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WWF House Show 2/11/1989

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Boston, MA

Opening Contest: Jim Powers defeated Iron Mike Sharpe:
Powers managed to overcome the early attack by Sharpe who delivered several forearm shots. Sharpe still couldn’t get an advantage after Powers avoided a dropkick and Sharpe bailed to the floor and stalled for a few moments. Sharpe wins a test of strength but his advantage doesn’t last long as Powers is able to work on his left shoulder with a few leg drops after being sent into a corner shoulder first. Powers runs towards Sharpe who got tangled up in the ropes following an atomic drop but Sharpe big boots Powers and breaks free from the ropes. Sharpe uses his alleged loaded forearm to hit Powers and taunts the fans. Eventually, Powers is able to pick up the win following a snap power slam. (1/2*. Well, that was quite a boring way to open a show.)

Second Contest: Koko B. Ware defeated Boris Zhukov: Koko manages to overcome bear hugs and chokes to hit Boris with a top rope missile dropkick to win the bout. Literally, that’s all you need to know about this one.

Third Contest: Big John Studd fought Akeem to a double count-out:
This was rather quick and uneventful. As most big man matches go they traded right hands and Akeem tried to slam Studd a few times but wasn’t able to do it. Studd was sent to the floor and Akeem soon followed. They exchanged blows for about three seconds which apparently to the referee is a count-out so we don’t get a winner.
After the match, Studd wants another showdown against Akeem because he came here to win. Studd asks if the fans would want to see him slam Akeem and they go nuts! Studd tosses Akeem back into the ring but Akeem rolls out and heads to the backstage area.

Fourth Contest: Bad News Brown defeated Pete Doherty:
Brown nails Doherty with the Ghetto Blaster after about five minutes of action. It was pretty much a squash match with Doherty getting nothing notable in against Brown.

Fifth Contest: the Rougeau Brothers defeated the Bushwhackers by disqualification:
the Bushwhackers are attacked before the bell but send the Rougeau’s into each other rather quickly. You know what? This is pretty much a comedy match and since I can’t sit through Bushwhackers because their matches are never anything special I’m going to give this a long story short. Basically the Bushwhackers are taken care of for a few moments as Luke is controlled. Butch gets the hot tag and they use their heads to clean house. However, Luke ends up shoving the referee and that causes the DQ finish.
After the match, the Bushwhackers deliver a gut buster to Jacques and do their trademark walk.

Sixth Contest: Ron Bass defeated Paul Roma:
Bass controls Roma early on ramming him back first into a corner several times. Roma connects with a springboard cross body for a two count and delivers a few dropkicks. Bass bails to the floor following a head scissors takedown. Roma leapfrogs over Bass and rubs his head before running to the floor. Bass stops Roma with a botched knee lift to the midsection followed by a scoop slam. Roma avoids an elbow and controls Bass with a wristlock. Bass dumps Roma to the floor and quickly follows ramming Roma head first into the ring post two times. Back in the ring, Roma fights back with a dropkick and nearly pulls out the win following a middle rope fist drop. Roma delivers several elbow drops but Bass kicks out at two. Roma misses a springboard cross body attempt and Bass plants him with a pedigree for the win. (*. Is it sad that at this point in the show this is the match of the night? I have a feeling that will not last.)

Seventh Contest: Rick Rude defeated Tito Santana: Rude wants to do a test of strength and Santana accepts the challenge. Rude is able to control Santana but Santana continues to try and overcome the pressure. Rude keeps Santana down and moves his hips to get a reaction from the females in attendance. Santana turns the tables and jumps on Rude’s fingers! Rude kicks Santana in the midsection avoiding another test of strength. Santana tries to get out of a headlock but Rude yanks down to keep control again. Santana eventually gets out of the hold and puts a chin lock on Rude. Santana proceeds to jump down onto Rude’s back and taunts him. Rude turns over onto his back and gets his knees up to low blow Santana. Rude follows up with an atomic drop. Santana sends Rude into a corner but runs into a big boot and is knocked down. Rude climbs to the top rope and hits Santana with an axe handle shot. Rude keeps control of Santana ramming him head first into the mat and then into the top turnbuckle. Santana comes off the ropes and blocks a backdrop attempt by ramming Rude face first into the canvas. Santana attempts a big splash but Rude gets his knees up. Santana reverses a suplex attempt with a snap suplex of his own! Rude tries a body slam but his back gives out and Santana atomic drops Rude! Santana rams Rude head first into the top turnbuckle ten times. Santana pulls Rude’s tights to prevent him from leaving the ring and knocks him out with a right hand. Santana begins to kick Rude’s leg and puts the figure four on Rude! Rude counters a sunset flip attempt by kneeling down and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (*1/2. Well, that was quite disappointing if you ask me. A lot of the match was rest holds and even when the action picked up it wasn’t anything good, really. But, at least I was right that Bass/Roma wouldn’t be the match of the night.)

During WWF World Champion Randy Savage’s entrance two fans are escorted away from ringside because they have a giant Hogan sign and Savage acts pissed.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior by count-out to retain the title:
Savage attacks Warrior as soon as he enters the ring but Warrior battles back with several right hands and chops. Warrior ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks Savage to the floor. Warrior attacks Savage on the floor and press slams Savage from the floor back into the ring! Savage walks around the ring while Warrior gives chase and hits Warrior as he returns to the ring. Savage leaps off looking for a cross body and Warrior botches a catch attempt. Warrior puts Savage in a tree of woe but that doesn’t last. Warrior is distracted the referee but chops Savage in time. Warrior misses a splash in the corner and Warrior is dumped to the floor. Savage leaps off the top rope and hits Warrior with a double axe handle on the floor! Savage snaps Warrior’s neck across the top rope and gets a two count. Savage begins to choke Warrior for a few moments and drops a knee for a near fall. Savage has a sleeper hold on Warrior and keeps the hold on for several moments. Warrior breaks free but is stopped with a clothesline by Savage which gets him a two count. Savage heads up top and nails Warrior with a double axe handle but Warrior powers out at two. Warrior takes Savage over with a snap suplex for a two count. Rick Rude has come out and is flexing his muscles, but Warrior hasn’t noticed. Warrior atomic drops Savage and gets a two count due to Savage having his foot on the rope. Savage nearly wins with a rollup but Warrior kicks out at two. Warrior drives Savage face first into the mat and goes for a splash but Savage gets his knees up! Warrior still hasn’t noticed Rude on the floor making Rude look dumb. Warrior begins to shake the ropes to get a second wind. Warrior blocks being rammed into the corner head first and plays to the crowd. Warrior punches Savage several times but misses a clothesline. Savage staggers around and is dropped with a clothesline. Warrior runs the ropes and drops to the floor to stalk Rude on the floor. Rude begs away as Savage gets on the top rope and hits Warrior with a double axe handle. Savage rolls back into the ring as Warrior has been counted out. (**1/4. Compared to everything else on the show this match was great match. Again, that’s just comparing the match to everything else. It’s not a good match by any means but at least the crowd was into it and there was a few moments of fun. It just didn’t deliver.)
After the match, Warrior attacks Rude and Savage. Warrior sends Savage to the floor and press slams Rude. Savage pulls Rude out of the floor and they head to the backstage area with Warrior in close pursuit.

Final Thoughts:
Well, that was a bad house show. The undercard was awful. The main event matches were just lame with plenty of rest holds. It was as if the WWF ran the show just to get a sellout and make money without putting on a quality show. Come to think of it, they have a history of doing that sort of thing. Thumbs way down for this house show.

Thanks for reading.


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