FIP Fallout 10/13/2006

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

Fallout 2006 began with the FIP Tag Team Champions, The Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis), purposely booking themselves against a couple of jobbers in a non-title match due to the lack of number-one contenders current in the FIP tag team division. The Heartbreak Express easily defeated the team of Jaison Moore and Bobby Hopkins Jr. ( 4 / 10 ). This was followed by the appearance of former FIP Tag Team Champions, Black Market (Shawn Murphy and Joey Machete), demanding a title shot on the spot. So-Cal Val obviously wouldn’t permit this but decided that Black Market would face Jerrelle Clarke and some new guy named Jonathan Davis for number-one contendership (a term that would be used repeatedly throughout the night). Black Market won pretty easily in yet another squash match ( 5 / 10 ). So-Cal Val came out and said their performance wasn’t good enough so they would not be named number-one contenders until they proved themselves.

The next match saw “Not Cocky” Chasyn Rance steal a victory over the Canadian Cougar with help from fellow YRR member Steve Madison ( 3.5 / 10 ). This was just your basic lower mid-card match with nothing spectacular. Seth Delay came out to protest Madison’s interference and challenged him to a match right then and there. YRR was on a roll as Steve Madison scored a victory over Seth Delay after a really weak attempt by Chasyn Rance to interfere ( 4.5 / 10 ). Erick Stevens and Sal Rinauro made the save. Four straight matches that were far below average. I really enjoy the YRR guys but they need a manager or a valet — in fact, So-Cal Val would fit in perfectly with them, or else a rich male manager who knows how to talk on the microphone.

Erick Stevens and Sal Rinauro stayed in the ring as So-Cal Val came out once again and offered them number-one contendership to the FIP Tag Team titles, but the Briscoe Brothers showed up claiming to already be the number-one contenders. So-Cal Val had a light bulb go off inside her head and set up a number-one contenders match between both teams. FIP’s gimmick is that the performers run the show and while that’s a unique concept it kind of lacks logic at certain points. The Briscoes nailed Sal Rinauro with a Springboard Doomsday Device to “seemingly” earn a title shot ( 6.5 / 10 ). Predictably, So-Cal Val continued to make up the rules as she goes and ruled that the Briscoes would face Black Market the next night for the true number-one contendership of the FIP Tag Team titles.

Matt Sydal came out and expressed his intentions to win the FIP World title. Dave Prazak came out with FIP Champion American Dragon, Shingo Takagi, and Cyber Kong (carrying a pineapple) to shoot down Matt Sydal’s polite proclamation. Sydal was fired up and challenged any member of DP Associates to a match on the spot. Prazak occasionally hints that Mr. Milo Beasley is training to get out of his wheel-chair and actually compete in an FIP ring – can’t wait to see that! Prazak chose Shingo, which immediately made me very happy because this was sure to be a dynamite wrestling match!

I was not disappointed, as Matt Sydal vs. Shingo Takagi proved to be the best match of the night! ( 8.5 / 10 ) …OR SO I THOUGHT.

Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong definitely surpassed Sydal and Takagi for Match of the Night honors. It was considerably longer, and had a slower build, and ended up being an amazing one-on-one contest between two of the best independent wrestlers alive today. Davey Richards solidified his position as number-one contender by making Roderick Strong tap out ( 9 / 10 ). After the match, Roderick Strong put over Davey Richards and wanted the first shot at the FIP title IF Richards beats American Dragon the next night. Richards confidently stated that it wasn’t IF he wins the title, it’s WHEN he wins the title from American Dragon. Suddenly DP Associates hit the ring and attacked the two exhausted grapplers. And we have an impromptu tag team main event!

DP Associates played the perfect cowardly heels, stalling and taunting the fans, for the first ten minutes of the match. By the time American Dragon and Cyber Kong finally entered the ring to face Roderick Strong and Davey Richards the fans were at a fever pitch. For twenty minutes they fought like warriors until Roderick Strong made American Dragon tap out with the Stronghold ( 7 / 10 ). The FIP Champion hasn’t looked very strong for a few months now! It’s time to put up, or shut up! In my books this makes Roderick a strong (pun intended) candidate for number-one contendership. Roderick Strong said he wanted a title shot from American Dragon next month – and Davey Richards pointed out that he should be asking HIM for a title shot.

Final Thoughts:
A few things I’ve learned about Cyber Kong – first of all his gimmick is totally wrestlecrappy, but it is also very fascinating at the same time and it makes you want to watch him perform. He is actually a protege of Shingo Takagi, and wrestles under the name “Smash Pineapple” in the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan. At this point, he had only been wrestling for a few months, and he was already in the main event. Even though he was severely out of his league considering the guys he was in there with, Cyber Kong is pretty good for a rookie and adds a neat dynamic to Full Impact Pro.

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