught and nailed with a swinging neckbreaker.Windham gos for a bulldog but is pushed off and Dale kicks him in the head and goes gimpy but gets the win.

* Boring and the fans thought so too. The match was way to long too.

Sting gets a huge pop when he comes out. He goes over what happened last week. Sting is calling him out in Chi-town. He is going to put Hogan in black box and is also callng him out. Here comes the Warrior who tells him to hold it right there. More boos than cheers. He rambles about Sting’s career and how he respects him and so on. WCW is his battlefield and not his. He intrudes to make a one time respect. Jesus he is just babbling, and talks about his feud with Hogan and anti-heroes and finally gets to the point and that is he wants to team with Sting tonight.

Here comes Hogan with EB and the Giant (Giant is facing Goldberg tonight). This is the house that Hollywood built and continues about this. Now his Giant is taking on Goldberg tonight and he is getting his belt back. EB gushes about Hogan for a moment and now Hogan makes fun of Sting and Warrior and he and Hart discussed it and it would be a pleasure to take those two cartoon characters and beat their tails after rubbing their facepaint together. He continues that he is going to beat them up and the nWo is too sweet and for life and then gets his flex on.

Bischoff is leaving and one of the security officers come up to him and tell him that the Horsemen have arrived and he starts running towards the back, and heads outside. A limo has arrived and Flair comes out and EB tells him to leave. Flair comes out with the owner of the United Center or an executive. Bischoff is freaking out and refuses to shake his hand. Bruce, the guy is bringing the Horsemen up to his luxury suite and EB protests that he has leased the building and will sue him if he does this. EB is ignored as security finally allows them to get by. EB is still pitching a fit and he yells at the security guards and that he has a lease while Dillinger protests that the guy has a corporate lease. EB is still ranting and raving!

Match 3: Fit Finlay v. Alex Wright

They have changed the spelling of his last name. Alex is bragging about being the greatest European wrestler and will end Fit’s career as Fit ended his dad’s career. Fit attacks him, knocks him to the floor where he chokes him out with Alex’s coat and then batters him with numerous blows. Alex sunset flips into ther ring getting two and then bodyslams him. Wright gets his throat bounced off the top and then elbowed down. Fit slingshots right into a boot but gets his knee up and demolishes him with a lariat. But Alex flies off of the top nailing him and then uses the ropes to pin Fit. Davey comes down and beats up Wright and then Fit clocks Davey!

** Fit lost to Wright? I guess….

Naitch and Company are chilling in the skybox.

Match 4: Chavo and Psychosis and Calo v. Villano and La Parka and Ciclope

We get some back and forth. Calo somersault flips off the apron. Calo falls down. Psychosis suicide dives into him and then Ciclope does so. Chavo springboards into all of them. Villano and Calo are in the ring and the latter misses the springboard and is powerslammed. He would have been pinned but the ref held up in order for Psychosis to hit the guillitone legdrop. La Parka runs in and they go back and forth and he nearly pins Pscychosis but Chavo runs in and now he has Parka. Ciclope runs in and puts him in crab like move. Psychosis spin kicks Ciclope and the match has broken down as bodies fly everywhere. All end up on the floor but Psychosis and Ciclope. Ciclope is knocked to the floor and Psychosis fucking leaps into him wiht a senton back splash and just crushes him. Inside the ring Chavo finishes him off for the win.

*** Fun match.

Eddie comes down to fan support and he does his thing about how EB keeps having them fight one another and EB’s lack of respect for them. He mocks the nWo knowing none of them could do what they do and then the lWo only gets paid peanuts. Jesus a fan tosses something heavy into the ring, and they are going to get a piece of the cake. Chavo leaves as he talks to Pepe but Psychosis joins.

Scotty Steiner is in the ring and he talks about how he carried his brother on his back. Like the Cubs tried who used Sammy Sosa. But Scotty convinced Sosa that Chicago sucks! Now to his freaks and how he can satisfy them and he is their hook up! Last week another woman came into the ring and embarrassed Bagwell and that inside in the ring he is the stuff. His mother needs to stay home doing dishes and mopping the floors. He and Buff are close and there are no more problems. Here comes Buff and Judy. Buff tells him that they do have a problem and Scotty responds that he could easily rebreak his neck. Buff counters back that his momma is right and it is all Scotty’s fault. Scotty is going to rip off the nWo shirt, and then calls Judy an old bag. Buff has had enough and decks him but he is nutted and his throat is bounced off the top rope. He bellows that no one messes with Steiner and he is nWo for life!

Horsemen still having a shindig in the suite.

Match 5: Juventud Guerrera v. Prince Iaukea

Disco comes down and mocks them, saying the fans came to watch him dance. The match begins and the go back and forth until Juve drives his head into the mat and he gets two. Juve misses a dropkick and then Prince follows up with a snap suplex. Disco sneaks back down to the ring as Prince yanks Juve down by his locks. Juve rolls behind on the back suplex attempt but runs right into a boot and then Juve is sent to the apron. Prince is yanked down now and then nailed with a springboard dropkick. Juve is up top and misses as Disco lurks but Prince turns around and is popped and finished with the Driver.

** Okay.

Kidman beats up Disco on the aisle.

Here comes the Wolfpac! Well it is Nash. He wants a piece of Hall telling him it is last call. Hall staggers out and does the down here thing and then staggers away with Nash giving chase.They are in the back and Hall is hanging onto a limo as Nash gives chase in his ride.

Match 6: Chris Jericho (c) v. Raven for WCW TV Title

They lock up and Raven pushes him into the corner but he breaks cleanly. Out on the floor they brawl but Raven has a chair blasts him. He sets it up in the corner but Jericho flings him into it. They are back on the floor and Raven is posted, but Jericho charges and this time he bounces off the post. Back in the ring Jericho gets a drop toe hold into the chair. Raven goes for the Evenflow but Jericho counters with the Liontamer.

** Nice and short, which is disappointing. But they are playing on Raven being on a losing streak. Nice win for Jericho.

Gene is in the ring and calls out Rick Steiner and he declares that Scotty brought it upon himself, there match. They are interrupted by the cackling again. It is fucking Chucky from Child’s Play. Chucky makes fun of a bald Gene and tells him to shut the hell up. He wants a piece of Rick who tells him to bring it on. I cannot believe I am writing this. Chucky is getting booed as he plugs his movie. He does not want Rick to mess with Scott as he will be in his next movie and Rick just wants to leave as he is befuddled. We all are.

Here comes Bischoff. He is still all hot about Flair being here and reminds everyone that this is his building. He calls out Jo Jo and Dillinger. He calls a fan a moron after he threw something! Here they come and EB wants them to hurry as he taunts the fans some more. He calls Doug a Waffle House eating something and Jo Jo a Bischoff wannabe. He wants Flair and company out of that sky box right now and demands they do it and now they enter the crowd and head towards it. They finally arrive at it with it flanked by security. Finally he knocks on the door and calls him a moron and wants Flair out of the building as Bruce is slowly getting irked. EB reiterates this is his building and Bruce denies that and that it his party in his building. This is the Horsemen’s building and he shoves Bruce and security swarms and EB is down! EB is fighting but is piled on. Flair comes out and wants him ousted as he dances around and fans up there chant that Bischoff sucks! EB is tied up and hauled off!

Bruce waves at the crowd and they love it.

They pan back to EB being led out. Now he is carted off in a police cruiser.

Match 7: Giant v. Goldberg (c) for WCW Title

Fuck! I had forgotten about the tag titles. Jesus put them on someone who could actually defend them. Then again the tag scene is pretty much done for in WCW. They lock up and Goldberg is pushed and then dropkicked! Giant works him over in the corner and then strikes with a Russian sweep. He pulls him up and rocks him with a headbutt. Goldberg fires back and then kicks him in the rings and bodyslams him. Stevie Ray comes in and blasts him with the chair but Goldberg stares at him and knocks him to the floor. No DQ. Giant turns and chokeslams the Giant! He covers him but DDP has run into the ring and elbows the Giant, Goldberg was about to kick out I think. Stevie Ray gets the Cutter but the Giant goozles DDP and goes for the chokeslam only to be speared! Giant rolls to the floor and gets counted out.

** Angle advancement but the Giant was kept relatively strong and it set up the PPV match with Goldberg and DDP.

Match 8: Hogan and Hart v. Warrior and Sting

They all stare one another down and Warrior rubs Sting’s head infusing him with some dumbass power! Sting and Hogan start off. Hogan tries to get the upperhand but he is run over and then given an inverted atomic drop. Hart gets the tag and they lock up with Bret pushing him into the corner. Hart misses and he is mounted and pounded. Hogan runs in and is dropped with a blow and the Warrior is pushed back by the ref. Hart nuts Sting and goes to work on the knee. He drills him with the elbow from the middle rope. Hart taunts the Warrior and this allows Hogan to nut Sting and now he is in the ring and he chokes him out. Sting is choked out some more and then doubleteamed in the corner. Hart is now in and he DDT’s Sting getting two. He follows up with a side Russian sweep and a legdrop. Hart slowly pulls him up but is cradled and nearly beaten! Bret is right on him with an elbow to the back of the head and he nails him with a backbreaker. Hart misses the elbow drop as Sting rolled away. He grabs his leg but Warrior gets the hot tag and there is a pop for him. Warrior dances around and Bret just stands there an allows himself to be clotheslined three times and Hogan hits him in the back but Warrior shrugs it off and points towards Hogan, walks towards him and here come the troops and the Warrior is dismantled. The smoke billows around the ring and a headbutt knocks the Warrior to the floor where he wallows. Schiavone is a bit baffled but he could not disappear. Sting reappears with the bat and cleans house. Warrior has Hogan’s belt and whips him all the way to the back.

** Angle advancement.

**** Another great show. I just really enjoyed the angle advancement, as the wrestling was not that great and then there was Chucky But at least Jericho got a key win. Hart and Sting. Hogan and Warrior took a back seat. The Flair segments were gold, Goldberg was back in action. Overall it set up the PPV and it looks like it could be really good. Hopefully. Eddie Guerrero finally has something interesting to do too.

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