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WCW Thunder 10/15/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 10/15/98

Match 1: Sick Boy v. Van Hammer

They have been going back and forth. Hammer wins.


After some long commercials and recaps here comes Konnan and the fans love it. Konnan dominates the first couple of minutes but Parka drops him and struts around the ring before kicking him in the head. Parka knocks him around the ring and gets a near fall as the fans boo. Parka works him over in the corner. Parka charges into boots and is powerbombed and nearly pinned. Konnan works over the neck to slow him down. Konnan takes him down after Parka gets up but he is spinkicked in the head. But Konnan floats behind and takes him down and then finishes him with the Sunrise.

*** Suprisingly fun match.

Match 3: Fit Finlay v. Riggs

Good match.

*** Nice to see Fit win.

Match 4: Kaz Hayashi v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

It has been six minutes and a break. Nice long match as they go back and forth. Kaz goes up top and misses and Kidman uses the opening to his advantage. Kaz hits a super jawbreaker. Then gets a near fall after a brainbuster. Kaz goes up top but leaps into a dropkick. Kidman goes for a back suplex but Kaz floats behind and gets two after a bridged German. Kidman reverses a powerbomb with a bulldog. Kidman hits the Press and it is over.

**** Damn good match.

Kaz is left behind by Sonny.

The Cat has come out to brag. He even calls out Jackie Chan! He will kick his head off. He wants anyone to try him in the crowd and someone walks out of the stands and gets his head taken off and then he is carted off. He brags some more.

Match 5: Chavo Guerrero v. Prince Iaukea

Another solid back and forth match. Pepe keeps getting grabbed and this worries Chavo but it lights a fire under him and he assaults Prince. Chavo controls the match for some time but Prince fires back and places him up top only to be finished with a Tornado DDT.

***1/2 Another great match!

Schiavone calls out DDP and we get the same DDP interview about him just being a guy! No one thinks he can beat Goldberg but he has two words for him: Diamond Cutter.

Match 6: Stevie Ray v. Dean Malenko

Ray starts strong with some knee shots and now Chucky again and he talking about an Academy Award and how he needs Scott.


Malenko is wallowing in the cornera s Ray stalks him. Ray sideslams him and the pulls back on the arms. Ddean gets up and Ray places his knee into his back. Dean fights free but is dropped and put back in the hold. This time he rises up and back suplexes Ray. But Stevie is up first and Dean goes for a sunset flip off the whip but is picked up by his throat and placed in a bearhug. Dean escapes and they go back and forth. Dean drops him and goes for the Cloverleaf and he is able to step over and here comes Vincent who clubs him from behind. The match is tossed out and Scott Norton is in the ring now and Dean is getting mauled. Here come the Horsemen, and they clear the ring and the fans explode!

** Not much here, but Dean looked strong at the end.

Arn has the mic declaring this place Horsemen country and the nWo needs to finish the job and they are taking back their company! Flair has the mic and states Bischoff is not a man or a human but an object to be dealt with. They will continue to be the number one wrestling outfit in the world being the Four Horsemen! He hypes up Malenko who is ready and able as Flair struts his stuff!

**** I was cooking dinner but watching. Great wrestling show. Not much angle advancement but the wrestling was well above average and that is all that matters!

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