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WCW Nitro 10/19/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 10/19/98

The go home show! I have been entertained as of late. Like last year Havoc’s build has been great. They are starting towards Starrcade with some momentum. The ratings dropped to a 4.4 as RAW got a 5.0 across the board.

Match 1: Kaos v. Saturn

Saturn stated strong but Kaos takes command and gorilla slams him and hammers him. But Saturn kicks him right back and takes off his head with a standing sidekick. Kaos counters back with a jawbreaker. But Saturn has had enough and finishes him.

** Decent length and fun.

Tenay is with the peeps talking about the Horsemen and the fans support them.

Gene calls down the Cat and he beats it when the Cat threatens him. The Cat does his thing, challenges anybody and fan gets his head taken off again. Hard to dislike the Cat.

Long promos for the PPV.

Match 2: lWo v. La Parka and Chavo and Ciclope and Lizmark Jr.

Lizmark and Damian start off and Damian gets rocked with a spinning backbreaker. But he fires back only to get leapt on and the lWo break the count. Parka and Dandy are slugging away and the former strikes with some stiff chops but Dandy fights back until he is dropped with an enzuguri. Ciclope is in and he gets punished and then stomped by all four members of the lWo. Psychosis snaps him over and tags in Damian who strikes with a top rope hurracarana. Garza goes up top and nails him with a missile kick but here comes Chavo to the cheers of the crowd and he is run over but he catapults Dandy. Sends him into the corner where he dropkicks him. The match has broken down as bodies fly all over the place an now plancha’s galore. Ciclope gets two after missilekick on Psychosis. La Parka has a chair and his partner gets hit and then Psychosis finishes him with the guillotine legdrop and Parka just dances as his partner gets pinned.

**1/2 Fast paced.

A happy Eddie comes down. Eddie comes in and talks about the lWo and la Raza. Chavo leaves again. Eddie goes off about EB and how they are taking over and the future. Parka has joined.

Kanyon has come down and wants to know “Who’s better than Kanyon” and tries to get the crowd to go along. They don’t and so he mocks them.

Match 3: Kanyon v. Scott Putski

They go back and forth with Putski getting two after a sidewalk slam. He is caught and given a tilt-a-whirl slam. Putski goes up top and is grabbed and bulldogged off and Kanyon gets two. Putski rolls to the floor and a baseball slide sends him into the railing. Kanyon snaps him over and has him in a chinlock. Putski gets right up and elbows free, and Kanyon is tossed back in a release back suplex. He works over the head and then launches him straight up and down he goes. Kanyon ducks the Polish Hammer and flapjacks him. Flatliner and match.

** Okay.

Big Poppa Pump is doing his thing, talking about his freaks. He got a phone call last night and got on the nWo Lear jet from LA to here. He had a freak on his right and left and right in the middle and all had smiles and were satisfied. He is their hookup, holla if ya hear me. He took out a fellow nWo member and did not care if his mom was there and he will do the same to any Minnesota Viking member. Rick comes out and reminds Scotty that the Vikes are undefeated (lose the Championship game to the Falcons) and Rick calls him little as his brother leaves the ring and Rick challenges him. Scotty calls the fans idiots and states he will beat him up when he is ready. He gets in the ring and tells the fans that Minnesota sucks and that his brother sucks. He wants to make sure this will be a fair fight. Fuck, it looks like Rick connected and he took off his head and Scotty tries to run off but is getting demolished, and he is decleated with a lariat. But Scotty nuts him and then again. This is a match. He grabs a chair and wallops him with it causing the DQ. Buff runs down and takes the chair away. Scotty wants him to hit Rick but he swings it at Scotty and misses with Scotty running.

NR Angle advancement.

Match 4: Fit Finlay v. British Bulldog

Both men exchange holds and shots. Fit leaps into a slam and then is snapped over and put in a chinlock. Fit is flung into the corner and then tossed again and Davey gets two and puts him back in a chinlock. Fit is up and powers out, grabs the arm and short clotheslines him. He yanks back on the nose and then kicks him in the back. Fit drops a couple of elbows and gets two. Davey comes back with a running elbow and back bodydrop. He hammers him in the corner and down goes the ref as Davey shoved him back. Fit is down and Davey turns into a missile kick from Alex and then Fit finishes him with a pancake type move.

** Nice back and forth match.

Alex poses and so Fit kicks his ass too!

Jericho comes out with Ralphus. He is upset because he has beaten Goldberg three times and has had no acknowledgement. He knows Greenberg is in the building and is giving him one more chance. Goldberg is not there tonight according to Gene. Jericho turns towards Page and claims he has not paid his dues and wants a piece of him as he has the TV title. DDP comes out and takes the mic from him. He kicks Ralphus in the gut not wanting him near him. DDP tells him that he has never beaten Goldberg and he has never beaten him so if he wants some then he is willing to fight tonight. Jericho is trying to beg off as he throws a fit!

Hall is drinking in a bar at the Target Center.

Match 5: Wrath v. Tokyo Magnum

Wrath destroys him.

*1/2 Squash and he is facing Meng at the PPV.

Here come the Horsemen led by AA. It was to be Silver King and Calo but they turn aside for the Horsemen to face Disco and Alex Wright. Bischoff comes out and tells Tenay to beat it.

Match 6: Disco and Wright v. Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit

Benoit has not fought for months. Wright gets the boot up on Malenko and stomps away. Dean fires back but is pulled down by his head. Disco gets the tag and runs into a dropkick and then a suplex. Disco takes command and knocks him down. He poses for the crowd and Benoit gets the tag and the fans erupt as he rips into him. Crossface and match.

**1/2 Some back and forth but nice to see Benoit back.

Bischoff is livid. He will not pay the Horsemen and yells about it as the fans chant for Flair.

Hall is drinking with some homely ladies one looks 12.

Match 7: Chris Jericho v. DDP (c) for WCW TV Title

DDP has the arm after Jericho finally locks up. Jericho knocks him down and then runs to the floor. Jericho gets back into the ring and is pounded. Jericho is pancaked and nearly pinned. DDP mounts and pounds him but Jericho ducks down and DDP’s head bounces off the top buckle. Jericho kicks him to the floor and then swings him into the railing. Back inside the ring he gets two. DDP comes back and he clotheslines him and then back suplexes him for two. Jericho comes back with a jawbreaker, dropkick and then a Lionsault and he gets a near fall. DDP grabs him and flattens Jericho getting a near fall. He goes for the DC but is nutted and Jericho has the legs and tries to turn him over into the Tamer but DDP swings his legs and knocks down Jericho. He strikes with a spinning slam. Goldberg comes down and spears Jericho and then goes for the Jackhammer but he is grabbed by Page who Diamond Cuts Jericho and now he and Goldberg shove each other before security gets involved.

**1/2 Should have been longer….still solid and kept Jericho looking fairly strong.

Hall is now with a hotter woman. Staggering around like I do in front of the ladies.

Match 8: Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They lock up and Kidman pushes him into the corner. Rey had another knee surgery. They exchange waistlocks. Kidman holds it and takes him down with a tackle but Rey floats on top of him and has him in an armbreaker. But Kidman rolls over and pulls back on the head and has the arm locked up. They are now vertical with Rey in a headlock. Kidman runs him over off the push off. Rey takes him over with a headscissors. Rey is launched into the ropes but flips around and in and then runs into a flying headscissors from Kidman. Kidman kicks him in the chest, catches Rey on the slide beneath but Rey floats over on the suplex attempt but is dropkicked and nearly pinned. Kidman snaps him over, drops the elbow and applies a chinlock. Rey is up and the tussle for a bit. Rey springs off the top and strikes with a crossbody and gets a near fall but then he is hucked by Kidman in an exploder suplex. Kidman gets a near fall and has Rey on the apron tries to suplex him into the ring but is blocked and Rey suplexes him to the floor! Fans are chanting something as they fly around the ring and Rey gets two after a quick legdrop and now Rey is powerbombed and nearly pinned. Kidman keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock. Rey is up and they battle until Kidman runs him down with a lariat and he rolls over and gets two. Kidman pulls him up and suplexes him, and Rey is sent into the ropes and Rey leaps on his shoulders and they fall into the ropes and down to the floor. Kidman does and he hits the railing. Kidman gets up on the apron and is knocked off and Rey somersaults into him and then stomps away for a moment. Rey goes up top and Kidman tries to knock him off but he is pushed onto the ropes and Rey drops the legs on him and gets two. Rey slowly hauls him and connects with some forearms shots but Kidman fires back, Rey falls to a knee and is bodyslammed. Kidman goes up top and misses the Frog Splash. Rey slowly climbs up top, and lands on him with a seated senton splash and he gets a near fall, and Kidman reverses the whip and telegraphs the backdrop and Rey sits on his head and drives him and the arm into the mat. Rey hammers at him but Kidman ducks and powerbombs him and now he gets two. Kidman uses the corner to bulldog him and he goes up top, but is slow and Rey whacks him and Kidman is crotched. Rey goes up top and strikes with a top rope hurracarana. He is slow to cover and only gets two. Rey comes back again and drives him into the mat. Rey calls for his finisher and leaps right into a dropkick and the bell rings! The fans boo but they had been silent. It is a draw. Not sure the time on it but at least 15 minutes.

****1/2 FUCK YEAH. This match was bad ass. Fans were fairly silent but FUCK THEM. This is fucking wrestling bitches. Great stuff. Rematch please.

Gene is in the ring with some people from Minnesota and calls out John Randle (Vikings) and Kirby Puckett (Twins). They are getting some sort of plaque. Now she wants to introduce another hometown favorite: Ric Flair! This is now Ric Flair day. Bischoff comes down and it is the Mayor of Minneapolis who is giving the rewards. EB does not want her here as this is his show and wants her and Flair out of here. She is grinning and loving this. Randle and Puckett get in his face as Flair dances. A cop tells EB to beat it and will be arrested if he touches someone. He is from here so he knows what the jails in the city are like and he also has unpaid warrants. EB whines that he paid them but is told to leave. He heads to the back and the garage all angry and bellowing. His limo is being towed and he is flipping out some more! He is chasing after the car as Flair watches from the ring giggling.

Match 9: Stevie Ray and Scott Norton and Scott Hall v. Konnan and Lex Luger and Kevin Nash

Nash has not come out yet. Konnan and Luger are a bit worried. Konnan does his thing and now Nash is staggering in the back with a drink acting drunk. He has an Outsider shirt on as he stumbles around the back. The bell has run and finally they are going to get started.

Konnan and Ray are going to start and Nash finally stumbles through the entrance to a nice pop and his compadres are befuddled. Nash is finally settled and ready to go. Ray tears into Konnan and flings him into the corner but he rolls out and clotheslines Ray. I predict Nash is not drunk and is luring Hall into something. Norton and Luger are in and Lex back suplexes him and jumps up and is bodyslammed. Norton misses the charge and is hiptossed and Norton is fucking mauled with a plethora of clotheslines and forearms. Ray distracts him and Norton levels him and now Stevie is tagged in and he snaps him over and then boots him in the head. Norton is tagged back in and he unloads on Luger but they clothesline one another and both are out. Nash gets the tag and he stumbles into the ring and Hall is in too. They are both drinking and do their sign. They each take a drink from the other cup. Nash is fine and Hall has his back turned and he turns into a big boot and then is just fucking pummeled. Hall is hung on the ropes and falls down. Stevie gets pounded and the bell rings. Tony is baffled as to why it rang and so am I.

** Angle advancement.

It cannot be a countout. Not explained. Baffled am I!

Match 10: Hollywood Hogan v. Horace Hogan

Hogan is on the mic talking about being a God again. He continues for a bit and then calls out Horace and wants him to tell everyone his name. He finally states that it is Horace Hogan and that Hulk is his Nephew. Hogan talks about blood and then calls out the nWo to witness this. He his proud of Horace and looks like his dead brother (that sucks) and he takes off his nWo shirt and is inducting him into the nWo and because he loves him so much he would give him the shirt off his back. He makes fun of the fans and about sacrifice and the Warrior. Hogan is about family and the Warrior does not get it. He is going to show the Warrior a sacrifice and then belts Horace and beats him up. His nWo buddies pull him off but he whips Horace with his belt. He has the mic and tells Warrior that if he would do this to someone he loves imagine what he will do to the Warrior. He grabs a chair and blasts him in the head with it. Hollywood is going to make him beg at the PPV and will not allow any help for Horace; he dumps the gurney and then goes off on the Warrior again and make him admit that he is the one that ran him off. There is no good guy Hulkamaniac and the Warrior is his. He pushes the Giant who backs off and then the Warrior runs down with a bat and shakes and he takes out the Giant and the rest of the nWo. Hogan has departed. Hogan has the mic and goes off on the Warrior and this allows the Giant to belt him and chokeslam him. Hogan paints nWo on him and tells him this is just the beginning and he drops two legdrops on him as he speaks. Jesus he will not shut the fuck up!

Here comes Bret Hart with a mic. What Hogan just did inspired him. He is sick of the fans and their lack of respect. He says hi to his one fan, his cat! He is tired of Sting following him around and copying his moves and wants him to suck it up and get out here. Sting makes his way to the ring as Hart worries he will mess up his mascara.

Match 11: Bret Hart v. Sting

Sting does not waste anytime and pounds him. He mounts and pounds him and then pounds him some more! Bret is tossed to the floor and kicked. Bret is run into the steel steps and then the railing. Sting rolls him back into the ring where he continues to dismantle him. He bodyslams him and gets two. He slams him again and goes for a Vader Bomb but Bret gets his knees up. Bret drops the head into the gut and then rubs his face along the top rope and clubs the back. He chokes him out with his boot. He has him in the corner and unloads some bodyshots and then gives him a backbreaker. Bret goes up to the middle rope and leaps right into a boot and is dropped throat first on the top buckle. He turns him over into the Deathlock but Bret is on the ropes and Sting does not care! Sting refuses to let go. The ref calls down the troops and they try to get him to break the hold. But he will not budge as Bret wallows with his hand on the rope. Stevie Ray and Vincent pry him of but they get their asses kicked too! Hart limps away as Vincent and Ray help him to the back and Sting stands tall in the ring. And then chases them to the back.

**1/2 Nice brawl to set up their PPV match.

**** On the strength of Kidman match. That was awesome. The ending was solid too and so was the DDP and Jericho match. They did a fine job of building up the PPV. One of the few times where I am looking forward to nearly every match. Not sure what Jericho will do or the lWo but we will wait and see. The Warrior and Hogan will be terrible but still I do not mind seeing it. Hogan took up way too much time but then again it is for the big match at the PPV. Also EB getting tossed was gold. Fuck it I will give it ****1/2 as I really enjoyed it.

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