FIP 2nd Year Spectacular Night Two 9/9/2006

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

The second night of FIP’s Second Year Spectacular weekend celebration rolled into Crystal River with a card that did not feature the FIP Champion. This is a prime example of why FIP needs to introduce a secondary singles title. Everyone brought the A-game.

Dave Prazak, the leader of the DP Associates, kicked off the show to explain that American Dragon was off defending the FIP title all over the world. Dave Prazak then introduced the monster Cyber Kong, who is “part man, part robot” — or something like that. While Kong chewed on his pineapple, Prazak issued an open challenge which was accepted by Tony Koz, I mean, Canadian Cougar!

It’s actually bugging me a lot not knowing who Cyber Kong is. I’m convinced he wrestled in other places under a different name, but I can’t figure it out. If anybody knows, please educate me. Cyber Kong is being booked as an unstoppable monster, so he should have squashed the Cougar in 15 seconds, but instead the bout went five minutes and thus made Kong look mortal ( 4.5 / 10 ). Dave Prazak was prancing around the ring happy as a pig in you know what. God bless him!

The YRR reared its ugly head when they popped out from behind the curtain and insulted the the fans to harvest some discounted (cheap) heat. Seth Delay interrupted their diatribe and said he was sick of talking and challenged any one of the YRR to face him, but was instead beaten up by both Kenny King and Chasyn Rance. Sal Rinauro made the save and set up an impromptu tag team match.

The YRR combination of Kenny King and Chasyn Rance stole a victory over Sal Rinauro and Seth Delay when the referees back was turned and Steve Madison knocked out Sal Rinauro with a steel chain wrapped around his fist ( 6.5 / 10 ). All three members of the YRR then beat up on the fallen Rinauro and Delay. Erick Stevens came out and said to Steve Madison; “Why wait ’til later, when I can beat your face in right now!” — The former members of the Miracle Violence Connection battled in an intense grudge match that saw Steve Madison use a security guard as a shield and a weapon – I hope that was a planned spot! In a moment of lapsed concentration, Steve Madison was quickly rolled up in a surprise small package by the possum-playing Erick Stevens ( 7 / 10 ).

The FIP Tag Team titles were on the line in very unusual circumstances involving the champions, Black Market, teaming up with Allison Danger against their challengers, The Heartbreak Express and Lacey, accompanied by the leggy So-Cal Val. I can’t believe this match was on the first half of the show – this was main event material! The first part of the match was fought inside the ring, and featured a few minutes of Lacey vs. Allison Danger, which is always a wonderful experience. Then the fight spilled to the floor and got violent between Black Market and The Heartbreak Express. The cameras focused on the men and their weapon-spots while the girls fought near the ring. Joey Machete came to Allison’s rescue and dumped Lacey head-first into a trash can. The referee was tied up watching the boys destroy each other and did not see Lacey tapping out at the hands of Allison Danger in the ring. So-Cal Val jumped in and cracked Danger with her loaded purse then got the referee to slide into the ring in time to count 1-2-3 as Sean Davis pinned Allison Danger to capture the FIP Tag Team championships ( 8 / 10 ). When Sean Davis covered Allison Danger, he straddled her and moved his hips back and forth. Not only was this totally gross and unnecessary, but it made Sean Davis look like the girl as Danger was in the male position. After the match, Black Market consoled Allison Danger and challenged The Heartbreak Express to a Cage of Pain match sometime in the future! This feud has helped to accelerate the popularity of Full Impact Pro.

Jerrelle Clarke defeated Jaison Moore ( 2 / 10 ). There shouldn’t be matches like this on such an important show.

The Briscoe Brothers came out and attacked both the guys in the previous match and grabbed the microphone, which is something I strongly discourage because the Briscoes are horrible on the stick! The Briscoes then proceeded to defeat the team of Colt Cabana and Davey Richards to claim number one contendership for the FIP Tag Team titles ( 8.5 / 10 ). That THAT was a damn good match! I love that Colt Cabana can incorporate comedy into his wrestling style, but sometimes it makes it hard to take him seriously as a championship contender. He has the skills to wrestle anywhere in the world (even for WWE), but he could probably sell out any comedy club in the world too. It will be interesting to see how the Briscoes interact with the flamboyant Heartbreak Express.

The main event featured Roderick Strong taking on a heel Delirious, with Dave Prazak standing in the corner of Delirious. It is very risky for FIP to book Delirious as a heel, especially when he does his popular lizard man routine when the bell rings. He should really sit down and come up with some crazy heel stuff, because the fans love his current routine. This thirty-minute classic ended with a flurry of offense from Roderick Strong followed by a pinfall on Delirious ( 9 / 10 ). What an awesome main event and I have to give Delirious a lot of credit for delivering two consecutive main event performances in a row. Roderick Strong continues to demand his shot at FIP Champion American Dragon!

Final Thoughts:
There was an obvious lack of star-power involved with both nights of the Second Year Spectacular, however the young guys stepped up to the plate and helped make FIP’s second anniversary celebration a complete success. Like I said on the previous review, I’m happy to be a very small part of FIP and I hope FIP stays in business so I can continue writing about it here on — to everybody at FIP, Happy Anniversary and keep up the great work!

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