WCW Thunder 10/22/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 10/22/98

Match 1: Super Calo v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Calo starts strong, as he runs Rey down and gets a near fall after a missile dropkick. Calo spikes him with a big slam and bends the neck with arm hooked. Rey fires back but is sent to the apron and dropkicked off. Calo leaps out on top of him. He rolls him in and gets two. Rey strikes back with a headscissors by using his ankles and then Calo gets hung up on the ropes by leaping at him. Rey backdrops him and goes up top and strikes with a guillotine legdrop getting two. Calo flies to the top, leaps and turns around but is crotched and Rey goes up and it crushes him with a super Frankensteiner.

*** An extra star for the hot crowd unlike on Monday those douchebags.

Eddie! lWo comes down to try and recruit Rey. It is all about all Latinos and Eddie has been impressed. Chavo is on the ramp dancing with Pepe! Jesus! More talk about EB being a punk bitch. Rey thanks them but is going to run on his own and they allow him to leave but Eddie looks a bit displeased.

Schiavone brings out DDP. Monday was raw intensity…is that not a bad word? Raw? Anyway he is thinking of Goldberg and has two words: Diamond Cutter. Oh, DDP is the hardest worker in the business, living next to Bischoff….kidding on the last part. It is the beer talking. He is going to jump on that lightening bolt and ride it hard right into the MGM Grand and he will leap off it and right into Goldberg. DDP questions who is next and it may be Goldberg who feels the Bang!

Match 2: Johnny Swinger v. Alex Wright

The fans boo Wright as he starts strong. Swinger gets in a blow or two but is kicked in the head. Wright hangs him over the top rope and stomps him. USA chants start as he dismantles poor Swinger. Swinger drops him, goes up top and misses. The neckbreaker finishes him.

*1/2 Squash.

Match 3: Kanyon v. Chris Jericho (c) for WCW TV Title

Kanyon is doing his thing about who is better than him. Jericho gives him bunny ears and then takes the mic to cheers. Jericho talks about his Jerichoholics and how they worship him. He tells Kanyon that he is better than him. Jericho asks the crowd and he too is booed. Jericho is walloped from behind. Jericho after getting worked over, kicks him and the drops him throat first onto the top rope and then leaps into him with his shoulder knocking him to the floor.

Fucking Commercial…..Schiavone and Bobby argued about Tony not shutting up as they went to commercial.

Kanyon is working him over against the ropes, but misses the dropkick and Jericho does not miss the Lionsault and he gets two. Jericho suplexes him and flexes as he covers him only getting two. Kanyon fires back and Jericho returns the favor only to miss in the corner. Jericho is down and Kanyon pulls him up and Jericho is on the apron, Kanyon stands on the second rope and suplexes him into the ring and he gets two after the slow cover. Jericho is up, he misses an elbow and Kanyon cannot suplex him and so Jericho gets a near fall after a sweet inverted suplex. Jericho works him over in the corner but Kanyon whips him into the corner, and Jericho gets his foot up. Kanyon blocks and then gets two after bridged German. They go back and forth. Jericho goes for the Liontamer but he is too slow and gets his eyes poked. Jericho ends up on his shoulders and is flapjacked straight down and Kanyon gets a near fall. Fuck off Schiavone, quit being a condescending prick to Bobby. Jericho fights back and goes up top and the ref just stands there and he too gets missile kicked! Jericho places his foot on the ref to cover him. Raven comes in and goes for the Evenflow but it is turned into the Liontamer and he taps and the ref has no idea and he taps….

*** Nice match. Angle advancement for Raven not caring anymore and having lost his edge.

Preview for Soldier!

Match 4: Norman Smiley v. Saturn

Instead of the match the announcers have been going on about Warrior v. Hogan and how it will be the greatest match ever, so anticipated and this means, it will suck, and suck hard.

They are going back and forth and Norman is getting a surprising amount of offense in. Now Saturn slams him but gets his eye poked; it barely fazes him and he strikes with a lariat and a forward slam. DVD and match.

** Not bad and Saturn is over as the fans loved it.

Match 5: Riggs v. Lex Luger

Luger has him in a headlock but is shoved off and he runs him over and flexes. Jesus they are still talking about that….Schiavone is talking buyrates etc. Riggs lures him with the test of strength tease and gets in some kicks. It does not last as Luger slams him and runs him over a couple of times. Riggs rolls to the floor but is grabbed by his hair, but he knocks Luger back and then drops him down throat first onto the top rope. Riggs has him in a rear chinlock. Apparently the Padres fans after their sweep talked about Warrior v. Hogan and now Tenay is jumping on that bandwagon. Riggs gets a near fall after slamming him but now Luger suplexes him after Riggs misses in the corner. Both men are down and now slowly get to their feet. They exchange shots, and now it is Luger lariat time and a bionic forearm but the fans are rabid. I mean loving it. He grabs Riggs but is stopped with a jawbreaker. Riggs goes up top and misses and then misses the clothesline and Luger powerslams him and calls for the Rack. It is over.

** Luger’s longest match in some time.

Match 6: Prince Iaukea v. Juventud Guerrera

They run off the ropes and Prince is caught with a clothesline. Prince goes for a slam but he is given a spinning DDT. Iaukea gets his foot up off the whip into the corner and he gets two after a slam. Prince snaps him over and applies a chinlock. He breaks it and runs into him with a running elbow to the back of the head. Iaukea dumps him over his shoulder and after a stomp gets two. Juve comes back with a nice modified DDT and then strikes with a spinkick from the top. He pulls him over to the corner and points up top and Disco trips him up and Juve lands on Iaukea getting the pin.

**1/2 Not bad.

Disco runs in and attacks but Kidman is there and he takes out Disco and all three are brawling. Kidman leaps out on top of Kidman and Juve leaps on both!

Match 7: Scott Armstrong v. Konnan

Armstrong has gotten in a surprising amount of offense but it ends with a bulldog and the Sunrise.

*1/2 K-Dog is really over here.

Match 8: Kendall Windham v. Dean Malenko

Kendall claims  he knows the Horsemen and will take them out. Dean goes off with a series of kicks in the corner. But Kendall drops him and then again with a flying shoulder block. Dean goes for a sunset flip but is punched, but Dean is up, kicks him and rolls him up for two. Malenko catches the boot and strikes with a spinkick. Malenko turns him over and it is over!

** Quick and nice put over match for Malenko.

Malenko has the mic and declares that is why he is part of the Horsemen. He tells EB that they have always gone against authority and he brings out the rest of them. Arn talks about last Tuesday and how at the announce table EB mocked Arn’s physical abilities and how chubby he is. He does not care what EB says about him just as long as he does not mention his family or he will kick down his door and do things in front of his family that should not be done. There were just chants for Flair and now he has the mic and he is giddy that Bischoff is not here tonight. The joke has been on Bischoff and not on them and he allowed the Horsemen back in and look what happened. The party has just begun. EB will be bow to him one day and work for him. He lets out a few Wooo’s!

Match 9: Giant v. Sting

Giant clobbers him as he comes into the ring. He shoves him back into the corner a couple of times. Sting rebounds and unleashes a few shots. He goes for the Stinger Splash but is caught and slammed. The Giant stands on him. Giant works him over as the fans tell him he sucks. Giant chops him in the chest and then drives his knee into him and down goes the Stinger to his knees. A shot to the head sends him all the way down. He follows up with a side Russian leg sweep and the Giant glares out at the crowd. He takes his time and misses the big elbow drop and now three Stinger Splashes! He scoops him up and slams him and the fans erupt! He is going for the Deathlock and Steiner comes down with the rest of the nWo and he blasts the knee with a chair and now the nWo dismantles him. Rick Steiner runs down and takes out his brother with a chair and now Sting has the bat and clears the ring and here comes the rest of the Wolfpac.

** Not bad, sets up the PPV as he is softened for Bret Hart.

***1/2 A nice set up for the PPV. Some decent matches and a hot crowd. Nothing spectacular but it did the job.

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