NWA-TNA Impact 7/15/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results  7/15/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show opens showing Jarrett’s segment from last week, when he came out during the Batts/Gowen match, beat down Gowen with the guitar, and cut a promo on Raven and Abyss.

-The Impact opening airs.

Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young) vs. Samoa Joe & X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels
Williams and Joe start things off. Daniels attacks Williams from behind as he and Joe are staring each other down. Joe whips Williams into the turnbuckle and runs in with a high knee. Joe with some slaps to the gut and face, followed by a knee to the gut. Daniels punches Williams as the ref is distracted. Daniels is tagged in. Daniels with an Irish whip, followed by a jumping knee to the chest/face. Daniels rakes at the face of Williams. Joe is tagged back in. Snap mare followed by a kick. Joe with a knee to the face of Williams. Joe rakes at the nose of Williams. Joe posts the face of Williams into the turnbuckle. Daniels comes in with some kicks to Williams in the corner. Daniels with a vertical suplex to Williams. Near fall. Daniels with a stomp on Williams. Daniels with some quick right hand punches, followed by a big one knocking Williams down. Daniels gets in a shot at Young. Williams fights back, throwing Daniels to the mat and tagging in Young. Young with a backbreaker. Near fall. Young stomps on Daniels. Young with a big right hand. Near fall. Williams is tagged back in, and nails a kick to the gut. Williams with some punches to the face of Daniels on the mat, followed by a kick. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, Team Canada with a double Irish whip, Young nails a kick, and Petey follows that up with a sunset flip. Young then nails a leg drop as Petey held Daniels in position after the sunset flip. Young throws Daniels into the turnbuckle face first. Tag to Williams. Williams with some right hands to the face. Quick tag back to Young. Petey with a belly to side suplex, and then Young comes off the top rope with a leg drop. Near fall, Joe makes the save. Young with a big right hand sending Daniels down. Young chokes Daniels across the middle rope. Young throws Daniels face first into the turnbuckle. Young with some forearms to the back of the neck, as Daniels was trying to fight to his feet. Young with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, then charges in, but Daniels moves and throws Young into the turnbuckle. As Young bounces out of the corner, Daniels nails a clothesline. Daniels makes the tag to Joe. Williams is tagged in by Young. Knife edge chops to both members of Team Canada. Joe with a powerslam on Williams. Joe locks on a cross arm breaker on Williams, but Young makes the save. Joe throws Young to the outside and tags back in Daniels. Daniels with a few stomps to Williams. Sabin runs out and attacks Samoa Joe. They fight around ringside. In the ring, Daniels nails an STO on Williams and locks in the Koji clutch. Soon after, Young comes off the top rope to break it. Young throws Daniels to Williams, and Petey nails the Canadian Destroyer to get the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

Match View: Solid opening contest. All 4 guys looked strong in this match, although Joe didn’t get much time in the ring. Good start to Impact. ***

-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Cassidy Riley. Taylor informs us that Riley has something that he wants to say. Riley says he wants to say thank-you to a man he owes a lot of gratitude to. That man is Raven. He thanks Raven for saving him when he was in the ring with Abyss. Taylor informs Riley that Raven only looks out for himself. Taylor mentions that Raven is the same guy that broke Riley’s fingers, what kind of gratitude should he owe him? Riley says he didn’t do that to him, he did that for him to introduce Riley to the pain. Riley says he wants Raven to know if he needs his help anytime, he will be there for him. He once again thanks Raven.

-A video package recapping the Abyss/Raven feud airs.

-A short part of the video that aired at the opening of the show, with Jarrett saying he will be at No Surrender to take his title and his title shot, airs again.

Simon Diamond & Trytan vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo
Simon and Apolo start off. Apolo quickly shoves Simon to the mat. Lock up, and Apolo throws Simon down again. Simon with a poke to the eye followed by some right hand shots. Simon with an Irish whip into the corner, but he runs right into a big boot. Apolo with a powerslam. Near fall. Apolo slaps Simon in the face and tags in Siaki. They execute a double arm drag. Siaki with an armbar on the mat. Simon fights to his face and pushes Siaki into the corner. Simon with some shoulders to the gut. Siaki ends up sending Simon into the other corner but runs into a boot. Siaki ducks a right hand and nails a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Siaki with a chop followed by a right hand. Siaki with an Irish whip, Simon reverses it sending Siaki to the ropes. Siaki grabs the ropes as Simon jumps in the air to execute a dropkick, so Simon ends up falling on his back. Trytan takes Siaki down with a clothesline shot. Simon makes the tag to Trytan. Trytan with a big kick to the gut. Siaki fights back with some chops. Siaki comes off the ropes but runs into a boot. Trytan makes the cover, but Apolo makes the save. Trytan shoves Siaki into the corner. Trytan with some right hands. Trytan tags Simon back in. Simon with a series of 2 snap suplex on Siaki. He goes for the 3rd, but Siaki blocks. Siaki with a right hand. Siaki ducks a right hand attempt from Simon, and Siaki nails a neckbreaker. Both men makes tags. Apolo with some chops to Trytan. Apolo comes off the ropes with a clothesline attempt, but Trytan absorbs it and is still on his feet. Apolo ducks a clothesline attempt from Trytan and nails a superkick. He goes for the cover but Simon makes the save. Siaki gives some punches to Simon. Simon ends up sending Siaki to the outside when he ducks a running punch. Trytan with an Irisih whip, but Apolo reverses it and puts Trytan up on his shoulders. Simon then nails a kick to Apolo. Trytan then nails the T-3 on Apolo and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Simon Diamond & Trytan

Match View: Pretty average match. Not as good as the opener, but it wasn’t a bad match. **1/4

3 Live Kru (Ron Killings & Konnan) vs. Monty Brown & The Outlaw
As Konnan starts his usual “Odelay” stuff before the match, Outlaw and Monty Brown run in from behind and attack the Kru. Outlaw and Brown beat them down with stomps. Killings fights back with some right hands to Brown. Konnan fights back on Outlaw executing a hip toss. Konnan and Outlaw fight on the outside, as do Brown and Konnan. It’s a big brawl around ringside. The bell rings to signal the match a no contest before it even starts.

Winners: No Contest

-All 4 men continue to brawl around ringside. Security comes out to try and break up things. The announcers note BG James is not present. Security continue to work to seperate the men. West notes again everyone has to wonder where BG James’ alliance lies.

Shocker vs. Sonjay Dutt
Lock up, Shocker with the go behind and he throws Dutt to the mat. Dutt with a wrist-drag sending Shocker down. Both men to their feet. Lock up, Shocker with an armbar. Dutt with a spinning head-scissors followed by another. Shocker goes to the outside. Dutt slingshots over the top rope, but Shocker moves and throws Dutt to the floor. Shocker rolls Dutt back into the ring. Shocker with a chop. Dutt reverses an Irish whip, goes to the mat, but Shocker stops and just kicks him. Shocker with a DDT. Near fall. Shocker with an Irish whip, followed by a big boot to Dutt. Shocker with another Irisih whip, but Dutt reverses it and sends Shocker into the corner. Dutt charges in and Shocker tosses him over the ropes where Dutt lands on the apron. Dutt goes up top, and he comes off with a cross body for a near fall. Dutt with a roll-up for a near fall. Dutt comes off the ropes, goes up for a huricanrana, but he instead continues to roll over the top of Shocker, rolling him up for a near fall. Dutt with a kick. Dutt with a right hand. Dutt goes for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Shocker throws him off and then nails a running dropkick to the side of the head. Shocker with a power bomb. Shocker goes to the middle rope and comes off with an elbow. Near fall. After a lot of reversals and teases at moves, Shocker eventually gets a roll up and the pinfall.

Winner: Shocker

Match View: Average match. Kind of slow at the beginning, and the finish came outta nowhere. Shocker still hasn’t shown me much as he has looked slow. Dutt looked good in the match. **

-Backstage, James Mitchell is with Abyss. He says just as he promised, he got Abyss a one on one match for the title. Mitchell says Raven thought he was going to pull a fast one in putting Abyss in a Dog Collar Match. Mitchell says Raven is a fool, because he’s going to be chained at the neck to a monster. Mitchell says to remember that he can’t surrender and he did it to himself.

-A video recapping the Styles/Waltman feud airs, with comments from special referee Jerry Lynn.

Team Canada (Bobby Roode & A1) vs. AJ Styles & Sean Waltman
Waltman and A1 start things off. Waltman with an armbdrag quick. Lock up, A1 with a standing headlock. Waltman trhows him off into the ropes, but A1 nails a shoulder block. Waltman with an arm drag, and he hangs on with an arm bar. Styles is tagged in. Styles grabs A1 and keeps the arm bar on. A1 fights back with some right hands. A1 charges at Styles, but Styles ducks and A1 goes to the outside. Roode checks on A1 on the floor. Styles comes jumping over the top rope taking out both men with a cross body. Styles sends A1 back in the ring. Styles with a stomp. Styles with an arm bar and he tags in Waltman. Waltman with a kick to the gut. Waltman with an armbar, into a roll-up for a near fall. Waltman continues to work on the left arm with an arm bar. Waltman tags Styles back in. Styles with a right hand. Styles puts the arm bar back on. A1 breaks loose and tags in Roode. Styles takes him down quickly with a drop toe hold. styles sends Roode face first into the turnbuckle and tags in Waltman. Waltman with a chop. Waltman with an arm bar on Roode. Roode fights back with some big right hands sending Waltman down. Roode sends Waltman into the ropes, goes for a move but Waltman floats over. Waltman had made a blind tag to Styles and Styles comes off the top rope taking out Roode. Near fall. Styles with a couple right hands. Styles with an Irish whip, but Roode reverses it. As Styles hits the ropes near A1, he turns around and gives A1 a right hand sending him to the floor. Styles goes for a right hand on Roode, but Roode dodges it and nails a full nelson slam. near fall. A1 is tagged in, A1 with a big right hand to the ribs. A1 sends Styles face first into the turnbuckle. A1 with some knee lifts to Styles. A1 with a foot to the face in the corner. Roode chokes Styles across the bottom rope as A1 distracts the ref. Near fall. A1 with a snap mare into a neck wringer. Roode is tagged back in. Roode chokes at Styles on the mat. Roode puts a headlock on Styles. Styles fights to his feet and nails some right hands to the gut to break the hold. Styles comes off the ropes but runs into a back elbow from Roode. Near fall. A1 is tagged in. A1 pushes Styles into the ropes face first, and when Styles bounces off he nails a right hand to the back. He does it a second time. He goes for a third but Styles with a back elbow followed by a spin kick. Waltman and Roode are tagged in. Waltman with a spin kick to Roode. Waltman with a spin kick to Roode coming off the ropes. Waltman goes and nails A1, but as his back is turned Roode attacks him from behind. Roode with some right hands. Roode sends Waltman into the turnbuckle, charges in but receives a boot from Waltman. Waltman charges at Roode, and Roode lifts Waltman up. Waltman uses this momentum to nail a dropkick to A1. Roode reverses an Irish whip sending Waltman into the turnbuckle. Roode charges in only to receive a boot to the face. Waltman charges at Roode but receives a powerslam from Roode. Pin attempt, but Styles makes the save. All 4 men in the ring now fighting. Styles nails Roode, and as Roode turns around Waltman goes for an enziguiri. Roode ducks and Waltman nails Styles. Roode then nails a northern lariat to the back of Waltman’s head and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

Match View: Solid and entertaining match. Pretty even with the opener as being the best of the show. Waltman and Styles’ faceoff and fighting after the match was great leading into their match Sunday. ***

-After the match when Styles and Waltman recover, Waltman is going to leave the ring but Styles grabs him. Styles gets up in Waltman’s face screaming at him. They get nose to nose yelling at each other now. Styles turns his back, and Waltman attacks him from behind. Styles then takes him down and it’s a big brawl on the mat with both men exchanging right hands. Jerry Lynn comes out to break it up.

-Raven is sitting on some steps backstage. He says Mitchell is asking Abyss to commit suicide by having him compete in this match Sunday. He says he’d better off having Abyss lay in a bathtub and throwing a toaster in with him, as it’d be much less painful compared to what he has planned for him. Raven says he will have Abyss begging to say “I Quit”, but that won’t be an option in this match. The match can only end with a pinfall. Raven says he might not decide to pin him for a while, and it might be that the only way the match will end is with Abyss as a corpse. The segment fades out and this ends Impact.

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